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  • ross1948 13:30 on August 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Suella, Don’t Say ‘MAY,’ Say ‘MUST!’ 

    Suella Braverman, one of the very few UK Conservative ministers who seems to be genuinely conservative…




    Honest MP Told – “Don’t Ever Mention Cultural Marxism Again!” 

    …thus having become a target for uptight shrills who object to her calling a spade a spade, so it’s no surprise to learn that she…



    …has once more talked a lot of sense, according to the Sky News report…


    …but while we can absolutely all applaud her rebuke to any dimwit woko school heads…



    ….who think they are obliged to pander to namby-pamby “pronoun-puke” brats…

    (boys who want to be called ‘she’)

    …it’s more than just a wee bit concerning, what she had to say about parents’ rights, viz. her warning that…

     ‘…teachers and schools who allow students to “socially transition” to the opposite sex without the knowledge or consent of their parents…


    “…may be in “breach of their duty of care to that child…”

    Sounds like fair warning?

    Yes, except for that one word…


    Far better, surely, if she said ‘MUST!’

    Because there should be NO question about it!

    Any filthy so-called ‘teacher’ who keeps any child’s parents in the dark…


    …while their offspring are being groomed into transfreakery, MUST be fired, prosecuted and…

    Suella can’t say this…

    …well, I would hope at least some parents would wait till they could have a private word…!






    1. a punishment or fate that someone deserves.
      “he got his comeuppance

    ….on a quiet street late at night.

  • ross1948 14:12 on August 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Can Parents Still Trust Any Teacher? 

    No comment needed!


    School rushed to help our boy become a girl’

    Teachers started calling pupil by a female name before checking with his parents



    Hell, no comment needed, but here’s a comment anway.

    Those teachers, if the allegation is true, should be charged with child abuse.



    And were it my child, I would end up in prison for a long time for what I would do to the abusers.


    After I xomposed the above, rhis very good analysis was published in one of the handful of honest media we can still read usefully.




    • Vanessa R 17:37 on August 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      A fair question and I think the answer is yes, parents can still trust some teachere.
      The decent teachers must be in a minority,though. Otherwise they would not allow the very extreme leftwing to control teaching unions whose policy statements you have quoted.
      That report on the Pimlico school exposes one teacher union as very leftwing.


  • ross1948 17:12 on January 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    We Know BBC’s Infested But School Collabos MUST Be Fired! 

    The BBC said the programme is aimed at teachers for use in classes and is not directly aimed at children.

    In the clip an expert can be seen telling young children that she has come across more than 100 different terms used to describe gender


    An Expert?’

    A poisonous propagandist, or a polluter, perhaps, might be a more precise description of that individual.

    And of course the BBC cannot shrug off its share of guilt – to collaborate with such evil is damnable, especially for UK Pravda…




    …which leeches of tax-payers coerced by a law which Jellyfish Johnson shows no interest in reforming.

    However, what more urgently needs to be done is name and shame those ‘teachers…..’



    ….as well, of course, any local education authorities, known to have subjected those children seen in the ‘clip’ to the perverted indoctrination caught on camera.


    What has HM Secretary of State for Education had to say on this?

    It’s child abuse, moreover, so why has the Home Secretary Priti Patel not asked for a police investigation?


  • ross1948 22:01 on December 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Gaystapo Message To Decent Parents – ‘Just be Quiet!’ 

    What a repulsive school Heavers Farm Primary in London must be.

    School bars mom from entering after she objected to gay ‘pride’ event for 5-year-olds

    You may remember this ‘school’ from previous coverage…Primary school cancels family invites for Pride parade ..

    …marshalling little children, whom it’s supposed to take care of, into a pro-pervert stunt in the play-ground.




    Parents, naturally, protested, and now we learn of the arrogant response by the pro-queer head-teacher and her obnoxious daughter – also on the school staff!


    Izoduwa Adhedo (left, with her husband Shane)

    Decent parents, Izoduwa Adhedo with husband Shane


    When one mother, Izoduwa Adhedo, was allowed – eventually – to meet the gaystapoid principal, she was confronted by a teacher – the principal’s daughter – wearing an aggressively pro-LGBT T-shirt.

    The bigot bitch’s t-shirt was emblazoned with the following message –

    “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic,  when you can just be quiet?’’


    gay nazi flag

    In other words, kow-tow to queers or keep yer mouth shut!

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