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    Hamburg’s Herr Steffen, Green Slime Par Excellence! 

    An agreeable Christmas Day, for which I prepared an array of local and Western foods, much enjoyed both by myself and a welcome visitor who arrived at 6pm and helped demolish both the array of edibles and some Oz shiraz…


    Gambar terkait


    … along with a few bottles of the East Java- brewed Prost beer.


    But it’s back into indignation mode after reading the outrageous report about that archetypal Enemy Within, Hamburg’s Green ‘Justice’ Senator, Till Steffen.

    Here’s a photo of the swine – feel free, if you are still on holiday, to print it out and attach to any convenient dart-boards in your vicinity. 


    • Hasil gambar untuk Till Steffen
    • —–

    As usual Breitbart did a great job, not much in most other Westerm media that I can see.

    The vile Green gargoyle cited “privacy concerns” when he initially prevented law enforcers from releasing pictures of the Berlin Truck terrorist Amri…


    devil destroyed


    …who is now thankfully toasting in the hottest fires of Hell for the atrocity he committed in the German capital.

    Hard to say, however, who’s more deserving of hellish torment, that pig who pledged allegiance to the ISIS rape-gang, or the Schweinehund in Hamburg…

    it has been claimed by members of the judiciary and the police that Steffen, who is the head of the judicial authority in Hamburg, denied the release of images of Amri because he was concerned it would incite racial hatred.

    So half a day went by while this contemptible leftist scumbag savoured his pathetic cultural marxist sensitivities.

    Hasil gambar untuk joachim lenders

    Joachim Lenders


    No wonder Hamburg’s Police Chief, Joachim Lenders, is reported as saying:

    “It is incomprehensible to throw such a spanner in the works of investigators. Steffen is incompetent.

    green party red

    Incompetent is way too charitable. 

    The man’s no better than a renegade, who knowingly obstructed the hunt for a sectarian mass-murderer! Even members of Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU party have spoken up about this piece of garbage….


    Hasil gambar untuk richard seelmaeker


    CDU judiciary spokesman Richard Seelmaeker –

    “Anis Amri allegedly murdered twelve people, but instead of using all means necessary to search for him, Hamburg’s green justice senator was more concerned about the state of comments in a Facebook post – which hindered our police.”

    “If the allegations against Steffen are proven true, he can no longer hold the position of senator.” 


    Firing him is of course the immediate step to take, as the patriot party AfD has rightly demanded.

    They and the Bavarian CSU party seem to be the only sources of rational input at the moment –  http://www.dw.com/en/csu-calls-for-expansion-of-police-powers-after-berlin-attack/a-36916079 – and dismissal is probably the most one can hope for in Mama Stasi Land these days.

    Hasil gambar untuk guilty as charged


    But methinks many Germans are hoping and/or praying for a more robust era, with Germany’s leadership in the hands of patriots, when a trial for what is tantamount to aiding and abetting the enemy would surely be given serious consideration by the authorities!

    And if Germans could disentangle their laws from the controls currently exercised by the robed rogues in Strasbourg’s European Court…

    Empty Threats, But Cameron Will Cower From Crim-Loving Court


    • …then realistic penalties might be imposed.


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    Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mister Dieter? 

    I see that Dieter Salomon, the Mayor of Freiburg, in Germany, has already started blathering irresponsibly only a day or so after police arrested a so-called ‘refugee’   – ‘a 17-year-old Afghan’ – in connection with the rape and murder of a young woman who had been trying to help ‘migrants.’  

    German police arrest 17-year-old linked to Freiburg student murder

    Hasil gambar untuk dieter salomon freiburg

    ‘An isolated case,’ the damfool mayor witters to the media.Migrant Arrested After Rape and Murder of EU Official’s Teen Daughter

    The man’s a Green, so we shouldn’t expect much in the way of rational comment.
    green party red
    But his crass attempt at white-washing what’s going on in Germany raises the question –
    How long can the left-liberal in-crowd keep this chorus of disgusting denial going, as women across Europe fall victim to a reign of rape terror?
    For more ‘isolated cases,‘ just check out ‘rape’ in our  search box!
    • Delise Winter 09:32 on December 5, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      if it isn’t as isolated as Dirty Dieter wants us to believe, then why is so much effort expended on covering it up?

      A DEVASTATED 72-year-old raped by a teenage asylum seeker when she offered him her hand to pull him out of a canal has lost the will to live.

      The rapist will be released in just months….”

      The case has caused a scandal in Austria when it was revealed that the police had attempted to gloss over the crime of the 17-year-old asylum seeker…a 20-month jail sentence…he would not be deported because the punishment was not more than three years.

      After she was attacked in autumn last year, police admitted that they had covered up what had happened because of the sensitivity of the subject.

      The monster should be tortured to death.


    • Giancarlo Stevens 13:14 on December 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      What a dumbkopr, if that’s how you spell what he is.
      These lefts are always trying to deflect us from noticing the rape-‘refugees’ and their scandalous crimes.


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    French Fool of The Month? Meet Madame Cosse! 

    When your own government and your own police turn on you, give preference to a pack of aliens infamous for violence against your fellow-citizens, what can you do?

    Some French people have taken the law into their own hands, taking pot-shots at buildings which could be put to good use for France;’s own homeless, but have instead been designated by Merkel’s Paris poodle Francois Hollande as cosy new lairs for lawless illegals…


    Hollande Lures French Voters….With Mini-Jungles? 

    …part of his scheme to colonise the French countryside with these dastardly ingrates.

    Despite what everyone knows about the Calais crimmigrants…

    …Hollande has failed to surround these lairs with electrified or even barbed wire, nor has he deployed suitably armed security forces to keep the inmates under control.

    Hence small wonder the common folk are fighting back.

    Yet how does his lame-brain Housing Minister Emmanuelle Cosse respond?

    Gambar kisah untuk cosse dari 20minutes.frgreen party red

    Lame-Brain Cosse – a Green, of course!

    She  condemned the shooting in Saint Brevin. ‘We can’t just stand by and leave these people in the street and the mud when it is a matter of the right to asylum!’
    : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3826147/Migrants-attack-police-fire-extinguishers-escape-Spanish-detention-centre-day-EU-launches-new-border-force.html


    These crimmigrants have had PLENTY of time to apply for ‘asylum’ in France. 

    Tory MP Tells Truth – Calais Crimmigrants Are NOT Stranded! 

    Instead, they have exposed themselves as frauds, not ‘refugees’ at all – Most men in theCalais camp ‘aren’t refugees’–  by shameless and often brutal attempts to reach the UK, because they understand how much juicier the British benefit troughs can be for parasitic intruders.


    Cosse MUST be fully aware of this!  Hollande certainly is.

    Yet instead of kicking the wasters out of France, back to whence they oozed in, he’s adopted this jackboot programme, imposing them on hapless villagers across the country. 


    Nevertheless, this silly bint Cosse tries to shift the blame onto ordinary people, driven to desperate measures by callous indifference to their plight…

    In France Today, Democracy’s ‘A Threat To Public Order!’ 

    …and by the regime’s suppression of even a chance to express their opposition to this treachery.

    referndmlet peole vote

    Vive La Resistance!

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    AfD On 15% – Meaning 40% Of Berlin’s German Voters? 

    Nice to see that the patriot party is polling 15% in the run-up to Berlin’s Senate vote next Sunday.

    Given the number of resident aliens, often with dual nationality (Berlin comes third in the global chart for Turk-populated cities) that possibly translates into a much higher percentage of the actual German electorate in the capital who plan to cast their ballots for the AfD.



    My ‘40%’ is pure conjecture to provoke touchy BritBrat millenials who also live and vote there. 

    However, damn sure there’s a lot of Berlin voters, as in the rest of Germany, whose first loyalty lies abroad. Certainly more than 15%. They will likely vote for the Red Linke Partei, or for the far-left Greens..


    • green party red
    • …whom The Local, aka The Leftal, whitewashes, describing them as the pro-environmental party!

    As opposed to their usual biased label of ‘far-right’ for the AfD!

    So what’s to be done about the alien electorate? 

    An interesting option emerges from an article in The Leftal’s Austrian edition.


    • send-them-back
    • —————————
    • Pay undesirables to get lost!

    Just over half of Turkish migrants living in Austria have thought about leaving the country, and almost 40 percent would be tempted to do so if they were offered money…


    That’s according to a survey by an outfit, allegedly connected to the wannabe caliph in Ankara. The strangely named (if it is pro-Erdogan) Union of European Turkish Democrats (UETD) has produced some interesting info.



    A large number of the malcontents whined about ‘Islamophobia’ in their responses, but the good news is that 53.5 percent said they would immediately leave the country if they had the chance, and 39.8 percent stated they would do so if they were offered financial compensation.

    A lot of the latter are greedy SOBs – 43.8 percent said they would only go if given €100,000, while the remainder would be content with a lower sum.

    A bayonet prodding their backsides would seem a fairer price for Austrian tax-payers to pay, but let’s not be too quick to dismiss the idea of paying the arrogant brutes.

    All the hassle and hooplah involved in deportations can be expensive, especially when so many judges are likely to take the side of the Enemy Within. Belgium Stabs Its Police in the Back 


    Basically, an easy way forward would be to make them as ill at ease as possible, perhaps bi-weekly summonses to the Interior Ministry  – other suggestions welcome, please, readers – then make an offer they can’t refuse.

    But no way a hundred thousand euros.   

    As the burghers of Hamelin said…

    ‘A thousand guilders? Come, say fifty!’

    • Diana 13:02 on September 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Almost as bad as London, now with an English minority. Which of course was why London voted for Brexit.
      Good luck to the AfD.


    • Jerry German 15:52 on September 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It is sometimes hard to hear German voices in Berlin.


  • ross1948 23:46 on August 31, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    German In-Crowd Running Scared – And Lying! 

    A vital vote takes place this month in Germany, and the German political in-crowd are ganging up on the patriot party, terrified by the surge of popular support for the AfD.


    Hasil gambar untuk afd


    What Deutsche Welle describes as Mama Stasi Merkel’s home region is one of the two provinces at stake, and one of her local henchmen has urged voters to avoid the populist AfD in a key election next Sunday.

    There’s that word again, ‘populist,’ which has no meaning. To top up their bias, DW moves straight onto their other buzz-word, ‘far-right,’ in their next sentence.

    Funny how they never refer to the Greens, or even the Left party ( heirs ot the quisling red clique that ran East Germany as Kremlin lackeys for nearly half a century) as ‘far left’ parties!

    No, not funny, just a daily revelation of DW’s bigotry.



    Lorenz Caffier is his name, and he’s lashing out wildly in the countdown to polling day in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania state. Mama’s boy says that if the AfD overtook established parties next Sunday it would be a “terrible signal” for Germany.


    Note well –  Caffier is not just ranting for his and Mama’s so-called ‘Christian Democrat’ party but throws his protective mantel around ALL the established parties, making it crystal clear he has more in common with the far left, the Reds in Die Linke and the Red/Greens in Die Grune, than with honest Germans who speak up for their country.


    Hasil gambar untuk caffier cdu



    And his desperation is measured by his resort to downright lies, that the Alternative for Germany  made only demands without offering solutions.  http://www.dw.com/en/anti-afd-appeals-by-established-german-parties/

    A bare-faced falsehood. AfD has a rage of policies on a variety of isues, but most important, it’s the only party with a constructive, sensible policy on the crimmigrant tsunami.


    It wants no more, and would, if in office, take prompt steps to reverse the flood, ejecting all those who hold with alien ideologies and/or are engaged in criminal activity.

    Now for the good news! According to the latest poll, Mama Stasi’s CDU ratbags are at 22 percent in the mostly rural state bordering the Baltic Sea, closely trailed by the AfD at 21 percent.

    Caffier, provincial Interior minister, is in bed with the Socialists (SPD) – an elitist coalition for the past five years. And that clique obviously will stoop to any level to hang onto power.

    So no wonder the top man on the AfD candidate list, Leif-Erik Holm, has declared an alert against voter fraud. The nasty parties always need to be watched carefully…


    ….but after the ‘odd errors’ that have resulted in  re-run in Austria, patriots everywhere should consider Herr Holm’s attractive approach – offering a 100-euro ($112) reward to each voter who spotted electoral irregularities next Sunday…






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    Germans Face More Crimmigrant Amok-Runs! 

    So a pack of filthy alien brutes terrorises women and children, again, at a public pool in Gelden, North Rhine Westphalia...  

    Gang of young Muslims call nude bathers sluts and infidels

    Mein Gott im Himmel!




    … and instead of decent Germans getting together and beating the louts to a pulp, the deranged response is to have ‘charts displayed..in a bid to teach migrants to treat woman and children with respect?’

    And that inspirational idea has been topped up with a proposal to appoint ‘asylum’ creeps as LIFEGUARDS?



    Would you want them to be responsible for ‘ensuring the safety’ of your wife or daughter?

    Seriously! To give Mama Stasi’s horde ‘responsibilities for ensuring the safety and security of bathers!’

    The Federal Association of German Swimming Professionals (BDS) says this would be “an inclusive measure that would benefit everyone.”




    Silhouette weeping


    Except rape victims.

    The brains behind this insanity is a Deutscher dork named Peter Harzheim, BDS president..


    … but he’s garnered support from all the usual Enemy Within factions, the SPD, Greens and the Left Party in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    The article would be one big belly-laugh were it not so horrifying.

    But one sentence stands out..

    Police have said there would be zero-tolerance for sexual assaults.

    Oh yeah?

    Like in Cologne?

    With the rotten Lugenpresse desperate to cover up ‘refugee’ rapine?



    In view of the mockery of justice in German courts when such crimmigrant vermin have been found guilty and at once unleashed back onto the streets, any talk of ‘zero-tolerance’ is obscene. 

    •  It’s really high time that these scum were taught a lesson, rounded up at gun-point, then taken immediately to the nearest airport for deportation. They are unfit to live in any civilised country.  
    • =

    How much longer will Germans put up with pig-ignorant primitives making their lives a misery by means of bigoted, violent intolerance?


    again and again


    Our question needs to be repeated, because there’s been MORE migrant’ fun and games, this time in Bremen, where a 19-year-old Algerian refugee erupted into screams of ‘I’ll blow you up.’   http://www.reuters.com/article/us-europe-attacks-germany-bremen-id

    devil destroyed


    Police said that when the man was in custody this past weekend for several thefts, he had sympathized with Islamic State and a gunman who killed nine people at a shopping center in Munich last Friday.

    German police arrest Algerian suspect who yelled ‘I’ll blow you up’

    A known criminal?

    Why is he still in Germany?

    Mama Stasi’s primitive horde should be rounded up and kicked out, and if Algeria is reluctant to take the pig back, here’s how to get round that obstacle.



     And STOP calling them ‘refugees.’

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    Sweden – Rude Little Rat Plays Race Card! 

    “For many people it will be a symbolic act. But for me it is a consequence of my faith and my religion, and I have to be respected for who I am,” he said of his reluctance to shake women’s hands.” 


    • I suppose if he spat on passing Jews, he’d say the same?

    This mangy little sexist oaf named Yasri Khan, a freako fanatic forced to resign from his job with the Green Party last month, clearly doesn’t grasp that he does NOT ‘have to be respected.’

    Respect has to be earned.

    Many Swedes might reckon he has to be despised, for using a cloak of religion to try to justify his backward bigotry. 

    The man’s a liar.


    • sexism
    • ————-
    • Most Muslims here in Jakarta are happy to shake hands with women. And when the same issue arose recently in Switzerland, decent Muslims there rebuked the nasty little sectarian sexist who wouldn’t shake hands with a lady.

    There was no reference in the Koran justifying a refusal to shake a woman teacher’s hand, said the Swiss Federation of Islamic Organisations. Saida Keller-Messahli of the Forum for Progressive Islam urged the Swiss not to give in to extremist demands.     http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35967349

    But what gets me is his pathetic attempt to play the race card, whining that he had been the victim of an Islamophobic, racist campaign which risks turning Sweden into a divided society. 


    • racist
    • “I am quite sure I would not have been treated like this if I’d been a white man. “


    First of all, Sweden has already been turned into a divided society, by its own stupid governments, which have allowed benighted brutes like him to settle there, people who can’t adapt to Swedish ways and insist on imposing their own alien customs and cultures.  http://www.thelocal.se/20160421/young-extremists-in-sweden-must-be-taken-seriously

    Secondly, if he’d been white, there’d have been an even greater uproar over such a display of crass discourtesy.

    • political-correctness_submission
    • Instead we have the politically correct Enemy Within rallying to his cause because, they say, alien imports like Yasri should not be expected to accord with civilised standards of basic good manners.

    Thirdly, of course, Muslims are NOT a race.

    I have personally met white, brown, black and yellow Muslims. So ‘racism’ does not come into questions of being pro- or anti- Muslim.

    But what makes this little obnox so offensive is the barely veiled threat of violence, if Swedes don’t kow-tow to his sort of fanaticism. 

    Otherwise, this is not the end. We could end up in a situation similar to France and see the suburbs burn.



    Actually, ignoramus, the burning began in Sweden several years ago. 

    Sweden in flames: As gangs of migrants riot for five nights …

    But we take your point. 

    out with them


    • Dan Polazzi 03:54 on May 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It’s not only in Sweden, Ross. In France, according to what I’ve been reading, there are soccer players who ‘refused to shake hands with the female delegates of the football federation..”
      Mr.Eric Borghini, a regional President of the French Football Federation told the media.-“There were even referees who refused to shake hands with female players.”

      I honestly can’t see why they should be allowed to play again if they don’t apologize for their bad manners.


    • Mark Callan 05:06 on May 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Migrants aka ‘refugees’ aka ‘asylum-seekers’ have been the cause of soaring crime against women, including rape, in Sweden for years and this Khan thinks he deserves ‘respect’ for disrespecting women?
      Quite right, Ross, he and his kind have to be repatriated and not only from Sweden.


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    AfD Verbot – SWR Goebbels-Clones Face Rising Protest! 

    After the Goebbels-style SWR ban on electoral fair play in German elections, more and more decent Germans are standing up to be counted. “Zusammengebissenen Zähnen?” Goebbels Grins In His Grave! 


    ‘Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play. ‘


    You’ll recall the Sudwestrundfunk (state broadcasting network) chose to play the role of regime running dog, after the in-crowd cracked the whip. The SWR cowards were warned they’d better not give AfD (the patriot party) a place in the local election debates.

    “If you afford them their right to take part, have a fair hearing, we’ll refuse to appear,” was the left-elite’s diktat.



    Obviously, as we said last week, the arrogant schweinehunde should have been told to behave responsibly, or be represented by an empty chair.


    Instead, and deplorably, the SWR weasels opted to crawl on their bellies.

    But now, serious high-level dissent is being heard, putting the PC censors on the spot..

    Hans-Jürgen Papier, President of the Constitutional Court till not long ago, has told media he reckons the AfD has a good chance if they sue over the SWR’s pusillanimous policy.


    Hans-Jürgen Papier saß dem Bundesverfassungsgericht bis 2010 vor


    “Any party with a fair chance of getting into the state legislature must be allowed to participate in the televised debate,” he said. “Banishing AfD is a violation of equal opportunity.”   http://www.spiegel.de/kultur/tv/hans-juergen-papier-afd-kann-sich-in-elefantenrunde-einklagen-a-1073409.html

    Another senior legal authority has weighed in too. 




    Martin Morlok, former director  of The Institute of German and International Party Law,  got stuck into the SWR: “Broadcasting freedom includes the responsibility not to be blackmailed by government parties…”

    Uproar over their spineless sell-out of basic democratic principle has caught SWR off-balance. Their chief editor, Fritz Frey, began whining defensively.


      “The lawyers have tested our overall approach..”


    Ludicrously, Frey seems to think that the cop-out strategy SWR has devised is adequate defence.

    That consists of putting the diktat-parties, the SPD and the Greens, live in debate with Mama Stasi Merkel’s CDU, while the AfD are relegated to ‘an uncut interview with its leading candidate’ AFTER the elite have monopolised the real debate.

    These media flunkeys are contemptible!

  • ross1948 18:18 on January 23, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    An Unusual Week -Pinkos Twice Heard Talking A Wee Bit Sense! 

    A nice day, a welcome guest in the morning, then a lazy arvo after brief but successful shopping at Citraland Mall.


    Then a look at the news! 

    Is it the weather, or are some of our foes being drip-fed sanity without their knowledge or authorisation?



    First we had Justin Turdo telling De Caprio to get a grip on his paranoid climate panic drivel.

    Surprisingly, in private meetings in Davos with Leonardo Di Caprio, Trudeau warned the actor and anti-oil activist from making uninformed statements about the oilsands, reports the Financial Post…




    …. which then delightfully adds – as if his continuing disinterest in their collapse is any better.


    Big day today – the first time I’ve ever written ANYTHING that could be construed, however tortuously, as being even faintly in praise of Turdo Junior, or Senior.

    Actually, it IS a big day, the anniversary of the day I left the Old Country to make my home here in Indonesia. Arrival anniversary tomorrow, so some kinda fun will be had.

    But back to sanity-break-throughs. 

    Then, in Germany, when it was reported that two of the federal states are telling ‘asylum’ parasites that they can’t binge on welfare without handing over their hoard of cash and valuables, even a Green MP defended the practice.


    • green party red
    • ———————
    • Green MP Volker Beck- it was right for asylum applicants to pay for services to the extent they could.”Of course asylum seekers aren’t in a better position than those on unemployment benefits. Asylum seekers must repay the costs of accommodation and care to the state.”


    One swallow doth not a summer make, nor even two…

    But who knows, there may be an outbreak of reality-grasp going on.

    Yet some are immune. The German Communist Party’s heirs can still fulminate irrationally. I don’t mean the erstwhile Stasi informers like Mama Stasi Merkel, but rather the Left Party.


    • communism
    • ——————-
    • Left party (Die Linke) MP Ulla Jelpke went into hyper-whine. “Those who apply for asylum are exercising their basic rights [under the German Constititution]. That must not – even if they are rejected – be tied up with costs,” she argued.

    Even if rejected?

    So if some of the huge percentage of liars are caught out, they must not be penalised?

    Gimme a break, ya daft bint!


  • ross1948 18:17 on August 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Vienna Dons Jackboots to Crush Austrian Resistance! 


    Austrian towns that balk at taking in refugees can be forced to accept migrants under draft legislation agreed by the two ruling parties and the opposition Greens on Monday.


    green party red


    Of course the cultural marxist Greens are in on the authoritarian onslaught on the beleaguered provinces.


    This move comes because local councillors have stood up for their people, raising strenuous objections to having unwanted parasites imposed on their communities.

    Rather than listen to their own anguished citizens and kick the crimmigrants out, however, the ruling Social Democrat/People’s Party cabal, collaborating with the EUSSR, have drafted a draconian law which obliges towns to allow refugees numbering up to 1.5 percent of the local population onto federally-designated sites if their province does not fulfil agreed quotas.


    • hands off
    • ===============

    It may not sound a lot but Austrians live next door to Bavaria, where primitive dress codes have been foisted on German girls German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! for fear savages might molest them if they dare wear normal female clothing.

    Nobody wants backward brutes like that prowling their streets.


    The same report mentions how those sell-out feds are sending ‘asylumers’ to Slovakia, where at least the townspeople concerned got to vote on the imposition. They gave the bludgers a massive thumbs-down…

    Small Slovak Town Teaches Obameron A Democracy Lesson 

    …though their government, too, may show scant respect for democracy.

    Not a lot we can do except express solidarity with the Resistance, as of course we have done already with regard to the wise Poles who are also facing this type of compulsory colonisation.

    Solidarnosc! Against The People’s Will, EUSSR Imposes Crimmigrants On Poles! 


    • Oesterreich Wahlen
    • —————————

    Those Fed creeps in Vienna are facing a fight-back, fortunately, in the form of Heinz Christian Strache of Austria’s Freedom Party.

    He has described the alien infestation edict as the imposition of quotas “with brute force.”       http://www.voanews.com/content/austria-set-to-force-towns-to-take-refugees/2922027.html

    • eussr10
    • ================

    All this is happening before Juncker the Liar makes good on his threat to ORDER his subject states to accept whatever allocation of undesirables he and his Brussels clique deem fit.

    The only consolation one can draw is that this outrageous scheme will open the eyes of those many, otherwise sensible, East and Central Europeans who, liberated from the old USSR’s imperial sway, turned to the EUSSR as a perceived security blanket against any new threat from the East.

    Some security, as this unforeseen multicultural tsunami hits them now! 

    God Save Europe!

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