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    As His Fanatics Shuffle Round Town, Al K Arrested On Treason Charges? 


    Alas, it didn’t rain all day, so the fanatic rabble in downtown Jakarta will not have been inconvenienced as one might have hoped as they engaged in their latest hate-shuffle (absurdly described by the extremist as a ‘Long March’  ) …Beware! Very Short Fanatic ‘Long March,’ Jakarta, This Friday! …from the Istiqlal Mosque towards President Jokowi’s State Palace.

    I actually was wise to stay home – not only would traffic congestion have been even worse than usual but I greatly enjoyed the company of today’s visitor.

     Al Kaththath


    However, more interesting to readers is the news that Muhammad Al Khathath, leader of the rabid Islamist outfit who organised  the hate-shuffle, was arrested on treason charges.

    What the basis of the charges might be, as often here, we need to wait and see.

    But it’s fair to say that Al K is exactly what I said a day or so ago.

    A Piece of Work.


    That’s me being polite, because I have rules about bad language for commenters and I must thus adhere to those rules and not say what I’d like to say.

    Islamist ‘Scholar’ in Racist Rant -“Ahok Anggap Jakarta Ini Sebuah Kota di Cina…” 

    We’re Not Racist, Just Bigots – So…About That ‘Chinese City?’ 

    For further details on the man, please take a look at his vile record of blood-thirsty intolerance via our Search, just to the right of this post.

    Interestingly again, Al K’s close involvement with the self-styled ‘scholars’ of the state-sponsored MUI isn’t mentioned in the news we have so far looked at.



    It’s true that he’s best known as Secretary General of the FUI and for wanting to have an innocent atheist put to death for speaking his mind on religion.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/another-nail-in-freedoms-coffin-indonesian-atheist-jailed-for-blasphemy/


    Hizbut Tahrir


    • Of course it’s not just individuals that Al K wants eliminated – it’s entire nations, too, like Israel. according to the Hizbut Tahrir post shown above, demanding Israel be ‘erased from the map of the world,’ for Al K has spent some time with the Hizbut haters too.

    • But the MUI is powerful here, more so than Hizbut or the FUI, which is why media went to ask Ma’aruf Amin, a leading light in the ‘scholar’ clique, what he had to say.

    • ====
    • —–
    • Ma’aruf is a notorious figure, the man who said FGM was a ‘human right!’

    • But he told Liputan.com he didn’t know anything about the alleged treason.

    • It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to Al Khathath. Maybe he should have taken the advice he gave to a young female reporter who was molested by a primitive pig at one of his sectarian rallies.

      Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic



    • JazPen 19:02 on April 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Good to read something about Indonesia but a question for you about this dangerous man.
      I read in one of the Indonesian media today that Khathath isnt even his real name.
      Its Gatot.
      Any idea why or is it just that he likes to sound like an Arab and not an Indonesian? If he’s guilty of being Hizbut Tahrir then that wouldnt surprise me. Theyre the most UN Indonesian of all the fanatics here.


    • Santi 13:22 on April 5, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Yes You must write more about here where we live.
      You always write to defend us and we need that because the FPI are now so powerful.I do not think many goverment people will be brave to stop them.


      • ross1948 22:06 on April 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Okay, Santi, just for you, and all the other good people here, I have done as you ask!
        Sorry to you and all the other recent commenters for the late appearance of your comments.
        Seems my laptop needs a re-boot.


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    Beware! Very Short Fanatic ‘Long March,’ Jakarta, This Friday! 

    Not a fan in any sense of Red China’s Mass-Murderer Mao, I am aware nevertheless that his famous ‘Long March’ across that vast country was indeed long.

    That’s what makes me laugh every time nasty fanatics use the words to describe their very short hate-strolls across central Jakarta.

    Like English, Indonesian is ever-ready to borrow foreign words and phrases, and as you can see, if you read the link, even detik.com has done so.

    Here’s their headline.

    Rencana Aksi 313, Salat Jumat di Istiqlal Kemudian Long March ke Istana


    More importantly, for my local readers who might have reason to adjust their travel plans, that number represents the date of the fanatic frolic, viz. 31st March – this Friday!

    As usual, like the previous ‘halal shuffles…’

    Jakarta Mosque – Yellow-Bellies Bash, Spit On, Journos! 

    …the actual shuffle (‘march’) goes from the big Istiqlal Mosque down to President Jokowi’s palace.


    Hasil gambar untuk istana negara istiqlal map

    I could do that in about twenty minutes, max!


    But of course the shufflers, sorry, marchers, will have to proceed slowly, to accommodate ranting – it takes your breath away when you repeatedly indulge in bitter, bigoted, sectarian hollering.

    The protesters, most of whom were men dressed in white Muslim attire, were heard yelling, “We want a Muslim governor,” “Burn Ahok!”  Breaking News – Jakarta Cops Tear-Gas Islamist Louts! 

    • I use those words – ‘bigoted’ and ‘sectarian’ – confidently because the report says it’s the FUI behind this jolly outing.



    The Forum Umat Indonesia should be familiar if you have been in the habit of reading our blog for a while.

    They are an appalling gang, as our illustration below indicates. 



    Their gang leader, Khatthath, is a real piece of work. Check him out – 

    Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic

    But strangely, the detik.com report only quotes a notable from the FUI’s like-minded jhadist jerk outfit, the FPI – who else but our local IslamoNazi Jakarta gauleiter…Habib Novel, another piece of work!

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 

    However, they are indeed birds of a feather, no doubt both in agreement with that other fanatic, Habib Rizieq, whose infamous words on the bizarre trial of Governor Ahok continue to echo around Jakarta.


    View image on Twitter

    Habib Rizieq, seated, listening with rapt attention to the man who hopes to defeat Ahok in next month’s election, Anies Beswaden, a ‘moderate’ Muslim ‘intellectual’.


    Rizieq thinks the Jakarta Governor deserves to be KILLED for quoting a Koranic verse –

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/

    And this hatred is why you may face traffic problems downtown on the 31st.

    Okay, simply a public service announcement.

    Stay home on Friday if you can.

    • Jeanne 18:47 on March 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Why did you make a decision to live there? It must be horrible.
      Today I am looking at Indonesia stories because Francois Hollande has gone on tour around Asia and will be there.
      I hope Hollande goes to see this Long March.
      Maybe he begin to understand why so many of us in France will vote for Marine Le pen,


    • Kezia 19:15 on March 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I dont care about traffic jam problem.
      More important the danger from these so terrible these FUI and FPI.
      Indonesia is in big risk because of them and nobody will fight them and instead people like Pak Baswedan only go to make friends with them and forget all about freedom and the Pancasila.


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    Jakarta Mosque – Yellow-Bellies Bash, Spit On, Journos! 

    Well don’t say we didn’t warn you!

    Wise Folks in Jakarta Staying Home Tomorrow? .

    ….the massive street protest on Saturday organized by Muslim groups demanding the imprisonment of incumbent Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama ended in violence directed against members of the media.

    Actually, it was a lady reporter and her crew who were assaulted.

    No fan of the media, nevertheless I draw the line at vicious physical assaults on journos.

    ESPECIALLY women journos.

    But we know what Islamists think of girls – one of Jakarta’s foremost sexist sectarians infamously told us a year or two ago.

    IslamoNazi Gauleiter – “Women Already Have Limitations, Let Alone Non-Muslims!” 

    …and while that FPI gauleiter restricted himself to demeaning words, there’s an inherent contempt for women among the vilest elements in Indonesia…


    Hasil gambar untuk women's rights sharia


    …and elsewhere, of course.


    Or was it just basic yellow-belly cowardice that boiled over at the weekend, when a ‘mob’ of dirty dastards set about a female reporter outside Jakarta’s huge Istiqlal Mosque.

    Hasil gambar untuk ucha fernandez metro tv

    Senior Metro TV journalist Desi Fitriani filed a police report on Saturday after she was hit in the head by unidentified protesters with a bamboo pole. She suffered an injury to the head.

    Fellow Metro TV journalist Ucha Fernandes also filed a report after being struck in the abdomen, neck and legs.


    Brave and devout congregants, eh? 


    • filthy-savages


    And we’re not talking about ne’er-do-wells who were just passing by. Nor hoodlums loitering in the vicinity.

    The bigot brutes were IN the mosque.

    Antara news agency reported that the alleged assault happened when Desi and Ucha were trying to get inside Istiqlal Mosque to get footage for their live broadcast. They were allegedly chased out by a mob…  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/02/13/anti-ahok-crowd-directs-anger-toward-media-journalists.html

    NB   – Chased OUT.

    Ipso facto, by those within.

    Nothing wrong with ‘men’ like that…nothing which a bullet in the back of the neck wouldn’t cure!

    But curiously, the Jakarta Post report omits much that’s reported elsewhere, as in Suara.com, which adds a third victim to the list, Dino, a cameraman from Global TV. Maybe the JP produced a more accurate account in another edition – no time to check tonight.

    In Suara.com, Ucha told his story.“My stomach and my shoulder were struck, I was kicked in the foot well. Besides that, I was also spat on.” 

    But now it gets REALLY interesting.

     The Jakarta Post offers no explanation for the attack, but Suara.com quotes one of the victims.

    I was surrounded by the mob who questioned why TV referred to the leader of the Islamic Defenders Front as Rizieq, without adding the title Habib.

    You regular RRA readers know at once who we’re talking about. This geezer –


    Rizieq, left, with his rabid hero, Ba’asyir ( who’s currently doing time for terror-links)


    That’s Habib Rizieq, FPI ‘high imam’ who thinks our nice Jakarta Governor deserves to be KILLED for quoting a Koranic verse?

    “We encourage the government to process the death penalty for Ahok as soon as possible,” said Rizieq.  http://www.suara.com/news/2016/10/14/134313/

    We’ve used that extract more than once because it exemplifies blood-thirsty Islamist intolerance.

    But the inclusion or omission of Habib is not an issue for us – sometimes we use it for him other times not.

    There’s no indication Mr. H Rizieq ( ! ) was involved in Saturday’s incident. But he does indeed value that title/name, as, obviously, did the scum who attacked that lady last week. You’ll find out more of its significance on this previous post.

    Habibs Galore – White-Shirt Gang Leaders Go On Trial! 

    Mr. Rizieq is a great buddy of Mr. Al Khaththath, of the FUI, which reminds me –  it’s hardly the first time a woman reporter has suffered at the hands of swinish louts in a fanatic rabble.

    Here’s an extract from one of our posts, from two and a half years ago.

    …a young lady identified as P, age 22, was sexually assaulted while covering the protests of the Islamic Defenders Front. The alleged perpetrator was a man about 40 years old, of short stature.



    P told Kompas that while she was looking for a safe place on the sidewalk (away from the crowds of protesters )  suddenly, somebody grabbed her from behind with both hands.

    She said she later saw the man alleged to have committed the sexual harassment,shaking hands with the Chairman of the Islamic People’s Forum (FUI) Muhammad al-Khaththath.


    al Khaththath Al- Khaththath


    RRA readers will know this fanatic, a leading light in the state-funded MUI (Indonesian Scholars’ Council) . https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/another-nail-in-freedoms-coffin-indonesian-atheist-jailed-for-blasphemy/

    P bravely confronted her molestor, who of course denied all.  

    “He did not want to admit it. Instead he accused me of being a provocateur. I said to him, ‘Sir, I am a journalist.” Then he actually said:’ Yes, a journalist would deliberately try to heat up the atmosphere! ‘

    “What made me even more sick at heart, the FUI chairman even said, ‘It’s the way it is…

    “If you don’t want to get touched, you should stay home indoors.”  .http://megapolitan.kompas.com/read/2014/09/24/19104201/Wartawati.Mengaku.Jadi.Korban.Pelecehan.Seksual

    Read the whole post here –

    Indecent Assault? ‘If You Don’t Like To Be Touched, Stay Home!’ – Islamist Fanatic

    Stay home.

    And maybe stuff your head in a black sack, and don’t be a bother to men?

    What lovely people one finds at Islamist get-togethers!



    • Bagus 08:40 on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      So true everything you say.
      Indonesia is voting today and I hope Governor Ahok will win.


    • JazPen 10:19 on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is much better, Ross, back to your old style and getting people to think about the big issue in the election today.
      What happened to the reporters makes me sick but the thugs who attacked them are the reason its important the voters in Jakarta send a message to Jokowi.
      Thanks and have a good holiday.


    • Kartika.Jawa 11:37 on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Jakarta girls know best never go near these people. I feel sorry for te reporter who must because of her job.
      They are like animals but animals are not bad only not know human feelings.
      So yes these spit and beat gangs are not human really. .


    • JokoNotWidodo 11:57 on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It is soon 12 noon and praying time at noon so I am thinking about what you say.
      As Muslim man I think they shame us all for this.
      Please tell that Muslim police and other Muslim people took the reporters to cathedral across the street for safety. We mostly are friends with Christian and other religion
      Truly Indonesian Muslim people are not like these very bad men and we understand the Holy Koran is above scholars like the MUI who are alive but think still like the past. ..


    • Selvi 12:07 on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I have gone to vote and of course made my vote for man FPI hate.
      All women will vote just like me who do not want to be second class like sharia orders we must.
      Thank you, Ross.
      You do not vote here in Indonesia so can be relaxing today. But please keep writing for us.


    • Ariani 12:45 on February 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It is dangerous for women when they are out in bad areas and now we see it may also be dangerous for women when they go close to biggest mosque in Jakarta.
      Today is the election for governor and the thug who are dangerous for women are also thug who hate Ahok. I hope he will win.


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    Wise Folks in Jakarta Staying Home Tomorrow? 

    The National Police have urged participants of an upcoming protest to maintain order and have reiterated that the police will take security measures of the event planned for Feb. 11.


    We mentioned one of three events scheduled for tomorrow just a few days ago, the ‘prayer-rally’ organised by Islamist fanatics.

    (The National Movement to Safeguard the Indonesian Ulema Council’s Fatwa (GNPF-MUI) members, including the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), the Muslim People’s Forum (FUI)


    fpi kill busddhist

    Typical peace-loving FPI out for a weekend stroll

    fui anti-america

    FUI does not mince its words either


    Check out (via our Search box) both the FPI and the FUI – they are NOT the sort of people most of us would wish to encounter!


    There are AT LEAST two other crowd-scenes, pre-election rallies by supporters of Ahok and of Agus Yudhoyono.

    Even if no mayhem breaks out anywhere, the normally hellish Jakarta traffic will become horrendous.




    Stay home tomorrow.

    After all, next Wednesday, Election Day, has been declared a public holiday.

    So you can go out and do your ‘weekend’ shopping then.


    Ooops, almost out of coffee- best get out to the nearest mini-mart this morning, despite the rain!

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    That’s Islamists For You – Can’t Win The Argument, Call The Cops! 

    Thanks to Tempo for bringing us up to date on the latest war on freedom of expression waged by the IslamoNazi FPI (Islam Defenders Front) in Semarang, Central Java, which we covered a week or so back.


    • Ahmad Fauzi
    • ==================-

    They were getting their little white underpants in a twist because an academic wrote some stuff about incest, Adam and Eve, and schizophrenic religion, and along with their sectarian comrades in the FUI ( Muslim Forum) have been caterwauling for the author, Ahmad Fauzi, to be hauled off by the cops.

    Incest? Schizo? Prophet? IslamoNazi Wannabe Censor Calls Cops! 

    Now they are further incensed after various comments on the guy’s Facebook page, said by their legal expert, Zainal Abidin, to amount to cursing Islam!  


    This, claims Zainal, is defamation of religion.

    Well, big deal. I can’t get worked up about things like this, but I imagine many Christians and Jews would also be miffed about accusations of incest against Adam and Eve.




    Yet few if any of them are likely to suggest prison for the accusers. That’s because they are  –

    A grown-ups, and  –

    B long since emerged from the Dark Ages. They are also intellectually capable of taking on critics of their creed and arguing it out.

    Sadly, like the state-sponsored MUI, these FPI fanatics aren’t up to it. They can’t debate dissent, and fear their co-religionists will listen to other points of view.


    • FPI_13 FPI thugs defending Islam


    As for tainting, defaming, etc. religion, that is something the FPI have been doing for years, bringing Islam into disrepute by brazen thuggery – violence and vandalism are how they ‘defend’ their ideology, much like the old PKI, the Indonesian Communist Party.

    It’s banned.




    Why isn’t the FPI?

    Incidentally, this charge they want brought is based on the draconian Law No. 11 of 2008 on Information and Electronic Transaction (ITE). Is that not the same nonsense statute that saw poor young Florence jailed for bad-mouthing Jogjakarta and its citizens?

    Anti-Social Media – Harmless Student ‘Guilty,’ But Islamist Bigot Sites Re-Open! 

    Does nobody in power here ever wonder about the backward image Indonesia gets because of this peculiar legislation, which only encourages uptights to ululate?


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    Incest? Schizo? Prophet? IslamoNazi Wannabe Censor Calls Cops! 

    Another glorious episode in the history of Indonesia’s Islamist movement to report, with Tempo.co telling how the notorious IslamoNazi FPI ( Islam Defenders Front) are reporting a writer to the police, since his book has tarnished the religion.

    • FPI_13 FPI thugs defending Islam


    That of course refers to Islam, and one might have thought the FPI’s own disgusting record of violence, vandalism and intimidation has done more to ‘tarnish’ that religion than anything else in Indonesia.

    But self-criticism, nor even self-awareness, are not notably discernible where the white-shirts are concerned.

    Let’s see what their spokesman in Semarang, Central Java, acertain Zainal Abidin Petir, is on about.

    “Defamation of religion cannot be tolerated. It can be dangerous if there are distortions of Islam,” said Zainal, Friday, October 2, 2015.




    Dangerous? To whom? Which people might be endangered by printed pages?

    He doesn’t spell that out, though again, the shameless hoodlum antics of the FPI – FPI in West Java – ‘Let’s Burn Out the Orphans!’  – actually do present clear, present and promised dangers to all sorts of people, witness the innocent woman left dead on the road in Sukorejo, also in Central Java, last year. IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck

    And some foreign folk might regard a publicly declared intention to murder them as ever so slightly dangerous.


    fpi kill busddhist


    But of course the FPI are not alone in their horror-struck intolerance of books that upset Islamist ideologues.

    Gramedia, one of the biggest publishers in the archipelago, became infamous for its censorious sectarianism,  after they staged a Nazi-style book-burning two years ago.

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • burning books

    • Gramedia’s Hitlerite book-burning

    • ====================

    Their English-language puppet paper, the Jakarta Post, which likes to present itself as pro-pluralism, has never yet condemned that disgraceful Hitlerian bonfire.

    So no wonder white-shirt bully-boys reckon they are empowered to decide what Indonesians may or may not read and/or write.


    • Ahmad Fauzi
    • ==================
    • The guilty(?!) author is Ahmad Fauzi, a graduate of Philosophy,  Walisongo State Islamic University, Semarang, and his writings include such intriguing titles as ‘The Incest Tragedy of Adam and Eve, and Criminal Prophet,’ plus what should surely be a block-buster, ‘Schizophrenic Religion: Madness, Revelation and Prophethood.’
    • 000000000000000000000000000000
    • At this pont in my preparation of this post, I thought to find illustrations to make it more fun for you readers.
    • Lo and behold, I found that while the FPI is doing its usual intolerant thing, the other, less well-known but arguably even more virulent, thug group, the FUI, are no slouches when it comes to churning out hate against dissenters from orthodoxy.
    • =============
    • b5300-retardalert
    • …..talk about Dark Age dolts!
    • 000000000000

    But the Semarang cadre is hardly out of step with FUI leadership, whose best-known name is Al Khatthath, a rabid fanatic who holds office in the state-sponsored MUI…


    Al KhatatAl Khathath  

    Why Apologise? Religion Minister’s ‘Sorry’ To IslamoNazi Thug Gangs 

    Al is not only a senior figure in the state-funded MUI, but also a former HizBut Tahrir notable.

    The Secretary General of the FUI the very same creature who wanted to have an atheist killed for speaking his mind on religion.   https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/another-nail-in-freedoms-coffin-indonesian-atheist-jailed-for-blasphemy/

    • fatwa mui sholeh
    • —————-
    • The MUI’s failure to fire the brute is another good reason why the Indonesian Council of’ ‘Scholars’ can hardly be taken seriously as a source of moral guidance. 
    • Anyway, back to Zainal, it turns out that author Ahmad actually agreed to a meeting with the FPI a while back, a dialogue mediated by the police in Semarang.


    You’d think the police would have better things to do than arrange chats between jihadist brutes and their prospective victims, but alas, Indonesia has its own ridiculous ‘Blasphemy’ law, by which blameless citizens have been prosecuted and jailed, like the Shia cleric, Yajul.


    tajulTajul, one of Indonesia’s prisoners of conscience https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/04/21/indonesia-shariah-fanatics-howl-for-blood/

    Former President SBY, remember, in one of his embarrassing outbursts, urged similar intolerant hogwash law on a global level.

    SBY to ask the world to ban blasphemy | The Jakarta Post

    Zainal acknowledges that Ahmad’s writings tend to be poetic and arty. but despite the meeting, he’s still going to report Ahmad for police prosecution.

    Ahmad says he tried to explain explain his thinking to the FPI. But they didn’t want an explanation, just an interrogation.


    Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). FPI thinkers defending Islam


    For his part, he argues that there is evidence in the Quran Surah As-Shura paragraph 182 also mentioned a prophet possessed…

    But I won’t get into theology or psychology. To me, it’s simply stupid to harass somebody for religious beliefs or lack of them.

    God gives you a brain, so use it to think about what He is and how He works..or IF He is.

    Nothing wrong with the death penalty, but use it on jihadists, not harmless writers.


    • JazPen 18:11 on October 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      This is interesting, I saw nothing aboutit in the Post or Globe, but Tempo is always better for news anyway.

      I see youre still bashing Gramedia for their neo-nazi book arson, quite right Ross, they deserve plenty of stick for playing with fire..


    • Santi 12:01 on October 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It is same like you say, IslamoNazis tarnishing, to the religion and to our country Indonesia.
      Why can this writer not write books and I can have choice to read or not? Nobody wants to make FPI read if they do not like to. Can many FPI read or write, I don’t think so, very stupid in those photos.
      And the death for writing? The FUI are like big setan, devil, make me so angry because I like to live in my free country
      Why police always happy to work with evil people. Police should be against FPI and FUI, who are just thugs.


  • ross1948 17:54 on July 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jakarta ‘Scholars’ Talk of Tolerance – Who’s Their Honoured Colleague? 




    As a blogger who tries his best to defend Indonesia against present or possible criticism, by pointing out that sectarian nastiness, as exemplified by the FPI, the FUI and Hizbut Tahrir, in no way reflects the thinking of many decent Muslims here, I have to say my task is not always helped by the spokesmen of Islamic organisations which purport to be ‘moderate’ or ‘mainstream.’


    • fpi kill busddhist
    • ——————————————
    • These terms are of course relative. Compared to the FPI, for example, the MUI ( not to be confused with the FUI) seems ‘moderate.’ Their self-styled ‘scholars’ do not go about revelling in thuggery and vandalism – though some of them are a bit slack about disowning it, and at least one of their senior members is a blood-thirsty bigot, but he’s the king-pin of the FUI.
    •    Lively Hustings Likely in West/North Jakarta! 
    • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Today, flicking through the local news, once more this problem crops up, in respect of the news from Tolkara, in Papua, where a mosque was set on fire last week.

    I’ll look at the arson shortly, but first what about the total of 33 scholars who are members of the presidium of the Alliance of Indonesian Ulema (AAUI) who have issued a statement – which actually sounds more like an ultimatum – on the arson.

    These gents are given much prominence in Republika.com, which is not surprising, given that newspaper’s Islamic leanings. But who do they represent? 



    Nu Nahdlotul Ulama



    Well, there are two representatives fom the NU, invariably characterised by all media as ‘Indonesia’s largest moderate Muslim group,’ and one from Muhammadiyah, equally invariably described as the ‘second-largest moderate Muslim group.’

    But if you use our link and look at the photo of the platform party, who’s up there with them, speaking up against intolerance?


    muchsin alatas fpi

    From the left, Habib Muhsin Alatas,  Sekretaris Majelis Syura of the FPI….    http://www.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/hukum/15/07/18/nrn8xi-ini-8-sikap-aliansi-alim-ulama-indonesia-soal-pembakaran-masjid

    Yeah, the FPI, the Islam Defenders Front, a paragon of pluralism, ever-ready to promote peace and goodwill, a champion of tolerance par excellence…like HELL!

     Check out just a handful of our coverage.

    Jakarta Ethnic Cleansing? Murder Threat No Big Deal? 

    ‘Bunuh, bunuh, bunuh,’ – ‘kill, kill, kill!’ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7RLCXNdKF4

    –And the worst, arguably, of Muchsin’s comrades, still holding high FPI office, has to be Sobri Lubis, the savage who urged a mindless mob to go forth and murder members of the peaceful Ahmadi minority.


    So what possesses high-rankers of the NU and Muhammadiyah to sit down with the likes of a leader of an IslamoNazi thug gang?.

     By doing so they make an instant mockery of whatever decent cause may be concerned. They also, of course, tarnish the reputation of their own outfits. And if they somehow seriously regard themselves as ‘scholars,’ and treat a gang-leader as a ‘scholar,’ what does that tell us about their own ‘scholastic’ qualifications?

    The proper thing to do, if you are up on a platform for something you believe is a worthy issue, and you find somebody unworthy is on that platform too, is either to find an alternative venue free from that taint, or to simply throw the blighter off.

    They did neither. 

    I’ll get back to the ultimatum later tonight.


  • ross1948 16:30 on June 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Bima, Borobodur, FUI, , , , , , Semar,   

    Palmyra! Besok Borobudur? Islamist Barbarians Amok Again 

    Besok is the Indonesian word for ‘tomorrow,’ but it has a fairly flexible meaning – soon, in the foreseeable future. 




    Heart-breaking news from Syria, where the rapist-murder gang ISIS has begun its usual wanton vandalism at the world heritage site, Palmyra.

    Is there nothing sacred to these satanic swine?


    Silly question!

    I have warned before that the sectarian barbarism we have already seen in Afghanistan, where those giant Buddhas were destroyed, and in the Museum of Mosul, could easily descend on Indonesia’s splendid monuments, Borobudur and Prambanan.


    borobudur-main-entrance Borbudur


    Remember Purwokerto just a year or two ago, no respect for the Ramayana legend, Bima?

    And the hate-shrilling just weeks ago from bigots when Javanese rhythms were introduced ( briefly !) into the Jakarta Istiqlal Mosque?


    patung-bima-purwakarta    Bima


    In Java, we’ve seen ignoramuses doing all they can to destroy their own people’s rich history. It’s a genuine Indonesian Kulturkampf – an insidious Arabisation!    https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/ignorant-islamist-bigots-attack-indonesias-heritage-java-statues-wrecked/ 




    The Guardian of Java, Semar, that squat but beloved figure of folklore, nowadays needs help, against those primitives in white-shirt vigilante garb.



    There is true evil abroad in the world, a near sub-human level of depravity, and it needs to be eradicated. 

    • Irwan 09:57 on June 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You are good to say this for the people of Java.


  • ross1948 13:29 on June 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , FUI, irama jawa, , Javanese rythm, , Majelis,   

    Why Apologise? Religion Minister’s ‘Sorry’ To IslamoNazi Thug Gangs 

    If a mob of bigot louts take exception to something you’ve done – especially if you see nothing wrong with it yourself – would you sit down with the nasty brutes and say how sorry you were that you hurt their feelings?




    Well, that’s what Lukman, Indonesia’s Minister of Religious Affairs, has just done with a couple of the most vicious hoodlum gangs in the archipelago, the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) and the Indonesian Mujahidin Council.


    • main-lukman-hakim4 Lukman


    All the sadder, since we only just praised him last week for his action, which was a breath of brave fresh air. Jokowi On Blasphemy Charge? Java Rhythm ‘Enflames’ Fanatics! 

    “Of course I’m sorry…I apologize for the incident,” said Lukman,

    Incredibly, this wretched climb-down took place in his own office!




    Why would a government minister allow fanatic gang-leaders into his ministerial headquarters? Any normally house-proud citizen wouldn’t let them past the garden-gate!

    If such anti-social undesirables somehow gained entry to any property of mine, I’d be tempted to have the premises fumigated. 

     But not Lukman.

    Despite the record of both the FPI….IslamoNazis V Freedom-Fighters? – Some Chicken, Some Neck! and the Majelis Mujahedin…..https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/02/16/islamonazi-thugs-attack-indonesian-artist-in-jogja/   – both infamous for cowardice and brutality – he not only let them in and sat them down – but went on to crave their forgiveness!

    Lukman insisted he never intended to disparage Islam with the Javanese style in the recitation of the Qur’an; it was an attempt to give new color in the propagation of Islam nuanced to the archipelago, with no intention of damaging Islam.

    Did they apologise in return for accusing both Lukman and President Jokowi of blasphemy and/or apostasy, over that trifling variation in the rhythms at the Jakarta Istiqlal Mosque??

    Who gives a damn?

    Apologies from the likes of these hate-gangs would be no more sincere than any other of their protestations.


    However the two hate-gangs above responded to Lukman’s sorry statements, there was one familiar voice spitting sectarian venom…yes, it was the inimitable AL K.


    Al KhatatAl Khathath

    Lively Hustings Likely in West/North Jakarta! 

    Al is a senior figure in the state-funded MUI, a former HizBut Tahrir notable and also no less than the Secretary General of the FUI. He’s the charmer we just can’t keep out of our reports.  

    Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Muslim Forum, Muhammad al Khaththath said he disagreed with Lukman Hakim, as Javanese styling of the Koran went beyond the limit of tolerance.


    This is the creature who wanted to have an atheist killed for speaking his mind on religion. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/another-nail-in-freedoms-coffin-indonesian-atheist-jailed-for-blasphemy/

    Did you let him into your office too, Lukman? 

    I sometimes begin to understand those foreigners who despair of the future here.


    But I refuse to give up hope. Most Indonesians are nice.

    Sooner or later, Insh’Allah, their voices will be heard.


  • ross1948 23:10 on April 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , FUI, , , ,   

    Jogjakarta Fanatics Demand Ban on Christian Worship! 



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