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  • ross1948 10:21 pm on March 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Good Guy Falls Victim To ‘Gay’ Hate! 

    Country music fans are among the best sort of Americans, and not just Americans! ‘


    Gambar terkait


    It was about 30 years ago I visited Nashville and enjoyed the stars performing at the Grand Ole Opry, but I’ve loved country music since I used to listen to Hank Williams on my Dad’s truck radio on the roads of Ontario.

    Even though so much of the North American way of life has been blighted by the ascendancy of the sexual aberrant, it never crossed my mind that maladjusted malevolents could exercise any influence on the country scene.


    • Gambar terkait


    Yet now we read that Mike Huckabee has been driven to resign from the charitable arm of the Country Music Association, which provides musical instruments for children.


    The full story is available on the PJ Media link above, but in brief, the former Arkansas Governor and keen conservative quit after angry perverts with financial clout took umbrage at his appointment.



    One of the most strident queers was a creep named Jason Owen, co-president of Monument Records and owner at Sandbox Entertainment, who is apparently ‘married’ to another queer and somehow has a young ‘son.’

    How did two homos produce a child?

    I don’t know, but I feel sorry for any kid in a household where the bread-winner is so full of hate.

    The queer stormed that neither his companies nor anyone they represent would continue to support the foundation while the famous conservative was involved in the charity.

    What’s needed is for those people his companies ‘represent’ to get out of any entanglement with this ‘man’ they have got themselves into.

    Mike Huckabee has a sterling record, not just in politics but in terms of character. He does not deserve to be treated in such a manner.

    • Dan Lemaire 11:56 am on March 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      What happened with Huckabee is not unusual these days.
      The ‘gays’ have a lot of money and so do their liberal elite friends. They use their financial power to force other people to do what they want.
      America is in a bad way when an honorable public figure can be hounded out of charitable work by angry queers.

  • ross1948 12:02 am on February 24, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Conservative Political Action Conference, , gaystapo, , vilification   

    Grow A Set, CPAC! Identify Anna, Rachel And Josh! 

    Last week we urged American readers to protest against the self-styled Conservative Political Action Conference’s victimisation of Mass Resistance.



    CPAC approved, then, under pressure from gaystapo elements, disapproved, MR’s attendance at the annual event.

    We helpfully provided the CPAC number…

    Tell CPAC-“Don’t Crawl To Gaystapo!” 202-347-9388 -Tell ‘Em Off! 

    …and, thanks to that and to many other real rightwing media who took up the case, the appeasement monkeys got a lot of calls.

    Now we learn that some CPAC flunkeys answering those protest calls have indulged in wholesale ‘vilification’  –  http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/18a/CPAC-2018-MR-banned/CPAC-villifies-MR.html – caught on tape! – of MR’s pro-decency campaigns.

    Three little sell-outs, Anna, Rachel and Josh by name, more than happy to bad-mouth MR, yet heedless of the ‘Log Cabin’ queer club currently embraced by the RINO in-crowd!


    • =

    So let’s root them out, name and shame them for their abusive and dishonest conduct.

    There must be a few people left within CPAC not ready to go along with their leadership’s collaborationism.

    It’s up to them to spill the beans and unmask those three, and maybe more of, the running dogs of the Enemy Within.


  • ross1948 9:19 pm on February 23, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Don’t Sit Back! Counter-Attack! Boycott Centre Parcs 

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t lived in the UK for approximately two decades, but I have never heard of the family holiday village operator Center Parcs.


    Nor do I ever wish to make its acquaintance, after reading why they have stopped advertising in the Daily Mail.

    Why did they?

    Because a columnist told readers not to consider same-sex parents as “the new normal.”   https://www.theguardian.com/media/2018/feb/16/center-parcs-pulls-daily-mail-ads-after-column-against-same-sex-parents

    OMG! This is truly ‘HATE SPEECH,’ is it not? Well, of course it’s not, not to decent human beings.

    But it is, to a gang of far-left fanatics called ‘Stop Funding Hate….’



    ….which regularly gets its pink knickers in a twist about what it views as, so the fellow-travelling Guardian puts it, divisive content in the Daily Mail.

    And the ‘hate’ gang’s whining found a sympathetic ear at Centre Parcs, which “therefore ceased advertising with the Daily Mail with immediate effect.”

    Now there are other companies among the Daily Mail advertisers likely to be similarly pressured.

    This hate-agitprop outfit should not be allowed to get way with its antics.

    Best way to do that?

    Apply counter-pressure, preemptively, if you know which business is being targetted, telling them to keep putting ads in the Mail…

    …but also by hitting back at those like Centre Parcs which kowtow to the gaystapo.

    Let them know you’ll treat them like the moral lepers they are.

    Ring them up, politely –  01623821600  – 08700673000

    –  because it’s not the humble staff’s fault.

    Or, less expensively, email them, demanding a coherent explanation ( if they even try to offer one!) and tell them that their queer-crawling means they’ll never get  your custom.

    And don’t just contact them the once!

    Clog up their service centres, make their lives wretched.

  • ross1948 7:01 am on February 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Tell CPAC-“Don’t Crawl To Gaystapo!” 202-347-9388 -Tell ‘Em Off! 

    Like the Republican Party in general, the Conservative Political Action Conference has been infiltrated by gaystapo Enemies Within.



    That’s the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the CPAC exclusion of one of the most active and effective pro-decency organisations in America…


    Pro-family activism that makes a difference!


    I try not to be dragged into internal squabbles among conservatives, as my view is that with so many powerful plutocratic foes to fight…



    …, the good guys and gals have to stick together!

    But this is no squabble.

    This is a witch-hunt mounted by sell-outs in the upper levels of CPAC, most notably a spineless creepoid named Schneider, who says he feels ‘uncomfortable’ when the gaystapo agenda is challenged.



    Yet he makes no move against ‘Republican’ homo-lobbies like the so-called ‘Log Cabin’ clique!

    Read the the whole story of the dirty, devious manoeuvres by the self-styled “America’s premier conservative voice…”

    http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/18a/CPAC-2018-MR-banned/index.html  .

    Then phone the creeps and tell them what you think of their craven crawling to the vilest elements in the land.

    CPAC’s main phone number is: 202-347-9388


    • Ben Baniek 9:44 pm on February 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      CPAC has some good people in it but if they want to turn on MR, we need to turn on them.

      • Vinnie Fiore 4:30 am on February 21, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        OK with that, Ben.
        MR does a real good job.

    • Pete Scoullen 6:53 pm on February 22, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I read today that panel discussion on free speech at CPAC has been called off because one of the organisers decided one of the people scheduled to be a speaker should not be allowed to speak!

      CPAC has fallen into the hands of the RINO ‘Republican’ establishment.

  • ross1948 3:42 pm on February 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Bermuda Re-Embraces Decency! May’s Minion ‘Disappointed!’ 

     Foreign Office minister Harriett Baldwin has said as much, saying she was ‘disappointed’ by the decision.


    Gambar terkait

    Pro-Perv Baldwin


    (And she is an interesting politician…A Conservative MP who attempted to expense a £50 charity donation has had her request refused by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority…Harriett Baldwin: promoted Tory minister attempted to expense £50 …

    What was this cultural marxist ‘Conservative’ whining about?

    We were hopeful of such a good result and predicted it late last year…

    Bravo, Bermuda – Homo-Weddings No More! 

    … but with the pro-pervert May in power in the Mother Country…


    Tory Purge – Theresa May Dances To Gaystapo Tune! 

    Hasil gambar untuk theresa the appeaser

    May Extols ‘Gay’ Agenda – Now Her Fans Back Polygamy! 

    …there was always the risk of neo-colonialism rearing its ugly head, as has happened in other countries where the natives retain a taste for decency.

    End Obamanoid Neo-Colonialism In The Caribbean! 

    …and not just on the perversion issue!

    UK’s Jakarta Rep Frantic to Save Terrorist Skins -A Neo-Colonialist Par Excellence! 

    But despite May’s vile minion and strident Leftist extremists at Westminster, like  Chris Bryant, an openly gay legislator and former United Kingdom Overseas Territories Minister at Britain’s Foreign Office…

    Gay MP says Bermuda’s ban on same-sex marriage..

     Hasil gambar untuk bryant gay mp

    Ain’t he sweet?  Uh, NO!


    …who wanted to stomp democracy in that lovely island, where very many years ago an ocean liner once docked, affording me the chance to gaze in awe at the crystal clear blue waters and the peaceful port beyond, the Foreign Office shrank from interfering.


    Gambar terkait


    Although it has a British Governor-General, Bermuda is constitutionally entitled to run its domestic affairs.  Indeed, that link above explains it has had a parliament since the 17th century. It has free elections, and on the issue of gay marriage even held a referendum.

    Any intrusion would be an outrageous throw-back to ‘white power!’ 

    Moreover, the Bermudans could mock the arrogance of any pro-queer meddling…

    …after May, infamous for her appeasement u-turn on the gaystapo agenda, collaborated with Cameron to block any referendum among the citizens of the UK. 

    • Johnny C 8:57 pm on February 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Labour used to be the party that wanted governors brought home and local politicians in 3rd World countries given full power to run their own affairs..
      Now, if the locals wont bend over for the buggery lobby, Labour want them put in their place.
      What next? Send a gunboat manned by ‘gay’ mariners?
      I bet the Bermudans wouldnt greet them with “Hello, Sailor?”

      Bermuda has much to teach us both in morals and democracy.

  • ross1948 10:07 am on December 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Gaystapo Victim Vindicated – Victory In The The USA! 

    Excellent news from the USA, a blow to the gaystapo in Atlanta. You can read the details below, but for us..


    Atlanta – Another Gaystapo Assault on Religious Liberty! 


    – esp. since we gave the gaystapo’s victim our support from the get-go! – suffice to say that a good American’s rights have been upheld in an Atlanta court!

    Here’s all the details, from AFA.

    Many of you remember when Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran was fired because of his religious views on marriage and homosexuality. In late 2014, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed handed a pink slip to Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran purely on the grounds of Cochran’s faith.

    Reed’s complaint against Cochran is that he authored a book that upholds the biblical view of sexuality for his men’s Bible study. That book contradicts the homosexual agenda. After first giving Cochran a month-long suspension without pay in November, Reed announced he would be fired.

    Before losing his job, however, Cochran was required to complete sensitivity training and was prohibited from distributing copies of his book Who Told You That You Were Naked? on city property.

    In early 2015, the Alliance Defending Freedom sued the city of Atlanta on behalf of Mr. Cochran, and the case has made its way through the court system for the last two years. Today, we are excited and relieved to inform you that Chief Cochran received a victory in court.

    According to the law firm representing Chief Cochran, “A federal district court ruled Wednesday that city of Atlanta rules which led to the termination of Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran are unconstitutional.

    The court found that the city’s policies restricting non-work speech, like a book for Christian men that Cochran wrote, are too broad and allow city officials to unconstitutionally discriminate against views with which they disagree.”

    Through our supporters, the American Family Association garnered over 75,000 signatures in support of Chief Cochran. We will continue to stand with Christians across America who are unafraid to share their faith and live out their convictions. Click here if you’d like to support the work of AFA through a tax-deductible gift….

    From all of our staff, we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!



    • Vaughan Parkes 8:17 pm on December 21, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Very good news of course but we must wait and see how SCOTUS rules on the Christian baker hounded by gaystapo fans in the state bureaucracy.

  • ross1948 8:23 pm on December 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Bermuda – Homo-Weddings No More! 

    The British Overseas Territory of Bermuda is to become the world’s first territory to restore the traditional definition of marriage just six months after the island’s Supreme Court ruled in favour of same-sex unions.


    Bermuda is tiny, of course, but what a superb example it has set to all the other larger lands which have knuckled under to the gaystapo juggernaut.

    What made the judges’ ruling last year so outstandingly offensive was the fact that Bermudans had overwhelmingly rejected same-sex marriage in a referendum…

    At least a referendum was held!


    Unlike in the Mother Country, where that u-turning slimer Cameron jack-booted homo-weddings into law with no pretence at a democratic mandate.


    Echoes of America too, where ‘gay’ marriage had been voted down in the great majority of states which had afforded citizens a say…

    …and yet the Supreme Court disregarded the people and imposed the absurdity by legal fiat.

    And in Austria this very month, a pack of robed clowns issued a similar diktat, without any effort to seek the electorate’s approval.

    Time for a fightback!



    Now decent citizens in all those countries can take heart and keep up the fight for a return to civilised values.

    • Kitty Lomarn 5:54 pm on December 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Is it real? This first victory in the fightback?
      Bermuda might be the only country to roll back court-forced decadence so far, but it does wonders for morale to know decency can and is being restored.
      Who will start the ball rolling in your country?

  • ross1948 8:00 pm on December 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Fag Wars – Interesting News From Austria… 

     Gambar terkait

    No, before the infinitesimally small number of gaystapo creeps who read this blog start mincing angrily…


    Gambar terkait


    …this is NOT about the disgraceful decision to impose homo-weddings on Austria, the high court there disregarding democratic norms in much the same way as the irresponsible US Supreme Court did two years ago.



    What I’m talking about are the glad tidings from Austria’s patriot party this week that a planned ban on smoking in all bars and restaurants due to come into force in mid-2018 will be scrapped.

    FPÖ  leader Strache

     The Freedom Party’s Heinz-Christian Strache claimed credit for negotiating this, as part of the talks currently underway with  Sebastian Kurz’s ÖVP.

    “I am proud of this excellent solution in the interests of non-smokers, smokers and restaurant owners,” said Strache.



    “The freedom to choose lives on. The existence of restaurants (particularly small ones) has been secured. Thousands of threatened jobs have been saved!”  


    This is excellent news which puts to shame the small republic’s EUSSR neighbours, where governments have collaborated slavishly with health-fascists…



    …to wage a witch-hunt against smokers, repeatedly refusing to adopt the fair-play solution now agreed in Vienna..

    Of course non-smokers should have areas set aside for them to dine away from smoke which they find disagreeable.

    Hasil gambar untuk fair play

    But SO should smokers TOO have a decently appointed room for them to enjoy their meal with that immensely satisfying post-prandial cigarette.


    • Art Crowther 2:53 pm on December 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You succeed in your favorite hobby of offending the ‘gays’ and then get on with presenting the reasonable case for fair play for smokers.
      It’s only a pity you did not draw any comparisons between the fuss the ‘health fascists’ make about all the possible dangers to our bodies from cigarette-smoking and the lack of fuss they make about the health hazards that homo-sex incurs.
      But as you say, nice to see Austrian smokers will not be hounded!

  • ross1948 8:02 pm on November 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: EU agencies, gaystapo,   

    Exploiting Brexit Fall-Out To Push Gaystapo Agenda? 

    So now the gaystapo is up in arms, or at least mincing furiously, about re-location of two London-based EU agencies after Brexit.

    It seems the phoney ‘NGO’ calling itself  ILGA- Europe, which is not in the least ‘Non-Governmental,’ but rather parasitical…

    …bloated on funds gouged from tax-payers’ pockets, is throwing a dainty little tantrum about the future of shirt-lifters etc. who work for the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the European Banking Authority (EBA)

    We’ve heard of this revolting gang before, but only in connection with the way they feed off YOUR taxes.

    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 


    Four candidate countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia – do not offer registered partnerships for same-sex couples. 


    • oooooooooooooHasil gambar untuk Katrin HugendubelKatrin Hugendubel, advocacy director at Ilga-Europe.

    • ========

    • The parasite outfit’s spokesperson, Katrin Hugendubel, is visibly fretting about what happens to the rights of LGTBI staff if the EMA moves to Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, or Warsaw, or if the EBA moves to the Polish capital?

    • I’d have thought the obvious advice to give anxious queers is that if you move to another country, you are obliged to abide by its laws.

    • Otherwise, don’t go there.

    • Even Hugendubel recognises that, despite the pro-homo prejudices of the EUSSR in-crowd…. family law is a national competence…

    • =============

    • And quite right too!


    But already Slovakia has crumbled, their Health Minister Tomas Drucker, saying there should be no problem.


    However, Poland seems to be made of sterner stuff!

    The Polish spokeswoman quoted makes it fairly clear  –

    ...the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU confirmed rules on marriage and family are “within member states’ remit” – ignoring this website’s question if Poland saw the word ‘spouse’ in the directive as gender neutral.

    Sounds promising, especially the sensible brush-off given to the gay-friendly website.

    But trouble could be looming, because a very malevolent outfit, the European Court of Justice, is currently investigating.


    Meanwhile, we await a decision from Brussels as to where the two agencies will go. November 20th is the deadline.

    With the double-talk one expects of the gaystapo gang, Ilga-Europe did not want to give ministers any voting advice. But the lobby group said it hoped the debate would increase “marriage equality” for all in the bloc.

    So they won’t give advice on how to vote but hope the debate goes their way?

    Yeah, right.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope those judges in Romania stop pfaffing around and let the people there vote on the constitutional amendment…

    True Solidarity Against Gaystapo – Karen’s Bucharest Battle 

    …the only secure way to block the gaystapo dragging that country down the perverse path we’ve seen in France, Germany and Italy – as well, of course, as the UK!

  • ross1948 12:05 am on October 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , 'man up', disabled, , gaystapo, gender-neutral pronouns, nervous breakdown, nervous breakdowns, , , , , , Toronto University   

    Toronto Prof And Scots Tory Targetted By Language Vandals 

    One of my least favourite UK politicians is the current Leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

    Not so much because she’s a lesbian – as we see in Germany’s AFD, a lesbian can be patriotic and talk sense – but because the Scottish woman is essentially a liberal, not a conservative at all.


    Gambar terkait



    Yet today I must speak up in her defence, after some drivel made its way onto The Independent’s pages this month, from a very weird individual, named Yas Necati, attacking Davidson because, for all her wayward views, she can still talk like a normal person. –

    Ruth Davidson’s solution to the current mess that is our Government is that the party needs to “get over its current nervous breakdown” – and I quote word for word – “and man up a little bit.”


    What’s the uptight wacko on about?

    Oh, it’s ‘Man Up!’

    I guess Davidson’s solution to those struggling with child benefit, coming to terms with being sexually assaulted or at risk of being deported might just be to “man up” as well?

    Good grief.

    So a phrase the meaning of which is effective in communication, is perfectly clear, and which is in common use throughout the English-speaking world. must be abhorred because some abnormal would prefer us to say ‘Person Up!’ – as if by using the normal-talk phrase we are affronting women?

    BTW, I don’t use ‘abnormal’ lightly to describe Nutjob Necati. A paragraph about her/his/its/their background is attached by The Independent, viz.

    Yas Necati is an apprentice at The Independent and the London Evening Standard. They previously worked as a campaigner… 

     WHAT?    ‘is?’  ‘they?’  ‘a?’

    Something far wrong there – singular verbs and a plural subject? A suggestion of split personality? Schizo? Who knows?

    But it gets even more demented, a deranged shrill shriek against Davidson for – wait for it…

    …her reference to the Conservative Party having a “nervous breakdown.”

    I don’t even really know where to start with this. Is she implying that mentally illness makes you incompetent? Is she saying that in order to get over mental health issues we all need to simply “man up”? Is she suggesting that someone having a nervous breakdown is unfit to continue with their job?

    I don’t know if Davidson is implying or suggesting any of those things, but given what we know about nervous breakdowns…

    Hasil gambar untuk nervous breakdown

    Nervous (or mental) breakdown is a term used to describe  a period of intense mental distress. During this period, you’re unable to function in your everyday life…. 


    ….they probably DO impair competence!

    So at least suspension from one’s work duties might well be a sensible step to take if a nervous breakdown is under way.

    The way far-left sexual misfits are trying to force us into their own bizarre PC vocabulary is of course not unique to this ‘person.’ ( I’d say man or woman but that’s impossible, because I don’t  – and possibly it doesn’t! – know!)

    We have the scandalous situation at Toronto University, where a perfectly competent professor faces possible dismissal because he won’t be bullied by transgender freaks into using ‘gender-neutral’ pronouns.


    Gambar kisah untuk ‘I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to postmodernist neo-Marxists’ dari Spectator.co.uk

    Professor Peterson

    ‘I’m not going to cede linguistic territory to postmodernist neo-Marxists’ 


    Under a new law  (Bill C-16) in Turdostan, cretinous Canadian college bosses may indeed be entitled to fire Professor Jordan Peterson, but to his great credit he’s not budging.

    Jordan Peterson and the transgender wars

    But back to Nutjob, whose final paragraphs expose the essential purpose behind its ranting against Ruth Davidson.  .

    …I suppose she feels she can say whatever she wants, because she’s a woman and she’s queer, and therefore in her eyes she’s not like those other party members.



    Ms Davidson DARES to think that she can say whatever she wants?

    Not in Necati’s Gaystapoid Brave New World, she can’t!


    Needless to say, I was intrigued that such an alien life-form exists, and evidently flourishes, in the UK media.

    A look at Yaz Necati’s previous yammerings seemed in order, and I found another example, also in The Independent, in which it complains bitterly that in a Google ad, there is a gay nuclear family. No queer people of colour, no drag kings, no polyamorous relationships. 


    God forbid!

    How distressing for freakos around the world!

    • Arnold 1:24 pm on October 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I heard about the professors troubles with those freaks.
      Toronto as a city is an embarassment to every Canadian who remembers how great it once was and now its university is too.
      Why wont somebody suggest kicking out the freako students and not the professor?

    • Chris Thomas 2:57 am on October 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      The freaks should pipe down.
      Trannies hate it if we think or even more if we say they need to be given a chance to recover their normality, but they don’t think twice about telling us how we may use our own English language. They should be told we have no interest in their impertinence.

      All this ‘ablist’ rubbish too, there’s nobody normal who doesn;t feel sorry for people with physical handicaps, but why should we change phrases and idioms that are part of our everyday way of speaking because some disabled people are touchy.
      What’s worse is the insane attitude I’ve read about among some of the handicapped, deaf parents who want to have their children’s hearing deliberately crippled so they can’t hear properly although they were born normal.
      There’s something very sick about parents like that.

    • Serge Esperan 12:08 pm on October 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I have no idea about the woman in Scotland but what has been going on in Toronto is just crazy. That’s what happens when you get a leader like Justin Trudeau elected into power.
      We envy the USA where their leader stands up to the crazies and uses English in the same way normal people do.

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