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    Don’t Trust Any ‘News’ From AP! 

    Never trust anything you see that comes from AP!

    That’s the only conclusion logically to be drawn from that racist ”news’ agency’s ….

    AP says it will capitalize Black but not white

    …and don’t forget this….

    Is AP The Worst? Bitter-Left Media Bias! 

    See the source image

    ….latest outburst, which you can read about via the link below, summed up by a man we have often disagreed with.

    Glenn Greenwald, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who now writes for Substack, wrote: “This is f–king hilarious.”

    He then followed up with a post in which he wrote: “Elon Musk *claims* to be in free speech, yet argues with those who disagree with and attack him. Checkmate!”



    Tell AP to take off their leftist jackboots!

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    Who’s This Brussels Jackboot Bint Vestager? 

    EU tech regulator Margrethe Vestager has said Twitter and Facebook should have banned outgoing US president Donald Trump earlier for lies and incitement. “Why haven’t you [social media firms] done more before?”, she said in a Washington Post interview Tuesday.


    ‘Tech Regulator?’


    That makes this leftist vixen sound like she’s something much less menacing  than she is!


    EU calls for greater regulation of US tech companies | News | DW |  07.06.2020


    Here’s what she actually is –

    Executive Vice President of the European Commission for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age, 2019–present…

    This dangerous Dane shares that honour with the evil Dutchman, Timmermans, of whose similar intolerance we are all too aware…

    Europe’s Public Enemy Number 1 – But Timmermanns Ain’t Alone! 

    Related image

    Drunkard Juncker may have gone but his VP, Timmermans the Terrible, has not!

    Frans Timmermans, the Dutch vice-president of the European Commission, said that “diversity was the future of the world,” and that Eastern European nations would just have to “get used to that.”   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/hungary/11893375/=O

    …and if you take a moment and check out her ‘distinctions’ on wikipedia, you’ll find that she’s not only Kaiserin Ursula’s right-hand woman but up to her neck in the globalist swamp, including the notorious ECFR – which we have looked at before….

    Soros-Funded ‘Think-Tank’ Panics At Advance Of Europe’s Patriots! 

    The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) – a pro-EU non-profit think tank.

    The ECFR was established in 2007 and  relies primarily on “donations” from various organizations – including such purveyors of a globalist agenda as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

    ……but also a Member of the equally, or more, infamous Trilateral Commission!

    So when she rails at Trump – and at the Big Tech bigot barons for not suppressing free speech fast enough! – we know very well what to expect in the year ahead.



    Oh, and if this vixen is vexed about lying, what did she say, as a rising star of the Brussels Empire when that old drunkard ( in the photo with Timmermans above) explained politely how the EUSSR really works!



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    Kinnock’s Soros-Linked In-Law To Rule On Free Speech! 

    I was reading, on spiked.com, about Zuckwit’s new celebrity geekstapo recruits, who will sit in judgement on what everyone else may say…



    …on the anti-social media giant.


    It’a good article, explaining both the morally blighted contradiction involved in such censorship…



    …and the unsuitability of one appointee in particular, a slug from the Guardian swamp, whose record on free expression is a sick joke.

    But the author disappoints on two counts.

    First, there is not a full list of all the big-wigs elevated by Zuckwit to the censor role, a shortcoming we can remedy for ourselves over the weekend…



    …AND a very surprising oversight, a mention of a former Scandinavian prime minister, without elaboration.

    Most Brits take little interest in Danish politics, but would instantly recognise the Left connection if told that she’s Neil Kinnock’s daughter-in-law…


    …Helle Thorning Schmidt.


    ..and she’s a very notable member of the UK Labour Party.

    And MUCH more concerning, she’s tied up with..



    …the European Council on Foreign Relations!

    Remember the ECFR?

    Soros-Funded ‘Think-Tank’ Panics At Advance Of Europe’s Patriots! 

    The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) – a pro-EU non-profit think tank.


    The ECFR was established in 2007 and  relies primarily on “donations” from various organizations – including such purveyors of a globalist agenda as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

    We learned all this while reporting yet another case of blatant BBC left bias…


    BBC Bias – Two Guests – Lancet Left Doc, Plus Labour MP’s Wife! 

    …so don’t say we didn’t warn you when the left jackboot crushes what resistance voices can still be heard on Facebook!


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    Jackboot Dorsey’s War On Truth! 

    She was also banned from Twitter for stating that “men aren’t women” and for “misgendering” transgender women on the site.

    She has taken legal action against the company.


    The identity of the victim of the millionaire leftist who runs Twitter is almost immaterial…

    Image result for twitter left bias

    Dorsey is happy to allow hate-speech, against patriots.

    Who Will Report This Remainiac For Incitement? 


    … but you may recall we looked at this case before….

    In Turdistan, A Renegade Tory Takes On Two Brave Women! 

    …and the update is that the lady got to hold her meeting, under police guard, in Toronto, while freaks galore expressed outrage that she was afforded free speech.

    Ms. Murphy is no conservative but even so.

    Punishment, in the form of jackboot censorship, was meted out by the swarm of red jackals Jack Dorsey employs to police his Twitter police-state.



    Men are very obviously not women, and to refer to men masquerading as women (or vice-versa) as men ( or vice-versa) is not ‘misgendering’ but truth-telling.

    If you’re in any doubt what sex you are, go take a shower and look towards the floor.

    Whatever you see down there, about a yard and a half above floor level, will clarify the doubt.



    Dorsey’s Dorkstapo are not just wicked but stupid.


    • Marty N 23:03 on October 30, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Twitter never seemed much of an idea to me, just a place for fools to attract attention to themselves.
      Even so, if it’s there, it has to be run fairly.
      It isnt, so you are doing right to expose them.


    • Paul Grant 11:09 on October 31, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      So Twitter blots out obvious truth?
      Does Dorsey not know that men aren’t women.
      If he is that ignorant, he should not be controlling any media.


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    Lefty LeBron, As Nasty As The Kneeler – But Adam ‘Hi-Ho’ Silver? 

    Utterly uninterested in commercialised ‘sport,’ I tend to mix up that nasty Kneeler Knucklehead, Colin Kippernickers…


    More Reason To Boycott Nike


    ….and the moron in this week’s news, LeBron James.

    Not so much because they’re both big black men, but because they have big mouths and big chips on their shoulders

    But this week the latter surely stole the show-off show, with his ghastly grovel-belching about Hong Kong, and his explicit devaluing of free speech.

    Readers interested in the political insights of pea-brained basketballers will already be aware of his outburst, motivated only by the money-grubbing mentality which sadly guides what were once sports.

    But it was pleasing to note that young people of different mettle ( in that they actually have principles) responded in Hong Kong …

    Ooops! My wishful thinking intruded on my concentration!

    ….by ‘burning LeBron James jerseys after the NBA star said that freedom of speech can lead to “a lot of negative ”.’

    However, since I’m on the subject of the NBA, is it not intriguing how that clown Adam  ”Hi-Ho’ Silver is purporting to favour the principle of free speech which Lousy Lebron finds so ‘ negative?

    Only a month or so ago, having heard of the fellow for the first time ever, I was obliged to take him to task for his censorious blathering – I remind you of my dismissal of his tripe!


    Enter a bald berk named Adam Silver!


    It’s Come to This: NBA Commissioner Drops the Term ‘Owner’ Because It’s Racially Insensitive

    It's Come to This: NBA Commissioner Drops the Term 'Owner' Because It's Racially Insensitive

    NBA Commissioner Adam Silver


    Silver has told the media that he abhors the use of the word ‘owner’ to describe any man, or presumably woman, who owns a basketball team.

    With that drivel, Silver surely disqualified himself from being taken seriously on any issue on which he opines!

    PS – Just received this, which I pass on to you.


    Last Wednesday we handed out “Free Hong Kong” t-shirts at NBA preseason game between the Washington Wizards and the Chinese team Guangzhou Long-Lions.They were a hit, and you can get your own with a $15 donation.

    Join us in defending our freedom of speech, and standing up for the human rights of all Hong Kongers and the many other groups suffering under the Chinese Communist Party.

    Supporters with Free Hong Kong t-shirts outside Capital One Area on Wednesday


    Get Your T-Shirt Here >>>

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    Costa Oz-Cop? Bill The Red Nazis, Not Their Victims! 

    Good to see that Victoria Police have backed off their irrational attempt to present outrageously expensive bills for doing what cops are there to do, uphold the law!

    In this instance, we’re talking about the law that affords people the right to speak at legal, peaceful, political gatherings, at events they have arranged entirely lawfully…

    ….and should not be subject to violent disruption by mobs of leftist thugs.

    The rather sensible Laura Southern, whom not only intolerant antifa scum but also the Google/YouTube censorship axis… 

    ‘Borderless’ – The Film YouTube’s Geekstapo Won’t Let You Watch! 

    Image result for google youtube censor




    .Laura Southern


    …are desperate to silence, ‘was reportedly charged $68,000 for resources used at her appearance at Somerton, where protesters clashed with officers.’

    Similarly, Milo Yiannopoulos got ‘a $50,000 bill following violence between rival protesters outside his Kensington event. Three people were charged.

    Those ’protestors’ were not there to protest.



    The marxist rabble went there to prevent the speakers from talking to people who wanted to hear what they had to say.

    The red louts do not accept that rightwingers have the same rights as everyone else to express their views and promote their entirely democratic anti-left message.

    Free speech for all is a concept beyond the comprehension of Red Nazi Antifa.

    True, policing is not cheap.

    So charge those whose known, notorious propensity for vicious aggro requires a massive police presence.

    Organisations which incite onslaughts on legitimate conservative or populist or nationalist rallies, or conferences, or demonstrations anywhere in Victoria, or anywhere in Australia, or in the UK, or in America…


    …by making outrageous demands that ‘no platform’ be allowed to people or parties with whom they disagree…

    ….should be sent the bill for all those cops’overtime!

    • Uncle Oz 15:00 on August 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The leftwingers are the ones at fault. They are not content to hold their protests peacefullly and only want to shut down other peoples meetings..
      That is fact, so if anybody has to pay for all those extra police, it has to be them.


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    Mincing Their Words? BBC Gaystapoid Hacks Rant Against Free Speech 

    Sucking up shamelessly their sumptuous salaries courtesy of millions of Brits coerced into paying the BBC’s ‘license fee…’




    …some of the state broadcaster’s hacks have got their rainbow-hued knickers in a right ( sorry left!) twist about Question Time’s allowing any of those coercees being allowed to ‘debate the teaching of tolerance of LGBT relationships in primary schools.’


    Believe. It or not, these arrogant gaystapoids are arguing that the issue should not be up for debate.’

    Apparently a brave citizen had the temerity to ask the panel –

    : “Is it morally right that five-year-old children learn about LGBTQ+ issues in school?”

    Disgustingly, but unsurprisingly, the entire panel, with not one dissenting voice, echoed Theresa May’s ‘Education Secretary,’ Damian Hinds’ approval of the Tory scheme….


    Image result for damian hinds education

    Pro-homo Hinds – he’s a Remainer, of course!


    ….by which little kids are indoctrinated into thinking that pervert sex menages are just as acceptable as normal relationships.


    But the unanimity of the establishment was not good enough for the BBC’s queers and their fellow-travellers, who “have publicly criticised the decision to even put the topic up for debate!”


    By ‘gender,’ one assumes he means sex, but skip that- it is quite offensive that he tries to equate race etc. with a malady that is perfectly curable. But at least Bender Ben has the guts to identify himself as a queer.

    Not so some sleazoid  ‘on-screen BBC journalist,’ who shockingly compared people with decent values to terrorists.

    . “We wouldn’t ask ‘Is terrorism morally justified?’



    The same gutless creep then revealed the true gaystapo agenda we have seen before…

    “….I look at the care we take over our other reporting and this leaves me totally confused. We are meant to educate as well as inform.


    Since when do parents send their kids to school to be told that sodomites who like to bugger each other are as acceptable role models as heterosexual couples behaving as nature intended?


    Since when do tax-funded media grubs get to wage war on decency and call it education?

    Another media queer, the lesbian Sue Perkins, whose sweet features you may admire, if you wish…


    Related image

    …whined – 

    that ‘the framing of this question is deeply worrying. Are we really here again, nearly two decades after Section 28 was repealed?” she asked on Twitter


    Section 28 was the admirable legislative clause enacted during the halcyon Maggie days, when MPs cared more about their constituents, and acted to prevent public resources being wasted on perv propaganda.

    It’s hard to believe that society has sunk so low in so short a space of time.


    • Salim 22:09 on April 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Now I read this and feel sorry for England.


    • Bob Bissett 23:07 on April 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC is a national embarrassment and its faiilure to give these queers the sack is proof that they have their bosses on their side.
      If you read the full reports, you see that some upper level manager has ‘warned’ them not to show off their extremism in public tweets and so on.
      That is not good enough. The BBC has a charter that commits them to be impartial. The queers you write about want censorship and brainwashing.
      If they are not sacked, then its as plain as the nose of their faces that Bbuilt-in Bbias Conspiracy is what BBC means.


    • dms0001 23:37 on April 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Its not society that has sunk lower than a snakes belly. Its the filthy politicians, as you know, with the brexit issue. Look how low they sunk there,

      Majority of Brits are totally against this issue, don’t want their kids taught this tosh! Of course the Brit establishment nearly had a heart attack over this, when the Moslems rebelled, demanded it was ceased. The government were caught totally off guard, they wet their pants, always afraid of being called names, like Islamophobic crap!

      When it comes to indigenous Brits, they ride rough shod over them, calling them bigots, racists,etc. Threaten to remove kids, put them into care, threaten arrest & punitive punishment, blah, blah, blah

      That’s the sort of w—kers we have in power at the moment. hopefully not for much longer!


    • Mairead Jarvis 00:21 on April 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Maggie should have given the BBC far more attention. She did a lot of good in other areas but just tinkered with the BBC, basically left the broadcasters and the education system unpurged.


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    Turdo, Taxation, And…Suppression Of Dissent! 

    I don’t pretend to be omniscient, and one of the things I know little about is Canada’s carbon tax.

    Many people dislike many taxes, and there ought to be debate on every tax’s merits.

    Like this –

    MALCOLM: The fight against carbon taxes is the policy fight of our lives…


    But I see that particular piece has attracted fury. Not just fury – some clowns have even called it ‘fake news.’

    Which, to the Turdistan elite’s way of thinking, means it should have been suppressed!

    Now the author of the article, Candice Malcolm, has appealed for support against this totalitarian mind-set.

    =======…one of the highest ranking Ministers in the Trudeau Government, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, called my opinion column “FAKE NEWS.”

    My opinion is not FAKE NEWS.

    My column was an opinion piece in one of the country’s largest independent newspapers. As always, I back my opinions with facts and use reputable sources.


    Gambar terkait

    Courageous Candice Malcolm


    McKenna specifically said calling the carbon tax a “tax grab” is “fake news.”

    Normally, this wouldn’t bother me. After all, Liberal officials spin the truth and push out deceitful talking points all the time.


    Hasil gambar untuk catherine mckenna

    Turdo’s Comrade McKenna


    But this time, McKenna’s comments come days after Justin Trudeau instructed Facebook to “Fix your fake news problem or face stricter regulations.”

    That sounds a lot like censorship to me.



    And of course, having been censored permanently from Facebook for publicising the Islamist atrocity I call the Cikeusik Pogrom…


    Hasil gambar untuk cikeusik pogrom

    Cikeusik, Banten Province, February 6th, 2011.

    Watch the pigs at their bloody work on this link..   http://www.liveleak.com/view.

    Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 


    …I happily offer Candice Malcolm support.

    Her TNI seems to be doing excellent work!

     Hasil gambar untuk true north initiative

    Help me find the truth. Join our movement of thousands of patriotic Canadians and donate to the True North Initiative!

    If the Turd and his malicious myrmidons are hostile, she must almost indisputably be a worthy citizen of sound mind and sensible views..

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    “North African Appearance, Hoodie, Spoke With Accent.” 

    Those words in our headline might apply to many of the sex-predators of the Cologne New Year molestations two years ago…


    NAFRI?’ German Greens Rage At Cops’ Common-Sense! 

    …or the NAFRIs whose identification by cops in another German city caused such outrage among Germany’s Enemy Within elements.

    But it’s currently the description issued by Frankfurt Police after a series of assaults at the city’s Goethe University. where they believe that one man is responsible for the assaults, with all four women giving similar descriptions of his appearance.



    He is said to be around 1.65 metres tall and of North African appearance. He wore a dark hoodie and spoke German with a thick accent.    https://www.thelocal.de/20180205/reality-check-police-union-head-criticizes-uni-after-string-of-sexual-assaults

    Sadly, the cops’ diligence comes after the gutless and irresponsible leftists who run that university cancelled a speech by police union head Rainer Wendt last year after students accused him of supporting racial profiling.

     Now, after a string of sexual assaults against students, Wendt says his stance has been vindicated.

    So, since last October, no less than four different German girls have been subjected to attempts to sexual assault them, regrettably a not uncommon occurrence in Germany, thanks to Mama Stasi Merkel.


    If They Were Your DaughtersMerkel’s Never-Ending Evil 

    One hopes none were among the dumb klutzes whose hatred of free speech on the issue of undesirable aliens triumphed last year, when the professor who invited the police union head cancelled the talk at the last minute, fearing a student backlash.

    What’s needed is a university admin ‘backlash!


    An unequivocal declaration that any attempts to disrupt a speech will result in expulsion.

    As for Herr Wendt?

    “I am anything but happy that the university has been given this reality check,” Wendt wrote on Facebook on Saturday…



    ….the fact that the investigation currently involves the search for a North African has nothing to do with racial profiling.

    The cretinous campus pinkos apparently claim that he is a right-wing populist whose public utterances have stoked racism.

    Aaah, shooting the messenger again…Italy’s Pro-Crimmigrants Rush To Exploit Violence – Patriots Stand Firm! …like blaming Italy’s Salvini for violence when all he’s doing is representing the angry electorate…Violence? Blame UK/France Treaty, Not Calais Thugs! …or blaming that new Channel treaty for the dirty savages’ amon-run in Calais.

    Creeps are entitled to their opinions, imbecilic or not. TheLeftal, sorry, The Local, reports that ‘they have also argued that freedom of speech includes their freedom to protest his speech.”

    I assume The Leftal means to protest AGAINST his speech,’ and if there was any likelihood they’d have staged a peaceful demonstration outside the venue, one might  have no quarrel with that.

    Experience of the German Left, however, suggests there would have been a mob effort to disrupt the meeting, shouting down Wendt’s speech and using storm-troop style violence to enforce their intolerance of anybody who dissents from their pro-crimmigrant bigotry.


    It’s clear why the subversives hate German Police Union (GdP) chairman, Rainer Wendt, because he has a dangerous tendency to speak up for Germans.  We noted this in 2016.Demon Doctors – Mendacious Medics Collaborate With Mama Stasi’s Migrants!   when we quoted his words then…

    “Whoever allows those who failed to receive asylum to lead the government around by the nose like that, risks destroying citizens’ trust in the state’s ability to act.”   Criticism of German deportation practices

    And also –  – when he called for a fence to be built along the country’s border to stem the flow of migrants. Rainer Wendt told the “Welt am Sonntag” newspaper that other countries would then follow suit.


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    Sussex – Pusillanimous Plods Let Red Nazis Triumph! 

    “Having looked at a video taken of the protest (posted on Twitter), it is clear that protesters were allowed to effectively block the entrance to the building, making it very difficult for members of the public to enter.



    Gambar terkait

    Red Nazi thugs at Hopkins meeting – they were masked and started ‘public disorder’ – including kicking police officers, throwing eggs, and forcing entry to the building. https://www.sussexexpress.co.uk/news/katie-hopkins-bodyguard-injured-in-lewes-protest

    But…no arrests were made.


    They were hitting the windows, and it is also clear that it was their intent to forcibly enter the building. The protest must have got out of hand for Sussex Police to advise the cancellation of the event because officers could not guarantee the safety of Ms. Hopkins.”


    That’s what Andrew Allison has to say in the Freedom Association’s latest email bulletin.



    Unlike him, I am rather a fan of Katie Hopkins, who has previously faced police harassment for speaking her mind.

    Katie Criticises Crimmigrants – Pinkos Set The Cops On Her! 

    But he is principled enough to defend her right to speak, unmolested by Antifa scum.



    Pity Sussex Police seem not to share that democratic principle!

    Or at least their senior ranks, because I’m sure the ordinary cops would have been quite capable of wading in and subduing the red vermin.

    Allison goes on to conclude that –

    What happened in Lewes just over a week ago sends a message out to anyone who wishes to organise similar intimidatory protests that Sussex Police will allow you to do it, and the chances of you getting arrested are slim to nil. This is wrong and completely unacceptable. 


    The Chief Constable of Sussex is a man named Giles York.

    It was HIS job to safeguard the rights and freedoms of Katie and of the people in the meeting. Clearly he failed to order his officers to take the necessary step to clear the area of red nazi thugs.

    Yet not one of the hoodlums was arrested.


    Gambar terkait


    WHY, Mr. York?


    The Freedom Association has asked the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, who is a long-time supporter of the Conservative Party…


    Gambar terkait


    …to investigate the rank failure of  those cops to do their job and ensure the rights of those who wished to attend a lawful meeting and hear Katie Hopkins exercise her right of free speech.

    I suggest you do the same.

    ‘ https://www.sussex-pcc.gov.uk/contact/


    • Edward Lamont 19:55 on December 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The trouble in England is that a lot of ‘top cops’ are appointed because they are left-wing.
      If they hold ‘right-wing’ meaning pro-British and ‘tough-on-law-breaker’ views, like most ordinary cops, they know they have to hide their true feelings.


    • Petra Malley 20:31 on December 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is only a new chapter in a story that has been going on since the 1960s.
      If a patriotic or conservative speaker is known to be speaking somewhere, the red nazis come along not to demonstrate peaceful disagreement but to use violence and vandalism to silence him, or her.

      The police could very easily break up the leftwing hooligans by using their truncheons but they are ordered not to, by political appointees, which Chief Constables always are.

      Aspiring chief constables too know what side their bread is buttered on and lowly constables learn to keep patriotic opinions to themselves if they want to make even sergeant!

      A politicised PC police is what we now have, arresting people for what some undesirable alien or sexual pervert thinks is ‘offensive’ speech.
      It’s so very sad for us old enough to remember when tourists used to say that ‘we think your British police are ‘wonderful.’


    • David Neilson 19:36 on March 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP for Kemptown Far left…


      • ross1948 00:31 on March 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Sir, I know nothing about the matters you raise in your comment so I am only publishing that part which I know from a quick bit of research to be true. If you wish to provide more info, then I can look at that.


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