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  • ross1948 19:55 on February 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Exclusive?’ Guardian’s Treat From Red Nazi Hackers? 

    Exclusive: leak shows more than half of donations to convoy protest through GiveSendGo came from US

    • Ain’t it funny how that leftist newspaper gets an ‘exclusive’ by way of the so-called ‘Anonymous’  -aka Red Nazi Antifa – perpetrators of criminal activity, but makes no use of its vaunted ‘investigative’ journalism skills to identify the leftist lice behind the crime?

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    A hacker who leaked the names and locations of more than 90,000 people who donated money to the Canadian trucker convoy protest has said it exposed how money from abroad had funded “extremism” in the country.

    Nor of course do we find any mention of the hypocrisy of the Red Nazis, who bleat about good people showing solidarity with patriotic conservatives making fairly small donations…

    In an exclusive interview, the hacker told the Guardian that Canada was “not safe from foreign political manipulation”. “You see a huge amount of money that isn’t even coming from Canada – that’s plain as day,” said the hacker, who belongs to the hacktivist group Anonymous.

    …while no a whisper of concern over the plutocrat Soros…



    …who lavishes almost unimaginable fortunes…..

    Canada, Foreign Money, Meddling! 

    …on leftist ‘NGO’ activity in Canada and other countries around the world.

    And listen to the rabid rant from the Red Nazi, issuing foul-mouthed menaces….

    When asked what the leak meant to the public, the hacker said: “If you are doing some fascism and domestic extremism kinds of movements … [then] you are not going to have a good time, because hacktivists have been focusing more and more and more on countering domestic extremism, because we are fucking pissed.”

    A threat, which the Guardian is perfectly content to relay.

    Time for decent people, in Canada and around the world…



    …to fight back!

    • Arnold 21:34 on February 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      You are paying close attention to Canada and it’s good that you are.

      Canada is in big trouble and what the Prime Minister has now gone ahead and declared his personal dictatorship is a shock. We have four provincial premiers so far come out against Ottawa.
      If anything, the convoyers have shown us we are not powerless.


  • ross1948 14:36 on December 17, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    An Impartial Report – Funded By Sauron? 

    Now here’s an impartial report!


    ‘…the UK government’s vision for “Global Britain” aimed “to restore British greatness as a maritime trading nation”, the report said – but the evidence showed it amounted to little more than “a delusion rooted in a misremembered imperial past”.

    No wonder the Guardian, forever content to megaphone leftists who like to spread their poison…

    ‘Humanising’ ISIS Pigs – UK ‘Drama’ Wins Guardian Praise!  


    Gambar terkait

    Guardian contributor Rachel Shabi goes on BBC and accuses Israel of murdering kids   


    Hasil gambar untuk polly toynbee

    A Guardian Hag And Her Sinn Fein ‘Saviours!’ 

    …gives such infantile sneering such prominence.

    But no wonder, either, that the Guardian tells us which cabal published that report…

    …but hides the key truth, that the ECFR is Soros-funded…

    And even if you’re not a Brit, don’t skip this!




    Soros-Funded ‘Think-Tank’ Panics At Advance Of Europe’s Patriots! .

    The ECFR was established in 2007 and  relies primarily on “donations” from various organizations – including such purveyors of a globalist agenda as George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fundth

    … the very same Soros who poured his money into the fight to keep Britain chained to the Fourth Reich!

    Image result for soros brexit money.

    Sauron’s dark presence is not confined to one country

    The British military, “despite its grand traditions, no longer provides the relative advantage for the UK that it once did”, the authors, Nick Witney and Jeremy Shapiro, said. Polling showed the public was “at best indifferent to the restoration of Britain as a global military power”.


  • ross1948 19:00 on June 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Guardian Hides True ID Of ‘Belfast MP’ 

    A ‘Belfast MP?’

    The Guardian is a repulsive rag, which gives a platform to rancid intolerants…

    Guardian Jackboot Bigot Calls Brexit Brits “Thugs!=

    Guardian’s Nick ‘Storm-Troop’ Cohen.

    Guardian Bigot- “Don’t Even Acknowledge Patriot Point Of View!” 

    …and foul-mouthed shrews…

    Middle-Aged Posh Dirty-Mouth -‘Politicians Mustn’t Appeal To The People!’ 

    …but today it descended to a level of deceit that’s quite indefensible.



    Everyone in Ulster knows fine well who and what Paul Maskey is, but most mainland Brits, and overseas readers, will have no idea,  assuming, perhaps, that he’s with a normal party.

    The Guardian does not see fit to tell you anywhere in its long report…


    …that Maskey is a dedicated member of the vermin party, Sinn Fein, which has long been recognised, incontrovertibly….

    …as the so-called ‘political wing’ of the IRA murder gang.

    Maskey took over the Belfast parliamentary seat after Blood-Beast Adams decided to step down.



    Maskey has never disowned that monster’s vile legacy of hatred and terrorist violence. .

    American readers should also note the ‘Belfast MP’ is a fan of Communist Cuba, as his tweet confirms.

    The largest every Cuban flag unveiled on Black Mountain in Belfast #UnBlockCuba #NoMasBloqueo

    So anything Maskey has to say on a loyalist rally, or, to be fair, on anything ar all, merits the same respect we’d give to a turd dropped by a rabid dog.


    But what was the cur bitching about?

    Virus rule violations, we read, by loyal Brit protesters, and we laugh scornfully, remembering the massed ranks of republican scum at the Storey garbage disposal event…

    Distance Double-Standards – Terror ‘Mourners’ Get A Pass?

    …whom the Keystone Cops, aka PSNI, failed to disperse, oh, and what else?

    ‘…sinister banners targetting US President Joe Biden…

    Hell, no matter what was on those banners, nothing would be a sinister…

    Big Lie Biden – ‘Most Irish President Ever?’

    …as the photo of Biden we posted yesterday!

    • Scott Douglas 19:31 on June 11, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Not many of our British expats would know Maskey’s name, so the Guardian is very remiss.


    • Ken Cormack 15:02 on June 12, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Biden is a cheeky old tool who is no friend to Britain or to Ulster.
      He should quit meddling in other countries.


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