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  • ross1948 16:36 on March 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Get Britain Out? A Duty Not Yet Fulfilled! 

    If there is one group of people in the UK whom patriots should distrust, it has to be the so-called ‘civil servants,’ who think they are so far above party politics…

    ….that decisions via the ballot-box should not be allowed to obstruct their agenda.

    This is nothing new…

     I quote from ‘Fairweather Friends,’ a short polemic I penned after the Falklands War (long since out of print, alas!)


    Obituary: Sir Teddy Taylor, Conservative MP and Eurosceptic | The Scotsman


    Having heard the late Sir Teddy Taylor speak at Westminster, not in a Commons debate, but outside the chamber, I asked and got his permission to report his wordsHe had resigned from the Heath Government in 1971 because of his disagreement with Common Market membership.

    The patriotic Scot seemed to share the man in the street’s bafflement at the mind-set of the mandarins.

    But he tried to analyse it.

    Speaking of the ‘horrific pressure’ exerted on himself and other dissidents, he made no bones of the ‘fanatical’ attitudes which existed within the F.O., lodged in the minds of those who, ‘frustrated by the loss of Britain’s Great Power status,’ believed they ‘could manipulate their way into the big time’ by getting politicians to take us and keep us in Europe.

    • foreign-office-logo
    • He identified their motive as a ‘thirst for power.’
    • To this end, they were quite prepared to sacrifice awkward Britons in the Falklands or Ulster so as not to make Britain unpopular with her Euro-partners in the prospective Third Force to which they aspired as a ‘balance between America and the Soviet Union.’
    • The mandarins, Taylor said, wanted Britain to be ‘liked’ or even ‘loved’ so that they could continue to play a major role on the world stage. They just could not adjust to our reduced status, because it impaired their self-esteem, as the elite of the government service…. 

    An arresting final quote from Taylor – he had, he stated, seen ‘excellent men take up office at the F.O. holding sound views but ‘within a few months they would be brainwashed.’

    …but if Brits are not reminded of the foul flunkeys’ record, many will forget, as the news-cycle rushes by.

    Fortunately, Get Britain Out’s Jane Adye has issued an excellent reminder this week.

    Even prior to the Ukraine crisis escalating, Liz Truss had only met with her opposite number in the negotiations, the EU Commission Vice-President, Maroš Šefčovič, five times. 

    Every single meeting resulted in next to no movement and they have not met for a single time since the crisis began.

    So instead of having elected officials in the room for the other meetings held for the rest of the time, we are instead left to be represented by unelected civil servants in these negotiations, the majority of whom have never backed Brexit in the first place.

    In this scenario, how can we expect any success in achieving what we voted for in the EU Referendum in 2016?



    Despite Tory ministers’ pretensions to being conservative, the woko-creeps in their ministries implement deviant practices.

    Home Office Woke-Woman, Pinko Priti!

    Home Office Subversion – Who Invited The Far-Left Prof? 

    UK Home Office – Enemy Within Infestation? 

    Crown Prosecution Or Crimmigrant Collabos?

    Jellyfish Can’t Even Keep The Flunkeys In Order! 

    Although we know that there’s many a lousy left-lib ‘Conservative’ minister who’s totally along for the woke ride! 

    Conservative Ministers have been collaborating in this waste of huge ( or small) sums on PC brain-wash… These Tory Clowns Must Go! 

    Get Britain Out does great work.

    But putting pressure on Jellyfish’s janissaries may not be good enough to get the Fourth Reich off Ulster’s neck.

    A cleansing of the Whitehall sty is a prerequisite.


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    Brexit In Peril? Absolutely! 

    Given the way rabid Anti-Brexiteers, both at home…

    A Major Embarrassment!


    … and on the Continent….

    Gambar terkait

    Be On Guard – It’s Lagarde

    …have been giving vent to their hang-ups in recent weeks – and the all too strong possibility that Liz Diz Truss is going to let the politicised ECJ maintain its outrageous power to meddle in UK affairs….

    …it seems timely to pass on an appeal from the excellent Get Britain Out…

    …which has issued a fresh warning about Jellyfish Johnson’s new Director of Communications, Guto Harri, who…


    fiercely backed ‘Remain’ in the EU Referendum. Is this really the man to shape the PM’s messages about delivering on Brexit…? 


    Get Britain Out still needs to continue our fight to help to deliver a Real Brexit this year.
    Donations continue to reduce and we cannot carry on without money….
    …it’s more important than ever for Get Britain Out to give Brexiteers across the country a loud voice in the media.
    If you value our work, and can afford to do so, please can you dig deep to help us keep fighting for a Real Brexit.
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    Stuff Red Oxfam, Donate To A Good Cause! 

    As mentioned already, since Christmas is a time for giving, Brits with a little cash to spare should ignore any nonsense they hear from Oxfam and such-like ‘charities….’

    I know I have written about this before, but unfortunately Brexit is not done and dusted, so Get Britain Out still needs to continue our fight to deliver a Real Brexit in the New Year. I know this is an expensive time of year, but donations have reduced and we cannot carry on without money. 
    No big donors have come forward without ‘cash for influence’ being expected or wanting us to advertise obscure products for minimal amounts, and unfortunately the opportunities of Brexit have not yet been fully achieved. Now, with a change of negotiator, it is more important than ever we give Brexiteers across the country a loud voice to drown out the calls from Remainers to water down the UK’s negotiating stance. 
    I know Christmas can be a difficult time of year, alongside rising fuel costs and more, but if you can afford to donate, PLEASE can you dig deep and help?
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    Can A Jellyfish Get Off its Knees? 

    If Jellyfish Johnson won’t stop having buildings in the UK defaced with the foul flag of the EUSSR…



    …good citizens should.

    I quote from ‘Get Britain Out’ (and BTW, urge UK readers to donate to help their excellent work)

    …according to Government guidance, until 2023 at the very least, the UK will be forced to display EU flags and plaques in this country on every “infrastructure project, piece of signage, pavement sticker, or temporary public realm adaption” which has been given EU funding as part of either the European Regional Development Fund or the European Structural Fund…..

    Far be it from me to encourage patriotic Brits to carry a small tube of spray-paint around and use it to cover up that filthy Brussels Empire emblem wherever it may be…

    …because that might divert the attention of the wonderful British bobbies from their preferred activity of stomping criticism of the sexually maladjusted….


    Merseyside’s Foulest! Charge Bully-Cops With ‘Wasting Police Time!

    .. but if Jellyfish Johnson lacks the guts to end promotion of the Big Lie, that Britain’s annual rip-off contribution to a bloated and corrupt EU…



    ..was ever even remotely balanced by the meagre sums sent back for what the overlords deemed useful ‘projects…’


     SF Seeks EUSSR Funds for IRA Monument – Have They No Shame? 

    …then ordinary citizens should not be blamed for doing what Bojo and his spineless cronies lack the cojones to do.


    Jellyfish Cartoon, Ocean Jellyfish s, face, text, jellyfish png


    Here’s what GBO says in conclusion.

    Which other independent nation in the world is forced to publicly promote the work of another international organisation, of which they are no longer a member….

    What is our Government thinking of?

    Good question!

    • Mack the Knife 15:44 on August 4, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Spray paint!
      On rhe shopping list!


  • ross1948 00:33 on October 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Get Britain OUT! One More Push! 

    I have had a message from a reader which I happily pass on.

    We Need YOUR Support for Our Letter to The Prime Minister

     Read Our Letter Here 

    As I have done in the past, I have prepared a letter which I plan to deliver to the Prime Minister next week – with your support. To add your names to countersign this letter, please can you read the letter and if you would like to add your name in support, please send me a simple e-mail as a matter of urgency to: jayne@getbritainout.org with the word ‘AGREED’ – and with your NAME and your POSTCODE please. 

    I can then add your name to the letter.  Please can you also forward the letter or this e-mail, with these details, to as many people as possible to let the Prime Minister know of yours and other voters’ concerns.

    The Director of Get Britain Out, Jayne Adye, has written the following recent articles:For The Daily Express – Enough stalling! It’s time to walk away from Europe todayQuoted in the Daily Express – ‘EU have not negotiated in good faith!’ Brexiteers order Boris Johnson to walk away nowFor Comment Central – The UK’s Trading Reputation is UnscathedFor Brexit-Watch  French Demands on Fishing are still out of Plaice!IMPORTANT STORIES YOU MAY LIKE TO SEE:Prime Minister’s Statement on the Brexit Negotiations (October 16th) – Gov.UKBoris Johnson warns UK we must prepare for No Deal – Reuters45 years as a member and not even the same terms as Canada! Boris rages at EU – The Daily ExpressEU slams UK for trying to divide the EU27 – PoliticoUK certain of a US trade deal if Trump remains President – The Daily TelegraphWe face a critical choice, Global Britain, or the mire of protectionism – CapXMerkel slaps down Macron as he puts Brexit deal on the brink ‘fishing isn’t the only topic!’ – The Daily ExpressEU to insist on tough enforcement measures for any Brexit Deal – CityAMWalking away from the EU will not be enough: Boris needs to ditch the Withdrawal Agreement – The Daily TelegraphThank you for your ongoing support which is very much appreciated.

    Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out

    P.S. Finally, please don’t forget, we still need your help with donations for the next 2.5 months – to make sure we can help to secure the best Brexit for the United Kingdom. We appreciate all the help many of you have already given to the campaign, however, for the best possible Brexit to be delivered by the end of this year, now, more than ever, every penny counts if we are to continue our work. 
    Donations can be made via bank transfer, bank standing order, cheque or PayPal – all the details are HERE. 

    Re bank transfers – some banks have fraud contingencies in place – so please just make sure the account number and sort code are correct so your transfer goes through correctly.


    PLEASE NOTE: Cheques should be payable to The EU Referendum Campaign Limited and not Get Britain Out. Unfortunately, we cannot accept credit card donations (unless via PayPal) – or foreign currency cheques. 
    Your contributions are very much appreciated. If you would like an acknowledgment, please let me have your e-mail address (or write it on the back of your cheque please). 

    P.P.S. IMPORTANT: Please continue to circulate this e-Bulletin – and this letter – to lots more people. There are quite a few people who still want more information. Not already signed up for our free e-Bulletins – you can do so 

    Remember, you can also get daily information and comments, plus press links, via our social media – 
    Facebook and Twitter.  There are links to Brexit press articles on our website (once my staff are in the office Monday to Friday) via this link HERE. For updates on our Recommended Reading, you can find them via this link HERE.

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    Get A Grip, Bojo! No Peerage For The Weasel! 

    This is from Get Britain Out!

    Please support their call and send a letter to Johnson!

    As you may have seen on our social media last week, we drafted a letter for YOU, our supporters, to post to the Prime Minister asking him to reconsider his decision to nominate the arch Remainer and former Chancellor, Phillip Hammond for a peerage in the House of Lords. Hammond, disgracefully, did everything possible to try and stop Brexit.


    Get Britain Out is absolutely right about that…

    Image result for hammond remainer

    …as this illustration from the Leave EU campaign confirms. spot


    PLEASE NOTE: Unlike some have suggested, Philip Hammond was NOT proposed for a peerage by Theresa May. This was Boris Johnson’s decision. Theresa May’s leaving Honours List was implemented last Summer and is the reason Olly Robbins, the arch-Remainer who negotiated her rubbish Withdrawal Agreement with the EU and was given a Knighthood as his reward for frustrating Brexit.

    The letter can be found HERE. All you need to do is print out the letter, sign your name and add your address or postcode, then put it in an envelope, stamp and post it to the PM to the address at the top of the letter.

    If you want to send your own letter, please feel free to use ours as a template to build yours around.

  • ross1948 21:14 on December 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Election Post-Mortem 5. – Fire The Remainer Election Commission! 

    Outstanding article on the loaded dice those parasites on the Electoral Commission use against fair play in general and patriots in particular.


    It’s a must read, and abolition or drastic reform should be a top priority for the new government, if Johnson is serious ( is he?) about eradicating cancers from the body politic.

    Though obviously aware of their Europhiliac prejudice…

    …as you can see from the images below, the commissioners are Remainers through and through, hellbent on ruining the reputation of the Leave side. They’ve finally come a cropper. Much deserved we say. Read more at Westmonster

    ….as were many other people – Leave EU did a good job during the years of the resistance struggle ( which I fear is by no means over!) it’s the plain truth that I had no idea those E.C. poltroons had behaved quite so disgracefully.


    • Penny 21:49 on December 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      We never had any need of it before. I think it was brought into being to make sure no fair play for us.


  • ross1948 22:24 on October 20, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Brexiteers? Sign Up! Tell Bojo To Man Up! 

    I pass this on from Get Britain Out!

    Frankly, I think Johnson has shown himself to be at best a paper tiger…

    Can Ulster Save Britain – Again?

    …and at worst guilty of hypocrisy and perfidy, but GBO is a great organisation and all credit to them for trying.

    Image result for get britain out


    As Brexiteers and Supporters of Get Britain Out, I have prepared a letter which I plan to deliver to the Prime Minister in the next few weeks.

    To add you names to countersign this letter, firstly, read the letter and if you would like to add your name when it is delivered to No 10 Downing Street, please send me a simple e-mail to jayne@getbritainout.org with the word ‘AGREED’ – together with your NAME and your POSTCODE, and then we can add you name to the letter. 

    Please forward the letter or this e-mail, with these details, to as many people as possible to let the Prime Minister know the voters’ concerns.

    Please ask them to read the letter and if they would like their names to be added as a co-signatory when it is delivered to No 10 Downing Street, e-mails should be sent to jayne@getbritainout.org with the word ‘AGREED’, together with NAME and POSTCODE so we can add names to the letter.
    It’s easy.

  • ross1948 23:00 on August 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Lousy Letwin, Beastly Bebb – OUT, OUT, OUT! 

    Here’s a useful extract from Get Britain Out, concerning two Tory turds who badly need flushing.


    Image result for guto bebb letwin


    ...Get Britain Out has created a template letter for you – our supporters – to send to the Chairman of these MPs Conservative Associations. These MPs must resign now and there must be by-elections so voters can have an MP who truly represents their views. To write to Sir Oliver Letwin’s Association Chairman please click here and to write to Guto Bebb’s Association Chairman please click here


    Story image for guto bebb from BBC News

    We have run across Letwin before…

    …a man who was once brave enough to talk sense but then grovelled and said sorry for telling the truth about the London riot rats… https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/08/10/riot-rat-still-squealing-in-tottenham/…and though he now says he won’t stand in the next election, it’s still worth shaming him for his treachery.

    Guto Bebb I had never heard of till recently.

    When I saw that unusual name in a headline, my first thought was that it was some kind of toilet cleaner.

    Like I said, pull that chain!

    • Chrissie Miles 23:25 on August 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They will never resign. They will draw their salaries until the lat minute of this disastrous parliament.


    • Penny 01:19 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They are a pair, aren’t they?
      There should be a way to turf them out, same as that criminal was turfed out of Peterborough.
      That is one reform that will never get passed because so many MPs know we would kick them out as soon as we possibly could.


    • Scott Kerr 19:28 on August 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Bebb is a nobody but Letwin is a prime example of how the Tories gave up conservatism and became liberal.
      Letwin was so sound, when he was a young honest man.
      What he said about the demographic changes in London and their connection to the riots was undeniable and brave.
      Then he u-turned and crawled. A real rat who ratted on what he had once admitted was the truth.


  • ross1948 20:30 on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Brits, Please Help ‘Get Britain Out’ To Get May Out! 

    Here’s an extract from GBO’s latest bulletin.

    The PM has clung onto power as a survivor, but enough is enough. It is time for her to resign, bow out of the Brexit process and hand the reigns to a true Brexiteer. Please sign and send this letter here, to the Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street urgently. Theresa May must know the British people have had enough of her, her deal and her betrayal Brexit. It is time for her to go! One of our grassroots supporters has also penned an article for our website encouraging Mrs May to call in the removal vans and step aside. You can see Robert Barnes article via the link below.

    A wonderful explanation of why we need a new Prime Minister and why she must go.


    Time for her to go!

    • Irvine Sheppert 22:26 on March 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      I never commented here before but did so twice already in the past half hour.
      Well, three is a charm, I have heard, so yes I will send the letter Get Britain Out wants sent.

      That’s one of the reason I like your blog, it lets me know what I need to do and when to do it.
      It would take me ages to plough through the internet and find all these petitions and letters to be signed.


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