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  • ross1948 12:03 on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Stop Persecuting Christian Kids! Sign The Petition! 

    We posted a week or so ago on the vile creatures that swooped on a Canadian mayor’s home, an example of the ever more shocking audacity of perverts around the world.



    Now we switch to Britain, to read of a vicious pro-perversion school principal, Sarah Papas, whose name is all too familar to foes of the UK gaystapo…


    Image result for sarah papas gay 

    Gaystapo Message To Decent Parents – ‘Just be Quiet!’ 

    …punishing little Christian kids for following their faith. The children refused to knuckle under when ordered to take part in a pro-queer propaganda lesson.


    LONDON, England, July 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) ― A LifeSiteNews petition supporting two British children suspended from school for their Christian faith has attracted more than 11,000 signatures.


    Here’s the link -make sure you sign it! https://lifepetitions.com/petition/support-pre-teens-expelled-from-class-for-asking-to-excused-from-lgbt-lesson

    Ten-year-old Kaysey and Farrell are both pupils of Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, a neighbourhood in South London. Last month, the children, a girl and a boy, asked their teacher if they could be excused from a lesson in which they were asked to color in LGBT “Pride Month” material. Although the children cited their religious objections, he refused and afterward allegedly accused them of “homophobic language….

    And did he stamp his little mincing jack-booted foot?

    .…Kaysey says that, following this incident, Susan Papas, the head teacher, or principal, of Heavers Farm Primary School, shouted at the children in front of the class, calling them “a disappointment to the school.”

    What a rotten bitch!

    Papas then interrogated them in separate rooms, accusing Kasey of saying she wanted to kill LGBT people. Kasey denied this but was made to sit in detention from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. 



    That woman should be slung out of that school and not allowed into any other.

    • Rhea Strachan 15:51 on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      That head teacher should be removed from any position of responsibility.
      i will circulate the petition along with your commendable words,


    • Carl Fisher 20:07 on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Give us that school’s email address, Ross, as you usually do when you investigate bad people and organisations. The petition is signed but I’m sure a few of us would like to tell her what we think of the way she’s been bullying those young Christian children.


      • Fiona 20:33 on July 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        Carl, try this!

        020 8653 5434

        It took me all of ten minutes to get the school’s number and email.
        Ross is working at a cracking pace and producing a lot that I enjoy reading, so let’s help out and not ask him to do little extra jobs we can do ourselves.


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    A Guardian Gargoyle’s ‘Eternal Truth!’ 

    That Guardian gets worse every week!

    After three London cops  disgraced their uniforms, brandishing perv power symbols during a demo organised by a Labour MP…..


    Officers were pictured with LGBT flags at the protest against Brunei’s gay sex law

    …. Scotland Yard quite properly ‘launched an investigation’ and a  Metropolitan Police statement said: “It is the policy of the MPS to police demonstrations without fear or favour and to remain impartial at all times.”

    If that had not been done and said, decent Londoners would have lost whatever respect that might linger amongst normal Brits for those policing them.

    But what do we hear from an unpleasant-looking woman in the Guardian but a demand for a gaystapo declaration, the foul female compounding her intolerance with an absurd assertion, that the aspirations of  pervert militants are no longer up for debate but instead are an ‘eternal truth!’


    What else will be added to the demented leftist list of ever-lasting verities that are no longer subject to democratic discussion?

    Free rein to all other perversions, even including those not ( not yet!) legalised?




    The indisputable right of illegal aliens to gate-crash borders and dig their crimmigrant snouts  into your pockets?


    End of days coming up fast!



    • Bob Skinner 19:25 on April 18, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s like they have a new religion and all us heretic normals must bow or burn at the stake


    • John Kydd 10:43 on April 19, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      On Good Friday, when Christians are gathering in their many different churches, they should unite and work together, to fight this woman’s assertion that perversion may not be criticised.
      What these people want most of all is to indoctrinate children into their untruth.
      Prayer is appropriate today but we learned in Sunday School that God helps those who do what is right.
      So get off your knees and stand up against evil.
      it’s up to us to step up.


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    Mincing Their Words? BBC Gaystapoid Hacks Rant Against Free Speech 

    Sucking up shamelessly their sumptuous salaries courtesy of millions of Brits coerced into paying the BBC’s ‘license fee…’




    …some of the state broadcaster’s hacks have got their rainbow-hued knickers in a right ( sorry left!) twist about Question Time’s allowing any of those coercees being allowed to ‘debate the teaching of tolerance of LGBT relationships in primary schools.’


    Believe. It or not, these arrogant gaystapoids are arguing that the issue should not be up for debate.’

    Apparently a brave citizen had the temerity to ask the panel –

    : “Is it morally right that five-year-old children learn about LGBTQ+ issues in school?”

    Disgustingly, but unsurprisingly, the entire panel, with not one dissenting voice, echoed Theresa May’s ‘Education Secretary,’ Damian Hinds’ approval of the Tory scheme….


    Image result for damian hinds education

    Pro-homo Hinds – he’s a Remainer, of course!


    ….by which little kids are indoctrinated into thinking that pervert sex menages are just as acceptable as normal relationships.


    But the unanimity of the establishment was not good enough for the BBC’s queers and their fellow-travellers, who “have publicly criticised the decision to even put the topic up for debate!”


    By ‘gender,’ one assumes he means sex, but skip that- it is quite offensive that he tries to equate race etc. with a malady that is perfectly curable. But at least Bender Ben has the guts to identify himself as a queer.

    Not so some sleazoid  ‘on-screen BBC journalist,’ who shockingly compared people with decent values to terrorists.

    . “We wouldn’t ask ‘Is terrorism morally justified?’



    The same gutless creep then revealed the true gaystapo agenda we have seen before…

    “….I look at the care we take over our other reporting and this leaves me totally confused. We are meant to educate as well as inform.


    Since when do parents send their kids to school to be told that sodomites who like to bugger each other are as acceptable role models as heterosexual couples behaving as nature intended?


    Since when do tax-funded media grubs get to wage war on decency and call it education?

    Another media queer, the lesbian Sue Perkins, whose sweet features you may admire, if you wish…


    Related image

    …whined – 

    that ‘the framing of this question is deeply worrying. Are we really here again, nearly two decades after Section 28 was repealed?” she asked on Twitter


    Section 28 was the admirable legislative clause enacted during the halcyon Maggie days, when MPs cared more about their constituents, and acted to prevent public resources being wasted on perv propaganda.

    It’s hard to believe that society has sunk so low in so short a space of time.


    • Salim 22:09 on April 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Now I read this and feel sorry for England.


    • Bob Bissett 23:07 on April 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The BBC is a national embarrassment and its faiilure to give these queers the sack is proof that they have their bosses on their side.
      If you read the full reports, you see that some upper level manager has ‘warned’ them not to show off their extremism in public tweets and so on.
      That is not good enough. The BBC has a charter that commits them to be impartial. The queers you write about want censorship and brainwashing.
      If they are not sacked, then its as plain as the nose of their faces that Bbuilt-in Bbias Conspiracy is what BBC means.


    • dms0001 23:37 on April 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Its not society that has sunk lower than a snakes belly. Its the filthy politicians, as you know, with the brexit issue. Look how low they sunk there,

      Majority of Brits are totally against this issue, don’t want their kids taught this tosh! Of course the Brit establishment nearly had a heart attack over this, when the Moslems rebelled, demanded it was ceased. The government were caught totally off guard, they wet their pants, always afraid of being called names, like Islamophobic crap!

      When it comes to indigenous Brits, they ride rough shod over them, calling them bigots, racists,etc. Threaten to remove kids, put them into care, threaten arrest & punitive punishment, blah, blah, blah

      That’s the sort of w—kers we have in power at the moment. hopefully not for much longer!


    • Mairead Jarvis 00:21 on April 8, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Maggie should have given the BBC far more attention. She did a lot of good in other areas but just tinkered with the BBC, basically left the broadcasters and the education system unpurged.


  • ross1948 19:00 on December 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Brain-Dead Brighton – Male Freaks Can Have Periods! 

    theresa tran


    As St. Theresa of Transgendria faces a no-confidence vote on Brexit, let’s not forget all the other disgraceful ways she has behaved, one of the worst being how she has pandered to transgender freaks…


    …emboldening male nutjobs across the land who think, or pretend to think, that they are female.

    May’s exaltation of maladjustment to the status of a ‘right’ continues to poison British society.




    Now we read that the education authorities in Brighton and Hove, on the English south coast, have made it official policy to lie to young children.

    The brain-dead degenerates are to ‘begin teaching children as young as eight that “trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods…” https://www.rt.com/uk/446756-boys-periods-school-curriculum/


    In case you find it hard to believe this, RT has provided the official source.

     ‘Taking a Period Positive Approach in Brighton & Hove Schools,’ guidelines issued by the local council in early December…

    Sadly, even if May is overthrown because of Brexit, no foreseeable successor, of any party, is likely to step up and stop this Gadarene slide into madness.

    A cultural revolution is overdue.


    • JJ Knight 20:13 on December 18, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      It’s bad enough that the British Government has given currency to the nonsense that a man, complete with a penis, can slap on make-up and high heels and call itself a woman.
      This Brighton bull-sh-t has taken falsification of biological reality to a new level, and the fact that they are lying to little children makes it even worse.
      You are regrettably right.
      The cultural marxist poison has spread so deeply and so widely that it will take more than political pressure to restore sanity.


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    UK, Like USA, Needs Mass Resistance To Gaystapo Evil! 

    Nice news, this, that a British branch of Mass Resistance is ready to take part in the fight against vicious gaystapo intimidation.

    Hasil gambar untuk mass resistance

    MassResistance launches bold new chapter in United Kingdom!

    MR have done sterling work in the USA. One must hope they do the same in the UK.

    Both countries have seen their values trampled on, in Britain by Theresa May, who memorably had an honourable Tory MP purged for voicing his personal distaste for sodomites.


    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune! 

    In America, too, there are so-called ‘conservative’ legilators who have stabbed decency in the back.

    Family Research Council has just focused on some of the worst, the drips who subverted a key move in Congress to roll back Obama’s dirty design to finance genital mutilation for trans-freaks in the military.


    r. FRC Action is on the move in some of these districts with ads letting voters know exactly what these members’ priorities are. Do your part. If your congressman is one of the 23, make sure they hear from you:

    Justin Amash (Mich.), Jack Bergman (Mich.), Mike Coffman (Colo.), Barbara Comstock (Va.), Paul Cook (Calif.), Ryan Costello (Pa.), Carlos Curbelo (Fla.), Jeff Denham (Calif.), Charlie Dent (Pa.), John Faso (N.Y.), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), Darrell Issa (Calif.), John Katko (N.Y.), Steve Knight (Calif.), Leonard Lance (N.J.), Frank LoBiondo (N.J.), Tom MacArthur (N.J.), Tom Reed (N.Y.), Dave Reichert (Wash.), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.), Bill Shuster (Pa.), Elise Stefanik (N.Y.), Claudia Tenney (N.Y.), and no-show David Valadao (Calif.)


    And going back to Britain, where the BBC in particular is infested, energetic opposition is essential. I quote from the recent C4M bulletin, about one example of the Beeb-Creeps’ pro-pervert partisan activism, their one-sided report on that ghastly London Mayor’s ban on civility..

    ‘Ladies and Gents’ No More -Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy! 

    ..which we discussed a week ago ago.

    Mass Resistance is most welcome as added impetus in the fight for decency, but CfM has done fine work for several years, so I append below their appeal for funds.


    the coverage was biased, one-sided and in many cases refused to quote from anybody critical of this wasteful and extremist measure.

    The BBC, which has a legal duty to be impartial, quoted only from TfL and from the homosexual campaign group Stonewall in its online story – despite being provided with an alternative view by the Coalition for Marriage.

    The Corporation has a legal and an ethical duty to give equal weight to opposing views in their coverage – an obligation also ignored in their recent reporting on same-sex marriage in Malta and Germany, which has been flagrantly one-sided.

    Funded by your licence fee, the BBC needs to recognise real diversity of opinion and stop using its privileged position to push extreme ideology down the throats of the public, in clear breach of its royal charter.


    The BBC is a national affront.

    Mass Resistance is a welcome ally in the fight to restore decency and rescue the UK from Gaystapo evil…


    …but don’t forget C4M, who have fought heroic battles too.

    Here’s their donation link.



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    Trans-Atlantic Christophobia – Tim Farron And Bernie Sanders 

    After Bernie Sanders’ near spittle-flecked inquisitional tirade against  Christians was captured live on TV at the United States Senate a few days ago…

    Hate-Freak Sanders Savages Christian At Senate Hearing! 


    Gambar terkait


    ….we now see, in the UK Guardian, that Liberal Democrat Tim Farron, has quit as party leader –

    “To be a political leader – especially of a progressive, liberal party in 2017…


    Gambar terkait


    …and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible’s teaching, has felt impossible for me.”

    Tim Farron resigns: fresh-faced Lib Dem hampered by his faith

    We hear a lot, far too much, about “Islamophobia,” a carefully manufactured buzz-word deployed to ward off criticism of backward shariah ‘law.’



    But what we are now witnessing is ‘Christophobia.’

    The Liberal Democrats apparently felt Farron’s timidly expressed, and often trimmed, Biblical beliefs lost them votes in ‘metropolitan progressive’ areas where exaltation of the ‘gay’ agenda is pervasive.


    Farron’s resignation comes after a notorious ‘gay’ LibDem, Brian Paddick, put pressure on him by resigning from a party position.

    Lib Dem peer resigns over Farron’s views on homosexuality

    Clearly it’s hands-across the sea, for liberals, because Bigot Bernie specifically declared that a man with Christian convictions is…

    …is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about…



    Bernie Sanders ruled out public service by Christians


    Sanders is a veteran politician who is well aware of the orchestrated hate his fellow-leftists have been promoting against Donald Trump in particular and Republicans and conservatives in general.

    Only this past few weeks we had ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ in New York, featuring a Trump look-alike playing Caesar and being assassinated.

    Shakespeare in the Park Show Features Stabbing of Trump Look-Alike


    Gambar terkait


    Prior to that there was the sleazy ‘comedienne’ holding up a Trump head, dripping blood.

     On many American streets, vicious violence by antifa red nazis has been unleashed.

    Counter-demonstrations, a facet of democracy, have been deliberately turned into a war on Trump supporters’ right to free speech and assembly.


    Democracy is all about debate.

    We have long understood that the ‘metropolitan progressive’ elites regard it as more appropriate to shout down, or simply shut down, conservatism, social or political, rather than engage in proper argument.



    Now it seems that, in both the USA and the UK,  Christianity too is to be excluded from the sphere of political discourse.


    Gambar terkait

    Old Nero would have been proud.

    As must ISIS!

    • Bonzo 11:16 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Your Crusader armor doesn’t look familiar to anyone who’s seen you throwing beer down your throat with a cigarette hanging out your mouth while busy chatting up women in Jakarta’s less salubrious bars.

      We hope your Christian fanatic fundamentalist readers come here some day and see you in action.

      Might damage your aisle-cred, wouldn’t you say? .


      • ross1948 18:44 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Good evening, Bonzo,or whoever you really are.
        I would have to applaud anyone who can simultaneously conduct those three activities mentioned in your first sentence. Such agility! Is it even possible to down a pint while a cigarette is hanging from one’s mouth. Would any of those women understand a word uttered by anyone whose mouth was biting a cigarette and awash with beer?
        Pray tell, please, where in the Scriptures it says that beer, cigarettes or girls are disallowed?

        I don’t think we have too many fundamentalist readers, whether Christian or Muslim as they might not enjoy my frequent photos of nicely clad and fetching fillies.

        Seriously, though, how come my previous posts in favour of religious liberty of Ahmadi Muslims did not provoke your righteous indignation but this one, on behalf of Christians, got you grabbing for your key-board?
        Have a nice evening!


    • JazPen 14:29 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Hahaha, Ross.

      Is Bonzo who I think? If so he is half your age and doesnt have nearly as much fun as you do.
      You must be at least 10 years older than me and I hope in 10 years I am having as much fun as you do.
      Oh and I saw The Mummy and it was nof funny like the Brendan Fraser mummy films but a very good horror.
      Go and see it. .


    • Mort 17:27 on June 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Bernie Sanders is now telling us that violence ‘sickens’ him, after one of his campaign volunteers tried to massacre Republican congressmen.
      I am sure Sanders would never lift a gun himself but all that intolerance he shows and that of all the other liberals whose hate has been splashing over conservatives for the past eight months has made America a very much worse place to live.


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    Lloyds Bank Exalts Gaystapo Agenda – Protest, Brits! 

    The war on decency, public decency indeed, goes on in Britain, with a revolting ad recently released by Lloyds Bank! 

    Just in from the Coalition for Marriage…

    Hasil gambar untuk coalition for marriage

    ….and the proper response must surely be – 

    If you have an account with this Lloyds lot, perhaps it’s time you didn’t.

    If you happen to be a share-holder, demand this issue be put to you and all the others who own the bank!


    Dear marriage supporter,

    Lloyds Bank is pursuing a sustained campaign to promote same-sex marriage and trample over the beliefs of people like you and me.

    The bank has a past record on this issue, but in recent months it has been waging a systematic and ‘in your face’ campaign for same-sex marriage.

    Its “He said yes” advert has been on TV and billboards, online and emblazoned on Lloyds branches:



    Lloyds was rescued in 2008, during the financial crisis, when the Government bailed out the bank with over £20 billion of taxpayers’ money. Without that support, the bank would almost certainly have folded. We still haven’t got all our money back. Surely it should show more respect to taxpayers and stop pushing offensive political campaigns like this.

    Please email Lloyds to complain:

    EMAIL: OnlineComplaints@Lloydsbank.co.uk

    If you are a Lloyds customer, please state this at the start of your email. You may want to consider moving to another bank. NB: do not quote any sensitive account information such as your account numbers.

    The activists who are suing Ashers Baking Co. in Northern Ireland say the infamous cake is part of a political campaign – this fact has been upheld by the courts. And two separate High Court cases in England and Wales have found that beliefs about same-sex marriage can be considered political beliefs.

    Perhaps Lloyds is trying to keep its award from Stonewall (announced in January this year) for being the “most inclusive employer in Britain”?

    Please let Lloyds know today how you feel.

    EMAIL: OnlineComplaints@Lloydsbank.co.uk

    Using your own words, you may wish to make one or two of the following points:

    • Ask why a bank is engaging in a controversial political campaign like this. It’s using customers’ money to promote causes they oppose.
    • Say that Lloyds was rescued with public money and should not denigrate the beliefs of many taxpayers.
    • Say that you believe marriage has always been the union of one man and one woman and that Lloyds is showing deep disrespect for your views.
    • Say that same-sex marriage is not popular – only a few thousand same-sex marriages have taken place.

    At C4M, we will keep on defending your beliefs about marriage.


    Your donations are secure and confidential.

    • Charles McKenna 07:51 on April 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Banks should use advertisements to present a respectable image. Lloyd’s choosing this dubious pair to promote their services does precisely the opposite and I hope their share-holders as well as account holders do protest about this.
      incidentally, they are not the only bank who are on the gaystapo side. I think you took a swipe at an American or Canadian bank a year or two ago.
      You must also know that Donald Trump has a poor record on this.
      That was why I was not prepared to cheer his victory last year. His judgment is unsound, although I think that is more through indifference than wickedness.



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    Gaystapo Wins in Ulster – A Dark Day for Freedom, Decency and Logic! 

    A dark, dark day for religious liberty, and all the more so because it’s in British Ulster, detested by the cultural marxists who infest the ruling elites in the rest of the UK.


    ———Hasil gambar untuk court gay asher

    • =================
    • They clearly saw this as their chance to effect a ‘great leap forward’ in their war on a a bastion of traditional values!

    And thanks to a trio of robed clowns, they will be celebrating tonight, swilling their pink gins with vindictive glee.

    . That’s the sad tidings reflected in this headline from The Irish News


    Ashers bakery loses appeal against ‘gay cake’ ruling

    For those unfamiliar with the background, a smarmy creep named Gareth Lee requested a cake depicting Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie below the motto “Support Gay Marriage” for an event to mark International Day Against Homophobia.


    • Hasil gambar untuk court gay asher
    • Daniel and Amy McArthur


    Lee minced off to whine to the local wing of the gaystapo, the Equalities Commission, claiming he was left feeling like a lesser person.

    He didn’t previously?

    How odd!

    He’s certainly an odd person, as odd as a nine bob note, as we used to say…

    Hasil gambar untuk odd as a nine bob note


    …with a very odd line of argument, as a writer in the Belfast Newsletter notes.


    Let’s look at a different example – its what lawyers call a comparator.

    If I, as a straight guy, ordered a cake with slogan saying ‘Support Gay Marriage,’ Ashers would have declined my order. Discrimination requires people to be treated differently.

    As Mr Lee and I would have been treated the same, there is by definition no discrimination.

    The strange thing is that the Equality Commission argument is that I would have been discriminated against on the grounds of sexual orientation. If you are confused, you are not alone.


    One might wonder why any normal person ought be obliged to endorse such an unwholesome event as the International Day Against Homophobia.

    But not these days.

    Dare to dissent!

    That’s the challenge nowadays, not only to Christians but to everyone who believes in individual freedom, or religious liberty…



    ….or just basic decency.

    And all such people recoiled at the conclusion, when Lee was awarded a legalised rip-off of 500 quid ‘compensation!’

    Now we learn that the Court of Appeal in Belfast has reaffirmed the cruel iniquity of the previous hearing.

    God damn them!

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    DUP Does Just Fine, Despite Gaystapo Ranting! 

    First response to the Ulster results?



    • Well done to Jim Allister, back in Stormont, representing his Traditional Unionist Values party, a small but invaluable element in the politics of the province.


    But while  the overall picture remains  largely similar to what it was before the vote, there’s one other pleasing result to note. 

    It was a good election for the DUP, with Arlene Foster seeing her party’s support hold firm in her first campaign as leader.


    • “I’m absolutely elated,” she said last night. “We’ve had some very strong results.”
    • ===========

    I have been critical of the DUP quite frequently, but to give credit where it’s due, they did save Ulster from the offensive absurdity of so-called ‘gay weddings’ not long ago.

    As a consequence of that principled stand, the militant poofter lobby in the province had announced there’d be a menacing mincing mobilisation

    Northern Ireland gay community mobilises against DUP candidates …

    That report described how irate homos aimed to get voters in their communities to make use of the proportional representation system for the Stormont assembly and vote tactically to keep DUP candidates out.


    • They are also urging the gay electorate to vote against other unionist candidates who have blocked marriage equality.


    Well, ho-ho-ho!

    Not only did the DUP emerge in good shape, the largest party in the assembly, but, as mentioned above, TUV’s True-Blue Jim has bounced back with a very healthy vote, all the better to maintain his staunch opposition to the gaystapo’s unhealthy agenda. 


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    UK’s Arrogant Ofsted Sticky-Beaks – Protest the Power-Grab! 

    Just passing this on, from CfM


    Dear marriage supporter,

    Do you remember the reports of Ofsted inspectors interrogating pupils and teachers about their belief in traditional marriage? Children were left “traumatised” after Ofsted conducted hostile ‘British values’ inspections over the past year or so.

    Ofsted has never apologised for this. You may have expected Government ministers to respond by helping Ofsted understand that beliefs about marriage should be respected. After all this is what the Department told schools, and Ministers should tell Ofsted they need to follow this advice. Tolerance is a two-way street.

    But no – the Government instead wants to expand Ofsted’s role to include inspecting out-of-school settings which provide instruction to under-19s for more than six hours in a week. Inspectors will be on the look-out for compliance with ‘British values’, including vetting events during the school holidays.

    The scope of groups affected is mind-boggling. Any group which clocks six hours in any single week: Scouts and guides, sports activities, church youth groups, music teaching, cooking courses, bell-ringers, driving lessons, drama groups…

    Everyone from atheist groups to church choirs, wildlife groups to political parties will have to register and be subject to a thick new layer of bureaucratic regulation – even though many are already regulated by the Charity Commission and have to carry out background checks on volunteers.

    The Revd Nigel Genders, the Church of England’s chief education officer, has said the plans could heap an extra burden on “thousands of volunteer groups across the country” (Daily Telegraph, 11 December 2015).

    A spokesman for the Scout Association also told the Telegraph it will be submitting a response to the Government voicing concern that the plans could heap further red tape on its local Scout groups: “We are worried about undue bureaucracy, we don’t want to deter people from volunteering”, he said.

    The Government’s idea is to investigate ‘extremist’ beliefs across society. But, to some Ofsted inspectors, it seems that believing in traditional marriage is a sure sign of being a potential extremist.

    The leader of a church summer camp is surely entitled to tell children that true marriage can only be between a man and a woman. But what if an Ofsted inspector with an axe to grind finds out? Under the plans, the Government would be able to close the camp down and ban the leader from working with children again.

    The intrusive proposals will be a disaster for voluntary groups generally, which do so much to help children flourish. Many hard-working leaders will simply cancel events in the face of this suffocating regulation.

    Everyone knows there are evil people who support murder and mayhem – especially active on the internet – and who want to overthrow democracy. The Government should be targeting them. Instead it is creating a bureaucratic monster which will stifle those groups which contribute so much to the British way of life.

    The consultation closes on Monday next week, 11 January. Please respond if you can. Contact details and tips for writing are found below.

    How to respond

    Send response by email to:

    Read the consultation paper (PDF)

    Tips for what to say:

    • Say that the plans should be dropped. They are far too broad and are missing the target.
    • Say that Ofsted should have no role in this area. It does not respect people who believe in traditional marriage and is not able to properly assess ‘British values’.
    • Say that Ofsted has a track record of confusing support for traditional marriage with extremism.
    • Say that the extra regulation will lead to many community activities being abandoned.
    • Say that the plans have not been thought through. Why is radicalisation more likely to occur in six hours than in five hours per week?
    • Say that Ofsted has never apologised for its inspectors’ hostility towards pupils and teachers who believe in traditional marriage.
    • Say that disagreeing with same-sex marriage is normal in a free country, but that state officials often fail to grasp this.

    If you help out with any affected group, do mention this in your response.

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