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  • ross1948 15:23 on March 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    France24’s Far-Left Lisa Spews Her Bias Once Again! 

    “If a film angers the ‘far-right,’ our only response must be GOOD!”

    That’s the level of bias we have come to expect from the ghastly little American woman, Lisa Nesselson, employed by France 24...


    Gambar terkait


    .…ostensibly as a ‘film critic,’ though her proper title should surely be propagandist for everything that’s wrong with France.

    Oh, and BTW, she’s from Chicago, where Obamanoid evil has deep roots, a city in Illinois, a state whose most prominent university sees no shame in handing a professorship to a notorious red terrorist.


    I had the misfortune to hear her this morning, up early due to my post-Qantas jet-lag!

    Qantas’s In-Flight Pro-Crimmigrant Propaganda! 

    If Lisa the limousine liberal, happy as a hog in a mud-puddle when swanning around fancy film-fests, wants to criticise politicians, she could look to her native state for targets! 

    Is Chicago really that corrupt? Yes – Chicago Tribune

    No chance! 

    Nesselson, a shrill, bigoted leftist, who took side-swipes at Donald Trump even when reviewing a kiddies’ film, the BFG, much prefers to denigrate patriots!

    I was going to post on that last year, but got distracted. Now, however, she has the gall to stick her long witchy nose into French politics too.

    Even when she acknowledges that the far-left’s film (“Chez Nous” -“This Is Our Land,” described in the UK Times as a caricature of Le Pen ) is fiction…


    Marine the Patriot

    …she carries on at once into an attack on the actual party targetted, Marine Le Pen’s patriot party… . 

    “They discredit themselves every day..”


    Actually, Leftist Lisa discredits France 24 every time she opens her nasty, pinko-prejudiced mouth.

    And she exposes the institutionalised bias that afflicts that state-funded outfit.


    Marine should make media reform a key issue as the presidential election draws nigh.

    Defunding France 24 would be a good start.

    • Rene 20:28 on March 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      She seriously does look like a wicked witch, and her bias is very seriously wicked.
      If she wants to go home and bother Mr. Trump, I am sure he will take her measure fast but why does she think she may interfere in France.
      It is not her country and she mocks French hospitality by putting that witch-nose into French affairs of state. Let her make her own blog like your blog but she and France24 should not be propaganding while taking money from French taxes.


    • Dory 15:30 on March 3, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I’ve seen her actually doing her job that she’s supposed to do, film critic, and she’s hopeless.
      If she brings her own brand of left/liberal political prejudice into it, she should be fired.
      As you obviously know, however, France 24 takes tax dollars (or euros that is, they should bring their francs back) and openly gets into biased politics, so the ugly old witch will not be fired.
      You are right, Marine should turn off the tap.


    • Jeanne 18:08 on September 14, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      She’s very horrible!


    • Louis Dessino 20:48 on August 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I noticed that many readers are looking at this quite old post of yours so decided I would too.
      This strange old woman should be pensioned off if she can’t grow up and cut out the bias.
      The same goes for many of her colleagues.
      Why can’t France24 at least use French staff instead of all their far left American and English imports?


  • ross1948 17:37 on February 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Scare-Monger?’ CNN Takes Biased Aim At France! . 

    Let’s not say CNN are unfair. Their bigoted leftist tilt impacts not only Americans whose hostility to cultural marxism offends the Media Party.

    Hasil gambar untuk cnn bias

    Media Party Animals – CNN’s Ceaseless Sniping! 

    French folks too get it in the neck.

    This became evident last night when another CNN hackette popped up in Lyons, to provide an ‘objective’ –  ha-ha-ha  – report on the Front Nationale patriot party rally there.



    FN leader Marine Le Pen’s speech?


    There was an awful lot of scare-mongering –

     – shrilled little Melissa Bell.

    Marine’s a ‘scaremonger?’


    Gambar terkait

    ‘A person who spreads stories that cause public fear.?    http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/scaremonger


    BS! (Merde!)

    She’s not spreading rumours!

    She’s not spreading stories that cause public fear!

    She’s speaking up for her country, where much of the public is OF COURSE living in fear, not because of anything Marine has said or done, but because sectarian savages have murdered hundreds of their fellow-citizens…

    Hasil gambar untuk bataclan paris Bataclan


    …and because within their own cities…



    Banliue burning


    ….entire neighbourhoods ( banlieues) are infested with disloyal aliens.

    Many are indeed alarmed, because their current President, Francois Hollande, won’t deport these bad people, wont intern them..

    …and has deliberately imported twenty thousand more aliens at the best of HMV Mama Stasi Merkel in Berlin…


    …and has imposed thousands of the Calais crimmigrant curs on defenceless towns and villages all over France…

    In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

    And denied the French people ANY say in his monstrously unjust ‘grand design.’


    How DARE this little CNN smear merchant ramble about ‘scaremongering?’

    PS Only now learn she was recruited from the far-left propaganda channel France 24 – quelle surprise!


    • Chrissy LeSage 21:36 on February 6, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      In spite of my name I am not French but I really like this Marine Le Pen and wish we had her in our country.

      These leftwing media people always spin the same line, as if its we on the right that ‘exploit’ fear, when the truth is its we who care about the fears felt by the people and we who want to do something about whats causing the fear.
      People specially women have every reason to fear what happens when uncivilized people come into countries and the government pays more attention to them than to us. .


  • ross1948 12:05 on April 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Gilles! French MEP Exposes NEW EUSSR School Brainwashing! 

    Hurray for Gilles Lebreton!

    Most of my readers are English-speakers, so may not know his name, but he’s a French patriot and he’s exposed the latest campaign by the EUSSR to brainwash school-children.


    Image illustrative de l'article Gilles Lebreton

    Gilles Lebreton MEP

    • This unscrupulous propaganda process is nothing new…


    British Schools, Brussels Brain-Wash, No Surprise – But Who’s Collaborating? 


    Goebbels Would Applaud! – EUSSR Uses Brit Taxes to Indoctrinate Brit Kids! 

    ….but  naturally we have focused on British patriot parents’ concerns.

    Now we are made to realise the same poisonous propaganda is being pumped into French schools too.

    All praise and honour to Monsieur Lebreton for his powerful attack on how these ruthless rogues in Brussels are targetting school-children across France, and, given what we know of their arrogance, all across Europe too, with youngsters in the UK also under threat.



    He reminds us of how the sedulous swine in Brussels have insidiously infiltrated  pro-European propaganda in our schools.   


    But they are now openly seeking to strengthen it.  The Draghici Report…

     “Learning EU at School”

    …will be submitted to a vote of the European Parliament at its plenary session in April.

    As noted by the report,  the EU arouses indifference: less than 43% of citizens in 28 Member States voted in the European elections of 2014.

    And how does this report explain indifference – Gilles could have added loathing and hostility – to their European Dream?  

    “a poor knowledge of the Union can contribute to the spread of Euroscepticism”.

    Gilles legitimately laughs at this rubbish, which is basically claiming that if citizens become eurosceptics, it’s not because they freely choose to defend their sovereignty and their national values, but because they ( horror  -“populists”!) have “poor knowledge” of the EU.

    He sums it up in words I too might deploy against that rotten corrupt elite. 

    The arrogance of this European caste, whose contemptuous mind-set he portrays thus –

    We must educate, and grasp the evil at its roots, starting with children. The report accordingly assigns teachers a mission to “strengthen emergency education for citizenship of the Union.”





    … the report states that the aim is twofold: it is to develop “a sense of belonging to the EU and acceptance of multicultural and multiethnic societies!” 

    • multicult3multiculturalism-is-based-on-the-lie-that-all-cultures-are-morally-equal-quote-1


    Nightmare stuff, as if French teachers should not teach the youngsters that French culture is the only proper culture for Frnech citizens of all ages. As Gilles concludes…

    This propaganda is even more reprehensible as it affects the schools….schools should be a place of political neutrality, a sanctuary respectful of the freedom of children.

    But not if the Brussels elite can help it -they want their own vile ideology foisted on the little ones, from kindergarten onwards.

    Allons, Mes Enfants…




    • Stephen Stuart 17:04 on May 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      A wide range of targets today, Ross, but your Empire Day post included the link to this one, about EU injecting French children with multicul toxins.
      This should be revised and reposted again. It is shocking.
      It’s so bold, the way they openly say they want the next generation to be indoctrinated.
      I hope Marine Le Pen wins next time and rips up the whole script!


    • Annie Granger 19:19 on May 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Very true, Stephen.
      People should check how far this plot has gone into action and all parents be be warned


  • ross1948 15:11 on February 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ISIS Know That Patriot Populists Are Their Worst Enemies! 


    Isis makes far-right National Front demos its ‘prime target’

     Isis took to the pages of its francophone propaganda magazine Dar al Islam to declare that demos by the National Front were now “the prime targetthe question isn’t whether France will get attacked again, it’s how they will be attacked and when.” 

    Isis makes far-right National Front demos its 'prime target'


    A telling report in The Local, but told in bizarre manner, with a ‘pundit’ giving us frankly fantastical reasons why the evil ISIS rape-gang have put the Front Nationale at the top of their hit-list.

    For down-to-earth folks like you and me, the reasons behind this threat to France’s patriot party are self-evident.

    I listened to a French MP from Sarkozy’s Les Republicains, who spoke excellent English, and he was good. Addressing the issue due for debate in the French Senate, he said it was right to strip ‘French’ terrorists of citizenship, and brilliantly dismissed the left’s whines about how rendering them stateless was a violation of their ‘rights.’


    ‘Let them seek citizenship from their Islamic caliphate state,’ he said.


    Same should go for the so-called ‘British’ and’ Belgian’ and ‘German’ jihadists. I almost applauded out loud.


    sarkozyDM2802_468x359 Sarkozy


    But Sarkozy was President of France for some considerable time. He could have done so much, back then, but didn’t. The banlieues were not subdued. Islamist traitors were not put to death. Sarkozy kept France tied to the EUSSR.

    Then consider Marine Le Pen. She is the only significant party leader who would, if she wins power, actually DO something about the Enemy Within. There would be a clean-up of the banlieues, an extirpation of those jihadist rats-nests.

    And the FN has pledged a referendum on capital punishment, so Madame Guillotine would be soon back to facilitate the clean-up.




    ISIS certainly enjoy beheadings, but I reckon they don’t much relish being beheaded themselves!

    Brussels’ interference, and that of the imbecilic ECHR judges, would not be tolerated…


    judges rogue


    ….no more Strasbourg stooges to whine about the ‘rights’ of those who hate France.

    And I’ll bet a prompt start would be made on deportation of elements likely to be disloyal. There’d be an end to the illegal influx that Merkel created and Hollande collaborates in.




    The crimmigrants in Calais, and a sizeable number of anti-social Roma too, would be gently invited to take their leave of La Belle France.

    Not Welcome! Doormat


    So no more, or at least much less, subversive water for ISIS to swim in!
    But no such logical explanation for ISIS’ murder-plans enter the head of one ‘expert,’ a guy named Romain Caillet.
    He tells us that Isis members were “annoyed and then provoked” by an “irresponsible slogan” coined by socialist MPs who said “a vote for the National Front is a vote for Isis” in the run-up to the regional elections.
    Yes, Caillet is quite right to call those pinko fools irresponsible.
    But really, are we seriously expected to believe that ISIS give a tinker’s cuss what any shrilling socialist MPs say?
    Mais non! ISIS are evil but that doesn’t mean they’re all stupid!
    Patriots, ‘populists,’ however you define Marine Le Pen’s party, are France’s best hope.
    Hence they are ISIS’ worst nightmare.  And their top target!
  • ross1948 11:13 on December 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Marine 'Facing Prison' For Tweeting Truths About ISIS Rape-Gang 

    Quite bizarre, that clown Cazeneuve on France24 last night, ranting away about how photos of ISIS atrocities were ‘propaganda,’ as if Marine Le Pen was at fault for reminding us of Islamist evil.

    He has ‘alerted the police!  



    True or false? I know what I think!

    That’s about as irresponsible as he could get, wasting police time when all their attention should be directed against Islamist terror.

    There’s even talk of jailing the FN leader!

    Marine Le Pen Could Face Five Years in Prison for Tweeting Photos




    And even more bizarre the way the media are telling us that Marine is ‘under investigation’ for putting the photos on her Twitter pages.

    I don’t ‘do’ Twitter, out of choice, and I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, perforce, having been outlawed by Zuckerberg’s geekstapo after posting pictures of an Islamist atrocity here in Indonesia.


    But I think Marine Le Pen was absolutely entitled to show the world what the West is up against.

    And her reason for those particular pictures has not been adequately covered in the media, much of which is hardly stalwart in the West’s cause.


    • Hasil gambar untuk Jean-Jacques Bourdin Bourdin should retract, not Le Pen
    • =========================
    • A particularly slimy pinko named Jean-Jacques Bourdin, during an interview on radio station RMC and news channel BFM TV, drew parallels between Le Pen’s party and IS, saying the two movements shared an “inward-looking attitude” and “mindset.”

    A furious Le Pen reacted…

    No bloody wonder.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm ISIS
    • ===================
    • ISIS comprises satanic sectarian rapists and murderers.

    Marine leads a democratic party supported this month by 6,000,000 French patriots.

    There is no shared ‘mind-set.’

    And far from being ‘inward-looking,’ ISIS is looking outwards, exporting its perverted ideology and the heinous crimes that ideology spawns.

    • France_Flag_Map_svg
    • Marine looks forward, to a France cleansed of such vile fanatics, a France re-newed on a foundation of national pride.

    There is NO comparison, and to make one, as that leftist scribbler did, is disgusting.

    To re-publish photos which we can all see by internet searching was an entirely legitimate riposte. When the family of one of the victims of ISIS objected, she courteously removed it.

    There are plenty more she can use, and should use, to expose the hellish freak-show that is ISIS.

    Vive Marine and Vive La France.  


    • Jeanne 13:13 on December 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Merci beaucoup. You are very vrai.


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