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  • ross1948 14:52 on May 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Europe Again Indebted To Poles And Magyars 

    Even Brits, now more or less freed from EUSSR misrule…



    …should be grateful to what seem to be the only responsible governments left in the Brussels Empire.

    Thanks to Hungary and Poland, according to EU Observer… https://euobserver.com/tickers/151779?

    the word “gender” was removed from a draft of the Porto Declaration being prepared for Saturday’s informal summit of EU leaders on social issues…

    We have seen how that word, which normal people associate with schooldays lessons in Latin and Greek, has been hi-jacked as a woke-sick substitute for ‘sex… ‘

    … which is a word we all understand, there being two sexes.

    That’s in contrast to ‘genders,’ of which, according to the woke-freaks, there are quite a lot…



    …decadent rot, which can be found via predictable misinformation sources, like Facebook…

    …and, inevitably, UK Pravda.

    BBC sex education programme tells 9-year-olds there are ‘over 100 genders’ and shows kids talking to adults about ‘bi-gender’, ‘genderqueer’ and ‘pansexual’ identities Daily Mail  23/24 -January

    Both proud nations named above have distinguished themselves as champions of truth.


    Related image

    Nacs Lorinc


    “We must raise awareness to the fact that these programs are doing nothing to lift up our nation.

    In fact, they are destroying the values-centered mode of thinking that is still present in the countries of Central Europe.” ..Hungarian spokesman Nacs Lorinc

    Bravo! Orban Takes ‘Gender-Studies’ Off Academic Menu!

    Now we must learn, when the final draft is approved by ‘EU Ambassadors…’

    ….if the twisted minds of the Brussels in-crowd…

    ….have managed to thwart those valiant Poles and Magyars, thanks to whom –

    ..the formulation “to promote gender equality and fairness for every individual” was changed to “equality and fairness for all individuals…”

    Fingers crossed the entrenched euro-gaystapo lobby..

    Brussels Boosts Trans-Freak Agenda! 

    …don’t get their perverse way through wheeling and dealing in the corridors of power.

    • Iris Keller 15:42 on May 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If it were not for the weather, I’d migrate there.
      To Poland or to Hungary.


  • ross1948 17:12 on January 28, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    We Know BBC’s Infested But School Collabos MUST Be Fired! 

    The BBC said the programme is aimed at teachers for use in classes and is not directly aimed at children.

    In the clip an expert can be seen telling young children that she has come across more than 100 different terms used to describe gender


    An Expert?’

    A poisonous propagandist, or a polluter, perhaps, might be a more precise description of that individual.

    And of course the BBC cannot shrug off its share of guilt – to collaborate with such evil is damnable, especially for UK Pravda…




    …which leeches of tax-payers coerced by a law which Jellyfish Johnson shows no interest in reforming.

    However, what more urgently needs to be done is name and shame those ‘teachers…..’



    ….as well, of course, any local education authorities, known to have subjected those children seen in the ‘clip’ to the perverted indoctrination caught on camera.


    What has HM Secretary of State for Education had to say on this?

    It’s child abuse, moreover, so why has the Home Secretary Priti Patel not asked for a police investigation?


  • ross1948 19:14 on June 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Romania – Creeps, Queers And Brats Fret About Sex! 

    Yes, spoilt brat-packs, extremist egg-heads and the sexually maladjusted!



    Or, as EUObserver’s hacks prefer to put it, ‘student bodies, academics and LGBTI-rights organisations,’ are getting their knickers in a right ( sorry, left) twist about ‘a legislative change in Romania.’

    On scrutinising the legal reform, we see it’s something that should be introduced in all civilised countries…

    …a law forbidding educational institutions from “spreading theories and opinion on gender-identity according to which gender is a separate concept from biological sex”.

    That’s the EUObs translation of the Romanian legislative paragraph, but I believe it’s accurate, so I am at a loss to get why ‘universities in Bucharest and the city of Cluj..both came out against the amendment that would restrict the school curriculum…’


    After all, Romania spent nearly half a century under marxist misrule…



    …so why would anyone there oppose a modest measure to curb indoctrination of young minds with a key element of cultural marxist dogma aka garbage!


    Nor is the opposition to the change even coherent, for if the government funds these colleges, pays the salaries of the ‘academics…’

    ….and probably much of the cost of the shrill ‘student bodies’ which are making a fuss, then the elected parliament is absolutely entitled to be ‘interfering in education!’

    And in what possible alternative universe can it be argued that gender is a separate concept from biological sex?



    All anyone has to do to determine his or her gender is strip naked and take a look in the mirror!

    • Ned A 22:09 on June 29, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      You do enjoy upsetting the weird folks!


  • ross1948 09:41 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    More ‘Gender’ Gibbering – Milking Cows Is Sexual Abuse! 

    My fondly remembered Grandma used to rise at dawn, for many years, to milk the cows on the family farm in Perth County, Ontario.

    Little did I know that her regular day-break walks from the farm-house to the barn were a sign that she was a predator!


    A fine Sunday morning Hee-Haw moment to share, before I go out for a walk.

    Thanks to an article published, apparently in all seriousness, in something called…




    ‘…The Journal,” by the New York University Women’s and Gender Studies program,’ the world, or at least the miniscule proportion of the world that takes notice of all the hogwash ‘studies’ and pinko piffle about  ‘gender’ (i.e. sex) and of the humourless old ( and not so old) bats who earn big bucks by means of their involvement therein….


    Dirty Knickers Joke? Middle-Aged Bat Goes Bat-Sh#t! 

    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!

    Back To School, AOC – ” Patriarchy Has No Gender?” 

    …yes, the whole wide world must wake up to this nightmarish revelation  –

    – …milking cows is ‘comparable to sexual abuse….’. https://www.theblaze.com/unleashed/nyu-study-claims-that-milking-cows-is-sexual-abuse


    And I used to think that the cows in the barn were mooing because theur udders were full and they needed milking!

    Little did I know the poor beasts were calling for help as sexual indignities were heaped upon them by my nefarious grandmother!




    It’s surely time that American ( and British, Canadian and Australian) universities took a leaf out of the wise Hungarian Government’s book.

    Bravo! Orban Takes ‘Gender-Studies’ Off Academic Menu! 

    • Mel Henderson 13:38 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The cows on my grandparents’ farm were a lot more intelligent than the morons who wrote that article in The Journal, whatever the journal is.
      Orban, as so often, is taking the best approach.
      Many of us, and I include many women in that, are up to here with the ‘gender’ unthinkers shoving rubbish down our throats.
      Shut them down.
      If they want to make up new words and preach unreason, they may but not at the tax-payers’ expense.


    • Cheryl Chan 13:50 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      If that university is publicly funded, the city or state funds should be cut off till they get rid of the ‘gender’ morons.
      That was my first reaction, then I reminded myself, it is in New York, run by de Blasio at city level and more leftwing Democrats at state level.
      No hope.


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