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  • ross1948 00:11 on November 19, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Hard Talk? Hard To Say “Illegal?” 

    I won’t waste my time or yours describing Stephen Sackur’s obsequious ( a word so perfect to define BBC flunkeys’ approach to leftist notables) session, HardTalk, his BBC yap-show….

    Stephen Sackur, Journalist & Presenter (17167554681) (cropped).jpg



    …..with a very old, very left, very queer actor yesterday.

    Sackur impartially categorised America’s embrace of homo-weddings as an ‘achievement… ‘


    …but then he’d have few friends left at the BBC, infested as it is with the sexually maladjusted…

    Courtesy Of All You Brits – Special Bogs For BBC Queers


    …if he’d more accurately called that moral collapse for what it is.

    No, what appalled me most was how Sackur, encouraging his guest to rant on, could not bring himself to use the words ‘illegal immigrants…’


    ..without clipping on those inverted commas…

    Sackur actually spoke as follows –

    Quote Illegal Immigrants Unquote!’

    – as if there’s ANY dispute that the crimmigrants on America’s border are anything but what they are!


  • ross1948 10:27 on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo, Wu’er Kaixi! Xi’s S.O.B.s Are Much The Same As Hitler’s! 

    BBC’s Sackur was bad today.


    Or was Hard Talk on last night in The Old Country?

    No matter.

    Wu’er Kaixi hammered home the truth about those evil SOBs in Beijing..

    Wu'erkaixi from VOA (1).jpg

    Wu’er Kaixi

    …which is that they are at least as bad, if not worse, than Nazi Germany.

    Yet Sackur seemed at least slightly vexed at the comparison.




    Clearly the number of innocent Chinese murdered by the Communists easily exceeded those innocents who died in Hitler’s camps.



    How come Sackur thought comparisons were going too far?

    Even as the dissident, of whom I hadn’t heard, and with whose other opinions I am not familiar, tore down every nonsense argument propounded by the Reds and their apologists…



    ….even as he rounded off a splendid performance, Sackur moaned that his guest was making too much of the very obvious similarities between the world’s most infamous despotisms.





    Please watch it for yourselves!


    • Noreen P 16:21 on August 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Sackur seemed quite annoyed about Wu’ers allusion to the Holocaust, but as you say, Communists have much more blood on their hands than the Nazis.
      The Chinese Communists all by themselves shot, starved or tortured to death more victims than Hitler ever did.
      I share your bafflement.


  • ross1948 20:12 on April 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC’s Sackur Loses It – Magyar Man Easy Winner! 

    Watching BBC bimbos and berks talk to their soul-mates is a soul-destroying experience.

    The Briefing – Biased BBC’s ‘Me Too, Pinko’ Show! 

    …and then there’s this…

    …and this…

    A Leftist Lesbian Love Affair – ‘Auntie’ And ‘Mother Jones?’ 

    …and so very many more examples!

    They closely resemble the chunter-fests staged by France24’s old bat brigade.

    France 24’s Far-Left UK Fanatic Guest- Interviewed Uncritically

    Simpering Twit Fawns On Death-Wish Trump-Hater! 

    The squalid charades do nothing to enlighten audieces at home, except insofar as the muppets confirm what most Brits know is State-funded media bias.

    How stunningly different was Hard Talk, Wednesday this week, when Stephen Sackur had the Hungarian Government spokesman, Zoltan Kovacs on his show, but not at his mercy!


    Kovács Zoltán.jpg
    Zoltan Kovacs

    The Magyar gave as good as he got, so well, in fact, that Sackur’s aggressive attitude descended to blatant discourtesy.

    Sackur kept banging on about the so-called ‘Helsinki Committee,’ which has nothing to do with Helsinki and much more to do  with Soros, who infamously bank-rolls its yelping agitation.



    But Sackur has shown a grasp of reality on at least one previous occasion.

    Bellingcat?’ Self-Confessed Liberals Funded by Soros! Exposed By BBC! 

    Sackur also undoubtedly prepares for his show and thus must be aware of the funding ‘Helsinki’ has gotten from Soros’ front organisation, the ‘Open Society Foundation…’

    OSF said it would continue to support civil society groups in Hungary, but beneficiaries of its grants such as the Hungarian Helsinki Committee…

    …but nevertheless the BBC man claimed it was a ‘respected’ outfit!

    By whom?


    Not by anyone who knows which trough the Helsinki snouts have a history of being lodged in!

    For some reason, Sackur seemed obsessed by the emergency powers – approved by a two-thirds majority of the freely elected Hungarian Parliament – which Orban has been given to handle the corona crisis.


    Related image

    Viktor Orban


    In vain did Mr. Kovacs point out that almost every government, and not just in Europe, has introduced tough measures, approved by legislatures.

    And parliament can end the state of emergency at any time.’

    This seemed only to vex Sakur, who had begun his show ( show-trial?) with the odd question, ‘is this Europe’s first de facto dictatorship?’ ) for he began to rant that Hungary has ‘put democracy in the deep freeze!’

    You’re engaged in Alice-in-Wonderland politics…you’re using the emergency as a fig-leaf…”

    The Hungarian’s references to the left-liberal prejudice that motivates the Strasbourg Slugs seemed further to provoke his hostile host, who could hardly deny that most MEPs are exactly what Kovacs said.

    What was maybe the weirdest detour from the issue at hand was Sackur’s outlandish anguish about theatres in Hungary.

    Why were they made to organise new management boards?
    Frankly, who gives a monkey’s!?!

    Maybe the old management boards were as lousy as the Australian ‘culture vulture’ Council we wrote about on Anzac Day?


    • Noreen Paterson 23:22 on April 25, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I saw that.
      Sackur was just rude. Kovacs put him in his place, as you say.
      BBC is very biased and it was a pleasure to see the Hungarian burst Sackur’s balloon the way he did, with facts!


  • ross1948 22:04 on December 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Bellingcat?’ Self-Confessed Liberals Funded by Soros! Exposed By BBC! 

    Got home last night in time to watch Hard Talk, BBC’s Stephen Sackur interviewing Eliot Higgins, the little pinko who runs ‘Bellingcat’- that ‘investigative’ which has slithered up to prominence despite ostensibly humble origins and despite many questions about its reliability.


    And to my delight ( and, I have to confess, my surprise) Mr. Sackur did us all a favour, getting the man to admit his outfit was on the take from Soros.


    Image result for bellingcat boss



    Creepo also openly declared his allegiance to liberalism!

    So much for the millions of people who understand that liberalism is a cancer.



    Not only that, but the infamous Atlantic Council, ludicrously described by Sackur as a ‘conservative’ organisation, was also exposed as a source of support for the dubious gang.




    That’s the same Atlantic Council with which Alexandra Hall went to work.

    UK Foreign Office Loses A Remainer? Good! Now Fire The Rest! 

    I cannot say I was surprised by the Soros revelation. That malevolent plutocrat pours his money one way or another into all kinds of vehicles that drive liberalism forward. And he’s no the only one.


    However, it is useful to know that the ‘Bellingcat’ gang make no pretence of political impartiality, its boss now on record as owning up to allegiance to liberalism.

    What struck me as most interesting, though, was Sackur, who is as much a BBC left-liberal as just about everyone else at the tax-funded UK state broadcaster, making a point of preemptively introducing the Soros link…

    …indicating how aware he is ( and hence how aware the BBC in-crowd are ) of the rising tide of resistance to Soros meddling.
    By bringing in the Sorosoid aspect, Sackur was giving the Bellboy an opportunity to shrug it off as immaterial to the work he’s been doing.

    Truth, however, carries its own message! Soros money does not go to good causes.




  • ross1948 19:20 on May 25, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Nice One! Real Woman Demolishes BBC Defender Of Sports Trans-Freaks! 

    Just got home from Carrefour, switched on the tv and there’s BBC’s Sacker hosting ‘Hard Talk,’ giving Sharron Davis a hard time.



    Boy, did she turn the tables on the pro-freak pinko!

    Sharron at least once had to demand that her churlish host stop interrupting as she answered.

    She stuck up for fair play in sports vigorously, battering him with all kinds of statistics and factual evidence, demanding that he take all of it into account.

    I don’t think he was best pleased.

    Or maybe, since he usually covers serious issues, he was resentful at having to handle a nonsense phenomenon, the whole trans-freak charade being an affront not only to decency but to nature and logic…

    Man Up! Ban Male Freaks From Women’s Sports! 

    ……as noted by fair-minded folk around the world.

    The continued success of the two transgenders throughout the year led to problematic objections that they had an unfair advantage. Rather than understanding the concern, the transgenders stated during an interview that girls should work harder rather than complaining.    http://conservativewoman.com/2019/03/11/the-debate-around-transgendered-athletes/#comment-1567

    …and as we have observed before.

    It may be that Hard Talk was ordered to tackle this issue, as part of the tax-funded state-broadcaster’s appalling ‘Pride Month.’



    Several times daily we have a big black man named Ben Hunt pop up on the screen to regale us with the ‘delights’ in store.

    Hunt doesn’t look like poofter, no make-up, no purple velvet jump-suit. On the contrary, he looks like a normal human being.

    What’s his story?

    Hard to take Stephen Sacker seriously as an objective interviewer, given his grotesque prejudice on other issues, as displayed when he intruded his pro-crimmigrant bias quite blatantly, telling his guest that no matter what the American people may wish, ‘practical politicians know they can’t deport millions and millions of people.‘  

      Eric Cantor Uses Biased BBC Talk-Show To Blast Tea-Party

    Of course they can!


    His level of antagonism depends on whether he approves of his guest’s views. A very poor quality for an interviewer who should be objective.


    • Ray Nolan 08:07 on May 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You can’t be keeping tabs on UK affairs, Ross, or maybe you didn’t spell Hunte’s name correctly, if you were searching for his ‘story.’
      He is the BBC’s ‘first LGBT Correspondent’ and although he does look like a totally normal bloke, he’s as queer as a 9 pound note!
      The BBC is determined to normalise homosexuality and would not have been so slipshod as to pick a ‘flaming-fairy’ type in lipstick and sequins to promote their ideological aims.


  • ross1948 10:36 on October 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Eric Cantor Uses Biased BBC Talk-Show To Blast Tea-Party 

    Last night I just got home in time to catch HardTalk, a BBC show in which famous folk are ‘interviewed’ by a geezer named Stephen Sackur.

    His guest turned out to be Eric Cantor, the former Republican Majority leader in Congress, who was humiliated by his electorate, losing his seat to a real Republican in the primary election last year.

    •  Eric Cantor


    Predictably enough, the man who was booted by his constituents in Virginia ( and is now busily making millions in the private sector) lashed out viciously at conservatives both in and out of Congress, notably the Tea Party patriots.  

    He ranted that the “so-called Tea Party” was merely “a very small but very vocal minority.”

    Fed lots of leading questions by Sackur, he smeared the TP as NOT conservative but ‘radicals!’ Not satisfied with that, he added the fashionable hate-word ‘populists!‘  

    I watch this programme from time to time, as Sackur usually manages to restrain his own left-lib bias long enough to ask some serious questions.


    •  Sackur
    • ————————————
    • Last night he did raise the question of how, if the conservatives of the ‘so-called Tea Party’ are just a ‘very small minority’ – as Kantor had just claimed – Donald Trump had 27% against Jeb Pinko Bush’s 6% in the primary polls.

    ‘Voters are angry,’ was Kantor’s explanation.

    No wonder they’re angry, and were angry enough to throw Kantor out of his House seat.

    But when it came to immigration, and Trump-bashing, Sackur lost it, casting aside his role as questioner to don the mantle of malignants’ champion.


    • Illegal-aliens-i-want-you-out-of-my-country
    • =======================
    • Recognising that most Republican voters want the illegal influx reversed, he openly derided their demands for action, scoffing that ‘practical politicians know they can’t deport millions and millions of people.‘  

    Has America not got trucks, trains, container vessels aplenty? 

    Sackur gave no rational explanation for his outlandish opinion.


    • BBC-bias-alert
    • ========================
    • Nor did he explain why, as a supposedly objective journalist, he felt entitled to insert his own pro-crimmigrant prejudice into the ‘interview.’

    America is of course a sovereign nation, and thus can deport whomsoever it wishes. US immigration law has a green card system by which decent people who wish to live in America can apply to do so, waiting their turn like decent people do.

    Why should their legitimate aspirations be traduced by herds of wannabe welfare-hogs?


    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • ==============================
    • With twelve million crimmigrants already in their country, it would be madness NOT to vote for candidates committed to expelling the law-breaking queue-jumpers.

    Needless to say, Kantor agreed with the BBC policy statement on the key issue in the US election campaign.


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