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  • ross1948 19:49 on September 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Cubans Vote To Embrace Decadence 

    Saddening that Cubans have succumbed to the sick non-values of the gaystapo agenda, approving their marxist dictatorship’s redefinition of ‘marriage’ to include sodomite menages..


    …and, much worse, the moral cesspool of ‘gay’ adoption.

    God help any poor child handed to the custody and control of a brace of buggers.

    But at least the Cubans, unlike the Brits, got to vote on it.


    Cuba? More Democratic Than UK?

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    Welsh Woke Weasel’s War On Free Speech 

    I tend to skip mention of that dreary little man who ‘serves’  Wales as ’First Minister.’

    But former professor Mark Drakeford’s latest antics merit the sternest condemnation.



    According to C4M , the Welsh Woke Weasel has declared he was…

    “..sorry to see” that Revd Graham (who supports one-man, one-woman marriage), would be allowed a platform in Wales, to express “those views”….and that Reverend Graham’s views “absolutely do not reflect anything that the Welsh Government would be prepared to endorse or sanction”.

    So not just a Corbynite and an anti-monarchist, but a gaystapo-fan extraordinaire..

    Mark Drakeford (cropped).jpg
    …who looks as big a drip as he sounds…

    …. as C4M notes…

    If the First Minister regrets that a real marriage supporter should be allowed to come to Wales, does he also regret people with similar views being allowed to live there?

    Shouldn’t he be the First Minister for everybody in Wales, not just those who hold his views?

    According to the BBC, Revd Graham said it is “deeply concerning that public officials who are elected to represent their entire community would describe the traditional views that Christians have held for over a thousand years in Wales as ‘hate’”.

    .And C4M notes further, that perhaps Diktat Drakeford’s idea of ‘inclusivity’ only includes the ideas he agrees with.

    Here’s the collection box – and a reminder that


    C4M do good work.

  • ross1948 14:21 on July 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Brave Gal Takes On ColoradoStapo! 

    Why should anyone who objects to gay marriage…


    …be obliged to facilitate the absurdity?

    Colorado has become a by-word for persecution of people who believe in decency.

    We have seen many an attempt at vicious repression by the state’s gaystapo, aka the ‘Colorado Civil Rights Commission.’

    Colorado Freakery – New Bake-A-Cake Witch-Hunt! 

    Hasil gambar untuk https://Usa supreme zcourt Kennedy

    A Glorious Victory Over The Gaystapo

    Now we have a smart lady who won’t sit back and wait for the goons to come after her.
    Instead she’s launching a pre-emptive strike, clever law-fare…



    …against the wtch-hunters.

    For a full update, and how people of all kinds of background, legal, religious and just common folks, are rallying behind Lorie, read the latest report on this web designer, ‘a Christian who fears prosecution…’


    ….and think about how best to help her.

  • ross1948 13:40 on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Totalitarian UK? Just Around The Corner! 

    It’s not as if we haven’t discussed the issue of free expression in the United Kingdom before…

    Priti Patel Must Veto PoliceState Hewitt! 

    The UK’s Political Police – Now They’re Taking Sides On Brexit! 

    Avon’s Angsty Andy! OK To Riot? But Not To Be White? 

    Kent Police chief constable Alan Pughsley attended. Picture: Cohesion Plus

    Scots Gotta Purge Police Scotland 

    …but it’s encouraging that other people are ringing the alarm bells too.

    57% of those polled said they have “found themselves stopping themselves from expressing their political or social views for fear of judgement or negative responses from others.” According to the poll:

    Continue Reading Article

  • ross1948 15:36 on February 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Power To The Fusties! Cambridge Common Sense! 

    ‘It is symbolic of an entrenched, majority cis male, majority white, majority fusty fellowship who neither know nor want to know about the injustices faced by minorities.’

    That’s a quite spectacular whinge emanating from a queer PhD student at Gonville and Caius, who is…

    Boo Hoo Hoo!

    ‘…bitterly disappointed…’

    But why?

    What heinous crime against humanity has the venerable Cambridge college committed?

    Was it a ban on wearing one’s trousers backwards?

    Or a refusal to permit pink velvet jump-suits at graduation ceremonies?


    It seems that, having pathetically chosen to fly something called the Progress Pride Flag…to mark the first day of LGBT History Month,’


    …the college authorities came to their senses and decided that flaunting appeasement of the maladjusted wasn’t such a good idea after all.

    Instead, they will skip all such nonsense gestures and keep the college’s own banner aloft all year long.

    Good on ya, Fusties!

    Here’s part of their statement

    Choosing to fly only the College flag avoids concerns regarding political neutrality and the difficulty of choosing between the plurality of good causes for which a flag could be flown.’

    But that message of goodwill has been ill-received, because although the gaystapo agenda, the absurdity of ‘gay marriage’ and the foul folly of ‘gay’ adoption…



    …has never been put to the people of the UK…



    …and Cast-Iron Cameron’s dodgy ‘consultation’ was a bad joke, the uptights are claiming that their agenda is not political…




    …so none dare challenge their increasingly outrageous demands… 



    ..even as they wage their war on free speech and scientific truth!


  • ross1948 19:33 on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    UK’s Stasi – Time To Disband Gwent Gestabulary? 

    It wasn’t that long ago I had to remind readers what a disgusting apology for a police force Gwent Constabulary has become…


    …a link included in an older post…Cockroaches! Pro-Crimmigrants Target Honest Brit Business! ….but the latest news from that darkest corner of the UK is simply nauseating.

    Police have arrested a 53-year-old disabled woman and raided her home, after receiving complaints that she had put up posters around Newport featuring phrases that caused offence. The phrases included “humans never change sex” and “Woman = Adult Human Female…”


    The force said: “Officers attended the woman’s address and conducted a search after arrest. Further items, including stickers and posters were also seized.” https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-60161666

    But those are basic scientific truths!

    How come these Keystones ran amok?

    • According to The Times and the BBC, Jennifer Swayne accused Gwent police of acting ‘like the Stasi’ after her annotated copy of the book, ‘Transgender Children and Young People: Born in Your Own Body’, was taken in the raid. The academic book argues that the rise in transgenderism is the result of political activism, not science.

    Ms Swayne, a women’s rights campaigner, told the Times she was not transphobic, had never used the word “trans” on her posters, and was only concerned about women at risk.

    Upon arrest, she reportedly had to lie on her back in a police van, owing to her disability, on the way to the station. She says she was detained for over 12 hours and questioned, before being released after 3am and finding the book had been taken.

    Read the whole story on C4M’s site, or here –

    Police raid seizes book saying that men cannot become women

    And DEMAND that the senior cops who instigated this gestapoid inquisition be fired.

    See the source image

    Gwent police say that the posters had “glass and pins” behind them – presumably as a disincentive to removing them. 

    Swayne denies doing this, saying that it would have been impossible for her given that she had the use of only one arm.

    Whatever the truth of this particular aspect of the case, the facts currently in the public domain demand an explanation. Why was this book taken? 

    • Fiona 22:01 on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I was watching a netflix film about spies in Nazi Germany and it did make me think, the way they treated the Jews, so much like these Gwent gestapo treated this disabled woman.
      We live in very troubling times and it’s going to take a lot of steadfastness to get through it and get back to a normal world where we can express our views and not be afraid to do so.


  • ross1948 21:03 on January 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Will Good Muslim Girl Suffer As Good Old Margaret Did? 

    Good for this Muslim girl in Australia, refusing to wear ‘Pride’ garb instead of aping nominally Christian fellow-players….


    May be a Twitter screenshot of 1 person and text that says "Tweet news Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust AFLW Giants player Haneen Zreika is refusing to wear the team's pride guernsey because itis it against her faith as a Muslim. sky news COMAU GETTY Kenny AFLW PLAYER WITHDRAWS OVER PRIDE JUMPER skynews.com.au AFLW player withdraws for refusing to wear pride jumper AFLW Giants player Haneen Zreika is refusing to wear the team's pride guernsey because it is against her faith as a Muslim. The 22-year-old will subsequently 1. 7:01 PM Jan 27, 2022 TweetDeck"

    …who happily kowtow to a maladjust agenda in which there is nothing to take real pride

    .But is she going to face the vicious woko-loco left vilification that Margaret Court faced for her adherence to her religious principles?

    Victoria’s Awful Andrews Rants At A Christian Old Lady

    Interesting question.

  • ross1948 14:08 on June 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Manic Maladjust Minces Into Match. 

    Which headline is more factual?

    Manic Maladjust Minces Into Match?

    … Or…

    Gay-rights activist storms pitch at Hungary’s Euro game

    The one at the top of the page does not appear anywhere else beyond the confines of my blog.

    The other one appears on Eu Observer’s website.

    Some may say mine is slightly less than objective, and maybe so.

    But this blog has never pretended to be impartial..

    So –

      – okay, the rude trespasser probably didn’t ‘mince’ onto the pitch.

    Yet neither did he ‘storm’ – the actual EUObs report simply says he ‘ran. ‘

    And are we all so brain-washed now that we accept the abuse of a word we always used to use when we meant ‘joyous?’

    Now we can’t, unless, when we describe a party thus, our words are misinterpreted and people think it’s an aberrant orgy?

    As for ‘activist, ‘ well…


    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

    … …while his agitprop outfit may or may not be leeching off tax-payers, we know from the EUObs report, he ( or it?) was merely behaving no better than any other offensive football hooligan.

    With the additional negative aspect, that the churlish behaviour was a deliberate affront to Hungary’s flag.



    As for UEFA’s retreat from the principle of keeping the sport untainted by ideology, what are we to make of their U-turn into craven gesture politics….

    ….by which they ‘added a rainbow logo to its Twitter handle, despite having earlier banned a rainbow light-show at the Muniich stadium..


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 15:10 on June 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Your headline is much more eye-catching.
      Seriously, Ross, I agree with you about how the extremists hijack words that used to have a real meaning and twist them.
      Gay is a very good example, but I think it’s too late to recapture it as a nice happy word. Most of the ‘gay’ people who we see on the news are bitching about something, anything but joyous.
      The same thing has happened with woke. I remember you protesting how the bad guys were misusing it but in a lot of your blog posts you now use it in its new weird sense.


  • ross1948 18:27 on June 18, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Euro-Commissar Rants Against Child Safety Law! 

    After our report on Hungary’s admirable moves to shield youngsters from pervert propaganda…

    Hungary’s Clause 28 – “Hands Off Kids! “ 

    …no surprise that the EUSSR’s ‘Justice’ Commissar, a fanatic pro-homo liberal named Dider Reynders…

    Euro-Commissar Reynders


    …went into rant-mode forthwith.

    The former senior Belgian government minister spouted tripe that could have been plagiarised from a gaystapo handbook!

    When building their own identities, younger generations need to have access to information that reflects a modern and truly open society, in all its diversity. No one should be censored,” he added. The legislation conflates paedophilia and homosexuality and restricts sexual education. Reynders ‘deeply regrets’ Hungary anti-LGBTIQ law

    ‘A modern and truly open society?’


    “No one should be censored?’

    Pro-Freak English Judge Rules -Truth Is ‘Offensive, Exclusionary!’ 



    EUSSR Ministers Desperate to Shut Out Citizens – A Tradition of Lies and Deceit 

    PS Now the Fourth Reich’s Kaiserin Ursula has shown her true queer-symp colours.

    We are assessing if it breaches relevant EU legislation,” she said.
    “I believe in a Europe which embraces diversity, not one which hides it from our children.” https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/eu-to-investigate-hungary-over-sex-education-law-rjmmb3tvw
    What a stupid observation,
    Did she expose her own children to a panoply of info on the fun to be had from bestiality, or necrophilia?


    Did she insist that their teachers give both pro and con lessons on pedophilia and incest?
    Or does she merely set limits on ‘diversity’ that differ from Hungary’s democratically elected government?
  • ross1948 17:54 on June 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Avoid Lloyd’s Bank! 

    British patriots have already been giving Lloyds Bank a wide berth….

    Lloyds Bank, Still Funding Secretive Europhiles! 

    The New Bilderbergs? C.E.R. – BigBiz Funded Europhiles! 

    The Centre for European Reform is a think-tank devoted to making the European Union work better and strengthening its role in the world…

    Centre for European Reform

    ….the EU should take on more responsibilities globally, on issues ranging from climate change to security.

    Europe Day? Please Note Collabo Companies! 

    ….for various reasons…





    … but if you read this very NON-political news item…

    Lloyds bank manager ‘sacked for helping customer...


    …you may steer even clearer!

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