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  • ross1948 07:41 on April 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Indonesian Flip-Flops! Grab/Gojek Again Carry Passengers! 

    Even I have been a good boy, wearing my mask and keeping my distance in the minimart queue.

    The Jakarta governor’s rules apply to everyone in the city – we foreigners, rightly, also have to comply.

    But what happens when the rules suddenly get reversed?

    At a time when many Indonesians are alarmed, anxious, and looking to their government for guidance, is it useful suddenly to change the rules…

    …as has happened this week?

    I refer to these central government decrees.

    Transportation Ministerial Regulation No. 18/2020…giving ojol drivers legal leeway to transport passengers, despite a previous Health Ministry regulation that prohibited them from carrying customers as part of the efforts to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/04/16/what-about-the-others-ojol-relief-sparks-concerns-over-aid-inequality.html

    Ojol drivers are better known as ojeks, bikers for hire, hugely used by Jakartans to zig and zag through the awful traffic congestion.

    I have only ever used them when in desperate straits, as I noted some years ago..

    Intimidasi Di Jakarta – GO-JEK-OK

    ‘Many people say they are uncomfortable with the bargaining they need to do to hire a traditional ojek driver.’    http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/06/11/go-jek-drivers-fearing-violent-resistance-traditional-ojek.


    …but recently, many, if not most, of them have been absorbed into two commercial enterprises, Grab and Gojek.

    They are instantly recognisable by their livery, and when the ‘no-passengers’ rule came into effect…

    Gambar terkait


    …they found lots of new custom via the demand for deliveries, especially to the newly housebound!.

    The young housewife next door has about half a dozen  deliveries a day, to avoid toting her baby to the minimart.

    But now it’s all change!

    People respect rules, if the rules are seen as fair and consistent.

    The ojol drivers are very organised and with the prospect of a large labour movement demo coming up this month, some have said the change reflects a wish by the authorities to avoid confrontation.

    It’s not as if the police have nothing better to do.


  • ross1948 20:53 on April 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Indonesia – Why Curb Competition? 

    Just got back from a nice little walk, and just as well, as it looks like the rain will start up. 

    I have a nice Stone Age handphone, a good old-fashioned Nokia, which allows me to call and receive calls and send and get sms messages.

    It also functions as an alarm clock.



    More than that I do not need.

    Yet a friend last week urged me to go modern, get one of those smart-phones that does everything save the washing up.

    Why am I thinking about it?

    Gambar terkait


    Because the Grab cars and Gojeks etc. don’t respond to all hand-phones, only to those with internet applications.

    And as my drinking buddy affirmed, they are a lot cheaper than cabs and ojeks, the traditional biker-taxi geezers here. The latter can be especially rapacious if the customer is a foreigner – the loons reckon we are all rich!

    I have explained to some of the wannabe rip-off bikers that while some foreigners, like lefty NGO snowflakes…

    posh foreign pinko

    …are grossly overpaid, many ‘expats’ are in fact retired, or back-packers, or NOT in high-salaried jobs!

    My pal is right. I have used Gojeks, thanks to people who have the ‘app,’ and the price is significantly less expensive. However, the news reports last week have again discouraged me from trading ‘up.’ It seems regional administrations will be able to set a minimum and maximum limit to fares…  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/03/22/ride-hailing-apps-to-soon-see-curbs-to-business.html

    A MINIMUM limit?

    This bizarre scheme emanates from Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi and is said to be a response to whining from the old taxi companies which can’t handle competition.


    Gambar terkait


    I’d have thought Budi might be better advised, if he must interfere in matters that have naught to do with safety on the roads, to impose rules on the taxi sector, forcing them to require drivers to pass a local version of The Knowledge…

    Hasil gambar untuk The knowledge taxis

    …that famous test undergone by would-be London cabbies before they may ply for fares.

    It never ceases to amaze me that Jakarta taxi-drivers can be so utterly ignorant of their city. I often know more than they do.

    One former colleague became so exasperated that he told the driver to change places and, thus securely in the driving seat, got to his destination quickly, if not perhaps legally!


    More fun walking?


    It all reminds me of the weirdly negative attitude in Bali towards new tourist accommodation, local government efforts to limit the number of new hotels that spring up.

    I’d see the merits of such a policy if they were marring areas of beautiful scenery ( like those girls in the photo above!) or of historic interest.

    But in Kuta or Legian or Tuban?

    Kuta Square

    • Get real!

    The more competition the better, for if that’s the case, then the hotels, hostels, B n Bs, etc., will need to offer ever-cheaper prices to lure guests!

    That means even the ritzy joints too, and why not?

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    Memories of Scargill’s Red Nazis, As Jakarta Cabbies Run Amok 

    police orgreave

    Officer Down! NUM bootboys attack a fallen cop


    Those of you who were in the UK during the marxist-run National Union of Mine-Workers’ violent strike thirty-something years ago must have been as appalled as me to learn of what happened in Jakarta today.


    Who could forget their red fuhrer Scargill’s war against parliamentary democracy?

    His hoodlums waged a campaign of vicious intimidation against working miners who defied his bully-boy strategy.

    Praise be there was Maggie Thatcher to prevent the triumph of their brutality.


    Who the Hell do these ‘protestors’ think they are?


    • While many of the cabbies involved in the protest demos against their Uber and GoJek compeititors behaved responsibly, others did not. Some thugs in their ranks not only criticised colleagues who exercised their right to work but physically attacked them.

    Worse, the louts intimidated passengers.


    ahok Ahok


    Hurray for Governor Ahok, who says he’ll revoke the licenses of cab companies which don’t take stern action against lawless ratbags who engaged in vandalism and forced passengers to get out of the taxis in the middle of the street. One such incident took place on the innercity toll road along Jl. Gatot Subroto outside the House of Representatives in South Jakarta.

    So THAT was why one of the people who kept me waiting at Ratu Plaza yesterday smsed to say she was ‘scared!’

    Here’s me thinking it was the heavy rain that deterred her from arriving on time. I’m glad I didn’t reproach her when she finally did arrive! 

    Taxi drivers were also involved in brawls with Gojek drivers near Jl. Sudirman in Central Jakarta, which brought traffic to a standstill.

    I was actually on Sudirman, to and fro, passing the time, awaiting my acquaintance, but saw no signs of this mayhem!

    A brawl also took place in front of the State Palace, where taxi drivers were also demonstrating.Hundreds of taxi drivers threw soil and water bottles at Gojek drivers passing the road near the palace. Gojek drivers shouted back at the taxi drivers.



    Indonesia’s authorities should emulate the UK’s much-missed Iron Lady when faced with such  disgraceful antics.

  • ross1948 20:04 on June 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Intimidasi Di Jakarta – GO-JEK OK! 

    ‘Many people say they are uncomfortable with the bargaining they need to do to hire a traditional ojek driver.’    http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/06/11/go-jek-drivers-fearing-violent-resistance-traditional-ojek.html

    Even by the mealy-mouthed standards common in local media, that’s remarkable. But before we continue, for the benefit of overseas readers, ojeks are motor-cycle taxis. They hang about on corners or outside malls, stations, etc.

    The most obnoxious I’ve ever encountered, when I had the misfortune to live in Bekasi a dozen years ago, were those at the entrance to Kemang Pratama Complex, mouthy gits, arrogating the right to pass comment on anyone who passed them by.


    I have met civil ojeks, but darn few. 

    And it’s not unfair to say that many of them are rapaciously dishonest.

    I may have mentioned before my own experience when, in a hurry to get from Blok M to Kemang one evening, I approached one of them on Jalan Melawai.

    ‘How much to Kemang?’


    I just laughed as scornfully as possible and walked off.


    kopaja kopaja


    Normally, I’d jump on a 605A kopaja, which goes right through Kemang from Blok M, total fare to anywhere RP.4000. But they obligingly stop wherever, anytime, so speed is not part of their ethos, and I was thirsty!

    Sopir Taksiku Ketemu Hantu Tanah Kusir?

    So I hailed a passing Bluebird taxi and he took me to exactly where I wanted to go (a place not far from Eastern Promise, FYI) and his meter read Rp.10,000. I was more than delighted to tip him.

    I’m sure everyone in Jakarta can tell a similar true story. Ojeks are best avoided, ESPECIALLY if you are a foreigner.

    Indonesians do indeed have to bargain, but will eventually, probably, get a fairish price – us aliens are up against an engrained racist extortion mentality.



    Hence today, reading the Jakarta Post, nothing amazed me about the fact that one of the relatively new GoJek drivers ran into trouble simply for doing his job.

    He had to ring his waiting customer and apologise for not turning up, after a gang of louts had menaced him – they would not hesitate to beat him up if he insisted on picking up a passenger in their area. 

    A brave bunch – they always lurk in packs. On their own, they wouldn’t likely say boo to a goose, but mob-handed, invariably courageous against a solitary victim.

    And it gets worse, for the disappointed customer tried again, whereupon some uppity upstart told him in anger that he should hire a local ojek driver…

    Nothing a kalashnikov couldn’t cure!

    You can read the whole story here, but while there’s not a lot an individual can do in the face of such vile bullying, I can at least offer you the GoJek link –

    GO-JEK Indonesia | An Ojek For Every Need

      – order from people who ask a fair price, and stick to it!

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