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  • ross1948 19:42 on July 30, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    AP No Longer News, Now Mere Goebbels Clone! 

    Sad to see how the pinko creeps who run the once respectable AP news agency continue to reshape it into a propaganda cess-pit, an on-going process…

    Don’t Trust Any ‘News’ From AP! 

    AP says it will capitalize Black but not white.

    Is AP The Worst? Bitter-Left Media Bias! 

    …as regular readers will be aware.

    What’s grandly described as their ‘Style Guide,’ regrettably relied on by most if not all major news media…

    …has been overhauled to match the wokiest cultural marxist clap-trap standards.

    Gaystapo control is clear from the changes dictated…

    Hasil gambar untuk goebbels lies


    ….- I quote.

    AP now instructs writers to avoid terms like “biological sex,” “male or female hormones” and “sex change,” and replace them with terms like “sex assigned at birth,” specific hormone names, and “gender transition.”

    What, no mention of the genital mutilation…

    ….that’s part and parcel of much of the ‘transition?’ AP dead set on obscuring the horrible realities with this ‘Style Guide?’

    The guide also deems certain words “slurs.”

    Using a “transgender” person’s previous name, or “deadname,” for example, would fall under this category.’ READ

    Well, not on this blog, not any more…

    ‘And speaking of ugly sisters, no doubt that hefty brute Lia Thomas…’

    Lia Thomas (L) of the University of Pennsylvania stands on the podium after winning the 500-yard freestyle as other medalists (L-R) Emma Weyant, Erica Sullivan and Brooke Forde, pose together in protest….

    …though sometimes I’ve been slack and let their tranny names into my coverage.

     I hope all the resistance media will now make a point of never using a tranny-fake name, like ‘Lia’ Thomas, without inverted commas.


    Seems like another pretend-neutral source has been hi-jacked.

    The open-source online encyclopedia Wikipedia this week locked its page on the topic of recessions?.. READ


    Knowing what we already know about Wokopedia….

    Again, Beware Wikipedia Weasels! 

    ….it’s hard to know where to find trustworthy info, yeah?

  • ross1948 09:30 on June 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Freako Fight? Brits Lag Behind Yanks!. 

    Imagine, Brits, if you read a headline like this…

    Tory MPs To Confront Pro-Trans Doctors

    But imagining is as close as Brits are likely to get…


    …..at least while Jellyfish Johnson holds the reins…

    Jellyfish Trapped In A Fairy Circle?

    …surrounded as he seems to be by extremely unwholesome ‘influencers.’

    Yet across the Atlantic, here’s a real headline, not about some brave, small resistance movement, but about senior elected legislators!


    Members of the House Republican Study Committee on Wednesday announced plans to introduce the Protecting Minors from Medical Malpractice Act in both chambers of Congress this session.

    The bill would hold medical professionals liable for harmful child sex-change treatments, therapies, and surgeries, allowing victims to sue the pro-transgender doctors who harmed them.

    The bill would also prevent the federal government from forcing doctors to perform gender transitions, and keep federal funding from going to doctors who do..

    .  READ  

    Brits need to bring their parliamentarians to heel!



  • ross1948 18:45 on April 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Biden Flunkey Warns – Don’t Dare Try To Stop FGM, Or MGM! 

    We looked at Biden’s readiness to countenance the butchery of young people’s sexual organs not long ago…


    Transgender’ Realities – Dotard’s Mutilation Agenda Unveiled! 

    …but it seems that a wave of revulsion across his country has not dissuaded The Dotard!


    White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki on Thursday announced that the Biden administration has directed the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services to hold states “accountable” for trying to stop child sex-change procedures.

    Lawmakers “have been put on notice … that laws and policies preventing care that healthcare professionals recommend for transgender minors may violate the Constitution and federal law,” Psaki said.  READ 


    Isn’t it troubling to think that it wasn’t that long ago that we were raging about the evils of FGM – female genital mutilations…

    Another Petition? Yes! Fight Turdo’s Pro-FGM Manoeuvres 

    ….in Canada….

    UK FGM Scandal? Fire That Cop…  

    ELEVEN Years For FGM! Nice One, UK! Now Deport The Sow! 

    ….and in the UK….

    ….only now, this year, to learn that, in the USA, Biden’s cabal wish to cast their protective mantle over not just scalpelling of girls’ private parts, but of boys’ too?


  • ross1948 19:03 on April 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Transgender’ Realities – Dotard’s Mutilation Agenda Unveiled! 

    Biden may be seen as merely a dangerous dotard…..



    …but his determination to be remembered as the most morally bankrupt administration in USA history has been reaffirmed with the release of ‘documents..describing treatments for “trans” adolescents, including:


    “’Top’ surgery – to create male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts” and “’Bottom’ surgery – surgery on genitals or reproductive organs, facial feminization or other procedures.”  READ.

    It’s hard to believe anyone with children of their own, no matter how delinquent any of those children may be…

    NYT Confesses – BBC Next? 

    …could let any other children suffer such merciless mutilation.

    • Lois Wadden 11:03 on April 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      It is sickening. It could be, if more people knew this kind of detail, there would be more outcry when politicians let the trannies push for more privileges they don’t deserve.


  • ross1948 17:18 on April 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition For USA Readers – Stop Tranny Genital Mutilation! 

    Forwarding this for my American readers!


    PETITION: Stop ‘sex change’ operations during coronavirus crisis

    During the coronavirus crisis, government has called for a moratorium on non-essential medical procedures, to conserve precious resources and treat patients whose lives are endangered by the pandemic.

    What is euphemistically called “gender-reassignment surgery” is clearly such a non-essential procedure.

    Please sign this urgent joint petition, to state governors, asking them to stop “sex-change” operations, and designate them as “non-essential”, at least for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.


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