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  • ross1948 19:45 on August 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Mature Brits Re-Adolescing? Doubt It! 

    I obviously don’t take seriously much of what I find in the Guardian…

    Guardian’s Headline Hides Key Fact!.

    Guardian Hides True ID Of ‘Belfast MP’ 

    Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 

    Middle-Aged Posh Dirty-Mouth -‘Politicians Mustn’t Appeal To The People!’ 

    … though it can make me incandescent on occasion.

    But this time I was reduced to a Victor Meldrew level of incredulity…



    ….by a survey showing middle-aged/elderly Brits have succumbed to Climate Panic propaganda.

    A survey of more than 500 people aged 50 and over found that almost two-thirds want ministers to move faster on climate initiatives, regardless of whether it meant products and services would be more expensive over time, or more difficult to access.


    Sorry, but while I’m sure the survey was conducted honestly, I have to believe their sample was a fluke.

    Worried about the weather so much you want to spend more money?

    Or more time and effort getting stuff you need?

    Come on!

    And when the report goes on to say that mature Brits are eagerly eating less meat?



    Gimme a break!!

    ‘I Don’t Believe It!’

    Readers over fifty, please tell me I’m wrong!

  • ross1948 21:02 on March 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Climate Panic! EU/USA Bureaucrats Collude To Turn Trump? 

    Secretive Brussels flunkeys are colluding with U.S. Energy Department bureaucrats.

    The aim?

    Get President Trump to betray his campaign pledge to repudiate the supranational ‘Paris Climate’ scheme.


    • Hasil gambar untuk climate panic
    • ooooooooooooo
    • EU Observer, an ever-faithful fan of the Euro-Commissars, reports this week that ‘American civil servants in the department of energy and the White House are “looking for a story to tell” president Donald Trump that will persuade him to stay part of the Paris climate agreement, according to an EU official.


    Hasil gambar untuk story telling


    “They want to have a narrative, they want to have a story.”

    This ‘EU official’ is clearly scared of the consequences of spilling the beans on his (or her) Washington counterparts’ attempted subversion – EUObs adds that this confession only came on condition of anonymity. 



    But we do know that the source was part of a delegation that visited the United States recently…where clearly some clandestine conversations occurred!

    The plot is be crafted around using a ‘business case’ to prevail on Trump to stick to US pledges on curbing greenhouse gases, made by his predecessor Barack Obama…



    • The arrogance of the Climateers in Brussels shines brightly through when you read how the Director General of the European Commission’s Climate Action Department talks about the President, about how there is “one reality that may also be a reality where even Mr Trump cannot go against.”     https://euobserver.com/environment/137228

    EVEN Mr. Trump?


    Hasil gambar untuk jos delbeke dg climate action


    Who does Jos Delbeke think he is?

    Admittedly he has his fat salary to think about. If one major country stops stumping up, then others too may reconsider. Then where’s his department’s cash coming from?

    But that’s an unlikely scenario. The EUSSR oligarchy won’t be giving up on their grand design any time soon.

    So Delbeke’s crass condescension towards The Donald simply reflects the uppity Euroid mentality we saw from France’s Hollande and Germany’s Steinmeier prior to the November election.  

    Trump-Hater Sticky-Beak Steinmeier Escapes Interference! 

    • Trump is not one of the supranational in-crowd, so he has to be cajoled, coerced, or conned, until EVEN HE gets it!


    But this Belgian sprout’s arrogance is not the real issue.


    What matters is to unmask the plotters in Washington, these ‘American officials’ eagerly at work in cahoots with anonymous accessories in Brussels.



    Sounds exactly what Steve Bannon has warned us of, the entrenched ‘administrative state.’

    Personally, I think Trump will keep faith with the folks who trusted him to dismantle this creepy climate pact.


    But read through the rest of the article – there are indications they’re also working on Energy Secretary Rick Perry.


    Hasil gambar untuk rick perry

    And that he’s responding nicely.


    Maybe he’s just being polite, however….

    Not sure about the USA, but there’s a recurring and disturbing tradition in the UK of politicians who talk a good talk but, when they gain high office, they take the side of their departmental flunkeys rather than the voters who elevated them.

    • Just a word of warning.  

  • ross1948 19:22 on October 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Slap Down Green Nazi DiCaprio! Vote Here! 

    Somebody sent me a link quoting an opinionated jackanapes’ rant against democracy.


    Hasil gambar untuk leonardo dicaprio


    Although the clown has acquired a bit of a rep for mouthing off, I found it hard to take seriously his latest authoritarian outburst, but it turns that, indeed… 

    LEONARDO DICAPRIO made headlines this week with his suggestion that people who don’t believe in climate change should be banned from holding public office…Poll: Should climate change deniers be banned from public office?

    Nasty little Green Nazi!

    So let’s all slap him down, and the biased pollsters who, in the same report the link above takes you to, offer the opportunity to agree or disagree.


    But just in case you might want to think it through all by yourself, the climate panickers insert their OWN link in the middle of the question, viz.

    Today we’re asking: Should those who disagree with the scientific consensus on climate change be barred from holding public office?

    • PLEASE NOTE that bit in the middle takes you to a site loaded with Climate Panic propaganda.
    • Ignore their slanted insert, just vote – take a stand for democracy against Commissar Caprio,
    • ,
    • Pamela 22:36 on October 10, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      His only good film was Titanic.
      This smarmy little actor has no respect for opinions other than his own and that doesn’t matter, but his anti-democratic views are troubling.
      If the climate panic people are so sure of themselves, why do they have this compulsion to shut critics up by totalitarian means?
      But their propaganda must be having an effect. I just voted in that poll and the climate fanaicss are winning by 5500 votes to 4900. I wonder if, like the Brexit result, this disturbing result is down to school indoctrination.
      I hope your other readers take part and turn the tide for democracy.


  • ross1948 01:11 on December 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Climate Censorship – BBC Takes Its Cue From Stalin! 

    Remember that famous Communist example of simply erasing inconvenient people from  official records – Trotksy air-brushed from the photo of CP stalwarts?


    Lenin addressing the troops, Trotsky photoshopped out


    Heck, Stalin eventually ‘air-brushed’ Trotsky from the face of the earth, by means of an ice-pick in the skull, but that’s another story.

    What concerns people interested in freedom and fairness this week is how the Pravda-clone BBC has followed the Soviet example by not merely grovelling to the climate-panic pack but actually making a whole video disappear from its available archives, denying the world access to material which featured critics of the ‘global warming’ alarmists!



    • The BBC officially apologised in October, admitting that the show failed to make clear that sceptics represent a ‘minority’ that is ‘out-of-step with scientific consensus.’

    Now, in an alarming development, the BBC has deleted the programme from its internet archive.


    • Hasil gambar untuk global warming panic
    • The alarmists’ outrageously expensive knees-up in Paris this month was somewhat elbowed off front pages by Mr. Trump, yet even so, we’ve had to watch more than enough of utterly uncritical BBC reports of their ranting and raving.

    But objective coverage of the other side of the  debate?





    Some media do, from time to time, let us hear both sides, but not the UK state broadcasting agency.

    This fear of dissenters’ arguments tends to confirm the Panic Pack are running scared!



    • Ron 01:32 on April 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      “Global warming” they hate that term because the temp has not changed one iota and NY is not underwater as predicted 30 years ago. One giant fraud about control and power!


  • ross1948 12:36 on October 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Happy Hallowe’en – Beware Pumpkin Threat To Planet! 

    Looking through all those Jakarta fairs, parties etc. organised to celebrate Hallowe’en (or Halloween as they regrettably mis-spell it, mostly) has almost inspired me to go out trick or treating myself.

    But too much mid-week partying has dissuaded me.


    • lazy-sloth-14384269
    • ———————-
    • Better, surely, to lounge here at home with a visitor due soon to tend to my sloth.

    However, I do wish I’d got a pumpkin to light up in my little front yard.


    Grinning Halloween lantern vector illustration.



    Because OBAMA’S Feds don’t like them!






    Spoiler Alert: Government Warns Pumpkins and Jack-o’-Lanterns Cause Global Warming


    ——————-  Are you preparing to participate in the fun filled holiday of Halloween this weekend? Did you carve pumpkins into Jack-o’-lanterns with your children, friends or family?

    Well, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Don’t you know that pumpkins cause global warming when they decay by emitting methane (the same thing emitted from the bowels of cows), which is a far more dangerous “greenhouse gas” than carbon dioxide?


    As Katie Pavlich asks,

     What’s next? A government mandated pumpkin recycling program?


    Exit question: How much taxpayer money was spent on demeaning pumpkins and Halloween?

    Oh, and just to cheer my American readers even more, here’s another headline from the same site.

    Good News: Obama’s Global Warming Campaign To Cost $45 Billion A Year In Regulatory Costs

    Have a happy!

  • ross1948 20:29 on May 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Grim Green Gargoyles Snarl in Australia! 

    Bjorn Lomborg’s appointment has surely ripped away, for all to see, the last feeble pretensions of the intolerant Red/Green lobby, not just to the spirit of academic inquiry but to tolerance itself.



    The man is not even a ‘denier’ of the climate panic theories ( , Bjorn Lomborg writes that exaggerated, worst-case claims about climate change result in bad policy   Bjorn Lomborg: The Alarming Thing About Climate.)   but simply questions the way the fanatics perpetually press the panic button when weather becomes the topic of conversation.

    What was it they used to call it? Global Warming?

    Nowadays the warming is less warm – there was even a weather-alarmist thriller film about New York engulfed in an Ice Age –  so they have fallen back on ‘climate change,’ and a mob of chancers have leapt on the bandwagon.


    • climatechangefraud A rare exception to media collaboration
    • ===================
    • Politicians like Gore, of course, but also lackeys galore in the media, slack hack journos who did pay some attention to the vile professors involved in the ClimateGate scandal…
    • ==========
    • goreendnear
    • =============
    • …but then moved deftly on, quoting the babblings from IPCC as if they were today’s equivalent of the Ten Commandments. 

    Lomborg wrote a famous book, warning about warming, nearly 15 years ago, The Skeptical Environmentalist, which I haven’t yet read…


    …but I  have read the Australian pinko media, which has suddenly decided to be concerned about the tax-payers, surely a novel interest for papers which a year or two ago noted the 60 million dollars damage caused by ‘asylum’ ratbags on Christmas Island, then carried on cheer-leading their crimmigrant cause.

    They are fretting – http://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2015/apr/24/university-of-wa-academics-demand-end-to-deal-with-climate-change-contrarian  –  as are the usual suspects in academia – in particular at UWA where’s he’s being posted.




    Their lap-dog leftist students, cretinously, want the Dane driven off campus ‘in the name of science!’ Their choice of words indicates they don’t really know what scientists are meant to do –  pursue truth, search for knowledge.

    I suppose had the University of Western Australia Students Guild been around when people were executed for saying that the Earth orbited the Sun, their mass (mob) meeting would have been roaring for blood.

    Congratulations to Tony Abbott on giving Lomborg the opportunity to set up this Australia Consensus Centre.

    Before it even opens, it’s shone a bright, searing light on the terrified clique battened onto alarmist dogma.

  • ross1948 12:52 on February 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Ahoy, Antipodes! Now It’s ‘Climate’ “Asylum”-Seekers! 

    I suppose it might be argued that I myself am a ‘climate’ refugee!

    After all, anyone who spent all of his school years and decades of his working life in either Canada or the UK, or anywhere in lands that border the North Atlantic, surely has grounds for seeking sunnier shores.

    I don’t know the statistics but strongly suspect it’s a fact that rheumatism and arthritis among senior cits is much more common on shores lashed by Atlantic rain and cities beset by sleet and snow for many months each year.

    So when I saw this headline, I paused.


    New Zealand Climate Refugee Takes His Asylum Case to Supreme Court


    A climate refugee in New Zealand has taken his fight for asylum to the Supreme Court…after overstaying the visahttp://au.ibtimes.com/new-zealand-climate-refugee-takes-his-asylum-case-supreme-court-1417227

    Well, not much of a refugee, if he came in on a visa (what kind? work? holiday?) then decided he liked NZ so much he suddenly felt a need for ‘asylum!’

    Honest folk would go home then apply properly. There’s nobody waiting to shoot him back there, is there?

    But skip that!

    I’ve never been to Kiribati, but if it has a climate like Toronto’s or London’s, I wouldn’t blame this geezer for heading south.

    But alas, he’s not basing his case on a human right to sun-bathe, which I’d say makes more sense than some of the so-called ‘human rights’ we hear about from that European Court, for instance.

    • No, nothing of that sort!

    Teitiota’s lawyer claims that his client is making a valid claim for asylum, as the effects of climate change entitle him to be a refugee. “Our argument is that he is being persecuted indirectly because of the inability of the industrialised world to ameliorate CO2 emissions! 3 News.




    Are all who dwell in Kiribati delightful, honest, civilised souls?

    I don’t know.

    One hopes so, because if this guy gets the nod, they’ll ALL be entitled to swamp NZ.

    And everyone else in the world, MILLIONS of people, dislocated by the hot seasons or the wet seasons…

    flood victims Jakarta flooding

    …like Jakarta’s at the moment (which of course the Climate Panic Crew will be attributing, at least in part, to ‘climate change,’ now that they’ve sneakily dropped the term ‘global warming’) will obviously have to be taken aboard the Good Ship Western Welfare. 

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