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    Belarus Shames Itself Again! 

    It’s fair to say that Belarus – the regime, not the nation – is very much a leper in the eyes of every decent patriot in every land in Europe…

    Putin’s Running Dogs, Abetting Crimmigrants? 

    Video spreads in social networks - migrants storm barriers on the Belarusian-Polish border - Perild

    Poles Defend Europe, EU Back-Stabs

    .. after the dictator in Minsk attempted to unleash hordes of violent alien savages on Poland.

    But now Lukashenko has brought further shame on the country he holds captive, by demolishing ‘a memorial site…containing the graves of Polish soldiers who died during World War II...



    Poles are righteously, and rightly, indignant, with Lukasz Jasina, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, declaring that the cemetery in Surkonty, where Poland’s resistance battled Soviet forces, is being “devastated by the services of the Minsk regime”. https://www.euronews.com/2022/08/26/watch-as-soviet-era-obelisk-comes-crashing-down-in-riga-latvia


    The Euronews report actually gives more attention to the admirable removal of monuments in Latvia that ludicrously honoured the Red Army as ‘Liberators.’

    Liberators Of Riga?’ Come Off It, RT! 

    Stalin’s stormtroops never liberated anyone.


    They raped their way through Eastern and Central Europe.

    The brave Poles who fought the communist brutes should have been left to rest in peace.

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    Say ‘Well Said!’ To Mr. Terecki! 

    As the Fourth Reich aims its arrogant jackboot at the brave Poles…



    ….it’s frustrating to be so far away and unable to offer concrete support to a nation facing economIc aggression –  as dire in its way as that Poland suffered at the hands of the Third Reich…



    …and Hitler’s ally, the USSR.

    The EUSSR is morally no different from those brutal bullies of yesteryear.



    So the least we should do is email Ryszard Terlecki.. .


    …and say Bravo!’

    He’s the Polish MP urging “drastic solutions”, such as following the UK out of the EU, if the EU court and European Commission went against its judicial reforms



    Alas, I can locate no email address for Łukasz Andrzejewski, one of Poland’s honest judges, who says that Poland should halt its donations to the EU budget, which feeds “a vast amount of freeloaders”, referring to EU officials.

    Poland ponders ‘drastic’ moves in EU rule-of-flaw dispute

    Never said a truer word, sir.

    The Fourth Reich’s flunkeys come from every one of the 20+ nations in the Evil Empire…



    … but, by serving the EUSSR, they have forsworn their proper allegiance, which makes them…


    • JazPen 17:39 on September 10, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Doing something nice that costs nothing makes sense.
      Emial sent, just a ‘Bravo!’ with a link to your blog.


  • ross1948 19:39 on May 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    A Pathetic Pole! Sikorski’s Sicko Comparison! 

    Of course it had to be Little Red Rettmann who was delegated by the Europhiliac editorial team…

    …to scribble about the vicious attack on Poland’s patriotic government heard from Radek Sikorski, the country’s ex-foreign minister and big buddy of Donald Turncoat Tusk.

    Remember Tusk?

    The rat who was rewarded by the in-crowd with the Presidency of the European Council?


    Turncoat Tusk –  The anti-Poland Pole

    -“The rule that high-ranking officials should have the backing of their country was broken.” – Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Poland’s ruling party leader

     “a very dangerous European relationship is being born…we know now that it is a Union under Berlin’s diktat.”  – Poland’s foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski    https://www.dw.com/en/donald-tusk-re-elected-as-european-council-president-despite-polands-objections/a-37874185


    Kaczynski’s patriotic protests against that dishonourable deal still rankle, it seems.

    Listen to Sikorski’s drivel!

    Poland’s ruling party chairman, Jarosław Kaczyński, is trying to turn the country into a Roman Catholic dictatorship, Poland’s former foreign minister has said.


    Sikorski is one sick puppy.

    One cannot always judge a book by its cover but look at that mean and angry face!

    • Radek Sikorski

    But the man’s no fool and must know at least enough history to be aware that Kaczynski’s party has proven via the ballot box that most Poles have no time for the left-liberal drivel served up by Tusk and Civic Platform, drivel driven by the backing of the Brussels ruling-class.


    Sikorski must also be fully aware that Poles, having suffered long decades under marxist quislings, after their country was attacked and carved up by the Soviet Union and the Third Reich…


    • …surely bitterly resent the Fourth Reich’s repeated assaults on their elected leadership’s effort to clean up an unclean judiciary….

    • ‘Declaration Of War?’ The Persecution Of Poland! 

      …many of whom were appointed by the Communist dictatorship…

      If this report is factually correct, one thing is certain: a considerable number of senior judges on Poland’s Supreme Court have a past that cannot be a source of pride or confidence in the character of those who preside over important judicial business. Those who are actively working to reform the legal system in Poland will feel vindicated in their actions by this report. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2019/11/06/ecj-robed-rogues-extend-a-helping-hand-to-red-vermin/

    • But Sikorski’s sh-t-stream flows on and on!

    He [Kaczyński] wants to create a Catholic state of the Polish nation. His vision is that of Salazar, or rather Franco, but adding strong support from the US,” Radek Sikorski, who is now an MEP with Polish opposition party Civic Platform, told EUobserver..

    So who’s the role-model?



    Those long-dead Iberian authoritarians allowed no opposition parties to function.

    No ‘Civic Platforms’ contested elections under their regimes.

    No Latin versions of Sikorski dared mouth defamatory  hogwash back then.



    And what’s the fool talking about when he drags America into the equation?

    The USA?



  • ross1948 20:42 on January 23, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Hackette Insults Poland’s PM – Who Is This Uppity Bint? 

    ‘The effect of your decision is disrespectful!’

    NB – not even the usual low road preferred by BBC hacks and hackettes with an axe to grind, along the lines of ‘some people say…’


    Image result for bbc mishal husain

    Mishal Husein


    …but a very deliberate and direct verbal assault by a biased bint, named, as it happens, Mishal Husein.

    Her target, and Poland, were under attack for not attending an Auschwitz concentration camp commemoration ( in Israel, but organised by a Russian oligarch) to which various heads of state had been invited to speak –  but not Polish President Duda, even though said camp was located in Poland.

    It was a nasty Putinesque snub and Poles are quite right to be indignant – yet the BBC bint blathered on, aggressively dredging up, for no obvious reason, an occasion when her guest, Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki…


    Image result for polish prime minister mateusz morawiecki

    Poland’s PM


    …upset the apple-cart by telling the indisputable historical truth, that not only Germans, not only Ukrainian and Polish collaborators, but Jews too, were among the guards at war-time concentration camps.

    Mishal Husein seemed not to like that truth -why?

    The BBC has some carefully edited extracts here –


    I must say the Polish gent took her hostility in his stride, with the dignified courtesy his nation is known for.



    But this latest example of an insolent absence of impartiality made me look into Husein’s background.

    She was born in the UK, though her family left India to settle in Pakistan many years ago, and she spent some of her childhood in the Gulf, but her pampered upbringing saw her schooled outside the state system…


    …so there’s money there somewhere.

    She was a Bloomberg bint before joining the BBC and she has just risen and risen, ever since, despite being described as a “spokesman for Corbyn’ after her antics at an election debate in 2017 – and she also told Bojo to ‘stop talking’ during another interview, to which he replied that he had been invited to talk – it was an interview, after all.

    She later sought to weasel out of that arrogant outburst by saying she was telling him to stop talking about Diane Abbot…


    Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

    …about whom, surely, there is very much to say, and to ask, like why, as a far-leftist, she sends her off-spring to the same sort of privilieged private school as Mishal Husein attended!.

    Incidentally, her aggressive attitude to Myyanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi, in 2013, caused that guest allegedly to comment later that “no one told me I was going to be interviewed by a Muslim.”

    Husein wrote a book, and was then sycophantically interviewed for ( of course) The Guardian, and in that interview she illustrated what passes for self-criticism among BBC pinkolettes.

    She frets that, on the subject of the encampment of savages in Calais…




    …she referred to the Jungle as ‘the Jungle!’ https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/aug/18/mishal-husain-interview-name-like-mine-career-only-possible-britain

    She got it right, but regrets it?

    Go figure!

  • ross1948 22:25 on November 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ECJ Robed Rogues Extend A Helping Hand To Red Vermin! 

    Most of you will have seen the barely-concealed gloat-reports in the left media about how those robed rats on the ‘European Court of Justice’ have lashed out at Poland, a rogue ruling…

    Poland broke EU law by trying to lower age of retirement for judges

    (That’s from The Guardian)

    …intended to ‘right a wrong’ allegedly done to certain ‘judges’ – except that those ‘judges,’ a significant number of them, were up to their necks in Communist evil.



    Communists are vermin, and deserve all they get.

    These dirty red apparatchiks really ought to have been hung, as collaborators with the Soviet Union which kept their country in subjugation from 1945 till the Solidarity liberation movement took power in 1981…



    ….setting off a chain-reaction across Eastern and Central Europe in which one communist despotism after another fell to the forces of freedom.



    Instead, these collabos ended up in well-paid positions of judicial power – outrageously – as if any communist were capable, then or now, of understanding, never mind dispensing, justice.

    The Polish patriot government has behaved with great restraint – no dramatic purge, no show-trials, opting for the gentler option of reforming the retirement age to get the swine replaced with decent Poles.

    And who steps in to lend a helping hand to these marxist collabo curs?


    Who else but the highest judicial organ of the EUSSR.

    The article I link to gives chapter and verse about several of the quisling judges…

    …but I am content to let you read the details for yourselves.

    However, the conclusion reached ought to be read carefully, because I do not agree with some of what it says and I need to criticise it in part…

    If this report is factually correct, one thing is certain: a considerable number of senior judges on Poland’s Supreme Court have a past that cannot be a source of pride or confidence in the character of those who preside over important judicial business. Those who are actively working to reform the legal system in Poland will feel vindicated in their actions by this report. 

    So far so good.

    But here’s where I think the writer goes astray.

    This is the context to the whole judicial reform debate which, as Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki often says, the western member states, the European Commission and the judges in the European Court of Justice simply cannot understand. The institutional memory of having to deal with the Nazi past following WWII is now too far in the past for parallels to be sensed. https://polandin.com/39288077/41-polish-supreme-court-judges-with-communist-past-report

    Far be it from me to dispute Mr. Morawiecki’s exculpation of the Euro-Commissars and the ECJ robed rogues, and the leaders of the ‘Western member states.’

    But I must!

    Of the last-mentioned, Mama Stasi Merkel knows very well  – from her own youthful collaboration with the Communist puppet regime in East Germany…

    Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    …how the red tyranny was at least as evil as the Third Reich.

    And the rest of the Euro-elite?

    They’re rotten but not ignorant of history.

    None of them would ever express the view that the Nuremberg Trials and the de-nazification programme were inappropriate responses in 1945.

    No moral difference!

    So they FULLY understand what they are doing by succouring wicked communists, men and women whose enforced retiral was approved by a democratically elected Polish parliament with the endorsement of most ofthe Polish people.

    As we have said before..


    • Jan Kepiak 22:41 on November 6, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you because so many English and Americans media never tell this true news.


  • ross1948 15:22 on June 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Poland, Perverts And Pompeo – Trump Risks A Lot! 


    • Wynne McConner 16:20 on June 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I like Trump but he spent too many years in among the big business elite and some of their gaystapo ideas must have rubbed off on him.
      Plutocrats in the US are pro-perversion. Goldman Sachs is one typical example but the rich who run Coke and Starbucks and a lot more are into it too.
      Pompeo is our best bet. He has always been pro-values and after the mean interrogation he had to go through before he got his new job he should be feeling ready for a fight.
      He needs to order every ambassador ( including the queer ones appointed by Democrats) to ignore these pervert marches.
      It is embarrassing and wrong that Poles get the impression Americans are pro-‘gay.’
      We are not


    • Ginnie Frinton 18:08 on June 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Trump is all we got.
      Cruz would have been better and I voted for him in the primary. The trouble is that if now we lose Trump to the witch-hunt then our America is lost beyond rescue.
      You do speak for all of us conservatives who ardently want to fight the gaystapo but we have to think about the big picture.


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    MaYalta – Appeaser Theresa Joins Anti-Polish Jihad 

    As heroic Hungary steps forward, like Horatius who held the bridge against The Enemy in ancient times…


    At least Horatius had two stalwarts by his side – will Orban face the foe alone?


    …Viktor Orban alone among European statesmen  vowing a veto, offering resistance to Brussels tyranny, Brits with a knowledge of more modern history must be thinking of Yalta…


    Gambar terkait


    …the post-WWII betrayal of Poland, now to be action-replayed by Juncker, Merkel, and the rest of the Eurocratic clique.

    The war on Warsaw is being undertaken with the help of Polish collaborators, Donald Tusk and the likes of his deranged comrade, former foreign minister Radek Sikorski.


    Hasil gambar untuk radek sikorski

    Sikorski, keeping unwholesome company


    Sikorski, who, since losing his political power, has flitted off to a cushy job at Harvard, may be mentally ill, judging from his asinine burbling last month, when he said that the Polish patriot party (which is increasingly popular as Brussels gears up its war machine) was creating the kind of regime seen under Franco in Spain.

    Franco’s Spain? A one-party state? No opposition in parliament? No critical media?

    Sikorski is a blethering bone-head, not just to make such plainly false allegations but even more so if he expects anyone to believe him!

    The Polish Government is being insulted and assailed by the worst elements, both at home and abroad…



    …..because they are trying to use their parliamentary majority to implement the mandate they got in a free nd fair election…



    …to clean out Communist-era judges and to get rid of the cultural marxists in the state media.

    And Theresa MaYalta is in league with the swine.

    The Polish foreign minister, Witold Waszczykowski, expected support from the UK ahead of British prime minister Theresa May’s visit to Warsaw…


    Hasil gambar untuk theresa the appeaser

    But May’s office dampened those expectations.

    It said she would “raise her concerns [on rule of law] with the [Polish] prime minister”, adding “we expect all our partners to abide by international norms”.

    And what the hell kind of norms has she imposed on her own people?


    ISIS rape-gang filth welcomed home to what was once a land of hope and glory!

    ‘Theresa The Appeaser?’ Where’s The Righteous Rage? 

    And an intensive operation in UK schools being planned by her ministers –  St. Theresa Of Transgendria  – to destroy the decent values Brits and Poles once cherished equally. 

    • Sammo Landos 14:44 on January 3, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      She is a bad one, like Merkel.


  • ross1948 00:01 on December 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Exposed Again! BBC Pay-Back For Brussels Funding? 

    Har har har!

    The BBC said in a statement; ““This is an impartial issue explainer. We continue to report on Brexit developments in an impartial way.” 


    You can use that Express link to watch the new BBC propaganda yourself.

    It is an insult to your intelligence and to everyone’s, to describe it as impartial, and the BBC know it…




    …but because they do not believe they can be brought to book for their abuse of public funds, they will carry on doing this kind of thing.

    MPs talk a lot, but under Traitor May…


    Traitor Theresa kisses Liar Juncker


    …nothing will be done to curb BBC’s anti-British bias.

    It would be almost comforting if we could believe they were only repaying a favour, making nice because of all the EUSSR funds they’ve had…


    BBC ‘biased’ receives millions in EU cash for filming and broadcasting …

    BBC trousers MILLIONS in ‘secret’ cash from Brussels.   Jan 2016 –

    …but it’s worse than that.

    They are the Enemy Within, at war with British freedoms and REAL British values.

    If only Brits were as lucky as the Poles, with a government that stands up to media treason and brings public broadcasting institutions under public control.


    EXCLUSIVE: Top Polish Government Minister Hits Back 

    That’s probably why the BBC hates Poland!

  • ross1948 18:05 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    If Poles Have To Fight, They Won’t Be On Their Own! 

    Long Live Free Poland!

    Gambar terkait

    I carried a placard with those words, or some words very like them, through the streets of London during the Solidarnosc crisis 35 or so years ago.

    And today I feel the same sense of solidarity with  a Poland under threat, not, this time from the long gone USSR…


    … but from the equally evil EUSSR, the Brussels Empire.

    The Free World abandoned the Poles in 1945…

    …and although I don’t believe in the absurd notion of inherited guilt, I still feel ashamed at how that brave nation was betrayed.

    So now, when the forces of darkness again menace Poland, it is surely ALL our duty to speak up.


    So…God Bless Hungary!

    A press statement on Poland by the Hungarian delegation of the European People’s Party (EPP) caused an uproar within the centre-right group on Wednesday…

    How come?

    Those NAUGHTY Hungarians had simply said that it was “unacceptable that Brussels puts pressure on member states…The Polish government clearly represents an anti-immigration position, and Brussels punishes it for that!”



    But these days truth is a risky option.


    We heard it from the horse’s mouth only a few days ago, when the nastiest Euro-Commissar railed against democracy and against Poland.

    These EPP so-called ‘centre-right’ sad-sacks…

    The EPP are so very far from any ‘right’ ideology that even Cameron pulled the UK Tories out of their caucus!


    …had gone right (!?!) along with the left-liberal Strasbourg in-crowd’s resolution –

    which launches a sanctions process against the Polish government… 

    The sad-sack spokesman, Pedro Lopez de Pablo, tells us his side of the story – or rather a snippet of the facts, evidently deeming mere citizens unworthy of access to how his lynch-mob comrades behave behind closed doors.

    “It was a debate, because a lot of people did not like the press release at all,” he told EUobserver, but did not want to go into details…


    Hasil gambar untuk need to know basis

    “Everyone was aware that they would vote against the resolution – but it’s another thing making public steps with a press release,” Lopez de Pablo added.

    So the uppity censorious ‘centre-right’ takes exception to the Hungarians not even because of what they had to say but because the Magyars had enough sense of democratic accountability to explain their stance to the public?!!?

    But according to the EUObs report, kindly supplied by one of my fine commenters – thanks Ed!  – one of Turncoat Tusk’s henchmen, Polish MEP Janusz Lewandowski, was…wait for it…

    –  furious!


    Gambar terkait

    “…instead of staying silent, you issue a press release crossing all red lines of loyalty!”

    Well, now we know a bit more about one arrogant Europhiliac’s commitment to open government.

    And about to whom he thinks loyalty is owed – not to the people you’re elected to represent but his sad-sack Strasbourg rat-pack!

    Merkel’s Polish collaborator Tusk must be proud of Lousy Lewandowski.

    Bet the Poles who stood up to Hitler and Stalin wouldn’t be!



    Lewandowski’s line seems to be – Europe Uber Alles, and if you don’t like the EURODIKTAT, just shut your trap.

    Not good enough!

    Methinks the elites are likely just constantly furious, frustrated because they won’t get their wicked way because Hungary’s government has also said it would veto any attempt to suspend Poland’s voting rights in the council as part of the Article 7 sanctions process.


    • Andre Forwiczk 19:48 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      He looks like a know-all louse, that Lewandowski and we know Tusk is one. Real Poles who are note subservient to Brussels will like what you have written.
      And not just Poles but everyone in Europe should be grateful to the Hungarians.


    • Denny Blair 20:42 on November 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      After Yalta, there’s a debt that’s beyond repayment.
      We should be shouting solidarity with Poland from the rooftops.


  • ross1948 00:02 on January 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Long Live Free Poland!! 

    I’m posting this without comment, except to say it’s a brilliant riposte to the German-orchestrated smear campaign…


    • ….a war of disinformation waged from Brussels, which has also been promoted by left-lib media in English-speaking countries. I recommend everyone read it and learn the truth.


    BRUSSELS, 15. JAN, 09:00
    Statement by the Law and Justice (PiS) delegation of the ECR Group in advance of the debate on the situation in Poland in the European Parliament.
    In 2015, a democratic general election took place in Poland, resulting in a change of power.


    Mr Andrzej Duda won the office of President of Poland and the united right under the leadership of its largest party, namely the Law and Justice Party (PiS), won an absolute majority in Parliament.

    The centre-liberal coalition of the Civic Platform (PO) and the Polish People’s Party (PSL), which had been in power for 8 years, went into opposition. Left wing parties failed to obtain the required minimum percentage threshold of the vote, so they are not represented in Parliament.

    The results of the elections have shown that the Polish people have critically judged the policy of the previous government, including its deficit of guarantees for the freedom of speech.

    Under the rule of that government there were cases of penal repression against persons expressing criticism of the government of the time on the internet, at sports events or during anti-government demonstrations.

    Surveillance and even the repression of journalists gave cause for serious concern. Yet, these facts did not attract the attention of or give rise to any reaction from European Institutions at the time.


    RRA insert

    European values
    Just before the elections the outgoing incumbent coalition introduced changes in the Constitutional Court leading to the nomination of its own candidates to all but one of the existing positions of judges at that Court. This was done in violation of the Constitution, as subsequently reaffirmed by the Constitutional Court itself.
    The newly elected parliament was therefore obliged to take the necessary remedial action. The controversy concerning the Constitutional Court, which was a consequence of the unconstitutional actions of the previous government, is practically over.

    The composition of the Constitutional Court is now complete with the majority of its judges – 9 out of 15 – having been recommended to their positions by the present opposition.

    The Law and Justice (PiS) government formed following the elections has undertaken important reforms expected by the Polish people, concerning the taxation system, family support benefits, education, health care, and the judiciary.

    These reforms are in line with the principles and rules of the Polish Constitution, fully respecting European values.

    Poland has now a stable majority government. The opposition is represented in the Parliament’s governing bodies, with the leader of the opposition presiding over the Foreign Affairs Committee.

    Poland is a decentralised state, with extensively developed regional and local self-governing bodies. In 15 out of 16 regions and in most of the major Polish cities, local self government is controlled by the Civic Platform (PO), which is in opposition only in Parliament.

    Freedom of expression
    Freedom of expression is respected. Anti-government demonstrations take place in Poland without any impediment or repression. There is complete freedom of the press, a major part of which is owned by foreign and especially German media corporations.

    There is also complete freedom of communication on the internet. There is no censorship whatsoever. Any blocking of information about important events, such as those that took place recently in Germany with regards to the events in Cologne and other German cities, is inconceivable in Poland.

    Poland today is a safe country. There are no acts of collective assault on sexual, racial or any other grounds. New year festivities and other popular events taking place in Poland are enjoyed in peace, without hindrance, disturbance or acts of aggression.

    The situation is clearly much better in this regard than in many other European Union countries, where unfortunately acts of terror, collective aggression or even racist and sexual assaults do take place. Poland is not the scene of any such events.

    In Poland the rights of women are respected, so they are not exposed to the threat of being assaulted in the streets. No one confronts them with degrading demands not to provoke potential aggressors by their clothing or behaviour.

    The authorities do not give women humiliating advice not to venture away from home alone and to stay in groups when moving around in public, as has been suggested to women by the authorities in Germany.

    Poland is a stable, democratic member state of the European Union, respecting European values, while shaping its internal legal order in a sovereign manner, in accordance with the democratically expressed will of its people.

    Poland, as one of the largest countries in the European Union, contributes its significant part to the development and security of Europe.

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