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  • ross1948 12:03 on March 9, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Obama’s Fave Traitor Back Behind Bars! 

    I see that repulsive creature Bradley Manning – no, I will not call it ‘Chelsea!’ – is back in jail, albeit not for nearly long enough!

    Washington Post – 6 hours ago

    bradley maning

    Prison is certainly where it belongs.

    Whatever, it takes us back to that ever-intriguing question.

    Was it Obama’s fondness for sexual maladjusts that caused him to commute The Thing’s sentence?




    Or was it simply another example of his readiness to demonstrate his disregard for his country’s security?



  • ross1948 17:14 on February 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Easy Answer 

    It’s understandable that there is dismay in the White House over the way so-called ‘allies’ like France, Germany and Britain are collaborating with a savage dictatorship.




    But if retaliation for Europe’s dalliance with the Tehran despotism is the idea, America should remember that there are millions of good Brits, French and Germans who do not share May’s and Macron’s and Merkel’s readiness to play ball with primitives.

    And who will share my indignation to read that US President Donald Trump has urged European nations to repatriate and prosecute jihadists from their countries who were captured in Syria


    … why on earth would Donald Trump say anything so senseless as that….or this?

    . Otherwise, he warned, the US could release the terrorists to “permeate Europe.”


    “The Caliphate is ready to fall,” Trump tweeted. “The alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them…https://www.rt.com/news/451652-trump-threat-europe-isis/ 

    That is unexpected and out of character.

    Twas Trump who wisely derided Obummer’s schemes to close down Gitmo…



    Letting satanic terrorists resume their war on humanity made no sense and DT has scrapped that rubbish policy. Who is in any position to FORCE him now to  release  foul jihadist rape-gang members?

    Trump’s words moreover are grist to the mill of the vermin element in Western countries…


    Image result for ISIS theresa leaveeu

    ….who think jihadist scum should be made welcome in the lands they betrayed.

    Why does Trump ignore the sensible, practical option which most everyone would applaud?


    The sectarian savages should simply be executed.


    • Chrissie Miles 17:42 on February 17, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Many Americans will agree with what you say, if only because ISIS terrorists could as easily ‘permeate’ US military and diplomatic installations in Europe if they cross the Aegean or Mediterranean as ‘refugees,’ as many jihadists have done already.
      It would be smart as well as just to execute all Daesh we can.


  • ross1948 22:25 on November 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Trump Must Tell Macron – Stop Subsidies To Paris Pravda! 

    Another so-called France 24 ‘Debate,’ with a savagely biased ‘chairman…’


    France 24 Host To Newt Gingrich: ‘Shame On You’ 

    …whose fanatic far-left bias we have noted before!

    If Mark Owen would just come out honestly and say he sees his role as the advancement of the anti-Trump media vendetta..


    …one could at least, perhaps, respect Mark Owen, but he is, as we said in that previous post, a maestro of hypocrisy.

    When France 24 got started, he made this ludicrous claim –

    We’ll deal with the story impartially, give it straight and hopefully we’ll deliver a good product that people want to watch.”http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6212138.stm

    …but fat chance of Owen keeping his word…


    Hasil gambar untuk france24


    …not when Donald Trump calls for an end to the Diversity Programme!

    Here’s Malignant Mark kicking off the Kick-Trump-Fest, the guise of the ‘France24 Debate!’

    He disses Trump  – “…some critics of his say he’s wrong .

    AND forewarns us that Trump’s arguments will get NO hearing on HIS show!

      ‘…at least one, two, if not all four of my guests agree with that..”

    Does a debate no longer require at least two sides?


    Gambar terkait


    Not on France24, with its really fair line-up…


    That was the way of it this morning, when Owen hosted radical liberals like an obscure academic, a CFR geezer, no less, Max Abrahms..

    “I certainly see a double -standard starting at the top.”  And horror of horrors, Max thinks that some parts of the media are biased, because they focus on the obvious implications of scumbags who holler ‘Allahu Akbar!’

    Later, the bigot Owen, speaking as impartial chairman, I guess,  touched on the shock at how Trump made political capital out of the atrocity…


    ….as if it were out of order for POTUS to assure Americans that he was eager to tackle the root causes of Islamist terror

    Owen, on ‘media bias,’ also had us rolling in the aisles when he quivered back to Abrahms, about, oh dear…

    the racism of it!

    Dumb mutt!

    These pinko creeps rant about racism when anyone who knows anything knows that Muslims are not a race.

    It’s a religion, stupid!

    You can find Muslims who are brown, black, white and yellow.

    The Islamist ideology is not about race either. It encompasses dangerous people of all colours and ethnicities.



    Let’s not omit Ramzi Kassem, Lebanese-born, now of City University in New York, brains behind something called the Immigrant & NonCitizen Rights Clinic!



    This loud leftist at once deplored Trump’s views on the ‘Diversity Programme’ as ‘…counter-factual, illogical, an expression of prejudice..”

    He went on to rabbit that Trump’s response was ‘not particularly helpful’ and his prejudiced input escalated into ‘basic scape-goating”..oh, and of course…



    ….the racist rhetoric of the Trump Administration!

    And they had a drip named Jeffrey Hawkins, attacking President Trump. Hawkins was described as ‘a former State Department official.


    Gambar terkait


    Obama, was it, who elevated this man to an ambassadorship?

    He exemplifies the sort of Deep State hostility to the elected President that makes Americans wonder who runs foreign policy, and in whose interests.

    “…we need to focus on inclusivity…”

    Oh, and Trump makes him “CRINGE..!“.

    Jeffrey Ringel was maybe the least strident but still managed to opine that  monitoring undesirables was “against our core values” “and “to talk about opening Gitmo was just a terrible idea…”

    So two panellists on each side? Fair and balanced?


    FOUR-NIL, against the President of the USA.

    Don’t take my word for it – France24 has helpfully put the charade aka ‘Debate’ online…

    After the New York attack: Extreme vetting or racial profiling? – France 24

    …just watch it!

    They seemed especially stressed out by The Donald’s suggestion that the ISIS rape-gang fan who got shot in New York could be sent to Gitmo, a suggestion, NB, that even RINO McCain agrees with.

    They are all entitled to their nutjob views, and to broadcast them.


    Our French friends, whose taxes subsidise this disgusting bias-machine, should protest at the total repudiation by France24 of the basic principles of objective journalism.


    President Trump should use his hotline and politely ask Emmanuel Macron to do something about this Parisian Pravda.

    It should be shut down, or at least deprived of all public funding.

    • Mort 23:04 on November 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Five, Ross, because that Owen is no neutral chairman.
      He should be fired but while France24 continues as a state-funded propaganda channel ,he will keep his job. I think Macron is perfectly happy with that situation because Macron is Merkel’s protege, as we know.


  • ross1948 09:45 on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Zakariya al-Britani’ aka Ron Fiddler – Burn In Hell, SOB! 

    We have used this cartoon more than once, to highlight Obama’s eagerness to top up the evil Islamist ‘armies.’



    ..and now the cartoonist’s message is highlighted by the reality of the news from Iraq. 




    How many more satanic terrorists did Obama unleash during his tenure of the Oval Office?


    Where is the uproar in the media about his folly, if folly was all it was, that has now wrought bloody havoc?

    Not much.

    Nothing like the manic rage we hear whenever President Trump speaks responsibly and says that there’s no rhyme or reason in closing Gitmo…




    …or, even more, when he sensibly suggests using whatever methods will work to get info from the demonic inmates.

    As for Ron Fiddler, who dropped his civilised name when he became an apostate, and then took up terror…

    Image result for nuns with guns

    … it’s nice to think that, as Abu-Zakariya al-Britani, the filthy swine got something of a surprise!


    • Mort 12:23 on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Amen to all of that!
      Obama if he had a soul at all, would be hanging his head in shame.
      But he isn’t, so he hasn’t.


    • Ben Baniek 12:37 on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      One less pig in the ISIS sty, but how about all that money?.
      Didnt he get given a million dollars or was it pound sterling to make up for his time behind bars?
      There should be some way to trace that money and get it back


    • Vicki 14:25 on February 23, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      What a good summary of things to deplore and applaud.
      Obama deserves universal condemnation for his policy of releasing monsters like this.
      Trump deserves praise for his intention keep Guantanamo in use.
      Fiddler deserves every agony he’ll be suffering for all eternity, if Hell is all it’s cracked up to be!


  • ross1948 02:21 on June 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Obama’s Legacy Ever Brighter, With Fresh American Blood! 

    Confirmed: Freed Gitmo Detainees Have Killed Americans

    ….In the most recent U.S. report of the 676 detainees who have been released from Guantanamo Bay as of January, 118 have returned to the battlefield, while another 86 are suspected of doing so, CNN reports. That amounts to roughly one out of every three released.

    The Obama administration insists that keeping Guantanamo Bay open undermines our national security rather than advances it. 



    • Anton. 21:53 on June 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Short and to the point, like it.
      Some of them were set free by Bush but now we know what they do, there’s no excuse for Obama to keep going with this insane release program.
      Best to shoot them. Donald might just do that!


  • ross1948 16:30 on April 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Well Said, Nigel – But Action Needed! Mass UK Anti-Obama Protests! 


    Nigel Farage hit the nail on the head last week…

    “Mercifully, this American president, who is the most anti-British American president there has ever been, won’t be in office for much longer…”: http://sputniknews.com/world/20160415/1038093808/farage-obam-brexit.html#ixzz463G7qHfI



    It’s fair to say most patriotic Americans would add that Obama is the most anti-American president there has ever been.

    I might even add that plenty of decent folk in Egypt believe he’s the most anti-Egyptian, too!


    Smart Egyptians recognise Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood sympathies


    But while we applaud the UKIP leader’s wise words, what’s needed is a series of protests wherever The Manchurian shows his face on British soil.

    Now that Vote Leave has been designated as the official voice of the campaign to Get Britain Out in the referendum on June 23rd, what’s to stop Leave EU setting itself the task of staging ‘Kick Obama Out’ demos?

    And since that cultural marxist creep is so fond of ‘refugees…’ .One In Eight SyrianRefugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans! ….why not give him a farewell gift when he leaves the UK?

    A plane-load of so-called ‘asylum’-seekers!

    If the swine doesn’t want them camping out in the White House Rose Garden, there’s accommodation available in Guantanamo…




    …spare beds vacated by his shameful policy of releasing Islamist enemies of America…and Britain…and Egypt!

    • Wesley Jacklin 22:21 on April 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Swine is the right word. He has just released another nine Gitmo jihadists and sent most of them to Saudi Arabia and that means they won’t be long in getting back to work.
      Yes, he is anti-American as well as anti-British and I think the poster in the picture of those Egyptians should be copied by the hundreds and carried all around your streets and ours too.


  • ross1948 15:34 on January 11, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Refugee’ Terror Arrests -Another Triumph for Obama! 

    The Manchurian was beside himself over his bargain when he unleashed a pack of satanic jihadists in exchange for one mangy toad.



    • And we’ve noted before the cavalier manner with which the Rat in the White House sends Islamist swine out of Gitmo to reinforce terror gangs galore.



    Now we have fresh insights into the rationale behind his open-arms policy towards ‘refugees.’ 
    Most media have reported the arrest in Texas of an Iraqi refugee as part of a federal investigation into connections with the Islamic State terrorist organization…
    Hasil gambar untuk isis
    One In Eight Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans
    Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, 24, a Palestinian born in Iraq,
    has been charged with attempting to “provide material support
    to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), a designated
    foreign terrorist organization.”
     Alleged terror threat busted in Houston – Houston Chronicle
    This was hardly a one-off.
    Another so-called ‘refugee,’ apparently originating from the same general direction, was charged Thursday in Sacramento, Calif., with making a false statement involving international terrorism.


    Obama doesn’t give a damn about the safety of decent Americans, real Americans …Illegal Aliens Account for More than 30% of Murder Convictions in Several States  – his priorities have, from the get-go, been illegal aliens and, these days, phoney ‘refugees.’
    Time to step up the fightback!
  • ross1948 09:30 on December 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Rattling The Washington Appeasement Monkey’s Cage! 


    Waking up is hard to do.

    Another party last night, but made it home without mishap, and now busily consuming Kopi Jawa.

    • Hasil gambar untuk morning coffee zombie
    • Need to tidy up the house before today’ visitor arrives.





    …failing to hold Iran accountable for these violations would encourage the Iranian regime to further violate its obligations, including the provisions of the nuclear deal..


    Nice to see that even some Democrats are urging Obama to do his duty, but I suspect their calls will be in vain.




    He’s too busy providing recruits to America’s enemies.



    Gitmo Detainee Now an Al Qaeda Leader in Yemen

    And not for the first time, by a long chalk.



    The Bowe Bergdahl Case: Where Treason Won Out

  • ross1948 15:18 on November 22, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Explosion in St. Denis? Obama Abets The Enemy! 


    All honour to the splendid French security forces who shed blood to nail the gang holed up in St. Denis – jihadist pigs shot dead…

    • …several arrested, one female blown up.

    I was going to say something very unpleasant about her, but have just read that till recently she lived a normal healthy life, until infected by the Islamist virus.

    – ‘she loved partying and going to clubs. She drank alcohol and smoked and went around with lots of different guys’ 

      thttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3325180.html –

    Sounds like my kinda gal!

    So I will just reflect on how sad, that she chose the path of evil in her final days.

    But overall a fine day’s work for the good guys!

    • congratulationssuperjob
    • Then who pops up like a diabolic jack-in-the-box to redress the balance in favour of the satanic cause but…

    ….yes, it’s gotta be…


    …Washington DC’s very own Prince of Darkness.


    Gitmo-terrorists-released .

    5 Yemeni Guantánamo Inmates Are Sent to United Arab Emirates – The New York Times . The man has no shame!

    I was moved to post on this after watching yet another BBC propaganda plug for the Un-American president, the Beeb apparatchik describing him with a straight face as ‘extraordinarily candid’ and ‘disarming in his honesty.’

    Then the clowns round this nonsense off with a re-iteration of their commitment to objective journalism.

    May God forgive them.


    • Danny Tyler 11:40 on November 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I LOVE the illustrations!


  • ross1948 10:31 on August 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Jew-Baiters Back Off – But Reggae Reds Still Spew Gitmo Garbage? 

    After our protest post – https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/spain-government-funds-juden-raus-fiesta/ – by no means alone, but in harmony with an international outcry – the Jew-Baiting bigots of Rototum Sunsplash have run up the white flag.


    • ==============
    • That Jewish singer, Matisyahu, will take the stage on 22nd inst, and what a victory!
    • oooooooooooooo

    It only goes to show that all these little blog posts, from all of us, can make a difference.


    •  Matisyahu
    • —————————
    • But…
    • Hang in there, brethren, for there’s much still to do!

    That pinko reggae festival is still getting its public funding, albeit they have yet to disown the apologists for the Gitmo garbage…

    • The drama of Guantanamo bursts in the Social Forum

      The journalist and cameraman from Al-Jazeera Sami Al-Hajj will tell of his experience behind the walls of the US military base in Cuba

    • guantanamo-detainees3 poor tormented Gitmo prisoners playing footie
    • ====================
    • who, as terrorists, not soldiers, were lucky not to be shot down like the dirty curs they are.




    Is Spain funding pro-terrorist agitprop?

    • Aston L 11:50 on August 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for joining the chorus of disapproval.
      I think those reggae men got a shock at how much ire they had to face.


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