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    Marine – Reasons To Be Cheerful! 

    An interesting piece in the far-left UK ‘Independent’ this past weekend, on the prospects of the patriot party candidate in France.




    Marine Le Pen is ahead in the polls and there’s a general media fret, exemplified in the Independent’s typically objective headline –

    This is what would have to go wrong for Marine Le Pen to win the French presidential election



    Note well – Not ‘this is what would have to happen…’




    That would suggest impartial reporting, which ain’t gonna occur, any more than Hollywood’s rotten celebs are gonna grow out of tantrums.

    • Rabid-Dog-for-OS

    Star turn at Oscar Ceremony?

    • In France, as in most, if not all, Western countries,the bulk of the media is left-liberal.

    It has been for decades, as I was reminded when reading yesterday how the Socialist President Mitterand could just throw a switch and have the Lugenpresse lap-dogs start barking at whatever level of volume he chose.



    French media


    Until then the French media had kept Jean-Marie Le Pen and his Front Nat­ional away from the studios. For this and other reasons his appeal had been limited. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/inquirer/extreme-danger-ahead-for-eu-as-europe-topples-to-the-right/news-story/

    The media had hitherto simply ignored the FN, but it suited Mitterand to split his opponent Chirac’s vote.

    Hence his imperious sotto-voce diktat, which had the puppet press change tactics, allowing Le Pen Senior coverage? 

    Utterly unprincipled, the media services the Left any which way the Left requires of them, much like a strung-out hooker services a client.

    Jean-Marie was nowhere near as big a threat to the elite as his very different daughter.

    Image result for chirac le pen

    Chirac v Le Pen Snr.


    His rough, off-the-cuff ad-libbery annoyed many voters ( though even so, when he later forced Jacques Chirac into a run-off, the craven head of state bottled out of any televised debates with the FN leader)

    No way can that work nowadays!




    Marine Le Pen has nearly 30% of voters behind her, a tribute to her courageous character and to her positive policies, which include taking terror seriously, a democratic decision on Frexit…




    …AND getting to grips with both enemy aliens and the disloyal off-spring of previous immigrants, the riotous banlieue rabble.

    So Parisian pinkos, like the Independent’s scribblers, are getting vexed at the potential scenario scarily sketched out, a scenario bright with promise for French folk who want to take back their country.

    Fillon, the phony ‘conservative,’ has slumped, thanks to a ‘scandal’ about his wife’s job.

    Had he remained a strong runner, ending up in a run-off with Marine, the obvious tactic for the various ‘centre’ and ‘left’ candidates would be to swing behind him.




    Fillon’s abandonment of the fight for traditional values – he opposed ‘gay marriage’ but refuses to fight for repeal; he purports to oppose Brussels rule but won’t defy the Brussels diktat banning capital punishment – would have made it easy for the in-crowd’s other collaborators to fall in behind him.

    Anything to block Marine.

    Now, however, he has little chance of reaching that run-off.


    The media  have settled on their own candidate, Macron – an ultra-liberal with a reassuring background of ties to international bankers…


    Image result for macron brussels


    …who is so close to the decadent media class that he’s even had to deny rumours of a ‘gay’ affair  with the top man in France Radio!

    So it’s easy-peasy for the left-liberal establishment to back him.

    But then…there’s that big problem known as the electorate.

    As in the Brexit vote, people are waking up. They seem to be open to delivering a rejection of the treason class parties, as they have long sensed and are now seeing that all’s not well with their nation.

    Thus Macron, whom we looked at a few months ago –

    France’s Macron – A Mere Merkel Sycophant! 

     – has to engage in a balancing act.

    Something he’s no damn good at.

    Perhaps momentarily forgetful that things said in foreign lands can these days be instantly heard back home, he swanned off to Algeria and shamelessly insulted France’s imperial past as “crime against humanity!”  



    Criminality or glory?


    As the Independent correctly says, never before has a leading French politician used such strong terms.


    Contrast Macron’s trash-talk with what Marine Le Pen had to say, when she was abroad a week ago, her stirring refusal to kow-tow to primitives.

    France’s Marine Shames Swedettes! 

    Who’s going to gain more votes from these overseas utterances?


    Macron also revisited the decency debate, saying that those who had opposed legalising gay marriage had been humiliated. Whatever that means, it sounds gratuitously offensive to lots of ordinary French people – except decadents in certain posh Parisian arrondissements.

    So will Macron keep shooting himself in the foot, his ineptitude undermining all his media-freak fan club can do?

    The Independent obviously hopes he won’t.

    And it would be nice if Marine wins on the arguments, as she deserves to, rather than the mismanagement by Macron of his mouth.

    But who cares, as long as the lady’s on top!

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    Fillon’s Selective Bow To Democracy! 

    How impressive, to read that Les Republicains‘ presidential candidate, Monsieur Fillon, has proposed a total of five referendums…
    But before we applaud this nod to democratic principles, let’s look at the issues on which he’s prepared to allow the French people to have their say via the ballot box…
    …balanced budget law…French territorial authorities…France’s generous pension regimes…immigration quotas…to reduce the number of parliamentarians…
    ……and no problems with any of that.
    The people should decide!
    referndmlet peole vote
    But take careful note of the issues which the people WON’T be allowed to vote on!
    No democratic input on Madame Guillotine?
    Does Fillon fear the wrath of the criminal-coddling Commissars in Brussels, who today, as ever…UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence!  
    shoot terrs
    …do all in their power to safeguard the ‘human rights’ of sub-human scumbags?
    No referendum either on the outrageous gaystapo agenda, DESPITE the fact that Fillon has expressed his opposition to the absurdity of ‘gay marriage’ and the abomination of ‘gay’ adoption.
    Has he changed his views?
    Not something any sincere person is likely to do, except lying curs like Obama and Clinton, who ‘evolved’ from support of decency into brazen collaboration with the gaystapo agenda.
    So how come no referenda on these fundamental questions that go the heart of a healthy society?
    Fillon has, by his list of referendum options, revealed that he is no conservative at heart, perhaps at best an apostle of appeasement, trimming his sails to suit the wind, or, at worst, a man with no serious commitment to the restoration of the France that millions of honourable French citizens…
    …have shown they care about. 
    • Jerry Jerman 14:57 on December 9, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      At least the French can have some voting on these things.And the Italians this month. Pity poor Germans, who never get any referendums to let the people participate in decision-making.


  • ross1948 23:28 on November 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    France’s Fillon – All Mouth and Trousers! 

    I’m sure Monsieur Fillon is a personally decent man.

    Gambar terkait


    But he has risen to his present position in the polls by appealing to French folk with traditional values.

    Yet he has given NO guarantee that he will move to repeal the oxymoronic nonsense called ‘gay marriage.’

    If and when he does, we will look at him again.


    • Marine-drapeau-bbr
    • ——

    In contrast, Marine Le Pen is a clear voice of reason and decency.

    It’s clear: we are opposed to homosexual marriage, we are opposed to adoption by homosexual couples, but we are also opposed to adoption by single persons. We feel that a child who is an orphan has already begun his life with a handicap and consequently has the right to the equilibrium of a home with a “father” reference and a “mother” reference. This is our opinion and we will implement it if we are elected because if we are elected it’s that the people will have wanted it. 

    Marine Le Pen’s interview with Do Rzeczy

    Save the children!

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