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    Ma’af, Nia Danata! Jakarta Needs More Than New Censor Rules 

    Interesting to read in the ever-astonishing Jakarta Post, whose parent company Gramedia perpetrated the most glaring example of sectarian censorship not that long ago, a Nazi-style book-burning to placate Islamist bigots, that somebody’s claiming…


    Indonesian movie industry still not entirely free from censorship:

    Since the Jakarta Post has never condemned Gramedia’s infamous grovel to jihadist fanatics, it’s not surprising that this complaint comes not from JP editors but from a lady named Nia Dinata.


    Gambar terkait


    She’s a real wee cutie, as you can see, but she’s also a film director, who says, quite rightly, that the Indonesian movie industry is still in shackles as judgmental groups are reluctant to accept the freedom of expression by artists which are often out of the box.

    But Nia is surely guilty of understatement!

    It’s not only ‘out of the box‘ movies that get hammered, and the hammers are not only wielded by sectarian nutjobs (which I imagine is what she means by judgmental groups)

    It wasn’t just silly little censor cuts imposed on the film ‘Noah!’

    I usually enjoy Russel Crowe films but found ‘Noah’ stupid and boring to watch. Yet why on earth was the entire movie outlawed throughout Indonesia?


    Russel Crowe dalam Noah (Foto: Ist)

    Noah’ Banned – Who’s Next? State Censors or Sectarian Enforcers? 


    Because it upset violent bigot gangs and the non-violent bigot cliques, much the same sorts as the book burned by Gramedia also did!

    And we’ve had to report other examples of the most extreme elements in Indonesia doing their dirty worst to tell Indonesian people what they may or may not watch.

    ‘Cinta Tapi Beda!’ – First Blood to IslamoNazis! 



    Cinta Tapi Beda was about love between a guy and gal of different religions, and had the foul fanatics frothing, as they often do here.



    Clearly a film for young people, teens especially, coming up to the age when they think of marriage!

    So Nia’s suggestion this week, that  instead of censoring, “Age classification must be clear. Every line of industry, be it movie theaters or TV, must be required to include age classification,” does not make that much sense.

    There are other films we’ve looked at, such as this –Soekarno’ Film – IslamoNazis Threaten Cinema Raids!  – and I’m too busy today to wax indignant about the clouded cleavage crisis on our tv screens, or the general tv censorship issue, covered in previous posts like this…


    tight jeans 21

    Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

    … but while vigilante hoodlums should be truncheoned by stern law enforcement officers out of their pretensions to any role in censorship…

    Gambar terkait


    …even official censorship here needs a lot more reforming than Nia suggests, to drag it into the 20th, never mind the 21st Century!

    Never mind, her heart’s in the right place.

    • JazPen 14:26 on August 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I cant dispute anything said above and that includes your praise of Nia as a cutie.
      I am always glad when you write about Indonesia and even more when you attack the Gramedia book-burners.
      I am sending you a few links you might want to use for other local stories.
      Have a nice weekend


    • Kezia 15:04 on August 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is what I like from your blog, Ross, that you respect Indonesian people and say they do not need to be told like little kids what television and films they can go to enjoy.
      Our government listens to many bad voices for censoring. Better they censor the bad advice they listen to from MUI and FPI and let us choose like adult people.


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    Jakarta Post Equates Islam With Islamist Fanaticism! 

    A prominent headline in the Jakarta Post this week briefly gladdened my heart…

    Apology from Jakarta Post




    But only briefly.

    I had hoped their Editor, Endy, had finally decided to say sorry for the JP’s failure to condemn the Hitlerian book-burning committed a couple of years ago by his newspaper’s parent company, Gramedia, at the behest of Islamist fanatics.

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • burning booksGramedia’s Hitlerite book-burning

    • …………………..

    But no, it was just that the JP was apologising for its sloppy reporting 0f the recent executions.Apology from Jakarta Post .

    Now I wake up this sunny Saturday and wonder if we’ll see another apology soon for THIS indefensible headline.


    More celebrities, rock stars turn to Islam


    This alarming news had me worried.


    • ………..
    • Was Mick Jagger about to undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca – I’d much prefer him to bring the Stones to Jakarta so I could enjoy their brilliant music once again.

    Was, perhaps, k d lang, the Canadian lesbian, about to cover her glorious beauty (!) with a burka?


    Not so!

    In fact the JP report is not, as far as I can see, about apostasy at all.




    None of the celeb singers etc. mentioned ( I may be wrong but am open to correction) are Christian or Hindu or Buddhist. It seems that the people concerned are by no means ‘converts.’

    On the contrary.

    Up till recently, they have, apparently, been like the Indonesian Muslims I mingle with every day, nice, normal people who say their prayers but don’t shove their religion down other folks’ throats.

    What the JP means by ‘turning to Islam’ is that they have endorsed the most extreme and fanatical outlooks, most notably (for stars of the music industry) 

    Kang Ucay, the former lead singer of Bandung-based pop-punk band Rockcalled et Rockers, who now goes by the name of Noor Al Kautsar, serves as the coordinator for the Bandung chapter of Indonesia Tanpa JIL (Indonesia Without JIL). Indonesia Tanpa JIL is a conservative Islamist movement opposed to the liberal Islam, promoted in Indonesia by Jaringan Islam Liberal (Liberal Islam Network)  http://www.thejakartapost.com/life/2016/05/27/more-celebrities-rock-stars-turn-to-islam.html

    For ‘conservative,’ please read radical. Conservatism means attachment to traditional values, which in Indonesia are distinguished by an easy-going tolerance among creeds.

    In fact, there’s much misuse of the term Islamisation here, when what’s meant is Arabisation. Though to be fair to Arabs, many of them enjoy music, unlike another gaggle of celebs cited by the JP, viz.

    Some other musicians who have decided to lay down their instruments recently set up a movement and identified themselves as Al Ghuroba, or The Strangers. These former musicians’ primary campaign theme is the prohibition of music.


    Of course, we have often covered kill-joy nonsense, most often from Aceh, the only Indonesian province with sharia law…

    ‘Immoral Activities – Sitting in Coffee Shops Laughing and Talking…’ 



    Aceh’s Mad Mullah – ‘Dancing is EVIL – It Involves Body Movements!’ 


    …but also from other parts of the archipelago…

    Islamist Kill-Joys, Buoyed by Gaga Ban, Now Turn On Indonesian Stars 

    However, outwith the ranks of frothing fanatics like that mullah, Indonesians, Muslim or not, DELIGHT in music, especially dangdut, this country’s most beloved genre.

    I append one example of the many popular practitioners. She’s named Cynthiara Alona. And she’s Aceh-born!



    She’s a great dangdut singer – since foreign readers know little or nothing of that music, I’ve searched around and got you a link to one of her performances.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsHfGZPh624

    Dangdut tv shows command audiences of millions, and, in a 90% Muslim country, most of them are likely to be Muslims.

    The Jakarta Post headline is surely a slur on all those who adore their music and see no inconsistency with adherence to their faith.

    Why should a handful of fanaticised ‘celebrities’ opting for outlandish extremes be said to be ‘turning to Islam?’

    The JP should issue another of its rare apologies!

    I’m of course NOT Muslim – as regular readers will have long since guessed! – but my final quote comes from a prominent Muslim who ought to know what he’s talking about.

    Syafiq Hasyim of the State Islamic University (UIN) Syarief Hidayatullah said that celebrities’ newfound piety, especially those who chose to become preachers, may be motivated by pragmatism.      

    “There are two types of piety, exclusive and inclusive and the latter is always better. But I suspect that for some of those preachers, they have financial motivations,” Syafiq said.    


    • JazPen 11:32 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I thought you’d get onto this one, Ross.
      I take strong exception to that Jakarta Post headline but since Gramedia is famous for supporting those fanatics in book-burning, I cant be very surprised if they think growing those awful long beards and hating music is ‘turning to Islam.’ Pity whoever wrote that article didnt put his name to it.

      I dont know a single Indonesian Muslim who hates music the way these former musicians do.

      Keep reminding us about the book-burning episode please.
      Its important more and more people overseas understand what kind of people run that media empire.


    • M K Subrawan 11:48 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      We who are Muslim and like music, the Jakarta Post thinks we have not turned to Islam because we are not hating music and not grow beard?
      It is very truly an insult from the Jakarta Post to million of Indonesia people


    • Slamet 11:54 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Mister Ross, you write many things that are good here but sometime I think you are not so clever if you beleive that oneday the Jakarta Post will say that what Gramedia did to burn the books is bad.
      I sometime think my boss is stupid and even bad but i do not say this because he pays my salary each month and I must look after my family
      Jakarta Post do not have bravery to tell what they think about Gramedia because Gramedia is Jakarta Post big boss. Do not hope for that editor to do what he should do. He too has family to look after.


    • N S in Sleman 12:04 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I hate the Jakarta Post, they always make me angry to read and now I tell my other Muslim friends what they say about this turning to Islam, like Islam is all things same like Arab Saudi.
      All of us we are children of Indonesia not Arab Saudi and we like dangdut and jazz and some like reggae. That is not to be less Muslim than the selebriti that hates music and fun.
      You also some days writing things make me not so happy but you today do good job in this.


    • Lomax 12:46 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, I read your blog a lot and I know your heart is in the right place but –

      you have lived there so long you have let your judgment get clouded.

      It doesn’t matter how much ‘ordinary Muslims’ don’t care for this fanatic music-hating crowd, they aren’t going to do much of anything to put a stop to what you call ‘arabisation.’

      I have seen you time after time give us news of violent intolerant Islamists and some of the people will raise their voices against it but the government and the police hardly ever make any moves to get rid of the problem.
      I think if you stay in Indonesia much longer, you will see it become an Islamic republic, shariah everywhere.

      What will you do then, Ross?

      . .


    • Farida 13:08 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      This is Wahabism not Indonesian Islam. We do not like this and do not like Jakarta Post saying this is all about these singers turning to Islam. They to me are turning away from the ways of Indonesia, Muslim or all religion here..
      Jakarta Post is most like American newspaper, not Indonesian newspaper and always not thinking like usual Indonesian people who like music and do not like to burn books.
      My friends show me this your blog so I send you my agreement.
      I wish you can blog in bahasa Indonesia because I can say many more things about all this but thank you and I am in support yours sincerely.Farida .
      , .


    • Graeme J 16:59 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting but sad reading.
      Why do these poor souls get into this dark mindset?
      In the West, we see so many musicians turning to drugs, now here we see so many musicians turning to this, which as you show us, isn’t Islam as understood by most Indonesian Muslims.
      Music must be a bad way of life if it drives people into these kinds of behavior.


    • Dipo Depok 19:06 on July 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Better if you do not interfere with what is not your business in another country. I read you before writing against Depok, eventhough Depok is a good Islamic city.
      The Muslims will do what we must do to make Indonesia a cleaner and holier country.
      If you do not like what you hear and see, go to a heathen country to see naked women and hear your music.
      No real Muslim will want to have these things in Indonesia.


    • Intan 14:16 on August 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Dipo -do not speak for Muslim people only for the wahabis and salafis fanatic and there are so many in Depok.
      Good Indonesia Muslim people better to be more together with good Indonesia non-Muslim people than to be like Depok fanatic.


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    Jakarta Post’s Red Re-Hab Campaign – Enter An Atma Jaya Prof! 

    From red bogey to anti-intellectualism

    • That’s the headline in the Jakarta Post, 19th May, above an article by some geezer described as a professor at Atma Jaya University, which non-locals won’t know is the Catholic university here.
    • ——-
    • communism tyranny


    • I dare say the late and much lamented Polish Pope may, as I type, be sitting in an honoured place above, discussing the Jakarta Post with his fellow-Pole, Father Popieluszko, murdered by the Red secret police –
    • —-
    • mindsz
    • …and perhaps with Hungary’s Cardinal Mindszenty.

      Or with the many Balkan Catholics slaughtered by the Communists there.  Vatican Recognizes 38 Albanian Christian Clergy Martyred by Communism.

    • Catholic parents paying hefty fees for their young to attend Atma Jaya should also peruse Setiono Sugiharto’s piece, and ask what sort of stuff their kids are being exposed to.
    • That depends, of course, on whether they can understand what the hell Setiono’s rabbiting on about!
    • It’s VERY hard work grappling with a vocabulary utterly alien to normal people.  
    • …people today have become multi-literate and multi-modal, artistically blending linguistic elements with other semiotic resources and modalities such as symbols, imagery, sound and graffito to carry out successful verbal and non-verbal communication. 
    • From red bogey to anti-intellectualism – The Jakarta Post
    • —-
    • heavens-to-murgatroyd-hes-using-nitrous-peroxide-1-728
    • Can you imagine anyone churning out pretentious gobble-de-gook like that and expecting ordinary people, Indonesian or not, to take it seriously?

    • This geezer doesn’t seem to get it, that writing for propaganda purposes should only be done in plain English, not academic ivory tower jargon.
    • Danny Tebor 13:49 on May 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I have been following your commendable resistance to this Jakarta Post campaign and must congratulate you on your latest chapter! Your quotations from Senor Fontova’s writings are always welcome reading.

      I too suffer a wave of nausea when I see some teenager wearing those Che Guevara tee-shirts, even although 90% of them very probably have no idea of his maniac record.
      A real shame they don’t use that picture of Cardinal Mindszenty, who unlike Guevara was both good and brave, a prisoner of conscience who, you would think, is a much better role model for the young Catholics in that Atma Jaya University.

      What is wrong with the editorial board at the Jakarta Post?
      I suppose most of them are far too young to even remember 1965 and they only have a red-rose tinted version from their parent’s generation to base their beliefs about what it was all about. Indonesia was lucky to escape PKI rule. It would have been at least as bad as what happened in Vietnam after 1975. The Post would most certainly not be publishing criticism of the government if Mr. D N Aidit had gotten control of the country.

      It makes me think they’ve picked up their bias from university teachers and so your post does answer my question.That’s what is wrong with them.
      It’s the same in our Canadian colleges, lecturers so far twisted to the left that they can hardly stand up straight.,


    • Jango 17:11 on May 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t think these old PKI communists are any threat to Indonesia today, Ross. They should just be left to their own devises.
      Trying to make them say sorry as you suggest is no different from dragging 90 year old concentration camp guards into court. They can say they’re innocent all they like but whether they’re telling the truth or not, they won’t last long anyway.
      But you are right about Gramedia, they should apologise for the book burning.


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    Islamist Insanity – ‘He’s Married The Goddess of the South Seas!’ 

    Most of you, like me, lead lives concerned with enjoyment. It may be that you delight in your family, or your job, or sport, or party-going.

    Or all of the above!

    Life is short and it’s not a dress-rehearsal – apologies to those who believe in reincarnation, but that’s just how I feel about it. 

    That’s today’s intro, but here’s something to think about. 


    • nature “So the water, the soil, the sun, the air become a composite, energy for the welfare of society without exploitation, because that people obey the law of nature is a certainty.”


    Wow! A bit heavy, but harmless, yeah? And anyone who propounds such ideas should not be harassed or hounded for doing so?

    Pause for general agreement. Ooops!

    Not in West Java, not even if the ideas come from a senior local government position, like Dedi Mulyadi, Regent of Purwakarta. He’s not only a notable but a thinker, and a writer, and he’s written a book setting forth his thoughts on the nature of life and the universe.

    He seems to be a likeable chap.



    Good for him. Or not.

    Because ‘some Muslims are uneasy.’ And ‘scholars are fretful.‘   http://nasional.tempo.co/read/news/2015/11/30/058723573/dilaporkan-fpi-ke-polda-begini-reaksi-bupati-purwakarta

    So says the local IslamoNazi FPI chief, a ‘scholar’ himself.

    The ‘scholars’ mentioned are hardly what normal folk think of as scholars. They are ulema, steeped in Islamist dogma but that’s where their ‘learned’ status stops. But even they don’t usually come out with the sort of rank hogwash we heard from one infamous Islamist bigot.

    He has accused Dedi of secretly marrying Nyai Loro Kidul, the legendary Goddess of the South Seas.


    Habib Rizieq (left) with the nastiest terrorist convict in the country, Abu Bakr Bashyir

    • Guess who?

    Yup, it’s the ‘high priest’ of the FPI, Habib Rizieq! 


    •  Hmm…A man could do worse!
    • =================================
    • Although large numbers of Javanese worship her ( and that ticks off the Islamists no end!) she doesn’t appear too often.
    • Like I say, a legend. Locals don’t wear green on the Parangtritis beach, for fear she’ll take a fancy to them and carry them off, into her oceanic domain. 

    No wonder Dedi’s laughing about that IslamoNazi berk’s babblings! 

    But here’s where it gets beyond a joke.

    In response to complaints from the white-shirt gang, West Java Police are investigating Dedi!

    The report will be explored by the Special Criminal investigation team…


    Who gives a monkey’s if some Muslims or some Catholics, or Protestants, or Hindus, are uneasy. They should be told to take a chill-pill and grow up!

    And if those dogmatic drones, the ‘scholars,’ are in a fret, that’s hardly news at all. The curmudgeonly old (and sadly young) ‘clerics’ spend much of their time seemingly searching for fret-producing issues, and invent them if they can’t find them.

    •  –


    • Dedi’s book, for example, was published long ago, but only now has some sectarian sticky-beak stumbled on it as a whine-excuse. 

    Nonetheless, when are the relevant authorities going to tell the nasty fanatics who infest this country that wasting police time is not just anti-social, but also a prosecutable offence – or should be.

    • Indonesian_National_Police_General's_Visor_Hat
    • Given the amount of real crime, not least shameless corruption in high places, Indonesia’s Police must have better things to do than investigate sane people just because demented dorks are in a tizzy about a book.

    Alas, there is a pool of intolerance in this beautiful archipelago, exemplified by Gramedia, one of the largest publishing companies, which owns many media, including the pretend-pluralist Jakarta Post.

    burning books Gramedia’s Nazi-style book-burning

    The management of that collaborationist company grovelled despicably to the most mean-spirited jihadists only a year or so ago, revelling in a Nazi-style public book-burning.

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    The book’s ‘crime’ then was the same as Dedi’s book’s now – dissing religion.


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    Which Dumb Klutz Edited Today’s Jakarta Post? 

    Another party tonight – yeah, it’s a demanding life-style! – and having just got home, a tad tired, I nevertheless wanted to have a quick glance at the news.

    And what do I see but a rather turgid ‘news’ article in today’s Jakarta Post, about a flap-jawed Christian conference telling governments all over the place what to do about various issues – okay, much the same in the West, and, on a dull day, presumably, the JP hacks needed something to fill up their pages.




    But what the heck does THIS have anything to do with anything?

    .The church assembly criticized the building of a military base in Asia  –  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/05/27/christian-organization-assembly-tackles-rohingya-papua.html

    Oh, really?

    Which military base?

    Built by whom?

    In what country?

    • stupid_idiots_big
    • Not the merest scrap of background to explain the appearance of that bizarre sentence!

    Can’t blame the hack who penned it!

    He or she must have had some inkling as to what it referred to, otherwise why insert it?

    So who was the sub-editor who let it intrude as a meaningless pop-up amid matters totally unrelated to military bases in any continent?

    If it turns out to be a reference to Red China, which has been building aggressive military/naval outposts in the waters of other Asian countries, yes, that would be a worthwhile story.

    • Tibet_map
    • Beijing is also guilty of installing VAST military occupation forces in the country it invaded and has tormented for decades, namely Tibet. Was that the ‘military base’ (why only one, not all of them!?) the JP meant?
    • Tibetan+exile+Janphel+Yeshi+runs+as+he+is+engulfed+in+flames+after+he+set+himself+on+fire+during+a+protest+in+New+Delhi Tibet’s torment
    • If so, ‘twould be a welcome if belated indication that communism is recognised by that pathetic paper’s editors as a bad thing.


    burning booksgramedia

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


    But I doubt it – probably just the usual ineptitude we expect from the rag owned by the Gramedia book-burning magnates.  

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    Five-Star Hotel Hooker Horror – Jakarta Post Grammar Probe? 



    Prostitution has been there since my childhood but we have hypocrite and posed not to know about it,” kompas.com quoted him as saying here on Monday.

    That’s allegedly Jakarta’s Governor Ahok speaking, about a ‘high-class pimp’ story hitting headlines here.

    He also said he did not know the number of ublic officials using sex workers’ service but many have abused their power to pay the high tariff.

    • stock-illustration-30527208-silhouettes-of-beautiful-pin-up-girls-1950s-style
    • He admitted he had difficulties to eliminate prostitution, including the online one, in the capital city.


    I am content to grant that the word ‘ublic’ is just a misprint for ‘public.’ Thanks be it was not misprinted as ‘pubic!’

    But the abominable standard of English must surely make the newspaper a laughing-stock, not least among those who, like myself, have in the past described it as part of the ‘English-language media.’ 


    • ahok Ahok
    • ———————
    • Ahok of course did not use those words attributed to him – he would have spoken in Indonesian and the bizarre rendering of his quote is entirely down to whichever English-language ‘expert’ translated it and the ‘editorial’ staffer who approved it.

    Perhaps some of my former students who spent most of class-time playing with their hand-phones?

    It’s early morning here and I’ll check out other media later, hoping to uncover the interesting parts of the story – e.g. the name of the posh hotel, never mind the celebrity slapper – carefully concealed.

    But I remain convinced nothing will be quite as shocking as that grotesque grammar!


    burning booksgramedia

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    I’m reading the ‘online one,’ of course, not the paper edition, so don’t yet know if that shares the short-comings.

    If so, will Gramedia, who own the JP, recall all today’s copies and subject them to the book-burning process for which they are notorious?

    • JazPen 09:42 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You hit the nale on the hed,Ross. They’re grammer is worse than mine.
      A trooly terribel noozpaper.


    • Santi 10:03 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Maybe the other media has her name because I am looking now at who is the selebrity AA.
      But she said she is not in the hotel.
      Maybe my grammar is not so bad as Jakarta Post editors. Can I maybe get new job?


    • Irfan 10:27 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      My English too is not very well but I see how bad is this Jakarta Post. Very funny.


    • Julie English 11:38 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      It was I think Prince Philip who memorably called the Daily Express ‘a bloody awful newspaper.’
      What he would have made of the Jakarta Post, I hate to think.

      Their bias is an editorial prerogative but why so slipshod in production.


    • Graeme M 12:10 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      So instead of telling you that it’s beneath the Jakarta Post to approach you because you were once an English teacher, that comment a few months ago should have been urging them to find as many English teachers as they could to improve their inadequate employees..
      I’m an English teacher here and was going to rely to that person’s insult to the profession at the time but didn’t get around to it.
      So now I have.


    • Elwyn 14:31 on May 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Question – why does the Jakarta Globe have far fewer grammar errors than the Jakarta Post?
      Possible Answer- – if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys?.
      True or not?
      I know the Globe is owned by one of the richest people in Indonesia.
      Gramedia, on the other hand, may be less wealthy.
      But you are right, Gramedia’s book-burning stinks.


    • Andy H 11:29 on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      If they had principles, their grammar wouldn’t bother me.
      I remember they kept very low key and therefore kept publishing during Suharto’s dictatorship.
      Now they bow and scrape to the Jihadists.
      Principles? Or would their subeditors spell it Principals?


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    Anti-Social Media – Harmless Student ‘Guilty,’ But Islamist Bigot Sites Re-Open! 

    So the majesty of the law unfolds before our eyes, and Florence, the young student who dared use ‘social media’ to criticise the City of Jogja, gets jail-time – suspended, apparently…   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/04/01/facebook-path-users-sentenced.html


    Because the Indonesian Government’s move to shut-down fanatic Islamist sites that spew out jihadist poison has been U-turned

    Jakarta – Fanatics Fume at Shut-Down of Sectarian Websites! 

    …after an ‘outcry!’- http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/04/01/govt-unblocks-radical-websites.htm

    Funny, that.

    You’d think you might hear an ‘outcry‘ if you were out on the streets of the capital, as I have been, often, in recent days, but nary a word. You’d think you might see tense faces, twitching with indignation – nope!


    Well, not counting the crowd at Grogol Halte Busway, waiting for a bus to Lebak Bulus, half an hour or near enough, whilst in that space of time, about seven buses to Kalideres came by, plus two empty vehicles which declined to stop and pick up the disgusted would-be passengers.  

    Of course the IslamoNazi FPI was outraged, at the abortive ban. Their shrilling must be the bane of their neighbours’ lives, which ever part of town they live in. Amazingly, the FPI site was not on the list of those to be dealt with. 


    • But as in the West, it’s not just the cacaphonous sectarian hate-mongers who let rip when governments take concrete action against jihadist jerks.

    It’s the entire left-lib establishment!

    Needless to say, the Jakarta Globe editorial collective is in the forefront, though they say they want a panel to monitor such action, with ‘moderate’ Muslims on it.

    fatwa mui sholeh

    That will presumably exclude anyone connected with the state-sponsored ‘scholars’ of the MUI.

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ – “Don’t Complain if You’re Attacked!” 

    But even the JG recognises that the government’s flip-flop in this case will only send the wrong signal and strengthen radical movements, because they now know they ride the public opinion…  http://thejakartaglobe.beritasatu.com/opinion/editorial-unilateral-website-ban-wrong-move/

    • 3c1b1-get_real_big
    •  Yes, the sorry surrender will strengthen the forces of darkness here, but let’s get real..… the real public doesn’t give a monkey’s. In my local warteg, where lots of Indonesians were stopping by for lunch on my previous visits, not ONE person even mentioned it.

    It’s ONLY the chattering classes ( apart from the fanatics) who, appropriately, give a monkey’s!

    • baboons

    Jakarta’s (and London’s and Washington’s and Canberra’s ) chattering classes


    But at least the JG has an editorial, frothing about freedom of expression. The Jakarta Post, which I’ve just also been perusing, has not, so far as I can see, given vent to an editorial stance.

    Understandable, given how their own parent company, Gramedia, is still well-remembered for its own capitulation to the Islamist intolerance of the MUI and the FPI.

    The Jakarta Post’s tame hacks have never yet condemned that infamous book-burning.


    burning booksgramedia

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 


    How could they dare publish any hypocritical mouthings on free expression today?

  • ross1948 00:25 on December 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Gramedia, , , ,   

    Kidding, Ya? Jakarta Post Accused of ‘Blasphemy ?’ 

    In 2012, the Jakarta Post’s parent company decided Indonesians were not fit to read a book.

    • Gramedia joined with the most rabid sectarians in the country in a Nazi-style book-burning, which the JP has never yet condemned, despite its editorial pretensions towards pluralism. 

    Grovelling Gramedia’s BookBurning Bonanza – Appeasing Fanatics 

    • burning books
    • Gramedia’s Hitlerite book-burning
    • ====================
    • the books were burned outside the Bentara Budaya cultural hall in the Kompas Gramedia complex in Palmerah, West Jakarta. Company president director Wandi S. Brata oversaw the book burning, along with several Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) officials, including deputy chairman Ma’ruf Amin. Jakarta Globe 13/6/12
    • ======
    • WOW!
    • =====
    •  I’d thought book-burning was something that happened in Red China’s Cultural Revolution or Hitler’s Germany. 
    • ——–
    • ====================
    • But then big news yesterday!


    biter bit


    • The Biter has been Bit!


    The Jakarta Post’s chief editor Meidyatama Suryodiningrat issued a statement on Thursday evening in response to the announcement made by the Jakarta Police that he has been named a suspect in a blasphemy case.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/12/11/post-chief-responds-being-named-suspect.html

    Yeah, it’s true that making  blasphemy a crime is plain daft, but what did Suryodiningrat have to say in his statement  a ringing denunciation of the Dark Age law?


    We are amazed because the fact is we did not commit a criminal act as accused. What we produced was a journalistic piece that criticized the ISIS [Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant] movement, which has carried out violence in the name of religion.

    So far so good – then, enter amnesia!

    It means that the ISIS caricature was not blasphemous...However, we respect the ongoing process and we will follow it in accordance with the prevailing regulations.”


    The soppy appeasement monkeys at the Jakarta Post published that cartoon satirising the ISIS flag –

    – THEN did a typical gutless U-turn and apologised repeatedly for those tiresome ‘hurt feelings’ afflicting the usual tantrum brats!

    The Post regrets the error in judgment, which was in no way meant to malign or be disrespectful to any religion. 





    Jihadists Wreck Prophet’s Tomb! OK, Jakarta Post – What IS Inscribed On ISIS’ Flag? 


    Nor were the JP clowns content merely to publish pusillanimous apologies – they proceeded to welcome in the local friends of ISIS, the JAT jerks, and treated them as if they were respectable citizens with legitimate cause for complaint.

    • ————————–


    In fact, as you can see from the inclusion of the satanic old beast Ba’asyir on their propaganda page, JAT’s rabid and dangerous ideology should make JAT untouchable by respectable people.

     So the valiant myrmidons of the Gramedia plutocrats first did the right thing and published a ‘flag’ mocking the demonic ISIS.

    Then, when loads of sectarian ratbags began a-shrilling, they cowered and cravenly apologised.

    Now they are facing sectarian legal sanctions and they belatedly resurrect their fanciful self-image as brave and bold journalists?

    • laughing
    • All Jakarta will laugh, or at least those who recall that Hitlerian bonfire in obeisance to fanatics.


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