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  • ross1948 03:15 on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Punya HP Xiaomi? Bacalah! 

    I found this story in Sky News, reporting Lithuania’s concerns about one of the worst totalitarian regimes in the world…


    Spot the difference! Clue, moustache!

    Today’s Question – Is Beijing Better At Hiding Virus Data Or Gulag Gang-Rape?

    …Red China, of course,

    It seems useful to mention it, however, because many of my readers are indonesians…


    ….and Indonesians love their handphones!

    (‘Mobiles,’ to you folks back in The Old Country!)

    But rather than go into all the details, it makes more sense simply to note a vigorous denial –

    “Xiaomi’s devices do not censor communications to or from its users..”.

    – and let you use the link, below, to familiarise yourself with the facts.


    • Budi 06:36 on September 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I think like you about how cruel Red China but I have no money to buy expensive brand So I buy Xiaomi,.
      So far no problem with it


  • ross1948 05:58 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Kenapa Telkomsel Grapari Ga Punya Manajer2? Hati2, Ya? 

    This past weekend, Saturday, I went to Telkomsel’s ‘customer service’ centre in Jakarta’s Central Park.



    Like many foreigners here, I have two handphones, one for daily use, and another, my old Nokia, which I keep at home as a back-up, in case the newer one is lost or stolen.

    Being able to contact those overseas who matter is very important.



    Even more so in the current situation, with Indonesia beset by the Chinese Virus.


    China is Lying, Coronavirus started in Wuhan

    It occurred to me last Thursday or Friday to ensure that my back-up was fully re-charged. I re-charged it and sent an sms to somebody important.

    Or rather I didn’t.

    I tried, but ‘message not sent.’

    Twice more I tried, for I knew there was enough pulsa, having loaded it up at the ATM and not used it much at all.

    No go!



    Hence my trip to Telkomsel’s Grapari, where I waited only five minutes before being called, at about 11.30am, to Counter 6, where a rather dour young woman asked my purpose.


    Not at Grapari, it seems!


    I explained the problem, she looked at the phone, then told me that Telkomsel had annulled my number because of infrequent use!

    Why, I asked, had they not called or smsed me to warn of such an arrogant cut-off?



    Nor had any repayment been made of the money I had spent on the pulsa which Telkomsel’s high-handed action prevented me using to make calls.

    Number 6 merely repeated her previous response, like a robot.


    I was not impressed, and pointed out that what had been done by her company was impolite, indeed unprofessional, plus2!

    Since she was obviously programmed to offer the same weasel words over and over…

    …..I asked to speak to her manager, to make a formal complaint.

    ’There is no manager!’

    At first I thought she’d misunderstood, though my Indonesian is adequate for such a basic conversation.

    So I rephrased my statement – 

    ‘No boss, no superviser?’


    Frankly, I find this hard to believe.

    I intend to go to Telkomsel HQ this week to pursue the issue.

    But let this be a warning to everybody, foreigners or Indonesians.


    • JazPen 06:48 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good luck if you go to Telkomsel.
      Grapari Central Park has no superviser, with 20 people working there?
      How can any office function with nobody in charge?


    • Kezia 07:05 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      I also find it hard to believe a big business like Telkomsel has no manager in its customer service office.
      Very hard.
      I. hope you can meet some staff who care about customers at Telkomsel head office.


    • Tulus 09:01 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, I think you will waste your time to go to Telkomsel. The staffs at their office on Gatot Suproto in Kuningan will in my humble opinion that if you have complaiint about customer service then you must complain to customer service.
      It is not logical but I predict that will be so.
      And if you go to the customer service there they will only defend the strange story told to you in Central Park.
      Even so I hope you get success.



    • Harry Pontin 13:42 on January 25, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      There was a case like this in the news here, Vodaphone, I think, scrubbed a senior citizen’s number because she wasn’t using it enough!
      The company refused to admit it was in the wrong but paid her back after the shaming publicity.
      But they never claimed a lack of management as an excuse for dodging complaints!


    • JazPen 07:32 on January 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Cmon, Ross Did you go to Telkomsel HQ?
      What happened?
      We are waiting for the next thrilling instalment!


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 10:59 on January 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Good morning, or is it afternoon there, Ross?
      Did you really go all the way into the heart of Jakarta to confront Telkomsel?
      We are waiting with bated breath to hear about this case’s outcone.


    • Kezia 12:30 on January 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Ross, please tell us about Telkomsel. Do they really have nobody in charge of Grapari?
      I am confused how rhe customer service cab work without any supervision?
      Many of us are talking about this.


      • ross1948 15:12 on January 27, 2021 Permalink | Reply

        Hi, Kezia.
        Apa kabar?
        I will soon give you a full report on my trek yesterday.
        Tonight or tomorrow!


  • ross1948 00:15 on February 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Some Swiss Sense On How To Nail Lying ‘Migrants!’ 

     Gambar terkait

    Gregor Rutz is a sensible man, a leading legislator for the Swiss patriot party, the SVP.


    Hasil gambar untuk gregor rutz svp


    He’s currently pressing ahead with a wise reform.

    But what’s absurd is that it’s a reform which should never have been needed! It’s an obvious part of any country’s defence against illegal invasion by lying undesirables, namely – .

    …a parliamentary initiative that would allow the electronic devices of asylum seekers to be checked for evidence of their identity….


    Since when does any illegal alien have the right to say no to such basic security checks?

    The very idea that illegals have ‘rights’ is an affront to common sense, a logical nonsense.

     As Herr Rutz told media-

    “With this new possibility we are sending out a clear signal that we don’t accept fake asylum seekers. Then fewer people will come here because Switzerland is less attractive.”


    Indeed, making one’s country less attractive to crimmigrants is more than just a good idea.



    It should be a moral obligation!

    And the SVP man also said that anyone who refused to comply with the measure would be sent home.

    It almost goes without saying that the Green Party have chosen to oppose the move.



    Some Turk-born lawyer named Sibel Arslan, who has somehow got onto the Swiss National Council, was quick to slam the measure…


    Hasil gambar untuk sibel arslan


    “The proposal is a fake populist solution!”

    Huh? What on earth is the daft bint yapping about? Does she mean the SVP are ‘fake populists?’ Or that the proposal is a ‘fake solution?

    Since populists only means those who speak up for the people and represent their aspirations, I’d say the Swiss People’s Party is hardly fake.

    On Swiss National Day, Arrogant Elitists Fretting! 

    They have a very good track record of seeking to give citizens a say via their country’s enviable direct democracy system.

    As for the solution, sure, it’s not going to make the crimmigrant menace vanish overnight, but it’s not a bad step to start with.

    It would, she whined, be an intrusion into the private life of those concerned.



    Those concerned can sod off back to whence they came if they don’t want their precious ‘private lives’ intruded upon.


    They forfeited any such privilege when they came parasiting across the Med or the Aegean.

    Uninvited guests unwilling to comply with simple requirements placed on them by their unfortunate hosts deserve not a Green mantle of protection but the bum’s rush!

    Th only practical objection raised by Shrill Sibel is that people who really wanted to hide their identity could use apps where data was deleted instantly or change their SIM cards over. 

    Yes, they could, but every extra step undesirable aliens have to take offers a chance to keep them on their toes, all the better to trip them up.

    And Arslan’s at least as much concerned about what would be done with any data obtained and who would have access to this.

    The obvious answer should be that ALL such info should be sedulously circulated around all government departments and to all police and security agencies of every Western country.

    That’s perhaps exactly what she fears, when she grizzles that the Rutz plan could be the start of a slippery slope with the practice being used for other purposes.

    It only, dear comrade, needs to be used once -to get the swine OUT of Switzerland. But if you think of other useful uses, be sure to let us know!


    • Mort 01:38 on February 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Smart to use those pictures, Ross!
      They underline the connection between crimmigration and terrorism, a link the Enemy Within seeks to play down whenever they think they can get away with it. .


  • ross1948 20:53 on April 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Bali hotels, competition, , , handphones, , , Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi   

    Indonesia – Why Curb Competition? 

    Just got back from a nice little walk, and just as well, as it looks like the rain will start up. 

    I have a nice Stone Age handphone, a good old-fashioned Nokia, which allows me to call and receive calls and send and get sms messages.

    It also functions as an alarm clock.



    More than that I do not need.

    Yet a friend last week urged me to go modern, get one of those smart-phones that does everything save the washing up.

    Why am I thinking about it?

    Gambar terkait


    Because the Grab cars and Gojeks etc. don’t respond to all hand-phones, only to those with internet applications.

    And as my drinking buddy affirmed, they are a lot cheaper than cabs and ojeks, the traditional biker-taxi geezers here. The latter can be especially rapacious if the customer is a foreigner – the loons reckon we are all rich!

    I have explained to some of the wannabe rip-off bikers that while some foreigners, like lefty NGO snowflakes…

    posh foreign pinko

    …are grossly overpaid, many ‘expats’ are in fact retired, or back-packers, or NOT in high-salaried jobs!

    My pal is right. I have used Gojeks, thanks to people who have the ‘app,’ and the price is significantly less expensive. However, the news reports last week have again discouraged me from trading ‘up.’ It seems regional administrations will be able to set a minimum and maximum limit to fares…  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2017/03/22/ride-hailing-apps-to-soon-see-curbs-to-business.html

    A MINIMUM limit?

    This bizarre scheme emanates from Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi and is said to be a response to whining from the old taxi companies which can’t handle competition.


    Gambar terkait


    I’d have thought Budi might be better advised, if he must interfere in matters that have naught to do with safety on the roads, to impose rules on the taxi sector, forcing them to require drivers to pass a local version of The Knowledge…

    Hasil gambar untuk The knowledge taxis

    …that famous test undergone by would-be London cabbies before they may ply for fares.

    It never ceases to amaze me that Jakarta taxi-drivers can be so utterly ignorant of their city. I often know more than they do.

    One former colleague became so exasperated that he told the driver to change places and, thus securely in the driving seat, got to his destination quickly, if not perhaps legally!


    More fun walking?


    It all reminds me of the weirdly negative attitude in Bali towards new tourist accommodation, local government efforts to limit the number of new hotels that spring up.

    I’d see the merits of such a policy if they were marring areas of beautiful scenery ( like those girls in the photo above!) or of historic interest.

    But in Kuta or Legian or Tuban?

    Kuta Square

    • Get real!

    The more competition the better, for if that’s the case, then the hotels, hostels, B n Bs, etc., will need to offer ever-cheaper prices to lure guests!

    That means even the ritzy joints too, and why not?

  • ross1948 06:33 on February 20, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Phoney ‘Refugees’ And Phones- Calling All Crimmigrants? 

    Up early today, as I’m in Bali, enjoying time with people I don’t see often enough…


    Gambar terkait


    …and this morning I’m energised by the thought of the hotel’s swimming pool!

    So not too much time for blog output this week.

    But a useful article this month, useful but horrific too, though an element of fake news can be spotted, by The Economist’s inaccurate use of the word ‘refugees’ to describe a bunch of Iraqi illegals on the French Channel coast.

    Not Calais crimmigrants this time, but some den in Dunkirk, where mostly Iraqi refugees live until they manage to get on a truck to Britain…

    How often does the media need to be told that REAL refugees flee to the nearest safe country. Even a rudimentary knowledge of geography tells us that…


    Hasil gambar untuk map europe middle east


    …unless they somehow got a plane directly from Iraq to France, these Iraqis MUST have passed through other countries to get there.

    These ‘refugees’ were most likely among the alien rabble we saw stomping through Greece, Serbia, Austria and/or Italy, before they got to France.


    war zone 2


    And even skipping that, if they are now in France, turning some neighbourhood of Dunkirk into the same sort of squalid squat whose denizens made the lives of Calaisiens hell for so long…

    Hasil gambar untuk calais crimmigrants amok


    …is France not a safe country?

    And if so, then what sort of ‘refugees’ are these people, STILL not content to be in a safe and civilised democracy,  unwilling to apply for ‘asylum’ there, instead eagerly plotting further illegal incursions into the UK?

    Answer that question for yourselves. 

    But I know what I think…


    These men prowling Dunkirk left decent Iraqis to fight beside their Western allies against the ISIS rape-gang’s caliphate. These men prefer to grub for NGO hand-outs and alarm the decent French folk in Dunkirk.

    However, most of you understand all that, though it needs to be repeated until the media hacks clean up their act and describes illegal aliens for what they are.

    What’s useful about The Economist article is what it says about malignant migrants and mobile phones.

    Some of the residents buy pricey SIM cards brought over from Britain, where buyers need not show an ID, as they must in France.  http://www.economist.com/news/international/21716637-technology-has-made-migrating-europe-easier-

    PRICEY, please note – poor parasites, getting every kind of largesse from so-called ‘charities’ – even fur coats…Fur Coats for Crimmigants? Don’t Give To PETA!…but there’s handy cash for PRICEY phone-cards?




    Not all the wasters need to dig deep into their pockets, though – there’s even a special ‘charity’ called “Phone Credit for Refugees and Displaced People!”

    No, we won’t resume our discussion of misusing the  word ‘refugees’ – let’s press on with what’s revealed in The Economist 

    Their importance goes well beyond staying in touch with people back home.

    People Back Home?




    The phones also bring news and pictures of friends and family who have reached their destination…

    Friends and family?




    And if left-liberals reckon those suspicions of mine are harsh, then the article provides an unambiguous assertion on how these phones are used, demonstrating an urgent need to focus on the problem..

    motivating more migrants to set out.




    That’s not fake news, it’s bad news! 

    Time for preemptive action, if it’s true, and it undoubtedly is true, that crimmigrant phones –

     are used for researching journeys and contacting people-smugglers. Any rumour of a new, or easier, route spreads like wildfire.

    So, if we recognise the risk, are we to ignore it? Surely not? Thus the question arises…


    I’m honestly not sure how best this can be handled.

    One might think security forces should be ordered into both the ‘asylum centres’ formally organised under government auspices and alien squatter camps, like that in Dunkirk, and seize the phones.

    What do you readers suggest?

  • ross1948 09:18 on November 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: effendi, fraud, handphones, , mobiles, , , scam, sms scam   

    Mama Minta Pulsa? Anjing Loe! Uses and Abuses of Hand-Phones! 

    Heck, an almost incommunicado day yesterday, my internet suddenly down, our whole area apparently, just as I was enjoying a fun skype-chat with somebody important. I grabbed for my handphone to explain to them the problem was at my end of the line – too fast! Dropped the darn thing, and it stopped functioning. Like the Beach Boy’s wagon, it’s an oldie but a goodie, but yes, a very oldie – so I feared for its chances of recovery. 

    But it says so much about our modern life-style that, faced with the fact that I had no means of contacting anyone at all, a huge surge of near panic engulfed me. Yeah, me, who never owned, or contemplated owning, such a hi-tech device as a h/p until I came to Indonesia! So much for the sun-bathing and book-reading which had filled my agenda so promisingly! 


    • panic
    • =================
    • Happily, once I’d helter-skeltered to the nearest mall, and located a helpful tukang HP, my mobile was found to be fixable. Not only easily, but so easily he waved away my offer of recompense. Joy unconfined. But with phones on my mind, my attention has been straying to related news….


    There are many stupid people in every country. They often get exploited by the many wicked people which every country also possesses.

    So how do we classify the detained person called Effendi. He seems quite content to acknowledge his predatory greed.

    According to Effendi, he had committed the crime for two years, with the help of five trained subordinates. They earned between Rp 90 million (US$6,617) and Rp 210 million monthly.

    The police say the creep has acquired vast wealth by sending SMSes to thousands of strangers, with the short, sweet message, Mama Minta Pulsa – Mum Requests A Mobile  Phone Top-Up!

    Long-distance rip-off!


    An irrelevant photo, included only to delight readers stressed out by the imminent arrival of the rainy season!


    • Do you get odd texts from complete strangers?
    • Nobody minds genuine wrong numbers, but moochers on the make? Trying to rip you off but from a very safe distance? Among the most despicable of miscreants, in my opinion.
    • After all, a mugger in a dark alley still runs the risk you’ll fight back. Even a sleazy pick-pocket on the crowded bus might get rumbled and his intended victim could well raise a hue and cry and rouse other commuters to jump in and batter the swine.
    • Hasil gambar untuk devil's mobile phone
    • But hiding behind the anonymity of a phone number? Out of sight, out of reach? Surely uniquely contemptible!
    • ================
    •  I have had more than a few such SMS appeals from Mama, but since there’s no evidence that text messaging from beyond the grave is possible, I’ve tended to ignore them.  Recently, I’ve even had emails from my Dad, which I don’t open, because he too passed away many years ago.

    However, I suppose many other people’s mums are alive and well and quite possibly short of money, so it’s hard to condemn the folly of those who were gulled into subsidising  this little anjing (dog’s) lavish lifestyle.


    Though since the scam is so infamous that there’s even been a horror film based on it, you have to wonder…

    Effendi has claimed that he learned the scheme from friends in his hometown, where many people were doing the same type of thing. He also emphasized that he was no longer involved in directly sending scam messages. He said that he supervised his subordinates instead and provided them with laptops and modems, to facilitate and support their activities.

    Oh, well, that’s okay then. 

    …He went on to say that his family had urged him to stop, but he had not managed to do so before the police arrested him.  .http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2015/11/07/man-behind-mama-minta-pulsa-nabbed.html

    Is this geezer for real? He hadn’t managed to stop ripping people off? That’s akin to me saying that I haven’t managed to stop drinking beer or going to parties…

    • OldiesButGoodies-1
    • ….of course I haven’t! Because I don’t want to!

    The churl deserves no mercy!

    But consider the cost of judges, court staff, public prosecution officers, police salaries, etc. involved in bringing this creature to trial. It would be enormous.


    • Gelora-Bung-Karno-Stadium
    • ———————————
    • How about alternatives?
    • Suppose such frauds instead were delivered to the big Jakarta stadium at Gelora Bung Karno and confined in a fenced off area therein, with an open invitation to all members of the public defrauded by Mama Minta Pulsa schemes?

    Hasil gambar untuk bricks

    • The participating audience could be permitted to approach, say to within 100 meters of the fenced area, each attendee allowed a maximum of three bricks – one would not wish to be accused of  inflicting excessive punishment!

    Tickets for non-participant spectators could be sold, the proceeds to be split fairly between all known fraud-victims.





    You’re right – I’m merely makan angin, as they say in KL, whiling away an idle morning. Such a project would be giving them arguably more attention than their low-level behaviour deserves.

    But politicans convicted of corruption? In this lovely country where so many poor people struggle desperately just to keep body and soul together?

    Ticket sales would raise MILLIONS for good causes!

    Now THERE’S an idea…



    • Prita 12:51 on November 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I am always getting these sms begging for my money and I never give because they lie. Many people give and it is so bad. Same like you say the criminals must be punished.
      Yes and corrupters also. I like your ideas of the bricks…


  • ross1948 21:13 on April 13, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Curbing the Handphone Habit in Bali! 

    It’s Monday again, so that Bali website reached me this afternoon, often a source of tales worth re-telling.

    Today’s choice is this –


    • ……………………
    • Well, no, not that promo offer, though it sounds nice enough.  

    But rather THIS!

    Bene Italian Kitchen at the Sheraton Bali Resort proclaims “No Phone Fridays” with food discounts of 50% if you’re prepared to leave your phone at the door.   http://www.balidiscovery.com..

    Do any Jakarta restos have this sort of thing?

    I’m moved to ask because wherever I go to eat out, except my humble warteg, there are always TONS of bores blattering away on their hand-phones instead of enjoying the company of those on either side of or across the table from them. 


    • phone-addiction-support-friendship-ecards-someecards-300x167
    • ……
    • Mobile phones are very useful, but it frequently looks as if they are physically joined to the lips or ears of their owners, so permanently are they on display.
    • 000And unlike many of the people one finds sitting close by in Jakarta, they’re not very pretty. 


    She really has nothing to do with this story, but whilst searching for relevant images, I learned that such delights can be acquired as ‘free backgrounds for mobile phones!



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