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  • ross1948 11:25 on June 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Kenapa, Pak Presiden? GKI Yasmin Masih Disegel! 

    I haven’t been to Monas Square for a while, not sung a hymn since Easter! 

    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 

     Yesterday I went way down south, to Pejaten Village Mall, a pleasant outing, to meet up, one after the other, with a young friend and an older one.
    Always good to keep in touch.
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    First weekend in June – Jokowi’s Palace in the background, as victims of intolerance are forced to worship on the public street
    But this very weekend, back up  by Monas, across the road from President Jokowi’s Palace, I’m told the persecuted Christians were once more at worship out in the hot sun, the GKI congregation from Bogor still barred by nasty Islamist bigots from their church – and the HKBP church from Tambun, Bekasi, in a similar plight.   
    There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for this. We’ve reported again and again on the Supreme Court ruling which neither President SBY nor his successor, Jokowi, have seen fit to enforce.
    So many Indonesian friends of freedom, of every creed,  rejoiced when Jokowi won that close election.
    They believed his commitment to religious liberty would result in the police being ordered in, not, as before, to act as referees between those Christians and the sectarian louts who hate them, but to fulfil their duty and open up the church for its congregation to enter and worship freely.
    Lily-Wahid Lily Wahid, a Muslim champion of freedom
    Instead the thug gangs, GARIS etc, against whom brave Muslims like old Lily Wahid stood up despite crass intimidation, appear to have got their way. The self-styled ‘pluralist’ Mayor who replaced the overtly bigoted mayor in Bogor, is playing the same game, even denying the existence of the Yasmin congregation.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Will Jokowi some Sunday soon come out of his palace, walk across the street and tell these victims of evil that he will have their churches re-opened…or will the darkness continue to spread across Indonesia.
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    Cold Christmas for Java Christians – Thanks, ‘Moderate’ Mayor!’ 

    • Persecuted Christians in West Java, briefly hopeful  of deliverance from sectarian oppression,will again be denied access to their church this Christmas!




      Shamefully, Bogor’s so-called ‘moderate’ Mayor Bima has even warned the Protestant GKI Yasmin congregation not to worship on the street – for several years now, Yasmin and other victimised minorities have worshipped right across the road from the Presidential Palace, in downtown Jakarta, where I sometimes join them.


      bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan Bima

      Two of a kind?

       diani-budiarto Diani


      So we see ‘moderate’ Mayor Bima’s  no better than his predecessor, the fanatic Mayor Diani, who  sealed the Christian house of worship-  dismal Islamist intolerance exemplified!  

      • Bima said on Thursday he would not carry out the Supreme Court order to reopen the church, citing unspecified “strong reasons” for flouting the verdict from the highest court in the land.

      He said he had asked for the Home Affairs Ministry and Religious Affairs Ministry to weigh in on the issue.  



      lili wahid 2_web Lily Wahid


      In other words, Bima prefers to pass the buck; he could order local police to confront bigot louts like GARIS, whose leader has declared himself head of ISIS in Indonesia.  GARIS and other jihadist jerk outfits bussed in bigots and mayhem ensued.

      Non Bima-style Muslims, like good old Lily Wahid, who showed up in solidarity with the Christian victims, were abused and threatened by the brutes. The cops, shockingly, refuse to enforce the ruling of the highest court in the land. They have reduced their role to that of umpire between good and evil.




      • “But so far we have not received any [feedback],” he said.

      “What is clear is that [the congregation] should not [stage a Christmas celebration] on the sidewalk. Sidewalks are not a place for praying. We have provided [alternative venues] like Harmoni or other places,” he said, referring to a local public hall.”


      What a nerve!

      They’d hardly need alternative venues if Bima had the cojones to end the illegal sealing of the church!

      Is it that he fears to face down those hoodlum ISIS fans? Or is it that, despite his previous protestations of pluralism, he is himself indifferent to religious liberty?

      Time for President Jokowi to step in and kick some jihadist ass!






    • Santi 08:36 on December 17, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      When is the next worship of GKI? I want to join.


  • ross1948 12:15 on September 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Government? Gotta ‘Communicate’ With Bigot Thugs Before Enforcing Law? 



    Suppose a gang of violent robbers declared their total disregard for the law and proceeded to stage criminal assaults on innocent Jakarta citizens.

    Should the police enforce the law or should a government minister announce that before action is taken against them, he wants to sit down with the muggers and explain to them that, er, actually mugging is a crime and they need to give it up?

    Ridiculous question?

    I’d say so, and probably you would too.

    • main-lukman-hakim4 Lukman
    • So what to make of Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman’s reported statement on the plight of persecuted Christians in West Java, denied access to their church for four years by bigot hoodlums, and a sectarian local mayor, in defiance of both Supreme Court and Ombudsman rulings.
    • =======


    • 000000000


    “The court decision is good, but needs to be communicated with the others [the groups that oppose it],”

    For pity’s sake!

    He imagines those louts are unaware they’re flouting the law?


    Bona Sigalingging 2 Bona


    Bona Sigalingging, an activist who has long campaigned for religious liberty, both for that church, GKI Yasmin, and for other oppressed minorities, says he met Lukman “three days ago, and he said that the state should not bow to the intolerant groups.

    But now we read Lukman may not wish to bow down, but is quite prepared to sit down, with fanatics like GARIS and FORKAMI, who have openly resorted to mayhem to stop the small Protestant congregation from exercising the clear constitutional right to enter their house of worship.

    Bona reckons “it will take some time for the ruling of the Supreme Court and the recommendations of the Ombudsman to really be implemented.”

    Damn right it will, if Lukman seriously intends to waste time ‘communicating’ with vicious sectarians before telling the West Java Police to desist from their long failure to enforce the ruling of the country’s highest court.

    West Java’s Persecuted Christians – Freedom Hopes Loom! 


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