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    Mike Pence And His Nelson’s Eye – Never Saw Islamists’ Victims! 

    I didn’t get a chance to meet up with Mike Pence today, but I just read what he has been saying.

    “Indonesia’s tradition of moderate Islam frankly is an inspiration to the world and we commend you and your people. In your nation as in mine, religion unifies, it doesn’t divide.” http://www.independent.ie/world-news/mike-pence-praises-indonesias-tolerant-values-on-visit-to-jakarta-mosque-35638468.html

    Gambar terkait


    I wish he had had his talks with President Jokowi not today but last Sunday.

    If he’d been having lunch in the State Palace in Jakarta then, he might have looked out the window and seen the people I was standing beside.

    Oppressed Christians In The Street Heat, In Pluralist Indonesia 

    Then he might have made somewhat different comments than those reported in today’s media.

    From all accounts, the US Vice-President is a serious Christian and he could have asked his distinguished why those fellow-Christians had to hold their Easter Sunday Service on the street.


    Persecuted Protestants with Jokowi’s Palace in the background


    President Jokowi, being an honest man, would have had to reply that they are prevented from using their own church by vile Islamist bigots.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    He might even have told his guest that Indonesia’s Supreme Court found in favour of the persecuted Christians, but that Indonesia’s Government has failed to enforce the ruling.

    All very sad, that VP Pence missed the chance to talk with some of the many victims of savage sectarian intolerance.

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    UK Ambassador in Jakarta Joins Muslim ‘Mass Movement!’ 

    And even more surprised to read that Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador in Jakarta is now a member of the NU. During the signing of the MoU, Malik was awarded honorary NU membership for being a foreign Muslim who promotes moderate Islamic values.UK, NU sign MoU to promote religious tolerance –

    Mr. Moazzam Malik is said to be a very pleasant gent, and no doubt tries his best to win friends and influence people all over Indonesia.




    But after recent events, with a moronic mob of Islamist bigots in Bekasi, one of Jakarta’s satellite cities, preventing the construction of a Christian church which has all the permits and approvals required by law…


    …and the brazen denial of religious liberty in Subang…  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2016/03/29/sectarian-intolerance-rules-in-subang-west-java/ …

    …my rapidly decreasing ability to be surprised was tapped once more by His Excellency’s words as quoted in the Jakarta Post, viz. Indonesia had firsthand experience in promoting pluralism and moderation in religious practice.

    Having spent several Sundays in recent years across from the Presidential Palace in downtown Jakarta, with the GKI Yasmin Protestants forced to worship on the road because the Government of Indonesia refuses to enforce its own Supreme Court’s ruling in favour of the dispossessed congregants…

    Still Shunned by ‘Pluralist’ President, Java Christians Observe Easter On the Street 

     …I would welcome some clarification of the Ambassador’s assertion.

    However, let’s move on, examining the NU, of which he’s now a proud member.


    Nu Nahdlotul Ulama


    I’ve covered their activities often enough over the past decade, and they are certainly among the better Islamic outfits in the archipelago. Their youth wing, Banser, are noted for their courage in standing up to foul fanatics.

    Only a month or two ago I noted approvingly  that ‘the IslamoNazi FPI was facing significant resistance in Banyumas, Central Java.’ Bravo, Banyumas! Decent Muslims Stand Up To IslamoNazi FPI! 

    ‘Organisations affiliated to the NU reject the intended arrival of Habib Rizieq,’ says the report ,http://utama.seruu.com/read/2016/02/15/272680/antipati-pada-radikalisme-agama-meluas-fpi-ditolak-di-banyumas.

    Rizieq is a ranting jihadist, the so-called ‘high priest’ of one of the most unpleasant gangs in Indonesia.

    And if we look back a bit, the senior levels of the NU have also been a source of good sense.

    • For example, Said Aqil Siroj, who was surely echoing the thoughts and prayers of every decent human being, of all creeds when he toldthe media…
    • ——
    • Said-Agil-Siraj-300x186
    • ——————-
    •  …that the IslamoNazi thug gang should be –
    • immediately disbanded Indonesia, said Said, does not require such an organization..it is not suitable to this country…
    • These photos of vicious, violent FPI louts, many of them too yellow-bellied to maraud without masks, illustrate the cancer he’s talking about.
    • ooooooooooooooooo-
    • FPI_13Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1).
    • fpi_anarkis4demo-fpi-hi-foto-reuter-566-ok-500x272
    • fpi kill busddhistfpi-lempar-dubes-australia-131122b
    • ————–———–
    • And more than adequately answer his rhetorical question… 
    • “So, what need of organizations like that?!?!  http://nasional.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/politik/15/12/14/nzclld330-said-aqil-sejak-lama-pbnu-desak-bubarkan-fpi


    So good for Said.

    But what about this NU luminary?


    Slamet Effendi Yusuf

    NU said governors’ prohibition of Ahmadiyah had their support. This was delivered by the Vice Chairman of the NU, Slamet Effendi Yusuf, on Monday (28/3). According to Slamet, it is a local government duty to maintain order….NU boards in certain areas, for example in West Java, East Java, and Sumatra, strongly expressed support for the governors’ rule…

    And then there’s the infamous case right here in Jakarta, where the NU raised hell about the inclusion of a Christian church in Gandaria City Mall.

    warga islam tolak gereja di gandaria

    ‘The Community and Citizens of the NU Reject a Church in Gandaria City!

    Bigot banner at Gandaria


    It was sheer ignoramus bigotry, because nobody protested when a mosque was included in Blok M Square mall.

    And when I say ‘ignoramus,’ I mean it, because no church was ever scheduled for Gandaria -it was all much ado about nothing, sectarian nasties frothing about a non-existent ‘threat of Christianisation!’ ‘

    That’s a big phobia here, among crack-pot clerics who fear their flocks will do a runner if exposed to other ways of worship! 

    And what about this NU notable?

    In the Yasmin, Bogor case, continued Hasyim, that cannot be the measure of Indonesia’s religious intolerance.  “I have been there many times, but it seems they do not want to get it settled…,” he said.

    Hasyim, full name Hasyim Muzadi, is a VERY prominent NU spokesman, chairman when he spoke those words which expose his outlandish intolerance.

    Because he KNOWS those Yasmin Protestants  – the ones who worship every second Sunday across from the Palace – fought for their rights all the way to the highest court in the land (most judges there, if not all, are Muslims who plainly understand civilised values like fair play and freedom of religion rather better than Hasyim) and they WON.




    So Hasyim just hogwashed when he said they don’t want to get it settled.

    It IS settled, for law-abiding citizens. Bogor’s Islamist bigots were and still are, alas…

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

     …in the wrong when they sealed that church.

    What a shame Hasyim’s so content to leave that wrong unrighted.



    And here’s Hasyim,  showing he’s a man untroubled about company he keeps, because that character dressed up in what you might think is fancy-dress, is none other than the afore-mentioned Habib Rizieq, darling  of IslamoNazis everywhere.


    But don’t for a minute think it’s only persecuted Christians for whom Hasyim doesn’t give a monkey’s! Here’s his follow-up rant  on the most persecuted people in this country, the Ahmadis –

    If the measure ( of religious intolerance) is the problem of Ahmadiyah, Hasyim said, that’s because Ahmadiyah deviates from the basic teachings of Islam, but always uses a “rubber stamp” to call themselves Muslim and is politically oriented towards the West.

    So HE thinks they deviate?




    Big deal. Anyone in a free country can deviate from the established religious in-crowd. Again, as Hasyim certainly knows, that is NOT the problem. The Ahmadis never bother other creeds, They worship peacefully and are exemplary citizens.

    The PROBLEM is ignorant bigoted Islamist intolerance.


    ahmadiyah2 Evil Sunni pig revels in the martyrdom of Ahmadis

    “It is very important for people in the UK to see Islam in Indonesia,”says the current British Ambassador – does he know that nobody was ever charged with the murder of those Ahmadi victims?


    Innocent Ahmadis have been murdered by moronic mobsters. Hasyim’s hogwash take on this is an affront to reason.

    As was his other rant when he hyper-ventilated that reporting Islamist thuggery was a form of ‘white-collar crime!’ Read it here! …https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/the-moderate-view-reporting-sectarian-violence-to-un-is-white-collar-crime/.

    So Her Majesty’s British Government should NOT be signing up to deals with the NU unless it purges itself of extremists like Hasyim, and Slamet Effendi Yusuf and the obnoxious clowns we saw at  Gandaria.

    And His Excellency should reconsider accepting his honorary membership, unless he carries a VERY long spoon in the boot of his ambassadorial limo.


    NB for English students  – ‘boot’ is British English for the American English ‘trunk.’


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    Java Heat – Oppressed Christians Worship In Jakarta Sun – Jokowi No Show! 

     Having had to hold their Christmas Eve service in secret…  
    http://nasional.kompas.com/read/2015/12/24/02020001/Jemaat.GKI.Yasmin.Ibadah.Sembunyi-sembunyi.di.Malam.Nataltoday they worshipped on the street, outside Monas Square, across the road from President Jokowi’s palace.
    Merry Christmas from us, who are forbidden to worship in their own church.

    I joined them, two groups of Protestants, GKI Yasmin, of Bogor, and HKBP Filadelfia, from Bekasi, two West Java locations notorious for Islamist bigotry and local governments that collaborate to suppress religious minority rights.

    Jakarta’s Oppressed – Ascension Brass Band Worship! No Sewage, Urine This Year! 

      X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist! 

    The abuse these good people have suffered at the hands of IslamoNazi gangs – and the refusal of ANYONE, from the President down, to enforce high court rulings in their favour –  are scandals that cry to Heaven for redress.



    Victims of  Islamist injustice, and that’s Jokowi’s palace in the background – the brollies are for the heat, and if a sun-worshipper like me found it too much, you best belieive it was HOT!


    With limited seating, many had to stand for two hours or more –  it got started a bit later than the scheduled 2pm.
    It was so incredibly hot that I grew fatigued, leaving before the end of their service, but I took several photos.
    SAM_9210 Jokowi’s empty seat
    There was one empty seat, reserved, for the Head of State, but Jokowi failed to respond to his persecuted citizens’ invitation. 
    As usual ( I don’t go to all these protest services, but try to get down there every so often) a large proportion of the at least two hundred congregants who spent much of their Christmas morning travelling into town –  and probably didn’t get home till nearly nightfall –  were young people, a lot of teens.
    I’ve posted on this affront to Indonesia’s pluralist principles so often that I wonder I persist – but what else am I to do?
    Only hope, as always, that President Jokowi WILL make that New Year’s Resolution I wrote about exactly a week ago.

    And So It Is Xmas, And Those Churches Still Sealed! 

    • jokowi
    • ————————
     Jokowi WILL

    JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Juru Bicara Gereja Kristen Indonesia (GKI) Yasmin Bogor, Bona Sigalingging menuturkan, jemaat GKI Yasmin akan melalui malam natal di Bogor secara sembunyi-sembunyi.

    Menurut Bona, gereja mereka masih disegel dan negara masih belum menjamin perlindungan bagi jemaat GKI Yasmin untuk beribadah dengan damai di malam Natal.

    “Suatu ironi sebenarnya, ketika di negara seperti Indonesia masih ada warga negaranya yang melakukan ibadah sembunyi-sembunyi, karena negara gagal menjamjn kebebasan beragama dan beribadah,” tutur Bona di Kantor LBH Jakarta, Rabu (23/12/2015).

    Natal 2015 merupakan natal yang keempat kalinya bagi GKI Yasmin, saat para jemaat terpaksa melaksanakan ibadah Natal di seberang Istana Negara.

    Gereja mereka disegel oleh Pemerintah Kota Bogor pada April 2010 dengan alasan permasalahan Izin Mendirikan Bangunan (IMB).

    Padahal, telah ada putusan Mahkamah Agung yang pada intinya membatalkan pembekuan izin terhadap pembangunan GKI Yasmin.

    Ombudsman juga telah mengeluarkan rekomendasi bernada sama.

    Namun Bona dan rekan-rekannya yang lain melihat, belum ada langkah yang dilakukan pemerintah baik pusat maupun daerah untuk membuka gereja yang disegel tersebut.

    Ini termasuk HKBP Philadelphia di Bekasi yang mengalami nasib sama.

    “Semua proses hukum sudah dilalui dan ada putusan pengadilan yang berkekuatan hukum tetap. Ditambah dengan Ombudsan sehingga seharusnya memang jemaat GKI Yasmin dan HKBP Philadelphia tidak dilarang ibadah seperti yang selama ini terjadi,” tutur Bona.

    Terkait persiapan ibadah Natal di seberang Istana, Bona mengaku GKI Yasmin telah menyelesaikan proses-proses administrasi dan LBH Jakarta juga sudah berkomunikasi dengan pihak kepolisian.

    Bona menambahkan, saat ini hanya tinggal bagaimana pemerintah menjalankan komitmennya untuk menjunjung tinggi kebebasan beragama dan beribadah.

    “Apakah negara akan maksimal melindungi kami di seberang Istana, atau akan membiarkan serangan-serangan dari kelompok intoleran? atau bahkan polisi sendiri yang membubarkan kami? Belum tahu untuk tahun ini,” ujar Bona.

    “Mudah-mudahan negara kami tidak semakin rusak. Karena kalau gereja kami disegel dan dilarang di seberang istana. Lalu kami akan beribadah dimana?” kata dia.

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    Jakarta This Week – Blameless Minority Creed Hounded Again! 

    Another example of sectarian hate blights Jakarta in what’s said to be a ‘Holy Month’ of reflection and introspection.


    • Jackboot
    • =================
    • Despite previous reports that most people in the Tebet area had no grouse with the peaceful Ahmadi minority in their midst, the South Jakarta Administration has blatantly caved in to the IslamoNazi FPI thug gang’s demand that those blameless citizens be deprived of their place of worship. “Our Prayers Disturbed His!” Pluralism in Jokowi’s Jakarta? 
    • Three decades on, suddenly the Ahmadis are found to be in violation of local authority rules? Yeah, right! 

    The CNN reports that, after being blocked from entering their An Nur mosque, the victims of intolerance have  demanded South Jakarta Administration find them a place where they can carry out their religious activities. Chairman of the Ahmadiyah in Bukit Duri, Aryudi Prastowo, said they were willing to be moved anyway.

    “We want to move but still around Bukit Duri because our people are around there,” said Aryudi in Jakarta Legal Aid Institute, Menteng, Central Jakarta.


    Aryudi tells a sad story of rising Islamist bigotry.They have been there for thirty years or more, and relations between Ahmadiyah and other citizens were intertwined in harmony…

    The Ahmadis had even “provided a common kitchen and provide 1,000 rice packets when there was a flood in Bukit Duri,”he said.


    • ahmadiyah2 Sectarian swine at Cikeusik, revelling in hate  – nobody has EVER been charged with murder, despite a full video http://www.liveleak.com/view
    • =====================
    • But he goes on to explain that, after the brutal slaughter in Cikeusik, when three innocent Ahmadis were martyred by a mob of Sunni savages, in 2011, that harmony changed…since then, there began to be intimidation and discrimination of citizens.

    And that evil climaxed last Wednesday, when the civic goon-squad swooped.


    • “On the day, around 50 municipal government officials came to seal the building.

    “The local government is unfair to us,” said Aryudi.

    Satrio Wirataru, of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) expressed a view which all Indonesians of goodwill must share. The South Jakarta City Government’s action was repressive….the municipal government must facilitate citizens who wish to practice their faith,” said Satrio.


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ==========================
    • He’s also asking for a review of the rules regarding freedom of religion.

    And that is the province not of a clique of fanatics in South Jakarta, but of President Jokowi, who last month made a widely-reported speech about how Indonesia was a tolerant pluralist nation.

    An easy way to prove that would be for him to scrap the previous regime’s monstrous Tri-Ministerial Decree -http://www.hrw.org/news/2010/11/04/indonesia-uphold-religious-freedom – the viciously discriminatory diktat that fell in line with the fatwa of those so-called ‘scholars’ in the MUI.


    • fatwa mui sholeh
    • =======================
    • And if he does that, he might also, as we often suggest, see to it that the police enforce the law, most notably the Supreme Court ruling on the GKI Yasmin church in Bogor, which, in defiance of the highest court, remains sealed, like these poor Ahmadis’ mosque.

    The Bogor Protestants are similarly oppressed by a local government, whose fanatical mayor, blind to the demands of fair play,  not only denies the Christians their right to worship in their own church but has even resorted to denying they exist.. X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 


    ratusan-jemaat-hkbp-dan-gki-yasmin-ibadah-di-depan-istana-001-mudasir ‘Non-existent’ Bogor Christians, forced to worship on the street


    He’s wrong!

    I’ve seen them!

    And joined their services from time to time, across the street from Jokowi’s Palace, a fortnightly reproach to anyone who prattles about pluralism.

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    Jokowi Urges Cops To Protect Minorities – in Depok? 

    Just watched the local news, and there was President Jokowi, addressing the massed ranks of Indonesia’s Finest, urging police to do more to protect minorities.


    • jokowi-twitter
    • ——————-
    • Nice sentiment, but to hear him say such a thing from a podium in West Java made me wonder if Jokowi was joking.

    He hasn’t ordered the cops to enforce the Supreme Court order and unseal GKI Yasmin Church in nearby Bogor, where the congregation has been persecuted by evil Islamist fanatics for years, in defiance of the law.


    Every second Sunday, if Jokowi looks out his Presidential Palace window downtown, he can see them worship on the street in protest againt this lawless oppression. 

    And he was actually speaking in DEPOK, the city where the completely innocent Ahmadi religious minority had its mosque seized by the City Government. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/depok-jadi-kota-pki-islamist-council-grabs-private-property-communist-style/   That authoritarian, sectarian move underlined clearly the way jihadists are a mirror image of the PKI, the banned Indonesian Communist Party.

    The Communists are, thanks be, no longer a threat here, but their tradition of hostility to religious freedom lives on in the thinking and actions of those who rule Depok.

    It’s a great pity Jokowi evidently feels powerless to over-rule their bigotry!

    , ia oreprotfo

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    Kenapa, Pak Presiden? GKI Yasmin Masih Disegel! 

    I haven’t been to Monas Square for a while, not sung a hymn since Easter! 

    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 

     Yesterday I went way down south, to Pejaten Village Mall, a pleasant outing, to meet up, one after the other, with a young friend and an older one.
    Always good to keep in touch.
    Embedded image permalink
    First weekend in June – Jokowi’s Palace in the background, as victims of intolerance are forced to worship on the public street
    But this very weekend, back up  by Monas, across the road from President Jokowi’s Palace, I’m told the persecuted Christians were once more at worship out in the hot sun, the GKI congregation from Bogor still barred by nasty Islamist bigots from their church – and the HKBP church from Tambun, Bekasi, in a similar plight.   
    There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for this. We’ve reported again and again on the Supreme Court ruling which neither President SBY nor his successor, Jokowi, have seen fit to enforce.
    So many Indonesian friends of freedom, of every creed,  rejoiced when Jokowi won that close election.
    They believed his commitment to religious liberty would result in the police being ordered in, not, as before, to act as referees between those Christians and the sectarian louts who hate them, but to fulfil their duty and open up the church for its congregation to enter and worship freely.
    Lily-Wahid Lily Wahid, a Muslim champion of freedom
    Instead the thug gangs, GARIS etc, against whom brave Muslims like old Lily Wahid stood up despite crass intimidation, appear to have got their way. The self-styled ‘pluralist’ Mayor who replaced the overtly bigoted mayor in Bogor, is playing the same game, even denying the existence of the Yasmin congregation.

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    Will Jokowi some Sunday soon come out of his palace, walk across the street and tell these victims of evil that he will have their churches re-opened…or will the darkness continue to spread across Indonesia.
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    Another Weekend Walk – Menteng to Monas! 

    My blog stats indicate readers like my Jakarta walkabouts, so here’s another!




    What a fine day it was yesterday, Easter Sunday in Jakarta!

    Got outa bed quite early – 8.30am, driven by the thought of a proper Sunday breakfast!


    But I had the previous night determined to get out of the house and into town, my first goal being that bazaar advertised last month, in the Kunstkring Paleis. No particular purpose, except an inclination to go back and appreciate the amazing interior of that 100-year-old building in Menteng.


    • SAM_9060
    • ================
    • The event was nice enough, but the prices were…well, pricey. It was Menteng, after all! So I contented myself with window-shopping.

    After an hour or more there, the sun was still shining outside – off I went, heading out the gate and sharp right, then across what is probably, on weekdays, a very busy road.

     Almost at once Gongandia Railway Station hove into view – and THAT, BTW, clued me into the best way to reach Kunstkring the next time.



    Yesterday, I’d travelled by Busway, disembarking at Latuharihari, then walking up through those leafy streets again.

    My walk took me along Jalan Imam Bonjol, past the Proklamasi Museum, the very spot where Indonesia’s Declaration of Independence was written out and signed by Soekarno and Hatta…



    – that’ll be another excellent excuse to go back there some other weekend!

    But thanks to not retracing my steps southwards when I left the bazaar, I now realise there’s an even easier way to get to Kunstkring – if you don’t fancy the enjoyable twenty minute walk from that Busway stop!

    Just take the Kopaja 20 – if you’re too posh for the Rp.4000 ordinary version, remember there is now an Executive variety – used to be Rp.5K but will have gone up since last I used it.




    The 2o runs all the way up from Lebak Bulus, along Simatupang, then through Mampang and up Rasuna Said, so you’re almost bound to have somewhere you can get on board. Anyway, it stops at Gondangdia – and indeed just about anywhere you tell the conductor you want it to!

    Once within sight of the station, no further orienteering effort was required of me – straight down Jl. Johar! I knew exactly which way to go, past the splendid Austrian cuisine of Ya Udah.


    yaudah bistro jakarta Ya Udah


    But before that, on the opposite side of the road, it came as a surprise to see a branch of Gang Kelinci, an eatery I’d rather liked when a new kid on the Jakarta block. There was once a big branch on Jalan Sabang, and it was one of the very first places I had a meal in this city.


    It had a second floor window, which gave a great view of the ebb and flow of the street below. Alas, it closed about 7 or 8 years ago, I guess; there’s still a branch at Blok M Square, but finding another was a nice surprise.

    Had my mind succumbed to the soaring temperatures – it was a scorcher! – I might have pressed on to Jalan Jaksa, but that once-proud entertainment hub is a shadow of its former self. Few people I like to meet go there any more, so I don’t either.


    •  Monumen Nasional
    • ———————————————————————–
    • No, a thought had struck me – Monas!
    • Always fun on Sundays, if the rain stays away….crowds of happy Jakartans. And indeed it was. A huge queue was visible around its pedestal, eager to gaze on the capital from on high.

    Not me! Four or five times I was dragged up there, by friendly natives, when I was still new. Quite enough, thanks!

    Because I had not crossed a church doorstep this Easter, my fingers were crossed, and sure enough, there, opposite the palace, the GKI Yasmin Christians were just getting started on Amazing Grace, as I arrived! 


    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 


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      I like these walking stories.
      But how can you do this long walking in the afternoon when it is better to be inside buildings away far from the hot sunshine.
      Sunday afternoon for me is sleeping time.


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    Easter in Jakarta – No ‘Islamophobia’ Among Persecuted Christians! 

    1st Image


    That photo was taken last Sunday, the persecuted congregations of GKI Yasmin church and others, like the Bekasi members of HKBP, gathered for worship on the public pavement across from President Jokowi’s Palace.

    Just like his predecessor, SBY – famed for his call for a worldwide blasphemy diktat to censor those who ‘insult’ religions ( though there’s little demand for such a universal censorship except from fanatics among his own co-religionists) – Jokowi has declined to order his police force to enforce the Supreme Court ruling that these innocent folk be allowed to worship in their own church buildings.

    Yet he presents himself as a champion of Pancasila pluralism.


    Just like the ‘moderate’ Mayor of Bogor, on whom much hope was once focused, when he succeeded his bigoted Islamist predecessor.  


    bima-arya-sugiarto-ketua-dpp-pan Arya Boma


    Now Mayor Arya Bima point-blank refuses to unseal GKI Yasmin’s locked gates. Worse than his predecessor, he even denies GKI Yasmin exists – which makes one wonder how the highest court in the country could grant a decree of deliverance to a church that isn’t there!

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    In any event, I can give him my personal assurance they exist, because this afternoon I joined them in the baking heat for their Easter Sunday service.

    The cruelty of Bima, pandering to ignorant savages who threaten violence, treating them, as if they deserve consideration in the basic principle of freedom of religion, is shameful.

    But until the Government acts as if they believe in pluralism, he will get away with his intolerance. 

    My aim today, however – apart from reminding you that this outrageous oppression continues – is to show a few more pictures, from today’s worship.






    The broad view above, maybe you spot nothing remarkable. But the close-in pic?

    Is that two Catholic nuns in old-fashioned habit?

    That’s what I assumed, at first, but curious, I asked another guy with a camera.

    “Oh, not so, Mister They’re Shia Muslims!”

    And one of them was dashed pretty – well, they both were cute, but one shockingly so! No burka nonsense, but draped head to toe in black.

    And there they were, well received on Easter Sunday by a crowd of Christians who have been treated abominably both by Islamist fanatics and by the Government which should be safeguarding their constitutional rights to worship freely in their own churches.

    It sure made me think.

    Yes, of course the Shia here have also suffered monstrous persecution by the authorities. 

    ‘Hate’ Conclave Goes Ahead in Bandung Amid Minority Protests 

    “If You’re Serious About Your Faith, Get To the Back of the Queue!” 


    But these Easter celebrants do not respond to their shameful maltreatment by tarring good Muslims with the same brush as should be rightly applied to the IslamoNazis jihadists.

    Like the two Muslim girls, they share a sense of what’s right and wrong, and want to put things right in their country.

    Something of a lesson there for a lot of people. 

    What a nice way it would have been to round off the sunny day out, had President Jokowi emerged from that Palace you can see in the background, sauntered across the road.

    How gladsome, had he come and told them that, as Commander-in-Chief, he was going to issue prompt orders to every soldier and police officer in the archipelago to open up those churches and minority mosques –  or guard their reconstruction where they have been destroyed by ignorant Sunni bigots.

    But it didn’t happen.

    The searing heat of the afternoon was balanced by a chill of indifference emanating from the shuttered palace.


    • Anita 12:02 on April 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It was good to see you there, Ross.
      Thank you for coming to be with the oppressed.


  • ross1948 00:12 on January 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , GKI Yasmin, , Jayadi, , , NTB Province, , ,   

    Jokowi Under Pressure? Not As Much As Those Ahmadiyah! 

    President Jokowi’s performance as Governor of Jakarta was first-class, especially his lightning ‘raids’ on the idle slugs drawing tax-paid salaries and found to be idling at – or even absent from – their desks.
    Likewise, he has shown resolute determination not to have Indonesia bullied by international undesirables like the EUSSR’s Moghieri, or the arrogant Dutch ex-colonial overseers, on the issue of capital punishment.
    But currently he’s in a bit of a pickle, with the National Police and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) over allegations against Jokowi’s pick for top cop.
    Overseas readers can read all about that complicated carry-on anywhere…
    But there are other matters concerning Pak Presiden…
    I have to share the impatience with his government expressed by the National Commission on Human Rights, Komnas HAM, on the endless torment of those Ahmadis in Transito shelter, down in Mataram.
    ahmadis transito Delinquent bigots attack Ahmadi homes
    They were driven from their homes, from their island, by intolerant scum, an act of Islamist ethnic cleansing in which the police repeatedly showed dereliction of duty, standing shamelessly by as mobs of sectarian savages ran riot.
    And now, after seven years, those poor folk, refugees in their own country, remain in Transito.
    Jayadi Jayadi
     Komnas spokesman Jayadi Damanik is now urging Jokowi to sort out this scandalous persecution. He told media that there are still 137 Ahmadis stuck in that hell-hole.
    Apart from constant obstruction in  their attempts to get the same rights as every other Indonesian citizen…Ramadan – No Respite from Islamist Oppression … in such things as health and education services, and even the right to vote…

    In Squalid Internal Exile, Lombok Ahmadis Denied Voting Rights 

    • ahmadiyah2-e1285119271327 Ahmadi child refugees in Mataram, taken years ago, all grown up now, as second-class citizens!
    • ————————–
    …the Tempo report quotes theKomnas man on the sickening pressure from the Governor of Nusa Tenggara Barat Province that they should turn apostate in order to facilitate resolution of their plight.
    “That’s discrimination,” said Jayadi.
    That was six weeks ago. We here at RRA had already posted a similar call last October.That’s Good, President Jokowi – Now For Transito? 
    There can be few if any issues on the President’s in-tray more deserving of his attention.
    What’s he doing?
    And what’s he going to do about the Depok goon-squad, the bigot mayor’s civic militia, who, applauded by IslamoNazi fanatics like Habib Rizieq of the FPI…
    habib_rizieq_temui_hasyim_muzadi Rizieq
     http://news.okezone.com/read/2015/01/12/338/1091267/habib-rizieq-ahmadiyah-mau-dikepret …have re-sealed the Ahmadi mosque…  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/05/25/depok-jadi-kota-pki-islamist-council-grabs-private-property-communist-style/
    …after it was reported that the victims of the hateful regime there actually managed to get in and observe a recent holy day.
    If Jokowi does get the National Police Chief of his choice, one hopes the first duty the new man is tasked to do is round up violent vermin across the archipelago and deploy well-armed officers to see to it that persecuted Ahmadis (and Christians X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’ Mayor Denies They Exist!’ ) in West Java, and everywhere, can worship freely in their own consecrated buildings.


  • ross1948 09:34 on December 22, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , GKI Yasmin, , , , , , , ,   

    West Java Christmas – Will Police Give Church The Gift of Freedom? 

    For the long-persecuted Protestants of West Java, it just might be that this year they’ll get the best-ever Christmas gift – from Indonesia’s National Police. 


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ———————————-
    • Their sectarian persecutors have refused to comply with the country’s Supreme Court decree that the GKI Yasmin enjoy the right to worship in their church. It was sealed by the bigot Mayor Diani several years ago – his successor, the so-called ‘moderate’ Bima, just recently declared his own craven refusal to obey the law.
    • ——–

    But now, with a pro-tolerance president in power, these victims of jihadist bullying have made an official request to the National Police that their worship be protected just the same as every other church in Indonesia.


    • Jayadi Jayadi

    The GKI spokesmanJayadi, said he hoped that this year’s Christmas and New Year festivities would be different and the worshippers would remain safe during their holy day. “We would like to conduct services on our own land. When can we stop conducting services outside the Presidential Palace?” he said. 


    • yasok2
    • ————————————–
    • I’ve often been along to those open-air services, hot sweltering days and rainy ones too, a small but cheerfully determined congregation, singing hymns and praying for justice. Sometimes even some of the cops on duty join in the sacred songs. 

    But will the senior police now do their duty and enforce the high court ruling?
    Jayadi added that the police recommended that GKI Yasmin also send a letter to their local police precinct to remind them of their obligations to protect civilians. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/12/18/bogor-church-seeks-police-protection-christmas.html

    West Java Police have never shown much interest in doing any more than umpiring between GARIS Islamist hoodlums and their intended prey.




    But National Police Chief Sutarman may take another view.

    The Police will be on guard at every place of worship of Christians on Christmas night. One of them is the Indonesian Christian Church (GKI) Yasmin located in Bogor, West Java. “Police will provide protection, because it is a task related to the security police,” said Police Chief Police General Sutarman in Central Park, West Jakarta, Friday (12/19/2014).

    Sutarman did advise the GKI to approach Bogor re their certificates, but –

    “No more intimidation and anarchy again,” he concluded.  http://metro.sindonews.com/read/93970431/polri-amankan-natal-di-gki-yasmin-1418990413

    Fingers crossed!

    • jj 17:34 on December 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Please let the answer to the prayers for freedom be a big yes!


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