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    Hey,’Stifled, Suffering’ Canada – It’s Gotta Be Harper’s ‘Barbarism!’ 

    Well, today’s visitor just about departing, ironing done, food cooked, some eaten, remainder stored for midnight snack, so time for a browse of the news!

    Since I don’t imagine my regular Canadian readership is sufficient to make any difference to the election results, I’d no plans for further comment thereon.

    But after reading the hysterical drivel by some nobody called Lukacs, in the Guardian today, it is beyond me not to put in a few words more.


    •  Comrade Lukacs
    • —————————
    • Not least because I know, as everyone knows, for a fact, that the ‘overwhelming majority‘ of Canadians are neither ‘stifled‘ nor ‘suffering.’
    • Laughter


    Let’s begin with side-splitting merriment, the pinko’s incredible claim that the ‘barbarous’ Harper got into and held power because of  a deep network of right-wing media…


    Well, there was Sun News TV, but it’s gone, leaving the Kovacs think-alikes of CBC splurging tax billions on leftist propaganda non-stop.


    • kenneycbc
    • —————————-
    • There is still the National Post and the Sun paper media, which support a very diluted sort of conservatism, but there are no real ‘rightwing’ media at all, except for blogs like Blazing Cat Fur and Free Dominion.

    Oh, and me!


    • burqa
    • ……………………………………..
    • Far from abhorring Harper’s sensible stance against, not ‘head-scarves‘ as Lukacs lies, but face-shrouding masks, that same ‘overwhelming majority‘ have been surveyed and polled more than once, to demonstrate that he has their whole-hearted endorsement on the issue.

    The ignoramus Lukacs dishonestly calls the burka ban ‘racist pandering,‘ as if Muslims are a racial rather than a religious category.

    The Guardian’s clown also accuses Harper of ‘blocking the most desperate refugees!’


    All he seems to have done is require checks to make sure those admitted are really ‘refugees’ and not undesirables or wannabe economic migrants.




    He’s also apparently shown concern for those most assuredly in need of protection, the Arab World’s religious minorities.

    Nor have Canadian women, outside the fevered fantasies of the forever-fretty feminist nut-job clique, shown any sign of becoming ‘tethered to the home‘ as if looking after one’s family under one’s own roof is a shameful role!

    Oh, and who in their right mind would want ‘women‘ like Ontario’s Wynne ‘tethered in their home?

    Hell, I did my stint as a house-husband, for one of the most rewarding periods of my offspring’s young days…. 

    Aaah, I could contine, but that’s enough to get the indignation out and about.

    Don’t start me on Terrible Turdo!


    come on Canada




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    C’mon, You Dirty Canadian Dogs! BITE The B——ds! 

    After the Filthy French Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French and the Selfish Danes Evil Racist Danes Exposed! ‘“They’re Thinking More About Protecting Their Own!” and (worst of all, surely!) the Christian Cypriots Greek Cyprus ‘prefers’ max 300 Orthodox Christian migrants …

    • Shamelesstory_2011_Intertitle


    …now civilised Western people resistant to Islamist arrogance have been re-defined as dogs, CANINE Canadians, to be explicit.


    • Rabid-Dog-for-OS ”In all our pups command…?”
    • =======================
    • The slur comes from a Montreal journo, James Mennie, who also dislikes the democratic principle that politicians should represent, not dictate to, the people.

    If voters, for example, fear for their jobs, responsible pols respond with policies on employment. If people are alarmed about an ebola epidemic, parliament will debate medical resources.

    But if Canadians think that ghastly backward bint’s refusal to remove her head-shroud is an affront to Canada? Hell, their government should scold them for being ‘prejudiced.’




    there have been criticisms that the Conservatives are engaging in “dog whistle politics” ostensibly citing conviction and principle for their stand while appealing to the fears and prejudices of the electorate.

    In what possible way can the Canadian electorate’s disgust at the woman (whose bag-head haute couture is a personal whim, unsupported by respectable ( and even some rather extreme!) Muslims…

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    …be stigmatised as a ‘prejudice?

    Forgive me if I say he needs a dictionary – prejudice means ‘pre-judging,’ deciding something without knowing the facts. The facts in this case are that burkas are a sexist, discriminatory challenge to anyone’s ‘norm’ of women’s rights – so why should normal Canadians not ‘fear’ their imposition on a modern society?

    Are we to conclude Mr. Mennie regards hostility to FGM and polygamy as a ‘prejudice’ too? 




    Not to mention that such primeval head-gear facilitates evil, crimes both electoral “Very Tall Figure – Full Islamic Burka – Voted 3 Times!”   and monstrous   (crimes that can be committed  by non-Muslims too, please note!)

    PC Burka-Grovel Condemned a Girl to Rape Nightmare! 


    Yet these factors do not seem to weigh heavily on Mr. Mennie’s consciousness – perhaps because he’s susceptible to ‘fears and prejudices’ about Stephen Harper?!?

    Or to his ‘fears and prejudices‘ about the great majority of his fellow-Canadians, the canines, whom he presumably regards as less ‘tolerant’ than the media elite of which he forms part?   

    But if that’s the case, the electorate has apparently responded with canine predictability. Mulcair’s unwavering opposition to the face covering ban has cost him and the NDP dearly in the polls, turning their campaign from a chance at government into a political salvage operation.

    I’m no huge fan of Harper, largely because he seems to have jettisoned a lot of his ‘conviction and principle’ to get the biased media off his back (NB – it hasn’t worked, Stephen!)




    But I can see no evidence at all that he doesn’t believe what he says about the revolting niqab/burka/head-shroud, whatever you want to call it. When he spoke of his abhorrence of the idea of his own daughter consigned to bag-head status, he sounded utterly sincere.

    As would any decent father, surely?  And mother.

    Young and old, parent or child, Canadians should delight in the fact that this has become a big issue in next week’d election.

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      You are too nice about this baghead. She joined the facebook group of Jamaat-e-Islami, the terrorist organization that was being funded by ISNA Canada.
      ISNA had it’s charitable status revoked by the CRA for funding the group. Jamaat-e-Islami is recognized as an officially designated terrorist entity by our government.


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    ‘Sifting’ Harper, Gabbling Mulcair, Or ‘Disgusting’ Turdo? 

    Just over a week now, till 19th October, when Canadians elect a new House of Commons.

    Obviously, RRA regards Justin Turdo as unspeakable, Mulcair as indigestible, and Harper as the best of a not very promising bunch, despite his let-downs on important issues like the need for restoration of capital punishment, the need for greater use of the ‘nothwithstanding clause’ to curb arrogant courts and an over-due crack-down on ‘sanctuary cities.’

    C’mon, Canada – If US Congress Can Sanction Treason Cities…? 


    •  Justin Turdo
    • =======================================
    • But the latest outburst from Turdo – a creature as oblivious (to be charitable) to the iniquities of sectarian savagery as his father was sympathetic to FLQ terrorism (he let callous killers fly off to sanctuary with his red comrade Fidel Castro in Cuba )  – really takes the biscuit.
    • It’s been reported that the Harper Government has been ‘sifting’ claimants for refugee places in Canada, prioritising minorities most likely to suffer at the hands of barbarous Islamists.
    • =================
    • Stephen-Harper-Biography-02
    • Not surprisingly, this means Christians, but not only Christians – Yazidis, to add just one threatened category, are also in danger. But Turdo thinks it’s DISGUSTING.‘That’s disgusting,” Trudeau told reporters. He added that a Liberal government would “absolutely not” prioritize particular religious or ethnic minorities.  http://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/election/harper-on-refugee-interference-allegations-we-prioritize-the-most-vulnerableWell, of course he wouldn’t. He’s made it very clear that he sees no moral distinction between evil disloyal swine and decent Canadians – Hey, Turdo – Jihadists ARE Less Canadian Than Everyone Else!


      • Mulcair just gabbled meaninglessly about how the Prime Minister’s Office were hindering the “neediest on Earth” from ever making it to Canada.
      • Twit- if you don’t sift, you can’t know who’s ‘neediest!’ 
      • Migrant Muslim Ban? How to Allay ‘Islamophobia!’ 
      • =================================
      • But the ghastly Grit Turdo has the nerve to accuse Harper of picking persecuted people  to try to find out which families would be suitable for a photo op for the prime minister’s re-election campaign?
      • What an absolute horse’s ass this man is, an exemplar of the pot/kettle syndrome?
      • ================================
      • But why on earth is ANYBODY making an issue of a government ‘sifting’ through the files of those who may come to Canada.
      • Canada is not ‘terra nullus’ – not a blank on the map to be filled willy-nilly by whomsoever might descend on its broad acres.
      • Canada belongs to Canadians and it is their government’s duty to see to it that NO undesirables, bludgers, and/or primitive pigs who believe in beheading blasphemers and executing apostates should reach the Dominion.
      • Behead-Prophet Savages- unwanted in Canada or any civilised country
      • If any such ratbags do arrive, they need to be identified, arrested and deported – a spot of sifting required for that, too.
      • Only a pity they couldn’t have Turdo licked out along with them.
      • Turdophobia Alert – Opposes Appeal, Lacks Appeal!
      • He’s extremely UN-Canadian!
    • Arnold 09:40 on October 12, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      He is very UnCanadian, yes, like his father, and Harper is the only serious choice in this election.
      It will be a disaster if he gets replaced by either Mulcair or Turdo. I like that spelling you always use, have spread its use among all my emailers.


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    Harper’s Perfect Moment – Ignite Death Penalty Debate! 

    Swine like those two sectarian savages found guilty of terrorism  last week deserve to die. Their evil mass-murder plot to derail a passenger train got them mere ‘life’ sentences, which ludicrously allow for their release in not much more than EIGHT years!

    What a mockery of justice especally since, as the judge noted,  neither of them had expressed remorse for their offences.


    • Chiheb Esseghaier, left, and Raed Jaser in court  pair of pigs
    • =====================
    • Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier, a pair of primitive pigs, should not have millions of dollars of tax-payers’ money wasted on provision of board and lodgings and all the manifold privileges bestown on them in the Canadian prison system.

    That’s my opinion, but unless the Dominion has changed even more than I know it has since last I went there, surely most Canadians outside the left-lib establishment feel the same.

    True, the Canadian media is mostly rotten, liberal to the core, the worst being the tax-guzzling CBC. Their constant bias may have eroded the public’s instinctive taste for real justice.

    These days, however, surely the eruption of jihadist treason should have turned the tide.  

    What Good Are ‘Canadians’ Whose Loyalty Is Conditional? 

    So where are the candidates crusading for reform, for the restoration of capital punishment? Canada, after all, is in the midst of a hard-fought election campaign.

    What Harper thinks about the death penalty I dont know, but in his heart, methinks, he knows it’s the only fair and just punishment for scum like these two. He has suggested this Harper says he personally favours death penalty | Toronto Star but so far has not had the grit to follow through.

    Now, at last, is the time to do so, and few cases more advance the cause than that of scum who were recorded speaking about alleged terror plots they would conduct in retaliation for Canada’s military actions in Muslim countries…

    Those last few words are sufficient in themselves to show they are traitors.

    What manner of loyalty do such outlandish creatures have to Queen and Country, if they give more concern to irrelevant characteristics of the lands Canada is fighting in, irrelevancies like sectarian identity?




    They put allegiance to the indefensible umat concept above that due to their own fellow-citizens.

    They are unfit to live in a civilised country if they hold such views, and unfit to live at all if they engage in satanic schemes such as that involving the derailment of a Via Rail train travelling between New York and Toronto.  http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/men-convicted-in-via-terror-plot-handed-life-sentences-1.2577416

    However, going back to that link to Harper’s views on the death penalty, we can perhaps divine the reasons for his reluctance to grasp the nettle, seize the moment.

    His government briefly initiated a new policy whereby Canada no longer automatically sought clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty in democratic countries like the United States.

    And quite right too, I hear you, and most sane Canadians, saying.

    But what happened?


    The evil spectre of Turdeau Senior supervened.

    A Supreme Court ruling forced the government to abandon the policy.

    How dared those arrogant enemies within strike down foreign policy?

    Easy answer?  

    Harper shrank from invoking the only weapon in the constitutional armoury that was provided by far-sighted MPs back thirty plus years ago as the sole, last-ditch defence of democratic supremacy against activist judicial usurpation. 

    The Notwithstanding Clause. Canada’s bed-rock statute of popular sovereignty. Exalt it, Mr. Harper, and use it, to bolster a campaign for a return to civilised values, to extirpate the Enemy Within!

    • Paul Th. 08:14 on September 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      All good arguments but I don’t think Harper is inclined to ‘ignite’ the debate. He has done a reasonably good job and is running on his record.
      If Trudeau and Mulcair split the left vote, he should make it back to power. However, it’s too close to call in a lot of ridings. Canada’s first-past-the post British-style electoral system does not suit a three party system, four in Quebec, really, so I am not placing any bets on the outcome.

      Issues like the death penalty cut across party lines so that makes it hard for voters to make their views known.
      A referendum is the fair way to decide.


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    Canada Crack-Pot Court Grovels – Sign the Petition, Ban Bag-Heads! 



    Ever since Pierre Turdo subverted Canada’s parliamentary system by inserting his rotten ‘charter’ into the repatriated constitution, the courts have been elevating minorities, often unwholesome minorities, to privileged positions beyond the reach of democratic control.




    This week we have news, arguably the worst example yet, an arrogant bigot bag-head authorised to hide her fanatic features while taking her oath of citizenship.

    Muslim women are of course not obliged to wear bags over their faces, nor even head-scarves. We’ve covered this before.

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    Only the worst sort of subservient, the sort who exults in her second-class shariah status, would dream of donning an uglifying shroud, peering out from an absurd eye-gap.

    And that’s the kind that shouldn’t be granted citizenship in ANY civilised country.

    • Stephen-Harper-Biography-02
    • =
    • Harper is in a tight race in Canada’s current election campaign. He should make this an issue, curb the crazy courts and invoke the ‘notwithstanding clause,’ if need be, to outlaw primitive practices.

    Meanwhile, Canadians should not leave it to the politicians, or the courts!

     For a fine piece of campaigning coverage, with links to a petition, here’s what you need – http://www.therebel.media/showyourface.

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    Canada Slandered – Callous Arabs and Turks Go Un-Condemned! 

    What a pleasant lazy Saturday, a wander to my warteg for brunch – big plate of good Indonesian food, plus a take-away bag for my midnight snack, total bill under Rp.30K – then home, to sunbathe out front, reading a good magazine (more of that in my Sunday blogging!)


    • lazy-sloth-14384269
    • ————————–
    • Then a cheery visitor, who cooked me an arvo meal, then left just a while ago, me settled down to enjoy The Listener, that interesting Canadian crime drama, set in a Toronto I barely recognise as the city I was more familiar with back when one flew in and out via Maltom Airport.  

    They renamed it for Lester Pearson – had it been changed in honour of John Diefenbaker, I’d have been better pleased.


    • Pearson-1 Pearson
    • ================
    • Pearson was called out by my not-too-distant cousin ( by marriage) J. Waldo Monteith MP, during the Flag Debate, when he told Pearson ‘You must be nuts!‘  for suggesting Conservatives abandon the beloved Red Ensign!
    • —————
    • canadaredensignold2
    • ——————
    • Which brings me to the way Canada has been slandered in the hue and cry by pro-crimmigrant propagandists, the very dirty campaign against Harper and his Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.
    • How many cheap-jack hacks have accused Canada of some kind of blame for the child drowned while his family were engaged in illegal activity off the Turkish coast?

    The reality?

    In the words of the boy’s aunt in Vancouver, the treatment of her family in Turkey was “horrible.”


    Instead of targeting the most visible and apparent villains in this drama — the Assad regime in Syria, the Turks, ISIS, Saudi Arabia and Qatar — the Liberals and the NDP sharpened their knives and went after Alexander

    So how much lower than a snake’s belly can Canada’s Liberals and NDP socialists sink?

    The true story is brilliantly told by the kind of Muslim migrant every country needs, Tarek Fateh, a true Canadian patriot I’ve praised before and no doubt will again.


    Tarek Tarek Fateh

    A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!! 


    Tarek tells it like it is. He disposes, lucidly, of the appeasement nonsense and slanderous trash-talk from Turdo and the socialist Mulcair, echoed by the disgraceful Mayor of Calgary, a noisy shrill named Nenshi,  Nenshi lashes out at Chris Alexander on refugee crisis  designed to score political points in the on-going Federal election campaign there. Tarek lets Canadian Kurds speak for themselves, with Hadi Elis, of the Kurdish Community Centre of Toronto laying it on the line.

    “If there is anyone who is guilty of this crime, it is Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar…all those who have refused to embrace hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing war, not Minister Chris Alexander who needs no lectures on compassion by politicians who are catering to the Islamists inside Canada.”

    This is not just one man’s opinion. The oil-rich ratbag realms have been shown up even by the leftist Amensty International – the five Gulf countries—Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain—“have offered zero resettlement places to Syrian refugees.”    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/09/04/the-middle-east-needs-to-take-care-of-its-own-refugees.html


     Tarek notes how Turkey prefers to dump them in the sea and hope bleeding-heart, guilt-ridden liberal Europeans embrace them and pay for their resettlement.


    • Cameron and Erdogan (1) Erdogan
    • ————–

    Tarek then describes the obvious solution to the situation that has been allowed to develop in the Middle East. 

    Strictly from a management perspective and common sense, Saudi Arabia has the land, the resources and lies in the vicinity of the crisis. The refugees and the Saudis speak the same language and settlement and integration could happen sooner and at a fraction of the cost.

    But it’s far easier to call for the head of Chris Alexander than to be honest and admit the villain in the drama is Saudi Arabia and criticising the Saudis might upset the Islamist vote bank both the Liberals and the NDP covet.    


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    C’mon, Canada – If US Congress Can Sanction Treason Cities…? 

    Are Canada’s cops betraying the people they’re duty-bound to serve?

    That’s a question I have to ask after getting a report which includes these words, about Toronto and Hamilton Police –
    What remains unclear is whether police services in those cities are willing to assist with deportation orders from the Canadian Border Services Agency.
    An official with Hamilton police issued a brief and unclear statement.




    “The Hamilton Police Service works within the confines of the Criminal Code as well as our Charter and will continue to serve all members of our community regardless of their documented status,” wrote Catherine Martin of the communications branch in an email.

    http://www.therebel.media/sanctuary_cities_in_canada_toronto_hamilton_police_won_t .




    That seems to me almost oxymoronic. If there are known illegals in Hamilton, cops ought to be detaining them, contacting Border Services to check their deportation date!

    Welfare bums especially should be raided and remanded if they are undesirable aliens.

    out with them


    Time for Canadian MPs to emulate the US House!

    Decent Americans, horrified by San Francisco’s shameful aiding and abetting the killing of Karen Steinle, are all applauding Congress’s belated attention to the issue.   http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jul/23/house-passes-bill-punish-sanctuary-cities/

    True, the justified outrage over Karen should have boiled over years ago. Crimmigrant scum have committed one atrocity after another against Americans…Illegal Aliens Account for More than 30% of Murder Convictions in Several States  ….and political scum have been deploying the sanctuary strategy to protect them for years.

    I remind you of my post about a year ago.

    Obama’s Pricey Plague-Dogs and Philadelphia’s Shame! 

    It featured this loathesome swine


    Nutter – a genuine enemy within.


    Mayor Michael Nutter had signed an executive order in April declaring it a “sanctuary city” for illegal immigrants…it’s the city’s official policy to defy federal authorities seeking to deport illegal immigrants unless the person sought by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has been convicted of a violent felony. 

    Who in Philadelphia has forgotten how a crimmigrant dragged a young doctor off the street into her apartment, where she was brutally raped, again and again….

    Of course Obama will go to any lengths to protect vermin…and what other word but vermin applies to such as these…

    1800 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Re-offended After Sanctuary Cities Let Them Go


    The Manchurian has vowed to veto the new American bill that would sanction ‘sanctuary’ treason.


    But Canadians are more fortunate, to say the least, in that their head of government, while far from perfect,  is basically pro-Canadian – unlike the Un-American and indeed Anti-American Obama. 


    • come on Canada
    • The Harper Government said last year it opposed the subversive coddling of crimmigrants. It is on record as opposing the treachery of Toronto and Vancouver. 

    Toronto Proclaims, Vancouver Aspires Parasite Sanctuary Status!…

    But what ACTION has it taken?  

    At the very least, city councils should be subjected to citizen approval before any crimmigrant sanctuary statute is passed. Local referenda, to curb red rogues at local level.



    Do these cities get any subsidies from Ottawa?

    Has Harper taken steps to turn off the tap?

    These are questions Canada should be asking, as they prepare to go to the polls.

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    Drip Off the Old Block – Turdo Echoes Papa’s ‘Soft On Terror’ Stance 

    It is a matter that perplexes me, how Canadians might choose this mewling moron to lead the Dominion, when the next election takes place later this year.


    Obscene Justin Turdo Grubs For Disloyal Sectarian Votes! 

    Justin Turdeau has caught our attention before, but even the lefty Huffington Post can’t ignore his ordeal when asked a straight question on pulling out of the air strikes against the satanic rape-gang ISIS.

    It was like drawing teeth!

    I won’t repeat it all here – it’s on the link down below – but after his shameful comments about the need for understanding the ‘root causes’ of mass-murdering scum…

    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

    … it certainly didn’t lessen my belief that he’s a true son of his foul father.

    trudeau-salute-w220 Like father like son…


    Turdo Senior never met a blood-stained communist tyrant he didn’t like!

    Whereas other Western leaders had to deal with red monsters like Mao and Castro as a matter of diplomatic necessity, Turdo delighted in their company.




    His late-night cosy conversations with Castro in particular are a matter of record, and he put that deep friendship to good use when he wanted the murderous FLQ terror gang to get a safe haven, far from Canadian justice.

    The son’s no better than the father, poncing around fanatic mosques and eager to back off the confrontation with jihadist evil in the Middle East.  So the Conservatives are quite right to feature close attention to ISIS atrocities in their campaign ads against the Liberal Party.


    Having said that, there is a hostile Media Party, captained by the CBC, to contend with too, and with the demise of Sun News, Harper and Co. have few allies in that arena. That’s why, when Turdo is feeling the heat, his journo comrades like to come up with mindless yelping, like that mentioned in the HP article, namely ‘accusations of fear-mongering.’  




    These kind of accusations come not from normal Canadians but by pinko running dogs who can’t understand why people would be alarmed by Somalia-based terror group al-Shabaab.

    devil destroyed Al Shabaab

    The Tories made an issue of the Somali satanist gang’s threat to launch attacks on western shopping centres, including Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall. 

    The Facebook post..stated that “Jihadi terrorists are threatening Canada.”

    As indeed they are, and have been, with deadly, tragic effect. The more honest politicians tell the truth, the better.

    But HP tells us that now it appears to have been deleted.


    Why cower from the enemy within?

    Instead of deleting the hardest hitting attacks, the campaign to keep this creep out of power should be opening up, firing both barrels and bringing the SOB DOWN!  

    • arnold 08:48 on June 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like this! You really do hate the ‘Turdos’ and any Canadian who has read much about the Senior would have to agree with you. He was poison for the country.
      And his boy is keeping up the family traditin.
      What is so bad is that in spite of Jihad Justin’s lack of any credibility as a national leaders, the Liberals have put him up for the job and nearly a third of the voters have told the opinion polls they might vote for him.
      It must be the educational system.
      No, that’s not fair. Same thing happened back in PET’s time.


    • uncle oz 12:13 on June 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I know very little about Canadian politics but I agree with you about the way anyone who tells us what we are up against gets called a ‘fear-monger.’
      We just had it from Labor’s Joel Fitzgibbon. a lot of rubbish about how the Coalition is ‘instilling fear and uncertainty into the community..’
      When you see what those bast—ds did last week in Tunis, and France, fear is the clever thing to feel.
      And anger.
      Hang them or shoot them but however it’s done, do it.


    • Caroline Solana 13:10 on June 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      You said this last year and you are still right about both Trudeaus,


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    Love Hitler, Hate Harper – Why’s ThIs Undesirable Imam Still in Canada? 

    Abdi Hersy, Calgary imam, wanted in U.S. on sex assault charges – Calgary – CBC News.

     Horrible Hersy, who has refugee protection status in Canada…but the federal government has tried to strip him of it after learning of the active warrant for his arrest south of the border.


    Calgary police chief Rick Hanson meets with Somali community


    Big buddies, these two, and no surprise, given the shameful record of the police in that city.

    Calgary’s Cops – Cowards or Collaborators? 

    But thanks to media with a less mildewed mirror on realities than the CBC, we can get a clearer picture of this obnoxious imam!

    ‘It is clear that Hitler had a point to hate Jews. They are cruel & inhumane. If they get the upper hand, they will kill & talk like animal….’


    So he likes Hitler, but hates Harper!



    Why hasn’t Harper kicked the SOB OUT of Calgary, OUT of Canada, and BACK to face trial in the USA!



    ‘Muslims: make sure that you see Ottawa without Harper. Encourage anyone to vote against this bullying party. They should respect you later.’


    And there’s a lot more about this Calgary cleric onhttp://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/dgreenfield/imam-wanted-for-molesting-women-loves-sharia-hitler-hates-jews/


    So the Federal Government in Canada is TRYING to kick this ratbag out?

    Good, but WHO is preventing them?

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    Turdophobia Alert – Opposes Appeal, Lacks Appeal! 

    Hard to believe one could detest The Turdeau Kid as much as one loathed his sire…





    ..but… Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is taking issue with Stephen Harper’s rationale for the decision to defend a federal ban on the wearing of face coverings at citizenship ceremonies.

    “The reason the prime minister gave last week for appealing the court’s decision around the niqab was, to my mind, not at all justifying the prime minister’s decision.”


    • burka  ‘Our home and native land..’ and where might that be?
    • ===============================================
    • But do our many Canadian readers disagree with Harper’s policy, which I quote –

    At the very moment newcomers are joining the Canadian family, we believe new citizens should recite the oath proudly, loudly and for everyone to see and hear.”





    “Canadian citizenship confers both rights and responsibilities. The rules for obtaining it should apply equally to all.”


    We know that the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, located in Alberta, which used to be a nice place, shares Turdo’s tastes for accommodating backward sectarians.

    They have called on the prime minister to reverse his plans to appeal. The group says the Federal Court’s decision to allow face coverings during citizenship ceremonies is “not an important issue,” but that Harper is making it one unnecessarily.

    It IS important. It says something about what Canada is, or should be. 

    The better question to raise is why such primitives – not the women but the men – are allowed to obtain citizenship in a civilised country.

    The bints’ owners (and ‘owners’ is a more apt word than husbands or fathers, when the relationship is so lop-sided that the wretched bints are forced to hide their faces when even their ugliest men-folk aren’t) should be sent home, with the bints, and told to study what women’s rights in the 21st century are all about.


    Harper’s Government has already passed legislation against importing ‘barbaric practices’ –

    ‘The Zero-Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act’ – Canada Tells It Like it Is! 

     – wording which The Turd  didn’t like because he doesn’t appreciate diversity being dissed – so all it should take is a brief amendment to add wearing the scarves of subjugation to the list of offensive customs.

    As for the damn courts, it’s time they were slapped down. Harper should, if need be, invoke the ‘notwithstanding’ clause – this is just the sort of situation it was meant for, when Turdeau Senior’s blasted Charter was enacted. 


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