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  • ross1948 19:39 on July 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! 

    The latest influx of ‘asylum’ parasites has already begun  laying down the law among the people stupid enough to take them in, uppity alien louts ‘following and bothering’ German girls – wait for it – ‘without realising it.’


    german93e7fa3e67 Morlock


    Oh yeah? Hardly! Of course the savages realise what they’re up to – no good! Sweden made the same mistake and got a rape epidemic which continues today.

    Any sleazy swine caught following or bothering German females, young or old, should be horse-whipped, then deported back to join the ISIS rape-gangs to which they’re clearly akin. 

    But instead the GERMAN GIRLS have been instructed they may no longer dress as they please on the streets of their own town, to avoid upsetting the backward brutes imported by Merkel’s manic appeasement policies.



    The school is situated in Pocking, Bavaria.

    I’ve been there, years ago, and it’s a picturesque, pretty, traditional South German community, and its head teacher, Martin Thalhammer, at least had enough sense of responsibility to reassure parents that security was being tightened up due to proximity of primitives.

    “For the refugees, access to the school gardens and buildings is strictly forbidden. The same goes for the school grounds during the day. The number of teachers on duty during breaks has been increased.”  http://www.thelocal.de/20150626/refugee-school-calls-for-uniform-modesty/

    But that hardly atones for his craven low-towing, viz.-

    Because our school is directly next to where they are staying, modest clothing should be adhered to. Revealing tops or blouses, shorts or miniskirts could lead to misunderstandings…

    Misunderstandings? Cr#p!

    These barbarous crimmigrants should clearly understand that they are now the guests of a civilised country – they need to upgrade their attitudes accordingly.


    get lostad


    SAnd guess what cannot be tolerated in any way!

    Attempts at molestation? No way!

    Those stern words were not directed to the juvenile delinquents. Instead, Thalhammer used them to order Germans not to criticise the uninvited wasters. Derogatory or racial remarks cannot be tolerated in any way.

    So if the Germans describe the parasites as bludgers, crimmigrants,alien welfare bums, unwelcome intruders, or just as parasites, all of which are absolutely spot-on accurate, the truth-tellers will be harassed, hammered even, by Thalhammer?

    What a crock.

    It’s the aliens who should be told to shape up.  They should also be taught to say ‘Danke schon‘ every time they see a German, of any age.

    But they won’t – gratitude is as alien to them as they are to Europe. Again, Swedes are already experiencing the churlish lack of appreciation these ratbags show their hosts –

    ‘The Notion That All Immigrants Feel Gratitude? Something of a Myth!’ 

    – and it’s no different in Germany, as the next part of the report makes clear.

    A politician who asked not to be named, told Die Welt that the step was “absolutely necessary. When Muslim teenage boys go to open air swimming pools, they are overwhelmed when they see girls in bikinis,” he said. “These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, follow girls and bother them without realizing. Obviously, this is a matter of concern for us.” 

    Yes, and if he had any guts he’s not talk anonymously.

    First, he should be demanding that under no circumstances should uncivilised alien males of any age be allowed anywhere near swimming pools or even out of their residential compund.


    hands off


    He should be leading parents, and all decent Germans, in demands that any Syrian undesirable  who thus accosts any girl should be apprehended and taught a hard lesson.

    And he should be telling Merkel to have the crimmigrants sent back to the barbaric dump they left. 

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    Blok M, Jakarta – Bye-Bye Highway, Hello Moon Rider! 

    highway L

    That’s a sight you won’t be seeing again, since the Highway has changed its name.

    I used to drop by there, especially on Wednesdays ,when the then managment showed lots of smarts by pouring free beer till ( I think) 8pm.

    After guzzling a copious quantity, of course, nobody felt any overpowering urge to go home early, and we continued slaking our gargantuan thirsts till midnight or later, paying full whack with no complaints, certainly not to the lovely lasses behind the bar.

    I haven’t been there for a year or two – why?



    Blok M’s Jalan Falatehan is now a pricey place, among other reasons.  

    But from a friend I hear the new name is Moon Rider, and checking out their website…  http://www.highwaytoelle.com/ …it seems they still have quite a good deal, on Thursdays, FROM 8pm!


    ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free!’ 


    Moreover, from the illustrations on that website, there are still lots of lovelies around!

    I can’t find any recent reviews, but there’s one on http://www.jakarta100bars.com/2010/04/highway-to-elle-bar-blok-m.html from the old days when the late Daryl  ran the place.

    It sings the bar’s praises – one can’t fault the mellifluous prose!  


  • ross1948 14:59 on April 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Soccer Threatens Virginity?’ Say Thanks to Hogwash Hallak! 



    A round of applause, please, for Omar Hallak, a pig-ignorant principal of what purports to be a school in the west of Melbourne.

    The clown has caused uproar – not for the first time – with reports that he’s banned his female students from both cross-country runs and soccer. 

    Amazingly ( ! ) it’s an ‘Islamic school,’ named Al-Taqwa College, in Truganina, and the ban is said to have been imposed because the daft old berk reckons participation in these sports may cause them to lose their virginity.

    Girls at Islamic school banned from running over virginity fears: report

    Greater risk at the post-match parties, I’d have thought!

     Before contemplating this hare-brained geezer’s latest gaffe, take a mo to ponder his similarly astute in-put on world affairs, when he reportedly told some students IS was backed by western countries as part of a plot to control Middle Eastern oil supplies.

    Victoria’s Education Minister reasonably enough described the fool’s frothing as ‘reckless and dangerous.Islamic State ‘a plot by the west’, says principal



    But consider –

    Islamist indoctrination is of course regrettable, but MOST youngsters – whether or not they get force-fed Hallak’s hogwash – are not going to gather in the play-ground or wander home after school discussing religion or politics.

    Propaganda does not match fun on the list of teen top-ten conversation topics. Resentment over the dork’s decree must have stimulated serious discussion among its victims -see the link for how they feel! 

    So the imbecilic interdict against the sports which these girls enjoy will do MUCH more than  ANY so-called ‘de-radicalisation’ programmes to turn them RIGHT OFF backward, bigoted, bone-headed sectarianism.



    Hats Off To Hallak!

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