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  • ross1948 17:30 on November 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Covering For York Egg-Lout? 

    Curiously, the BBC seems to be covering for the far-left lout, Philip Thelwell, currently in custody after the incident we mentioned earlier today.

    Is York Egg-Yob A BBC Fan? 

    There’s a long piece on the BBC website which at NO point gives the former Green Party candidate’s name.



    Nor does UK Pravda give us background reported in more responsible local media, viz.

    He’s an ( Ex? ) Stinko  who..

    • .. ” was arrested as part of an Extinction Rebellion protest blocking Waterloo Bridge in London in April 2019.

    Two years later, he came to prominence in York as part of the Barbican Community Centre group, who squatted on undeveloped land owned by Persimmon next to the Barbican Centre.

    Theres a lot more…

    ‘Totally unacceptable’: Green Party leader slams former candidate suspected of throwing eggs at the King


    …including his status as a student at York University, which good people should now keep under observation to make sure the turd is expelled…


    …but regrettably there’s no address.

    Regardless of the outcome of legal proceedings, many honest citizens will likely wish to meet him, to remonstrate and offer guidance!

  • ross1948 12:00 on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'arts' funding, , , Edwina Thorsby, Green Party   

    ‘It’s A Real Shame.. ‘ Says ABC! 

    It’s a real shame,’ or so said Australia’s tax-funded broadcasting outfit, today, 19/5, around 9am Jakarta time.

    That was not, alas, a confession of the shameful bias they have pumped out for years…

    Desperate’ Scomo? ABC Probyn’s Bias Rant!

    Just Asking- Does Red Vixen Trioli Yet Leech Off ABC

    …but a contribution to the federal election debate from their Arts person Edwina Thorsby, in regard to ‘arts’ promises.

    Some Aussie voters no doubt agree with her about how ‘the arts’ sector “needs to be supported,” but as many, perhaps, do not.

    Especially given how public money is disbursed to various bodies and projects to spend as they will, run by snooty intellectuals..

    …with no democratic control.


    Do federal grants go to bodies and persons approved by elected legislators?

    Remember this outrage?

    “It would be different in a private exhibition — maybe — but public money, some from returned vets’ rates went to this…” https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-09/outrage-soldier-artwork-violent-salt-mackay/11746680

    How much pseudy and/or subversive cr#p gets subsidised…..



    …from the Australian public purse?

    Thorsby basically said the Coalition government wasn’t offering much at all, while she was clearly pleased at Green Party promises.

    Okay, up to her….but only as one pro-‘arts’ voter.




    …it’s NOT appropriate for ABC to put one of their top flunkeys on tv to tell voters her dearly beloved Arts ‘needs to be supported.’

    • Keith Milner 14:39 on May 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      We are so used to it that we hardly notice how they misuse our money.
      When he was PM, Tony A talked about cleaning up ABC but nobody today, with any say in politics is interested, except Pauline, so I will stick with One Nation.


  • ross1948 03:52 on May 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Australia 'asylum' maggots, , Green Party, obstructing law enforcement, ,   

    Red Rats Fail To Foil Oz Xmas Outing! 

    Bit of a downpour last night…

    …but feeling bright after reading nice news.

    Good for Oz!

    Pleasing to see a pack of anti-social aliens sent to Christmas Island to repent ( unlikely! ) their ingrate criminality…..

    ….disgraceful offences which include-

    ‘..serious crimes relating to assault, illicit drugs, robbery, domestic violence and other offences…’

    But surely there’s still room for improvement.

    They should have been manacled, loaded onto an RAAF cargo plane and parachuted back…


    ….into whatever hell-hole land they originally oozed out of…



    And how about the red vermin who deliberately attempted to obstruct the alien vermin’s removal?

    ‘…a heated clash between police and protesters outside a Melbourne detention centre…’.


    Regardless of the reckless involvement of a senator in the rabble….



    …or, some might even say, because of that loudmouth noisome leftist Lidia Thorpe’s noisy ppresence…


    Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe Wants The Aboriginal Flag To Be Flown Half-Mast On January 26

    Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe

    ...filmed telling the police confronting protesters that they were “an absolute disgrace…



    …the mob should have been much more forcefully subdued.

    How many of the scum were taught a lesson in respect, by handy use of a truncheon?

    How many were arrested?

    How many pinko louts will face prosecution and prison?

    Just a few thoughts as I prepare a spot of lunch to share with a welcome visitor…


    …OTW to my home, this rainy Java morning.


    • Uncle Oz 12:04 on May 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      She is horrible.
      She is a typical Green.
      Sorry for repeating myself!


    • Kemangeroo 12:17 on May 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Thorpe is a very bad advert for Australia and I hope people in other countries don’t see her as representative.


    • Carly McLean 06:57 on May 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Greens are good for you, my Mum used to say.
      She must never have met Thorpe.


  • ross1948 15:33 on December 15, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Green Party, Inger Støjberg Immigration Minister, , pedophile aliens   

    Fight Aliens’ Vile Pedophilia? Go To Jail! 

    Those swine who sentenced Denmark’s former Immigration Minister Inger Stoejberg to jail-time for doing her best to prevent filthy primitives from practicing pedophilia…

    Most of the women among the separated couples were aged 15 to 17, while the men ranged in age from 15 to 32. Most of the couples were originally from Syria… 


    • Hasil gambar untuk tarring and feathering
    • Tarring and feathering had a lot to be said for it!

    • ..

    …should be tarred, feathered and paraded through every city, town and village in Denmark, for all decent Danes to jeer and pelt.

    She had already shown herself to be a doughty defender of her country, against the Fourth Reich…


    ITDA – Denmark’s Inger Gives Brussels The Finger 

    …so both she and every Danish patriot know who their true enemies are!



    Inger- A Heroine to Every Patriot

    One such is Bashy Quraishy, born in India, grew up in Pakistan, but somehow ended up in Europe, active with a parasitic ‘NGO…’

    ENAR – Another ‘Non-Government’ Snout In The Public Purse! 


    ….ENAR, an alien who somehoe got into a civilised country and whines incessantly, who was on tv, RT, at noon today, rasping his indignation at Inger’s efforts to curb the child-sex-predator ‘migrants!’

    He claimed they wouldn’t have know under-age sex was illegal in Denmark, as they were ‘running for their lives.’

    Quite a marathon!

    All those safe countries they could have stopped running in, but rushing to get their snouts into Danish welfare benefits!



    There are plenty more nasties we could name.

    Evil Racist Danes Exposed! ‘“They’re Thinking More About Protecting Their Own!” 


    Others, the Enemy Within, are far-left fanatics, like Josephine Fock!

    The policy was reversed…with children as young as 14 reunited with their husbands – after the issue was raised with the Danish Immigration Service (DIS) by lawmaker Josephine Fock.


    Fock – in case you hadn’t guessed, is a Green, like Comrade Cohn-Bendit next door – read this – Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the German Greens’ pedophile problem.

    Fock described the move to stop these girls being involved illegal sex as ‘completely outrageous!’!

    But as I said at the time, unlike Green Fock, THIS is what most people would think is ‘completely outrageous!’


    The DIS cited Denmark’s “international obligations” as the trigger for its policy change, concluding that enforcing separate living quarters would violate the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantees the right to one’s “private and family life.  ”


    So now what?

    It seems Inger may serve her sentence outside prison, with some kind of electronic tage, to make sure she doesn’t stray into protecting any girl-child from horny alien slugs. 




    • Uncle Oz 08:05 on December 16, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      What is wrong with that judge in Denmark?


  • ross1948 14:15 on October 20, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    German Coalition Embracing ‘Fake-Refugees!’ 

    Talks are progressing, we hear, about a coaliton between the Socialist SPD, the Greens…



    …and the allegedly ‘liberal’ Free Democrats.

    What do they offer German patriots?

    If the alliance is agreed, the new government could reform refugee policy, making it easier for failed asylum-seekers to still build up entitlement to German nationality through several years of work.

    So the alien swine’s claims to be ‘refugees’ needing sanctuary didn’t stand up to inspection?

    But their tissue of lies having unravelled, they still get to stay in Germany?



    Get this!

    The three parties’ main political opponents, the conservative bloc of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel, have hit out at the plan, saying it is tantamount to giving up control of migration..


    What arrant hypocrisy, from Mama Stasi’s mangy flock…



    …who upheld her treasonous suspension of ‘border controls’ to let the 2015 crimmigrant tsunami!

  • ross1948 14:22 on September 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: gender self-indentification, Green Party, ,   

    ‘A Man’s A Man For A’ That?’ Not In Sicko Scotland! 

    Scotland’s national bard once wrote those famous words, his forthright defence of individual rights against misrule.

    But under the decadent regime run by the nauseating Nicola Sturgeon, the leftist SNP separatist leader….

    ‘Freedom!’ Shouted Braveheart – But Not On Sturgeon’s Watch! 

     “I believe passionately in free speech but..” she said.

    Separatist Socialist Sturgeon – Biden’s Trans-Atlantic Twin? 

    ….in close collusion with the Greens, any muscle-bound woman can declare herself a ‘man,’ and any maladjusted man can purport to be a ‘woman,’ with no need even for surgical emasculation.

    All that any such aberrant individuals need to do is say so!


    And lo, it is so!

    We shouldn’t be surprised that it’s come to this.

    SNP Commons Cabal – Foul-Mouths AND Foul Minds 

    The SNP isn’t fussy about what it puts into parliament.

    Read the link from C4M and if you’re in Scotland, get stuck in and fight back!



    • Jock Tamson 16:17 on September 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Scotland is going downhill but if Sturgeon gets her breakaway republic, the downward pace will accelerate faster and faster.
      Scottish weather is never that great.
      But in the Scottish People’s Republic, it’ll be a cold climate for people with values


    • Tam Birnie 18:12 on September 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      You just need to look at some of the SNP MPs to see where all the sick law-making comes from.
      Scotland is facing a bleak future if they get their separatist way.

      Not that the rest of the UK is a lot better off, but even so..


  • ross1948 05:58 on February 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Green Party, Green women's section -transgender, Sarah Hanson-Young, Scottish Green Party,   

    Green Party Women Are Revolting! 

    Green Party women are revolting?


    You probably thought that I was referring to the likes of Sarah Hanson-Young, Australia’s Green gargoyle…


    Sociopath’ – Hanson-Young’s New Insult Sums Up ‘Asylum’ Crimmgrants! 

      …to whom I have often referred!

    But not today!

    In fact I’m talking about a number of Green Party women who have shown some genuine moral fibre.

    They evidently have an understanding of the difference between right and wrong, and also, importantly…


    …between truth and falsehood.


    May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'Dozens of activists quit the Green Party as transgender campaigner is made hea of its women's section By Scarlet Howes and Sanchez Manning for The Mail on Sunday 02:01 07 Feb 2021, updated 02:01 07 Feb 2021'



    Hats off to that gallant group who have quit their party because they won’t accept it being turned into a cultural marxist freak-show!



    This must have upset a few maladjust hackers.

    Was on the air then off the air, now I have it back on -enjoy!


    • Barb Cassaln 11:54 on February 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Taking the side of revolting Green women, Ross?
      Not what we expect, but after reading everything, including the other media stories, I agree with those who quit.
      How can a man pretending to be a woman be given charge of a womens section of an organisation?
      Totally nuts!


    • Lois Wadden 14:04 on February 8, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      All women should leave the Green Party and let it rename its Woman section the Fake-Women Section.


  • ross1948 20:38 on December 7, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , Green Party, Jonathan Bartley, ,   

    Stinko Criminality Cost – Green Berk Bartley Bottles Out! 

    What a weaseling wally that Green Party ‘co-leader’ Jonathan Bartley turns out to be, as Brits saw on live TV this week.

    Asked if there might be better ways to spend the nearly FORTY MILLION pounds the lawless mayhem created by Stinkos has so far cost…


    Image result for london commuters Extinction station

    A violent Stinko aims kicks at the decent people he set out to torment


    ….such as topping up the budget for the anti-knife crime operation, The Weasel not only dodged the issue but at once went into party politics mode.


    It was the government that was setting the knife-crime budget, he shrilled, insulting the electorate’s intelligence, since every voter knows that.

    The point his interviewer was making was that the government could have an extra 37 million quid to boost the operation…

    …IF the Stinkos had not imposed that enormous cost on the public purse by their malevolent choice of criminality as a way to ‘protest.’


    There is an obvious way to recoup some of the money.




    The fines imposed on those found guilty should be based on the cost of their crimes, not only in terms of repairs etc., but also of police overtime and taking into account too a fair assessment of the damage done to business.

    If the convicted Stinkos prove unable to pay, then jail them until the fines are paid.



    Given how so many super-rich stuck-up celebs have declared their support for the anti-social scum…

    Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

    …surely they would step up and stump up?

    Or would they shrink from putting their big money where their big mouths are?


    Alas, we understand from our Australian readers that when sensible fines were imposed on antipodean Stinkos, spineless left-liberal judges betrayed the decent citizenry by slashing those fines on appeal. One rather fears it would happen in the UK  too.

  • ross1948 00:02 on December 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Berlin Museum, drogen-dealers, FXHB, Green Party, honouring drug-dealers, , , Scott Holmquist   

    Berlin Expo Honours ‘Brave’ Crimmigrant Drug-Dealers! 

    After our previous post today –More German Media Bias – DW’s Trump-Hater Guest!  – here’s another shocker from Merkel’s dark realm and this one reaffirms my view that the sooner the AfD takes power in Germany the better.

    It’s events in Berlin that move me to repeat my support for the patriot party, sheer amazement…


    …at the absence of any moves by either federal or city authorities against the glorification of African criminals on municipal premises.

    I have no need to comment further, but merely offer you what the Deutsche Welle website tells its readers.

    Berlin exhibition on ‘brave’ African drug dealers courts controversy


    An exhibition in Berlin has drawn both praise and condemnation for presenting the lives and migration routes of the city’s African drug dealers.


    The artist behind it believes the dealers do brave political work. 

    The ‘artist’ is neither German nor African, but a ‘French-American’ named Scott Holmquist…


    Hasil gambar untuk scott holmquist berlin


    …who last year proposed a ‘public monument’ as another way to laud the dirty brutes he so admires, for providing “a socially valuable service appreciated by many people.”



    And guess who gave this creep the green light?



    …the Green party-led Kreuzberg council, which finances the FHXB museum where the exhibition is being held, defended it as an important contribution to a political debate.


    Decent Germans are protesting vigorously, but then in Kreuzberg, Germans, decent or otherwise, are a dwindling proportion of the population.



    • Petra Malley 00:34 on December 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Mein Gott, as they say in Germany, how crazy can a country get?

      If a ‘French-American’ is openly extolling alien drug-dealers, Merkel should deport him at once.

      But if she is bringing back ISIS terrorists simply because they are technically ‘German’ then the real Germans who expect her to behave responsibly are in for a big disappointment.


    • Jerry Jerman 01:17 on December 7, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You are not wrong to say that Kreuzberg is populated by mostly non-German people now and that is why they have Green Party in power. Also many far-left Germans go to live there because it is easy for criminals to do their crimes.
      It is so bad to have this foreign extremist making his exposition in a public museum.
      Why has the federal government not told him he is persona non grata?
      I know why and it is because the federal government is the Merkel government and so it is unwilling to think about what is good for Germany.


  • ross1948 02:37 on May 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Green Party, women to pee standing up   

    Piddle-Dee-Dee! Europhile Greens’ Urination Break-Through! 

    Let it never be said that Greens have contributed nothing useful to Western civilisation!


    Gambar terkait

    Green nuts!


    I decided not to open this link, more fun to let you fathom the mysteries of dementia for yourselves!

    Austrian Greens teach women to pee standing up


    • Linda Miller 15:02 on May 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Ross
      You had me laughing over my cornflakes this morning.
      These Greens need their heads read,.


    • Pamela 18:40 on May 4, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I had to check that link before I took this as fact, Ross.
      Its hard to accept that any serious party would get into such a stupid situation


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