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  • ross1948 10:05 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    So Was Harvey Swinestein A Red Rat Like Trumbo? 

    We have taken notice of ‘celebrity’ sex-pests in the past..

    Slimy Soros Declares Admiration For Shamed Sex-Pest! 

    …like Al Franken, but left it to larger media outlets to follow Harvey Weinschwein’s fate.

    However, today’s news leads me to comment further!



    Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein wallowed in self-pity at his sentencing, comparing the #MeToo movement to the communist-era blacklisting hysteria….Weinstein likened his trial to the mid-century communist scare that led to the blacklisting of stars and politicians.

    Weinschwein thus hopes, undoubtedly in vain, to enlist the sympathy of the many powerful leftists who are still in denial about the very real communist threat post-WW2.

    “I’m worried there is a repeat of the blacklist there was in the 1950s, when lots of men like myself, Dalton Trumbo, one of the great examples, did not work, went to jail because people thought they were communists,” he went on.

    But his pathetic whine reveals what I certainly didn’t know, that he, like so many other Hollywood undesirables, was personally linked to the Un-American elements whom brave people like Senator Joe McCarthy and HUAC sought to expose.

    Senator Joe


    America’s Enemies Within – Then and Now! 

    …when it was revealed his Hollywood fans were producing an idolatrous movie to honour the dirty red slug.


    Trumbo supported Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and North Korea’s Kim Il-Sung. He condemned Martin Luther King, Jr., for not being a true revolutionary. Yet, he is depicted in the film as just a family-friendly socialist and defender of the First Amendment in the film…




    Q: In what way does the movie hide or gloss over Trumbo’s Red record?

    A: All of his heavy-duty propaganda and activities on behalf of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin and the Communist Party are omitted. So is his vigorous support of Lenin, Adolph Hitler (during the Hitler-Stalin pact) and North Korea’s Kim Il-sung after his aggressive attack against South Korea in 1950. Even his membership in the American CP, which he eventually bragged about, is ignored….

    The villains in the movie, incidentally, are not the party members who worked covertly—and relentlessly—to turn Hollywood over to Moscow but the anti-Communist community who fought the Red conspiracy in the film industry—and won, at least for a time. Columnist Hedda Hopper, John Wayne, labor leader Roy Brewer, the House Un-American Activities Committee, the Motion Picture Alliance and other opponents of the Communists come in for a severe beating.

    Q: You say he was a “Stalinist” and a member of the Communist Party, facts that you argue are fundamentally ignored by the movie. But how do we know he was a party member?

    A: There is no question about his CP membership. In those famous 1947 hearings, the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) submitted material proving beyond a doubt that he was a party member, though Trumbo and nine other screenwriters and directors refused to respond to questions about party membership..

    .communism tyranny

    ….Trumbo finally admitted to his biographer, Bruce Cook, that he joined the party in 1943, and that “I might as well have been a Communist ten years earlier. But I’ve never regretted it. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to say I would have regretted not having done it…” Hollywood’s Despicable Hero Dalton Trumbo

    The red rat went to jail all too briefly, for his arrogant refusal to come clean in the hearings.

    But that was much less than he deserved.

    As for Schweinstein, I’d say he has got what he deserved.

    A pity Trumbo didn’t.





    • Jesse Boyert 11:14 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A lot of Americans knew Weinstein was far-left, so you are not exactly breaking news with this..
      It is important though, to make as many people as possible aware, so good if you wake up your small but ( as far as I can see) worldwide audience to his self-identification as an enthusiast for Trumbo’s communist activity.


  • ross1948 22:47 on August 4, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    CBS Shocker? Is This Why CNN Is Infested With Queers? 

    After Warthog Weinstein, now it’s CBS’s Moonves. Powerful men pursuing women unfairly? We must await the verdicts.

    But it makes me wonder if CNN deliberately seeks to avoid such scandals, by hiring queers, like the bigoted Trump-hater Anderson Cooper…


    Hasil gambar untuk anderson cooper anti-trump bias


    …who finally dropped all pretence of professional journalism last week with his tantrum after the Helsinki Summit…

    Stephen Colbert Compliments Anderson Cooper on His Anti-Trump outburst…

    SO impartial, so objective, SO SWEET!



    …just like the revolting racist Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon.



    CNN’s Don ‘Bitter’ Lemon

    “F*** White People!” But We Don’t Know If It’s Hate Crime? 

    At least with gabbling ‘gays’ of that sort, there will be no ‘breaking news’ of women being harassed by the biased network’s ‘stars.’

    Or are these two examples NOT representative of the staff there?

    Somebody with more time and resources should investigate and report  back on what percentage of CNN hacks are homos and how many are not.

    • Mike Carillon 12:04 on August 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I doubt very much if they deliberately discriminate in favor of hiring homos.
      I am even more certain, however, that they do discriminate against conservatives.
      One of their most noisy and far-left ‘stars’ is Chris Cuomo, son of Mario Cuomo, Democrat ex Governor of New York, and brother of Andrew Cuomo,who is at present the Democrat Governor of New York.
      I’m sure those connections did him no harm when he was interviewed by CNN.
      Cuomo is no homo, but he is way out on the left and that’s what counts with the Clinton News Network. That tirade by Anderson Cooper shows how little importance CNN attaches to professional standards of impartial journalism.


  • ross1948 23:45 on November 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    After Weinstein, Now We Read Of Frankenstein! 

    Hasil gambar untuk frankenstein


    Poor Old Monster. Please note, it was his creator whose name was Frankenstein, The monster was actually innocent.

    But after all the fuss about the unpleasant Weinstein,  now we must puzzle over whether or not the New Millennium’s Frankenstein is innocent!


    Hasil gambar untuk al frankenstein


    Senator Al Franken was accused Thursday of kissing and groping a TV and radio host without her consent. Leeann Tweeden… Radio Host Leeann Tweeden Accuses Sen. Al Franken

    Franken is one of the most obnoxious leftists in Washington.

    Petition Against Inquisition – The Left’s War On Christians 

    Cheap sniping is his specialty.

    It’ll be interesting to see how he weasels out of this.


    To his credit, he has now admitted it. Even the far-left Daily Beast has the story.

    But no word yet if he will resign, nor do the Media-Democrat Party seem to be demanding his resignation!.

  • ross1948 18:49 on October 29, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Gove’s Joke? Time The Enemy Within Tried Apologising! 

    I see Michael Gove has ‘apologised’ for a joke he made on John Humphrey’s BBC show.


    “Well, I know what you mean. Sometimes I think that coming into the studio with you, John, is a bit like going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom.” https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/oct/28/michael-gove-apologises-clumsy-harvey-weinstein-joke-today-show

    A fair comment given that anyone labelled ‘conservative’ faces serious verbal molestation by most BBC hacks.

    And even the Europhiliac Lord Kinnock carried on the conversation without any sign of taking offence.


    Hasil gambar untuk kinnock eu

    The Kinnocks did very well out of their Brussels jaunts


    The former Labour leader Neil Kinnock, who was being interviewed along with Gove, then added: “John goes way past groping – way past groping.”

    Not hilarious, but harmless – jibes at the BBC, not women.

    But at once the shrills got into full indignation mode. That ghastly SNP shrew Sturgeon was among the first yelper to give voice.


    Women being abused and raped is not a laughing matter. And it doesn’t make us ‘humourless’ to say so…


    And she was fast followed by one Jo Swinson, who holds the ever-so-important position of  ‘deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats!’

    “No, Michael Gove it’s not like that. I have never once feared for my personal safety in a media studio. Don’t trivialise sexual assault.”


    Weinstein is a very unpleasant person and few of us would not deplore what we know of his behaviour.

    But the reaction to his gross predatory antics has itself become outrageous, to the extent that some daft bint in another Guardian story appears to have been offended by a man “would always comment on what I was wearing, he commented on my legs all the time…”


    For pity’s sakes.

    I am forever complimenting women on what they wear, how they look, etc.


    It’s called being pleasant. None of them have called the cops, or even the Guardian!

    However, back to Gove, who was not ‘trivialising’ it. He was making a humorous comment about his BBC host.

    Yet now he has been bullied by the mob into apologising.



    Funny how pinkos rarely apologise.

    Look at all the American celebrity scum who have expressed keen interest in murdering Donald Trump.


    Hasil gambar untuk trump caesar stabbed

    Look at all the British scum who celebrated the death of Mrs. Thatcher.


    Gambar terkait

    Filthy red scum in Britain


    Look at  the BBC’s failure to apologise for their refusal to call the Charlie Hebdo jihadist vermin ‘terrorists.’


    Je Suis Pravda? BBC Won’t Call Paris Savages ‘Terrorists!’ 

    Look at that CNN warthog’s failure to apologise for her blatant racism.


    Hasil gambar untuk symone sanders

    CNN’s race-baiter Symone Sanders – what a honker!

    CNN Guest Mocks White Trump Supporter Beaten By Black Mob:”Oh My Goodness! Poor White People!”

    CNN Racist Demands Limits On White Free Speech! 


    Look at the slimy William Clinton, who is known to be a sex predator from way back!

    He and his horrid wife are not much into apologies…




    ….but how about all those Democrats who knew all about his behaviour and yet welcomed him to campaign rallies.

    That’s a sick joke, at the expense of his various victims.

    And it’s GOVE who had to apologise? Oh, and there’s not much about Kinnock’s complicity in the joke.

    Double standards?

    A lot of people should grow up and get over the fact that their feelings are going to be hurt from time to time.

    Or actually DO something useful to extirpate bad behaviour and the things that cause it.

    If the separatist Sturgeon, for example, is so appalled at maltreatment of women, as one should be,,,



    …why hasn’t she introduced legislation in her Scottish Parliament to outlaw shariah law.

  • ross1948 09:45 on October 12, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Weinstein’s Woes And Democrat Double Standards! 

    For a few days now I’ve been looking at the controversy over Weinstein’s generosity to various Democrat politicians…

    Clinton Ridiculed for Calling Out Weinstein Five Days Late | Vanity Fair

    …and wondering if their belated ( ?) awareness of his proclivities – an alleged enthusiasm for taking sexual advantage of ambitious young women – would result in their repudiation of his support and the repayment of his large cash contributions.

    I use that question mark after ‘belated’ because a glance at a cross-section of the American media suggests his unwholesome activities were something akin to an open secret.

     George Clooney ‘heard rumors’ for years about Harvey Weinstein’s .

    It’s hardly unique in the history of the Anglo-Saxon World that the political/media in-crowd have known about scandalous behaviour among powerful notables and yet continued to interact happily with those involved, whilst collaborating to keep the common people in the dark.

    Weinstein is unluckier than others, in that his variety of ‘outreach’ has gone public during his lifetime.

    In the UK, it’s only recently that Brits have been allowed by the media to learn of what many in politics and the press undoubtedly knew about Heath The Homo.

    Ted Heath would be interviewed over sex abuse allegations – Daily Mail

    Same cover-up applied years before in the case of Labour Party Chairman Tom Driberg, a vile queer predator.

    ‘Sleaziest, Most Disreputable’ Media in the World? Britain’s! 

    But reverting to today’s scandal, let’s just ask the obvious question, or that which should be obvious.

    If Ms. Clinton is, quite correctly, disavowing the support of Weinstein for his sexual exploits…



    …will she follow the logical – and honourable – path and disavow the support of even more prominent people with a proven, not alleged, record of similarly scandalous activity?


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