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  • ross1948 19:56 on October 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘First Domino Falls!’ Parent Power OK! 

    While decent parents are absolutely entitled to celebrate the resignation of one unpleasant leftist from one school board…

    ..there’s a lot more cancer cells to be cut out, in all our countries

    And the question that needs to be considered is HOW Come so many undesirables have got onto school boards.

    It’s all down to apathy.

    Which may be ebbing…

    …but Big Biz bad people are still pouring money….


    ….into boosting the Enemy Within’s agenda, at all elected levels.



    Fight back! 

    • Chico 08:27 on October 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      It is a war that won’t be won easily but if we wake up all parents to what’s being done to children by schoolboards under left control, we will win


  • ross1948 15:53 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Leaf Brown And The Seven PORGs? Orban Defends Tots Targetted By Sicko Left! 

    Of course it’s not okay to be white…


    See the source image

    Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White! 

    Avon and Somerset Police Superintendent Andy Bennett said the action was“inexplicable and unacceptable,” and that the police treat “any reported hate crime with the utmost seriousness.”

    …and of course it’s outrageous to suggest that all lives matter….

    Young mother shot in head for saying ‘All LivesMatter

    ‘This killing was reported so quietly that barely anyone even noticed’


    ….but the rebranding of Snow White as ‘Leaf Brown’ by Hungary’s degenerate left is the least of it.

    The sickos’ mockery of Snow White is merely silly, but their so-called ‘fairytale anthology’ brazenly promotes the gaystapo brain-wash agenda, including even trans-freakery….

    …a tale of a doe who is granted a wish to become a buck, and a poem about a prince who marries another prince…


    Hungary orders LGBT publisher to print disclaimers on children's book |  Books | The Guardian


    Viktor Orban’s patriotic government deserves a lot more than just three cheers for their readiness to step in and tell a publisher to print disclaimers identifying books containing “behaviour inconsistent with traditional gender roles…”


    Quite right!

    Decent people out shopping for reading material for their children might easily make an unwitting purchase of the ‘gay rights’ garbage published by an ‘association for lesbian, bisexual and trans women.’

    Hungary is doing an excellent job, as the Guardian ( as their hacks no doubt stamp their mincing feet in vexation!) reports.

    In May, Hungary voted to end legal recognition of trans people. In November, the government amended the constitution to declare that in a family “the father is a man and the mother is a woman”, meaning that homosexual and trans couples could no longer adopt children


    Bravo, Hungary!




    I inserted that to remind readers of an early bit of wonky wokery, when dwarves were redefined by pinkos as’ Persons of Restricted Growth!’

    I wrote about that in the original RRA but much of that good stuff was lost when a spiteful skunk sabotaged that grand old blog.

    I think the issue that had me writing about PORGs was the harmless sport of dwarf-throwing.

    Here’s another view on that topic


    • Grace 17:49 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Is being a dwarf now something shameful?
      These Wokers are offensive!


    • Stephen Coffey 20:13 on January 24, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good for Orban.
      We could do with him, instead of Jellyfish Johnson!


  • ross1948 21:23 on August 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Onward Swedish Soldiers, Mincing Off To War? 

    Sweden’s military strength has been slashed in just a few decades from 180,000 to 20,000 personnel.

    But if the Russian Bear next door ever comes paddling across the Baltic Sea…



    …he may well be warned off by a fearsome war-cry…

    Swedish armed forces Supreme Commander Micael Bydén has defended their ‘new campaign, which features images of soldiers wearing nail polish in rainbow colours..’

    andeven emphasised that “differences, diversity, and the breadth of various experiences” are a strength, as they increase the military’s ability to act unpredictably against an attacker.’ 



    What, something like…



    I’ll scratch your eyes out!


    I use that jolly illustration to spare you the revolting photo used in the report I’m quoting from!

    The sorry state of a military subverted by not just gaystapo indoctrination, but also active, deliberate recruitment of sexual deviants, comes over loud and clear in that report this month.

    But at least it includes comments which reassure us that the Scandinavian kingdom still has some sane citizens, viz.-

    The authorities seem to forget their main task. First the police go down on their knees for very suspect people who protest for Black Lives Matter and now this? Sorry but I no longer agree on where my tax money goes to….”

    So the Swedish cops are kneeler nasties too.

    I hadn’t read about that but I’m not surprised, given what we know of their recent history.

    Sweden’s Evil Eliason – A Dog and its Vomit! 

    But as usual, people in other countries are not really in a position to mock.

    Not least the UK!


    And apart from all the other cruddy, sell-out cops in the UK we have already noticed…

    …I read only last night that the chump who’s Chief Constable of Kent joined them in obeisance to evil a month or more ago!


    Kent Police chief constable Alan Pughsley attended. Picture: Cohesion Plus

    Doesn’t Kent’s Chief Chump look a right wally?

    Think so?  Email him and tell him so!



  • ross1948 17:55 on May 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    New Anti-Christian Outburst From The Harvard Hag! 

    After offering appropriate greetings to my Christian readers earlier today..



    …now I have to pass on news of a fresh ( but foul) rant from that fanatical Harvard hag whom we verbally abhorred a month ago.

    School’s Out? Make The Most Of It! De-Tox Your Kids! 

    A Harvard University law professor is arguing that homeschooling is used to dangerously indoctrinate children with “extreme” ideologies, such as Christianity…

    Harvard Law professor Elizabeth Bartholet

    Elizabeth Bartholet, faculty director of Harvard Law School’s Child Advocacy Program went off the deep end in March, and you can refresh your memories with the source we used bsck then.



    Frankly, she is, in my opinion, an appalling person, but her determination to brainwash little kids is nothing new.

    As I last month I gave you examples of how state education systems in various countries have been, and are being, abused by propagandists of the sort Bartholet would no doubt approve…

    Birmingham Brain-Wash – Another Judges V People Confrontation! 


    Mrs. May Set To Poison Tots’ Minds 

    ….I merely do so again, and hope parents not only in North America, where her Harvard lair is located…

    …fight tooth and nail to preserve their rights to school their children in their values, rather than the cultural marxist cr-p in which Bartholet likes to wallow.


  • ross1948 20:01 on January 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Parents! Protest! Don’t Let Them Turn Sesame Street Into Freak-Show! 

    My own offspring are way too big now to be affected by the disgusting move planned for Sesame Street…

    …but if your kids, or your grandkids, are at risk of being exposed to this degenerate drivel, you should sign the petition and spread it around.


    Or even if you don’t have young uns to worry about – sign up, to fight back against the common enemy!

    Here’s the intro to the report – and for the whole story?

    You can use that link above!

    BREAKING: Cross-dressing LGBT activist to appear on ‘Sesame Street’

    The LGBT activist’s ‘fierce vibes’ are coming to the beloved children’s show, according to Sesame Street’s official Facebook page.
    Featured Image

    PETITION: Parents demand ‘Sesame Street’ remove show with drag queen” Sign the petition here.

    • Diana 20:12 on January 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Have the producers of this children’s programme no conscience?
      Of course I will sign the petition.


    • Penny 20:59 on January 31, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, I will sign it.
      It’s almost unbelievable how low these people will go to normalise sexual confusion.


  • ross1948 20:14 on January 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Vox Battles School ‘Gay’ Brain-Wash – Spain’s Reds Rage! 

    While there are few MPs in the UK still willing to take a stand for British family values…

    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune!  

    May Extols ‘Gay’ Agenda – Now Her Fans Back Polygamy! 

    …and while erstwhile conservatives in the USA, like Mr.Pompeo, have slithered into collaboration with decadence…

    Mr. Pompeo, Lay Off Heroic Hungary! 

    …how heartening that in one European coubtry at least there are politicians fighting and winning battles against gaystapo.

    We have followed Vox’s fortunes since they begn their rise and rise…

    Viva Vox! Patriot Party Surging In Spain! 

    • Image result for vox españa


     By levering their key positions in regional legislatures, they have effectively safeguarded thousands of Spain’s children from poisonous pro-queer brain-washing.



    A modest measure, simply requiring parental authorisation before kids may be hauled into dodgy school ‘work-shops’ at which sexual aberrants are given a platform.

    You’d think no sane person would object to a duty on the part of schools to obtain parents’ permission to give “talks, workshops or activities with an ideological or moral leaning against their convictions,”

    But no, the ‘measure has received widespread criticism from the governing Socialist Party (PSOE) and the anti-austerity Unidas Podemos.

    El Pais is a lousy with left bias as the UK’s Guardian but…


    ….could they not at least skip their obfuscation of Podemos’ position on the political spectrum.

    Anti-austerity?’ Podemos is FAR-LEFT!

    Even Reuters felt obliged to admit that truth. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-spain-politics-ministers-factbox/factbox-far-left-ministers-to-enter-spains-new-coalition-government

    However, let’s stay focused on the pro-pervert ranting against Vox, notably a raddled Podemos bat named Victoria Rosell, designated the the government delegate for gender violence’ shrilled that...’ 

     “they have denied the right to treat all students equally or to guarantee the right of the most vulnerable people…”

    Huh?  What’s she blathering about?

    She favours bringing homos into schools and she doesn’t think it’s the kids whose vulnerability should be a concern?



    …while eight regional education ministers from the PSOE signed a document on Monday that accused Vox of using the parental veto to “break school harmony and the culture of dialogue to impose blind and uncritical authoritarianism.”


    Inevitably, the Vox move to defend children, despite being approved democratically, is at risk fom meddling robed rogues.

    Education Minister Isabel Celaá, of the PSOE, also warned last week that the ministry will appeal the measure in court…


    Celaá Ministra de Educación



    According to the education minister, the parental veto goes against the “integral training of students” outlined in Article 1 of the Education Law.

    My God!

    Does this demented leftist bint really believe that ‘the integral training of children’ requires soiling young minds with gaystapo propaganda?

    Well, yes, apparently.



    Parents who hold to decent values may NOT bring up their children to share their family’s moral standards!

    In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Correo, published on Sunday, Celaá said that a “homophobic family […] does not have the right to make their children homophobic as well.”

    “Parental authority cannot be confused with property,” she added.

    On the plus side, hate-freak pro-pervert ranting like Celaá’s claim that children are not the property of their parents has provoked even the soft so-called ‘centre-right!

    The ghastly woman’s rhetoric was ‘attacked by the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, who linked the argument with communism.’

Pablo Casado


Are they telling me that we have families like in Cuba, that children belong to the revolution?  

“Are we going to arrive at the point where children inform on their parents if they are not good revolutionaries?”


    Fine words…

     ….IF he lives up to them and takes the lead in rolling back the vile gay agenda.

But I’m betting he won’t.

The true heroes who deserve every parent’s applause, are the national and regional leaders of Vox.

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  • ross1948 08:55 on December 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Hallmark Crawls To Gaystapo – Pervert ‘Weddings’ Get Green Light! 

    Only a week ago we posted LSN’s petition urging Hallmark to cancel planned commercials promoting homo-‘marriage.’

    A Queer Christmas? NO, Thanks! Sign The Petition! 

    Then a day or so ago we got word that the petition had succeeded – the perv ads were not going to be shown.



    Little did we know that the snarling face of gaystapo intimidation would arise, as ugly as The Picture of Dorian Grey.



    The gutless swine who run Hallmark ran up the white flag without even the pretence of resistance!


    Crayola CEO Mike Perry unveils plans for a Crayola Experience in Orlando, Fla., in 2014.
    Mike Perry , Gaystapo’s new friend

    On Sunday evening, Hallmark president and CEO Mike Perry announced that the channel’s parent company, Crown Media, had had a change of heart, and apologized for any “hurt and disappointment” the incident may have caused.


    Hallmark crawled!

    And not only as regards those adverts!

    Going a step further, Hallmark said that it would start collaborating with gay activist group GLAAD to “better present the LGBTQ community across our portfolio of brands.Surrendering to the ‘woke army’? Hallmark apologizes after pulling ad featuring same-sex wedding…

    Time to boycott!

    And …

    Search Hallmark Customer Service database. Email a question. Call 1-800-HALLMARK (800-425-5627)

    …tell them why!

  • ross1948 19:12 on November 4, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Labour’s Gaystapo Witch-Hunt Grinds On…To A Halt? 

    Interesting to read in the Guardian last week that although the Labour Party has suspended its open season on most ‘wayward’ MPs ( the so-called ‘trigger’ process ) the Corbyn gang had excluded Roger Godsiff MP from the protective mantle thrown over others.


    He’s the Labour MP for Birmingham Hall Green who recently sided with protesters opposing LGBT-inclusive education in primary schools..

    That’s pinko-speak for the story of decent parents fighting back against brainwash, a saga  which we have covered from time to time.

    Designed by a queer senior teacher, it’a carefully-designed programme of indoctrination, aimed at persuading kiddies that co-habiting homos deserve as much respect as normal married couples.

    Labour MP Roger Godsiff, supporting parents, now up against a far-left inquisition!

    In fact, the cultural marxist witch-hunt against this brave dissenter has been passed up to the party’s top brass.

    But if there was a risk that Mr. Godsiff might soon find his name erased from the candidates list, that risk has apparently abated, NOT because Labour leadership’s suddenly fallen out of love with the sex-pervert lobby, but because they are facing an election in less than six weeks.

    They fear the fall-out if a widely-respected MP is ditched.

    This will be bad news for the various vultures who had been hovering in hopes of getting the Labour nomination in a normally very safe seat.


    Image result for sharon thompson housing"


    One of those in the running to grab for the constituency is said to be the above large, unappealing woman, named Sharon Thompson, a leftist Birmingham councillor.

    Old Mr. Godsiff may be past his prime at 73 years of age, but if it were just a beauty contest, he’d surely beat Thompson hands down!

    He’s also no fan of the EUSSR, so I hope the Brexit Party don’t put up anyone against him.  .

  • ross1948 02:44 on October 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    And Again – Decent Americans Confront Decadence! 

    Once more, we salute Mass Resistance in California, and once more we let them tell their own story!


    Parents are no longer afraid of LGBT intimidation.

    Part 1 of 2

    VIDEO: Citizens blast City Council over Drag Queens in their public library. (13 min 21 sec)

    …San Diego MassResistance brought together outraged parents, citizens, pastors, and others to confront the Chula Vista City Council. They were irate over the Council’s refusal to cancel the “Drag Queen Story Hour” which took place in the city’s public library earlier that day – and the possibility of more such events happening.
    To watch the video and read the whole story, use the link!


  • ross1948 22:45 on August 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , gaystapo indoctrination, petition AFA, Whole Foods Market   

    Boycott – Till They Stop Sponsoring Cesspool Brain-Wash! 


    Whole Foods Market is a sponsor of Drag Queen Story Hour events designed to indoctrinate children into transgenderism and homosexuality. Their goal is to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle.

    Whole Foods Market was a primary sponsor of two Drag Queen Story Hour book readings recently held in Atlanta, GA.

    Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms invited “Miss Terra Cotta Sugarbaker,” a.k.a. Steven Igarashi-Ball, to perform a Drag Queen Story Hour at city hall. There was an additional event held at a Fulton County Library branch.

    Sign our petition to executives at Whole Foods Market now! 

    A danger to our children
    At these events, men dressed in woman’s clothing read books that teach kids that boys might actually be girls – and vice versa. Drag Queen Story Hours pose a dark threat to the moral and spiritual lives of America’s children…

    And there’s more, just as nauseating.

    I’m perfectly prepared to pass on this bulletin from AFA, hoping all my American readers will sign it, but I see no reason why a boycott of Whole Foods Market should not begin NOW.




    Given how so many big business have chosen to take the low road and collaborate with sleazy creeps, it seems to me that this company will very likely adopt the contemptuous stance exemplified by Starbucks, whose plutocrat proprietor dismissed decency  – as we reported…

    Gambar terkait

    Howard Schultz said at their annual meeting “If you support traditional marriage, we don’t want your business…”


    Sign our petition to the executives at Whole Foods Market, urging them to no longer sponsor Drag Queen Story Hour events. Then, use the number provided to call Whole Foods corporate office and let them know sponsoring sexual deviancy to children is bad for business.


    Tim Wildmon, President
    American Family Association

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