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    As The Slaughter Proceeds, Halal Alarm in Austria! 

    Last week Jakarta was filling up with livestock, awaiting the ‘Day of Sacrifice,’ Idul Adha, which falls today.

    I don’t usually pay it much heed, since there’s nothing I can do about the poor beasts.

    I simply avoid places where one might risk observing the bloody spectacle.




    Not something that school-kids here can do.


    Governor Ahok

    Jakarta Governor Ahok tried to stop schoolyard slaughter last year, and provoked outbursts of fanatic hostility.

    Ahok is a good guy, a straight-talker…

    Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!”  

    …but he has no majority support on the City Council, so cannot hope to bring the capital into the 21st century single-handed. 

    City councilor Nasrullah from the Prosperous Justice Party called on Governor Ahok not to interfere with religious traditions like the slaughtering of animals during Idul Adha because such an intervention could spark conflict.


    Oh yeah?

    Back down or there’s gonna be trouble?

    • pks_logo1

    PKS, the ‘Prosperous Justice Party’

    • Nice democratic attitude that.

    For those who don’t know, the PKS is often likened to the Muslim Brotherhood, and has a somewhat questionable record on all kinds of things, to say the least.

    Wahhabism and Women Spell Woe for Fanatic Islamist PKS 

    Beef Scandal – Islamist Fanatic Luthfi Jailed ‘Till the Cows Come Home!’ 

    It was led till recently by a man named Anis Matta, infamous for his ode to mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden!

    However, since we’re on the subject of halal, I saw something about that in the European media, a week ago. a Halal drink alleged to support jihad financing !

    The accusations were made in an article in German weekly ‘Spiegel,’ which writes that radical Islamists use the profit of selling drinks made by Austrian-Bosnian company ‘Sultan Drinks’ to finance propaganda…

    Halal drink alleged to support jihad financing


    The report appears to exculpate the Sultan Drinks owners, but the dealers who sell it are another matter, e.g.

    The company ‘Triple Port Ltd.’ is one of the companies that sells the drinks. One of their contact people is Karim L.

    He was the speaker of the Muslim Council in the German city of Bonn who had to resign after it became clear he had raised funds for a Salafist organisation…


    Another Enemy Within, who should not be in Germany at all. Sensible countries ought not to allow adherents of savage, primitive ideologies to operate within their borders,


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    More Mindless Bigotry in Sumatra! 

    As some of you will have discerned by now, I’m not currently in Indonesia and my eye has not been on the news-ball as much as usual.

    So this halal horror story, an example of the nasty intolerance which provokes ‘Islamophobia’ around the world, dates from last week.

    But it’s instructive, so here it is.


    My headline refers to Sumatra, but the nightmarish outbreak of sectarian violence in Tanjung Balai Tanjung Balai’s Burning Temples – A History of Bigotry!  is in a different part of that island from Deli Serdang, where ignoramuses have got the Islamist local government pandering to their worst sectarian prejudices.

    It’s a campaign to stamp out local eateries run by the Karo people, eateries that specialise in pork.

    But you can judge the sort of bone-headed mentality in Deli just by reading this quote from one of the nasty little agitators in the Jakarta Post report, a jerk named Ibnu Hajar.



    • He declared that the presence of the BPK eateries along that section of the highway was very disturbing to him because the majority of people living in the area were Muslims.


    What’s ‘disturbing’ about the fact some people have different dietary inclinations from you? Never mind that the Karo people are the ethnic group that was there first.

    The halal whiners are new-comers, or the spawn thereof, pushy gits, laying down the law on those who, in terms of identity with the territory, are their elders and – given the halal whiners’ arrogance – their betters, too. 

    Can’t these whiners just grow up, live and let live, get a life, the way civilised people do?

    I don’t object to folks eating halal in my neighbourhood, or at the table next to mine in a resto, so why should schmucks like Ibnu object to people who prefer pork to whatever he shoves down his gob?

    Oh, but he’s so tolerant, really.

    Ibnu said that they would not ban anyone from selling foods like BPK, but the sellers had to pay attention to their locations. “Don’t sell non-halal foods like BPK in a Muslim neighborhood because it is not good…”

    What backward, benighted bigotry!

    Pork IS good! Eating it IS good. Selling it to those who want to buy it IS good.


    Nobody is forcing Ibnu or his fellow-whiners to eat it. 

    NOBODY has to like it, eat it or buy it or sell it, UNLESS they choose.

    But freedom to choose is anathema to the likes of Ibnu. Everyone in the vicinity has to toe the line, bow and scrape to ignoramuses who lack the mental capacity to grasp the simplest aspects of pluralism.

    I don’t want to force-feed the Ibnus of this world with pork, but I do think they need to be force-fed some crumbs of the pluralism that Indonesia’s supposed to be about.

    And sadly there are LOADS of Ibnus up there, hundreds of people from different Islamic organizations,who rallied to demand  the closure of all the BPK eateries including the famous BPK Tesalonika that has a prominent location on the trans-Sumatra highway at Kilometer 29. They also urged the regency administration to act quickly to close them down.

    Nasty sectarians rally against eateries

    Now you expect that sort of malignant behaviour from the IslamoNazis, and the JP reports that the FPI white-shirt thug gang were indeed involved.

    But should we expect ‘moderate’ Muslims to be spouting this kind of hateful hogwash too?

    Alas, we must, because Ibnu is identified as not only the protest coordinator but also the chairman of Muhammadiyah’s Deli Serdang branch..



    New readers overseas may not now that Muhammadiyah is one of the largest mass-membership Muslim outfits in the Indonesian archipelago. And it is always depicted in the media as ‘moderate.’

    Not on our blog it won’t be, not after this.

    Not unless they expel Ibnu Hajar.


    • islamophobia-21
    • ————-
    • If they don’t dissociate themselves from his sort of intolerant fanaticism, then they are simply exacerbating the ‘Islamophobia’ which his conduct and those of that mosque mob in Tanjung Balai incite.  

    I will let you read the linked article for yourselves.

    You can marvel at how the bureaucrats in Deli seek to rationalise their oppressive conduct by means of disseminating “appeals” to all the managements of BPK eateries or eateries selling other non-halal foods to replace their current menus with halal ones.

    This of course is not sectarian!

    All perfectly pluralist!

    To the extent that one pathetic puke in the local government is quoted viz. –“Thank God, almost 50 percent of them have replaced their menus with halal foods.”   http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/07/29/traditional-karo-eateries-targeted-muslim-groups.html

    What’s so shocking  is the authority is so overtly in bed with bigotry.

    I had heard that President Jokowi’s government was going through local bye-laws to weed out sectarian shariah stuff and any similar drivel.

    Surely central government intervention is urgently required in Deli.

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    Three Cheers for Jakarta, Where People Are Normal and Nice! 

    Yesterday I shopped briefly whilst meandering around Jakarta.


    Bulk shopping bores me – more fun (and easier to lug home on the angkot) if one picks up a few items at a time, Carrefour one day, Hypermarket the next or Lotte Mart or maybe Giant, which is where I went yesterday, their branch in Plaza Semanggi.

    In the past, I’ve rated them for their bargain prices – Giant is the overall winner there, as a rule, with Carrefour at the bottom of the league – a ‘50% off’ sticker is a rarity in those stores!


    • Blok  M Square's Carrefour
    • =================
    • And it’s always an interesting exercise to judge who’s got the prettiest shop assistants. Carrefour, on balance, though Lotte ain’t far behind!

    In the department store stakes, Matahari wins hands down in terms of attractive staff.

    But when you go to a supermarket cashier, everyone queues together. Yesterday’s cashier was a scarfed lady, who totted up my purchases, exchanging polite pleasantries as she did so.

    No nasty, sectarian apartheid, as is apparently the case in Dubai. 

    “The signs put in the supermarkets are to display that products must be segregated since we received many complaints from people who did not think it was right to have the same cashier for non-Muslim foods and other foods,” he said.  Separate cashiers for non-Muslim foods at Dubai supermarkets | GulfNews.com.

    Apartheid in action, inspired by fanatics.

    But let’s not imagine only Arab countries harbour such nonsense – we’ve reported before on a bigot bint in England, who should have been fired but wasn’t.

    Tesco Covers for Bigot Staff After Sectarian Snub to Shopper! 

    So let me sing another verse of my daily song of praise for Jakarta, and the friendly folk who live here – 90% Muslim, and some of their co-religionists in the UK and the Gulf would do well to learn from their civilised mentality.

    i love jkt


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