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  • ross1948 9:55 pm on June 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    EUObs Pinko Rettman Churns Out Bias 

    EUObserver’s bias doesn’t get any better as time passes!


    Just been reading a nasty little (actually quite long and verbose) hit-job by one of their hacks, named Andrew Rettmann…


    Hasil gambar untuk andrew rettman


    ….who has the nerve to call it an –


    Israeli propaganda attacks EU funds for NGOs

    The EU is funding “NGOs with ties to terror.” Israel has claimed as foreign ministers meet, in a stunt resembling Russian tactics.


    ‘Russian tactics?’ 


    Note the snide and prejudicial reference to ‘Russia,’ which has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

    Like all Europhiliac propagandists, Rettmann assumes a quick allusion to Russia will skew readers’ perceptions…



    ….but if you know he is a frequent contributor to the Guardian, and the Huff Post, that should ward off much of the skew – he’s left-liberal, if not far-left, and when it comes to manipulation of Russophobia, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference!

    And I say ‘story’ advisedly, as it’s hardly any kind of ‘analysis.’ The whole purpose of Rettmann‘s scribbling is to champion the far-left ‘NGOs’ exposed by the Israelis.

    Note also his pejorative choice of vocabulary – the hostile ‘regurgitates’ rather than the objective ‘repeats’ is an obvious example….

    …or how he likens the well-sourced Israeli report to a ‘who-dun-it!’

    Rettmann was born in Warsaw and studied in England, but it’s not clear if he has any loyalty to any country.

    However, he is true to his ideology, and actually defends the ‘right’ of anyone in Europe to applaud the terror gangs.’



    But by doing so he misses the whole point, which is not whether or not these subversive swine have the ‘right’ to express support for the cause promoted by Hamas’ sectarian violence…

    Hasil gambar untuk hamas


    …but whether or not YOU  – European tax-payers – should have YOUR money dished out to them by Brussels apparatchiks.


    • -=
    • By all means read his pro-parasite diatribe but you might learn a lot more by reading a report which casts doubt as to why he’s got his pinko knickers in such a twist.



    • Lind Robertson 10:19 pm on June 11, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Grumbly-looking little man, liberal, so probably hates to be faced with patriotism, so he will naturally detest Israelis, who tend to be up for a fight if their country is threatened.
      Born in Warsaw? Not Polish though. Poles are great patriots, except for a minority like Tusk and those public broadcasting propagandists who were sent packing. Maybe Rettmann is friends with them?
      Studied in England? Was he a ‘student activist?’
      It would be interesting to learn more about Rettman and all those other EUOberver extremist ‘journalists,’ like that Zalan woman.
      But they don’t give out much information on their activities, do they, and I would love to know why.
      You should go digging.

  • ross1948 8:33 am on November 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    If ‘Good’ = Bad, Don’t Bail it Out, Turdo, Shut it Down! 

    What should any responsible government do about a society with links to the Eid Foundation, an organization based in Qatar that is a member of the Union of Good?


    Your answer will probably depend on what that ‘Union of Good’ actually is, so here’s the answer to that.

    In 2008, the U.S. Treasury Department stated the Union of Good was “created by Hamas leadership to transfer funds to the terrorist organization.”

    Hamas is also currently designated a listed terrorist entity by the government of Canada. 

    The ‘society’ we’re talking about is none other than the very lucky ‘Islamic Society of British Columbia,’ which has been – despite all the information above being no secret…


    Gambar terkait


    ….handed a total of more than FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS of Canadian tax-payers’ money!

    It’s recently been investigated by auditors to whom it claimed that it only had limited ties to the Eid Foundation.

    Yet the subsequent report confirms that both entities shared directors. As well, an employment contract for the hiring of one-time PoCo imam Ayman El Najjer was negotiated with funds from the Eid Foundation and was written on foundation letterhead.

    The conclusion…

    …“the [society’s] connection to and possible control by the Eid Foundation is particularly concerning given that publicly available information… indicates that the Eid Foundation is alleged to have provided support to terrorism…” The document later stated that the Islamic Society of BC was “controlled or influenced by the Eid Foundation to some extent during the audit period under review.”

    However, despite this damning information, inexplicably. no move was made to remove its ‘charitable status,’ so this unpleasant outfit is eligible for the $53,000 in grant money.

    In a situation like this, the law on eligibility can and should be changed, emergency legislation published overnight in Ottawa, rushed through parliament!

    It would be fascinating to see how many MPs from which parties might seek to obstruct such a move to end subsidies to undesirables!

    Yet Turdo’s spokesman, a man named Bardsley, although bleating pitifully that “Our government takes allegations of links to organizations that support terrorism very seriously…

    …and that “the resources of a charity should not be directed by a terrorist entity,” chooses to hide behind the Canada Revenue Agency’s fumbling failure to recommend revocation.


    Gambar terkait

    And the CRA?

    Its spokesman has this to say, to reassure concerned citizens – the CRA cannot disclose any future actions it may or may not take.”    http://www.cjnews.com/news/canada/islamic-society-british-columbia-unscathed-despite-alleged-links-hamas

    We know that Turdo’s gang could find no fault with that multi-million bonus handed to Killer Khadr, the Islamist savage.


    Hasil gambar untuk khadr devil

    Ten Million Bucks For Killer Khadr? Canadian Petition!


    Perhaps we should not be taken aback that $50K is to flow into the coffers of this sectarian society.

    BUT we should be loud in protest!

    • Marty Nagel 9:10 pm on November 13, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      It is hard to remember what that town was like when I was a kid and I am not old. We had family friends and would visit sometimes. It was full of Canadians and even saying there was terrorists around would of been a big joke.

      Now we let them build their centres and even give them our money to do it.

      I know Turdo is the blame for a lot but sure that place and that society has been there before he got into power.
      I dont trust Tories any more than Grits.
      We need a new party.

  • ross1948 12:40 pm on June 18, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    In London Today, Why Won’t Corbyn March With Terrorists? 

    I see that the Hamas and Hezbollah fans shuffling through London today…


    ….will have to howl for Jewish blood without the comforting presence of Jeremy Corbyn.

    Jeremy Corbyn has “no plans” to attend Sunday’s controversial Al-Quds Day march in central London, his office has confirmed.


    Gambar terkait

    Corbyn 2014 – not the only time!


    A spokesman for the Labour leader, who was photographed standing in front of a Hezbollah flag when he spoke at the pro-Palestinian event in 2012, said he “is not scheduled to attend the march” which takes place on Sunday..


    Although his failure to disown the anti-Israel event is surely as significant as his failure to join it, perhaps Comrade Corbyn suddenly regrets his frequent appearances side by side with fanatics, and with terrorist scum like those mentioned below?


    Hasil gambar untuk corbyn loughgall


    Or is the Labour Party too busy exploiting the corpses yet to be dug out of the Grenfell ashes?

    After that nasty Nesrine’s grotesque effort to link the terrible fire with the crimmigrant cause…

    Guardian Garbage – Grenfell’s About How UK ‘Fails Migrants!’ 

    …we were gob-smacked to learn yesterday that Labour lice are now trying to tie the deaths to Brexit!

    A PROMINENT Jeremy Corbyn supporter has hit out at Brexit backers for “wanting less fire and safety regulations…” Jeremy Corbyn backer hits out at BREXIT VOTERS over Grenfell

    We should not be in the least surprised that the leftist hack is a card-carrying member of the media swamp-life club?


    Hasil gambar untuk paul mason newsnight

    Former Newsnight correspondent and Channel 4 economics editor Paul Mason 


     Is there no depth to which these swine will not sink in their endeavours to squeeze every last drop of political advantage from the disaster?

    • Edward Lamont 9:36 pm on June 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Brexit and Grenfell?
      Now it’s Brexit and Finsbury Park!
      I just saw some ‘resident’ in Finsbury Park, on BBC, telling us that all these xenophobians got lit up by the Brexit vote.
      So what else is left to be blamed on Brexit, the common cold?

  • ross1948 12:01 am on March 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Too Hot for Hamas? International Women’s Day 2017! 

    Somebody reminded me a few days ago that March 8th is International Women’s Day.

    Since the Islamist bigots of Hamas have cancelled the holiday even their Palestinian rivals have declared –  http://www.theisraelproject.org/hamas-vetoes-international-womens-day/ – it seems all the more incumbent on normal folks to say something about it.

    I could have posted on heroic European women, like Marine Le Pen or Frauke Petry. 


    But on reflection, I thought, no, we touched on such stellar examples last Sunday –Silly Old Pole Subjected To Euro-Censorship? OUTRAGEOUS!   – so let’s give politics a break, at least for this morning, and focus on local ladies here in Indonesia. 

    We have covered ( if that’s the appropriate word!) several of them over the years.

    So just a handful (pleasant thought!) today to celebrate why we really do appreciate these delights.


    Like my personal favourite, Roro Fitria…



    …and Citra Yunita Sari…

    Gambar terkait


    ,,,and of course, those irrepressible gals called Duo Serigala…


    Hasil gambar untuk duo dangdut


    And the intriguingly named Duo Buldozer…


    Hasil gambar untuk duo dangdut


    The ladies above are all dangdut singers, and if you haven’t heard of dangdut, it’s the musical genre that ordinary Indonesians love.




    Just check it out via Google search.

    But since I don’t want to be accused of bias towards Indonesian beauties, here’s that yummy Turk we featured a year or two ago…




    …I wonder whatever happened to her, after she lost her job for being gorgeous!

    Kasihan Zuhal Sengul – Hot Turkish Delight Fired By Kill-Joys! 

    Hasil gambar untuk boycott turkish airlines

    • Sophie Mackintosh 4:06 pm on March 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is an insult to International Women’s Day, pure sexism, all deep cleavages and thighs and it shows how you truly look at women.
      You are old now and should be beyond this teenage ogling but i suppose it is the habit of a life-time for your kind of chauvinist!.
      Shame on you!

      • ross1948 12:06 am on March 9, 2017 Permalink | Reply

        I suppose that all means a date is out of the question?

  • ross1948 9:27 pm on January 8, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Hamas – Sicker Swine It’s Hard To Imagine! 

    After a very long pleasant lunch with a very charming friend in South Jakarta, and being in any case somewhat lethargic still, after the holidays, I have to confess that I was struggling to summon up the energy to resume blogging tonight.

    But then…there’s always something that does the trick! 

    As we know, Islamist fanatics don’t just offend non-Muslims with their shameless intolerance.


    • Behead-Prophet
    • ========
    • They also shame and shock decent Muslims too, by almost everything they say and do, whether it’s the ISIS rape-gang in Mosul…


    • sharia-law1
    • …or the pig-ignorant savages who flaunt their fanaticism in Western cities.
    • ………..
    • Gambar terkait
    • ………
    • But Hamas, the sectarian swine who run the Gaza Strip, have managed to shock even me with their latest, unbelievably nauseating, stunt.


    WATCH: Hamas Mocks Dead Israeli Soldier With “Birthday” Videos

    Hamas released videos on Saturday that mocked a deceased Israeli Defense Force soldier whose body the terrorist group has held since 2014.


    In the first video, the face of Staff Sgt. Oron Shaul is superimposed on an actor, who is bound and sits cowering in front of a birthday cake with three candles, signifying three years that his body has been held by Hamas.

    Shaul’s face is animated to sing “Happy Birthday to You” in Hebrew with a thick Arabic accent…

    You can follow the link above to get the full story.

    It does tend to make one ever-so-slightly contemptuous of any outfit that vomits out such psychotic garbage.




    CAIR poster


    …contemptuous also of their rabid running-dogs in Western countries

    Center for Security Policy | C.A.I.R. is HAMAS:

  • ross1948 12:00 am on November 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: American universities, Hamas, , , withdraw all university privileges and university funding granted to Students for Justice in Palestine   

    Petition – Stop College Cash Going To Hamas Fans in USA! 

    As usual, I am more than happy to give space to any sensible petition, and this one, aimed against a fanatical gang operating in American colleges, is at least as sensible as most. \

    Its purpose is to demand withdrawal of  all university privileges and university funding granted to Students for Justice in Palestine….

    SJP masquerades as a typical campus cultural group.

    Hasil gambar untuk hamas terror

    But in reality, it’s an integral part of Hamas’s efforts to annihilate Israel through the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign.

    The BDS campaign is an insidious effort that attempts to delegitimize Israel, and smear it as a rogue “apartheid” nation. And it’s up to informed patriots like you and me to fight it…

    …starting on our college campuses, where impressionable students are being indoctrinated to this dangerous, anti-Semitic philosophy.

    So will you follow this link right away to sign the CUT OFF SJP PETITION?

  • ross1948 3:11 pm on November 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey, UK! Ingrate ‘Refugee’ Savages Just Burned Your Money! 

    Several tents at the RAF base in Dhekelia, near Larnaka were set alight amid disturbances 

    ‘Refugee’ arson at an RAF base in Cyprus –


    Bad enough that the British Government did not give the order to open fire on the riotous ‘refugees.’

    Worse that the RAF were not authorised to turn these swine back when they appeared off that Cyprus base in the first place. 

    Now the ingrate scum having run amok, arson and mayhem, they add insult to injury by complaining that a key UK military installation, not far from the Mid-East war-zone, has a secure fence with locked gates!


    Listen to this uppity Arab, his arrogant snout dug deep in the British public purse. The dirty dog’s name is Ibrahim Marouf .

    : ‘The gate of the camp is always closed, there are fences all around the camp…”




    Well, dreadfully sorry, old chap! We’ll just leave the gates wide-open!

    Maybe put up a big sign outside, something like – ‘Welcome, ISIS!”

    A better idea would be to fly him back to Palestine, where he comes from.




    Millions of pounds sterling ( and US dollars) are lavished, via the UN, on that PLO-run cess-pool, so let them take care of their own. 



    • Selmer 3:50 am on November 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I couldn’t agree more.
      These people’s lack of any sense of gratitude to the RAF makes me sick. They should have been VERY firmly put in their place by whoever was on duty at the time, though I think we’d find that ‘higher authority’ had issued kid glove orders.
      I see there are already a number of similar ‘refugees’ who have been living off the British tax-payer at the same base for years.
      All of them should be sent packing. And if any others are seen off the island, yes, turn them back, just as Australia so wisely has been doing. .

  • ross1948 10:44 am on July 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Corbyn Invited the Blood Beast to London? So Did Tony B.Liar! 

    Just getting ready to welcome today’s visitor, hence only a brief output ths fine Jakarta morning.
    So Jeremy Corbyn invited Blood Beast Adams to London in 1984?
    A disgusting thing to do, putting him on a moral par with Tony BLiar, who did the same some years later!
    Neither Corbyn nor BLiar, to be fair, were then aware of The Blood Beast’s rancid personal secret, that Sinn Fein/IRA poster-boy’s guilt in covering for a pedophile.
    Now they both do, and are still in a position to make their voices heard demanding prosecution, although so far as I know, neither Labour luminary has said a word on the subject.
    Nor have they commented – again as far as I know – on the report in the Express this week, about one of their parliamentary Labour Party colleagues –
    Police are looking into the claims about the Labour politician, who is still a senior Member of Parliament, which have been reported to officers by two fellow MPs. They include having boys delivered to his hotel room and carrying out depraved attacks on children in mental health hospitals.
    Will that case ever come to court?
    Will Adams’ case?
    I actually lived in the London Borough of Haringay when Corbyn was a councillor. In those days he looked like a hippy, but though the beard is still there, nowadays his flowing locks have been trimmed.
    Yet his marxist political rants seem not to have dimmed, either in tone or in content.
    What is it about these leftists that draws them, like moths to a flame, towards evil? Again, I’m not talking about his olden days, but his current links to organisations alleged to have connections to Hamas.
     Despite Jeremy’s gibbering and wriggling, he could not deny, confronted on Channel Four, that he’d referred to both Hamas and the other terrorist gang, Hezbollah, as ‘friends!

    But then why should we raise our eye-brows at Corbyn, when Cameron refuses to take any action against Hizbut Tahrir, nor even against the Muslim Brotherhood?  David Cameron pulls Muslim Brotherhood report – FT.com

    And as for Obama’s friends in CAIR,we already know enough about their loyalty to America! We know about their subversive notables, with all those terror links.


    As indeed do the Egyptians!


     David Cameron has made an eleventh-hour intervention to postpone the publication of a controversial report into the Muslim Brotherhood


  • ross1948 11:31 am on July 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Florida Uni Appoints Anti-Israel Fanatic – Protest! 

    Just a quick plug for FPM’s request to the public in the USA to contact the President of Florida International University, Dr. Mark Rosenberg, who paradoxically also serves on the Board of Directors for the Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.


    Yes, because his university has just given a plum job to an Israel-hating Islamist fanatic.


    sd  Saif Ishoof



    Read all about this CAIR-type creep, then consider taking FPM’s advice and discuss the issue of Saif Ishoof’s appointment with Dr. Rosenberg, you can send an e-mail toMark.Rosenberg@fiu.edu. Please be respectful, when doing so.


  • ross1948 12:21 am on June 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    YOUR Chance to Tell UN Hypocrites that Hamas is Terrorist! 

    Once more, I draw attention to a chance for you to make your voice heard.
    We had some (of course anonymous) commenter recently apparently unable to understand why anyone would seek to influence the resolution of problems afflicting countries other than one’s own.
    I disagree with such isolationism, and feel that this in particular is worth a mention, in view of the gross bias of much of the Indonesian media. 

    Hamas Pigs Gloat Over Baby’s Death! Will TVOne in Jakarta Highlight Their Sin? 

    .Yesterday, the UN released its report on last summer’s conflict with Hamas. It was as anti-Israel as one would expect — falsely drawing a moral equivalency between a terror group and a democracy trying to protect its citizens.
    This biased report — from a notoriously anti-Israel organization — blames Israel, despite a delegation of military and political leaders from four continents stating last week that “Israel not only met a reasonable international standard of observance of the laws of armed conflict, but in many cases significantly exceeded that standard” during last summer’s war.
     If the libel that Israel is a war criminal is allowed to stand, international pressure could keep Israel from defending its citizens during the next attack.
    Throughout the conflict, Hamas was the aggressor:
    • Hamas broke 11 separate cease fire agreements
    • Hamas used civilians as human shields
    • Hamas fired rockets at Israeli civilians from schools, mosques, hospitals, and other populated areas
    The Israel Project is fighting this dangerous libel by getting the real facts out — that Israel defended its citizens from a deadly terror group while doing the utmost to protect Gaza’s civilians.
    Just a week after the UN admitted its facilities were used to store terror weapons in Gaza, the UN is attempting to smear Israel, sabotage its right of self-defense, and protect future terrorists. It’s up to us to fight for Israel and for the truth.
    Thank you for your action.
    • sharlene stuart 4:11 pm on June 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for your support.
      The United Nations is no friend to freedom.

    • C.Mathey 2:17 am on June 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      What a lot of nonsense. When people live in a concentration camp, when their land has been stolen, when what is left is slowly taken from them, salami style , one slice at the time. What can one expect?
      Israelis are not the descendants of the Israelites. DNA proves that the Palestinians. ( see Prof Shlomo Sands – The invention of the Jewish people) are the descendants of those Israelites. Hamas is simply the resistance movement to Israel colonialism. Good luck to them. We are all Palestinians today. Even the Pope says so. A luta continua!

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