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    BBC Bias! ‘In Wyoming, Truth Is Now In A Minority…’ 

    No sooner did we get through UK Pravda’s Bias Spectacular……

    Awful Eades Breaks BBC Bias Record!

    ….than, zoom, straight into the American primaries, and the BBC hack in the USA, John Sudworth, is clearly marked for rapid promotion, his splenetic, Trumpophobic prejudice evident throughout.
    Leftist extraordinaire…

    Taiwan President Interview – BBC Hack Inserts His Left-Lib Hang-Ups! 

    We have come across the creep before!

    But this morning, 9am 17/8/22, (Jakarta time}….

    The typical BBC claim that Liz RINO Cheney ‘was one of only 2 two Republicans to join’  Pelosi’s witch-hunt panel.

    She did indeed, but there would have been more EXCEPT that Pelosi excluded ANY member of the House of Representatives whom she thought might be unwilling to put the boot into The Donald.

    But when Sudworth got into his stride?

    He put the boot into the people of Wyoming!

    ‘In Wyoming, Truth Is Now In A Minority!’

    And Sudworth is well-versed in characteristic dirty BBC tricks, e.g.
    When they want to be nasty, they invoke anonymous others, in this morning’s broadcast that meant ‘many observers,’ among whom, we were told, there’s ‘concern,’ that ‘the very essence of democracy is under threat.’
    Pity his pronunciation is off, mangling a great state’s name.
    I mean Michigan is pronounced ‘Mishigan,’ NOT ‘Mitchigan!’
    Never mind.
    Then, around 9.05am, Awful Eades, frowning…
    “She has lost..”
    I let out a mild cheer, mild since it was no big surprise, but then had to observe a full length Cheney-speech, modestly comparing herself to Lincoln and, more offensively, to ‘those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.’
    Good grief!
    But to be fair to Awful Eades, methinks he was correct when it sounded like a bid to start a presidential campaign.
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    Good Legal Immigrants Always Welcome – Again! 

    Only yesterday we gave an example of how HONEST immigrants are a boon to any country.

    In contrast to sleazy queue-jumpers, like those the Media-Democrats fawn on…



    …many admirable people fill in the forms and take their turn, and then they and/or their children, make valuable contributions to the country they make their own.


    Fellow Conservative,

    Young said it best — she’s exactly who Democrats don’t want in Congress.


    The Democrats have spent millions to keep her out of office and will spend millions more to do it again. It’s up to us to stop them…

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    Good Legal Immigrants? Always Welcome! 

    Now here’s a smiling face that demolishes the Media-Democrat Big Lie that patriots in America or anywhere are anti-immigrant.


    Michelle Steel for Congress

    Hey there Fellow Conservative,

    When I came to the United States as an immigrant, I came in search of opportunity with hope for a better future.

    Instead, I found a broken political system that was victimizing the very people it was built to serve. The Democrats in Congress aren’t working to fix the system, they’re pushing a socialist agenda that will only make it worse.

    AND …

    …she’s running for Congress, in the land where the lunatic left rules supreme!!

    Fatuous Friscolese – New Left-Lingo In California! 


    Related image



    “…instead of referring to an individual as an “inmate,” one should use the term, “currently incarcerated person.” Rather than call someone a “juvenile offender,” the person should be described as a “young person impacted by the justice system.”



    Welcome To The Nut-House California! 


    God knows California needs a good woman like her to fight back against the very bad men and women who are tarnishing what used to be the Golden State!


  • ross1948 19:40 on December 24, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Jewish Woman Gets Death Threat – Twitter Colluded! Why? 

    The hogwash about patriot criticism of Sorosoid subversion being inspired by ‘Anti-Semitism,’ as discussed before..

    Yes, Soros Is A Jew! And Decent Jews Detest Him Just As We Do! 

    …needs to be set against the murderous hatred of the far-left unleashed on a Jewish woman in California, aided and abetted by the double standards of social media…


    A hate-freak leftist in California published this on Twitter, and Twitter…

    Image result for twitter left bias

    Dorsey is happy to allow hate-speech, against patriots.

    Who Will Report This Remainiac For Incitement? 


    …in keeping with its sleazy boss’s grotesque bias…


    …has taken no action, either to delete the Tweet or to ban the hate-freak, a klutz named Feldman, from its sites.

    As the courageous target says-

    The egregious double standard in Silicon Valley between what is and isn’t tolerated on Twitter and Facebook should concern every decent person. There is no denying the fact that Twitter is biased against conservatives and Jews when I was permanently banned from Twitter for saying “Ilhan Omar is anti-Jewish”, but Leftist accounts like Loren’s get to openly call for me, a Jewish Republican congressional candidate to be murdered on Hanukkah..”

    Read the whole story here!

    Sick: Filmmaker Fantasizes About Killing Jewish Congressional Candidate Laura Loomer On Hanukkah

    Notice the mainstream media has mostly, if not totally, suppressed coverage of this rabid leftist’s overt incitement to murder!


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    New York Lady Thwarts And ‘Thanks’ The Louse! 

    Nice news from New York, where a feisty female candidate faced an avalanche of Soros cash and not only fought through to victory but ‘mocked him in her victory speech.’




    The malevolent billionaire funneled more than $800,000 into the contest – the District Attorney position in Monroe County – but the voters there withstood the big-money onslaught, electing the Republican incumbent by more than 56% of the total turn-out.


    Sandra Doorley httpspbstwimgcomprofileimages7106382062162
    Sandra Doorley

    I know nothing more about Ms. Doorley but she has shown that this wretched rich man that for all his wealth he cannot impose the vile liberal agenda wherever he likes.

    That bodes well for all the patriotic people and parties all over the Western world that he aims to crush with his billions.

    Soros used something called the ‘the New York Justice & Public Safety Political Action Committee’ to wage war on the lady, and you can watch a video if you use the link below, to see her victory speech in which she mockingly expresses her ‘thanks’ to the subversive old swine for his intrusion into the race..


  • ross1948 12:16 on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    RINO Worms In Big Apple Endorse Genital Mutilation 

            Gambar terkait                                                                                                                                     Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.)


    A well-deserved word of praise for Vicki Harzler!

    While other Republicans ran and hid, she stood in the fire, fiercely determined to stop what Barack Obama started: the decimation of the world’s greatest fighting force.    

    It’s a good article, which you can read in full here – http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=WA17G23&f=WU17G09  –  – all about this fine lady’s amendment to stop wasting tax-payers’ money on genital mutilation, or, as the LGBT lobby likes to call it, gender transition surgeries.

    So what’s to be done about the two dozen turn-coats who allied with the Media-Democrat Party to thwart her move?

    It’s not an issue unique to America so no apologies for taking sides.

    The strategy must be up to my good blog-readers in the USA, but I know some of you are thinking along the lines below.



    Here are the names of renegade ‘Republicans’ from just one state (New York) who were among their RINO comrades in voting down Vicky Hartzler’s amendment.

    John Katko, R-Camillus, and Claudia Tenney, R-New Hartford, who represent Central New York, were joined by Upstate Republicans Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro; Tom Reed, R-Corning; and John Faso, R-Kinderhook, in opposing the GOP amendment.

    It’s to be hoped that decent people there will mount primary challenges to get them out of Congress.



    If they survive the primaries, conservative independents in New York, and in other states, ought to stand against such liberal collaborationists next time round, to ensure their defeat.



    • Leo Cozijn 12:38 on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      *Why don’t you “educate” scientists like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, A.C. Grayling, etc. on this subject? Or do you already (rightfully) suspect you will be laughed out of the room for your backwardness?*


      • ross1948 00:27 on July 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        Aaah, Poor Leo, still lauding the perverts!

        Nothing backward about my views, but if you think yours are smarter, let every country give the people a vote!


        • Leo Cozijn 20:32 on July 18, 2017 Permalink

          Perhaps you ought to respond to or at least try acknowledge what I wrote, rather than trying to evade and change the subject. Obviously you know better than challenging mentioned scentists with your backward outdated ideas.


        • ross1948 14:23 on July 19, 2017 Permalink

          Good day, Comrade Leo.
          I always respond to you, since you enjoy the position of token pinko on our blog comment roll. I had in fact been revelling in debate with a local pinko pal just before I responded to your angry jibe.
          I am certainly not going to research all the sources you offered to justify trans-freak privilege.
          My response was very reasonable, viz., if there are two irreconcilable opinions on an issue, let it be put to the test of democratic sanction.
          You should not fear this solution. In eccentric Eire, your side won the referendum on ‘gay’ (sad) ‘marriage.’.
          In Slovenia you lost.
          The congressmen and women who subverted that legislation must answer to their constituents.
          That’s fair.


    • Ben Baniek 12:55 on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      There you go. NY is a problem city, and looks like upstate New York is getting as bad.
      Why do my taxes have to be spent on freakos? I wont be the only American saying that, New Yorkers too
      I bet these congressmen will have a hard time next election.


    • Les Jaimes 13:25 on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      That’s a clever way of putting across your message.
      Everyone hates FGM so lets use your words TGM – for Transgender Genital Mutilation – to describe what we are gonna be made to pay for thru our taxes.
      I am checking to see if any of those other RINOS came from my state and I hope we can get those bums out in 2018.


    • Mort 15:02 on July 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You have a way with words, Ross and this treatise on genital mutilation has the ideal title, length, depth and effect.
      So far as I know, there are moves afoot to defeat four of these people already. The honest thing for them to do is run as Democrats. I would at least have a little more respect for them.
      Liberals have no place in the GOP.


  • ross1948 18:44 on November 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    If You’re Voting In Massacusetts… 

    Here’s an excellent candidate for the Massachusetts State Senate.

    Mass. State Senate candidate Ted Busiek. This is what the future of the GOP should be!

    Read all about him here.  http://www.massresistance.org/docs/gen3/16d/Ted-Busiek-state-senate/index.html

  • ross1948 09:35 on March 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Jedidiah the Jerk and Obama the Hypocrite – Slap’Em Down! 

    Just before I hit the sack last night, the media inexplicably gave time to a moronic jerk named Jedidiah Brown yammering about his hatred of the democratic process, revelling in the shut-down of Trump’s rally in Chicago.

    The man’s a common thug, who leapt onto the stage and vandalised one of the campaign posters.



    One is minded to revive the slogan used against a gubernatorial candidate some years ago in California, who had the same surname as this loud-mouthed activist.



    Okay, a dirty little leftist lout, black, by the way, but there were plenty of white hooligans there too.

    I notice that among those protesting against Trump in Chicago was that vile communist sponsor of Obama’s rise to power, the unrepentant terrorist William Ayers.  http://twitchy.com/2016/03/11/we-shut-trump-down-admitted-terrorist-cheers-on-anti-trump-protesters-in-chicago/




    A much more significant tv appearance was the Arch-Enemy Within America, Obama, his hypocrisy so brazen, ranting about how wrong it is to be ‘divisive’ on racial grounds, presumably imagining Americans have forgotten his own racist rhetoric, that disgusting comment about Trayvon Martin, the late juvenile delinquent.




    Few failed to notice that his outburst, blatantly inspired by racial identity, was not matched by any similar vocal concern for any white person’s death. Indeed, when a blameless young woman was killed in California and the accused turned out be one of Obama’s other preferred category, a crimmigrant, his deafening silence was heard in every one of the fifty states. 

    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama! 

    But as I said last night, what’s much more disturbing than that yammering thug , or the racist in the White House, is the other Republican candidates’ merely qualified disapproval of the violence in Chicago, which was entirely due to the anti-Trump rabble.

    If you don’t like a man’s political views, you present your own. You don’t invade his rally and storm the podium, you hire your own hall, and invite your fellow-subversives for a thug hug-in whilst ululating on the desirability of stomping freedom. 

    Trump’s GOP rivals should consider that, if one candidate is prevented from speaking by leftist lice like those we saw on tv yesterday, they will be the next targets – the mob’s appetite for censorship of opinions that upset their sensitivities will simply grow ever more voracious. 

    • Pierre Gardner 20:17 on March 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Your last paragraph sums it up. Cruz should know better, because if Trump gets de-railed, Ted will face the same kind of attacks. The left despise the democratic process.


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