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  • ross1948 18:55 on March 29, 2023 Permalink | Reply
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    Nashville Hate Crime – Christians Must Beware! 

    American Christians have been warned!

    After the murky media reports we’ve noted….

    Media On Nashville Tranny Murderess.

    …a sinister militant gang of sexual maladjusts has issued a statement claiming that the freak who brutally murdered 3 children and 3 school employees….





    …at Nashville’s Covenant School, saw “no other effective way to be seen...”

    The ‘Trans Resistance Network (TRN),’ a far-left “collective…”



    …made this declaration on Monday. READ

    And already Senator Josh Hawley has urged that the slaughter of those innocents be designated a federal hate crime.

    It is commonplace to call such horrors ‘senseless violence.’ But properly speaking, that is false.

    Police report that the attack here was ‘targeted’—targeted, that is, against Christians.”


    The Missouri senator, whom we hold in  high regard…..

    Hurray For Hawley! Fighting Geekstapo Censors! 

    …has sent his demand to FBI Director Christopher Wray and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.  READ

    If some sicko psycho tranny kills in the course of a robbery or rape…


    …or because it hates sexually normal people, or because it abhors one or other religion, then it should be put down.



    Same goes for non-trannies.

    The death penalty is the right response.

    In this case, thanks to an effective  police response, that’s done and dusted.



    Having said that, I understand Senator Hawley’s righteous anger, esp. when Dotard Biden throws the H-word around do freely.

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    BBC Exploits Murder To Air Trumpophobic Tripe 

    Horrible mass-murder in California…


    Monterey Park map


    innocent Americans, most if not of Asian origin, murdered for no reason by an elderly Asian man, who has committed suicide.

    But that heinous crime is seen at UK Pravda HQ as merely an opportunity to invite in yet another leftist ‘expert..’

    Yes, another one!

    Guest-Expert” Impartial? Hee-Haw

    Linda Tirado –BBC Says ‘Journalist’ – She Is A Far-Left Activist 

    Fascist’ Smear By BBC’s Latest “Guest!’

    BBC’s Awful Eades Has Another ‘Expert’ Guest! 

    …not expert in offences committed by Asian-Americans  perhaps…

    Who knows?

      …but certainly expert in Trumpophobic ranting!

    Chinese for Affirmative Action Executive Director Cynthia Choi | Zocalo Public Square • Arizona State University • Smithsonian


    … but far from getting any reminder from her UK Pravda host that an attack on Asians by an Asian can hardly be construed as a ‘hate crime…’



    …Comrade Choi was urged on by BBC’s baby-faced berk Richard Preston…

    Rich Preston on Twitter: "Just updated my showreel 📺🎥📻!! Always so much fun to share news from around the world with our global audiences @BBCNews @BBCWorld @bbcworldservice… https://t.co/pkKjaVCzl5"

    Pinko Preston.

    BBC’s Pinko Preston & The Terrible Türk 

    ……a regrettably familiar face on our blog

    …let’s talk a bit more about that…’

    And OMG, she needed no urging.

    All the predictable pinko piffle…

    root causes…’

    …and ..of course..

    .. the (un-named) ‘ former president,‘ other (also un-named) ‘elected officials,’ ‘racialised rhetoric,’ even the multii-purpose hogwash word ‘scapegoating.. ‘

    Needless to say, none of it had anything to do with a crazy old Asian shooting people of his own ethnicity.

    But hey!

    Since when does BBC care about much beyond its own ideological agenda…



     ..or about whether its ‘guest experts….’

    BBC Selected ‘Experts’ – Guilty Again! 

    ….know what they’re supposed to be talking about?

    PS…in case BBC claims they were unaware of Choi’s rabid leftist Trumpophobia, here’s what even brief research would gave told them.

    “Donald Trump’s return as a presidential candidate is chilling….

    … today’s most notorious public figure..” known to stoke  https://stopaapihate.org/stop-aapi-hates-response-to-trumps-2024-presidential-run/


    But of course BBC selected Choi for her notorious views, identical to BBC’s.

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    Exposing CRT Evil – Now A ‘Hate-Crime?’ 

    All over the civilised world, good people, especially good parents, are exposing and fighting the evil Critical Race Theory.

    After denying it’s presence in schools, and being shown up as liars, the Enemy Within changed strategy, lying brazenly again, that CRT is not a brain-wash tool to foster race hate.

    That won’t wash, so now the lowest elements in politics have adopted a brand new bare-faced lie.

    Exposing CRT is a ‘Hate-Crime!’



    Read more

  • ross1948 17:15 on October 1, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Gestapo’s Hate-Crime Stats – ‘No Evidence Of Hate Required!’ 

    I just heard via spiked.com that there’s to be a very important court case in Britain in November.

    You had best read the whole story via the link below, but briefly it’s another reminder how the British Bobby has been turned into an enforcer for uptight trans-freaks…

    …and while the description of how the individual concerned has been harassed for re-tweeting a funny rhyme…


    ….is frightful, the most appalling words to be found in the report must be that with respect to the idiotic compilation of ‘hate-crime’ statistics, ‘no evidence of hate is required’.

  • ross1948 20:21 on September 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Anti-Brexit Hate-Crime! RemaiNazis Must Be Put Down! 


    Image result for brexit spat daubney


    Above is Martin Daubney, MEP, Brexit Party, facing down a Remain rabble which shrilled and spat at him, while flying the Eire flag.

    Below, a RemaiNazi ( the braying jackass on the left) who thought it ever so droll to suggest gassing Brexit supporters.

    . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkQGE_mZdj8Image result for gas leavers


    I note also the unpleasant erstwhile BBC moron, Terence Christian, born in England  to  parents from the alien and hostile state whose flag features in our top phoograph….


    ….who himself resembles one of those aliens in the Tom Cruise ‘War of the Worlds’ film, though on reflection those eldritch beings showed more signs of rationality and indeed humanity than the very Un-Christian slob named Christian….

    ….who openly asserts that, if food-stuffs run short, Brexit supporters should be subjected to death by starvation…




    …and that elderly Brexit supporters should be deprived of medicine if they fall ill.


    Very evocative – of Hitler’s attitude towards Jews in the Third Reich…so perhaps it’s not surprising to hear such base bile from fans of the Fourth Reich!


    fourth reich

    Fourth Reich Has Nazi Roots?

    Elsewhere on Facebook I saw a Brexit man knocked to the ground by another RemaiNazi.

    There’s a Twitter link…   https://mobile.twitter.com/jackhfross?fbclid=IwAR0bUPZaPPnk57TrK6uJDILagE7w7WQsaJcUUXGFYin6pWujylKX66pXjgM     …but if that doesn’t work try the Facebook page ‘EU – I Voted Leave’ (from yesterday)

    Like, uh, it looks to me as if the much-talked-of British Civil War is already getting underway.

    If the police do not act against RemaiNazi hate-freaks, patriots should take whatever steps they feel appropriate.

    • Penny 20:28 on September 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It is a war. They are resorting to street violence and openly advocating mass murder by the most inhuman methods.
      A very dirty war.
      No matter what it takes, we have to win it.


    • Ned A 21:55 on September 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Bring it on.
      They think they can kick us off the streets and kill our old people.
      Remainazi bast-rds!


    • Reggie Palmer 22:33 on September 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      The RemaiNazis.
      That is exactly what they are.
      Was it not government policy in World War II that any Briton who wanted our country to be ruled by Germany should be put up against a wall and shot?
      Now we have louts and collaborators openly working to keep us under foreign rule and all we hear in the way of penalties is deselection?
      Not good enough.


    • Amanda Adams 23:23 on September 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They couldn’t beat us in the election so now they want to beat us up and make threats to kill our grandparents.
      The anti-Brexit brigade are rodents.
      Pest control is the answer.


  • ross1948 22:20 on October 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Cops Told – Groundless Whines = Presumption of Guilt 



    Evidence of hostility is not required for an incident or crime to be recorded as a hate crime or hate incident.’   http://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/its-time-to-shoot-down-the-post-brexit-hate-crime-hysteria/18874

    Weird, yeah? All praise to the spiked.com writer who dug up that official guide for the constabulary on how to handle whining uptight trouble-makers.

    And the spiked-com man draws the clear conclusion.

    ….In order for an alleged incident to be recorded as a hate crime – that is, for a phoned-in claim to become a hard fact – the victim or any other person simply has to say it was a hate crime and the cops will not challenge them for evidence.


    Not only is this an affront to fair play but it also clearly drives down whatever residual professionalism that cops may be learning in police college.

    But it’s hard to blame those whom we once admired as ‘British Bobbies’ these days…




    They are commanded by ‘superior’ officers seemingly promoted on the basis of their readiness to put PC pusillanimity above what we once naively imagined was their duty to enforce the law openly and even-handedly.

    Poor Syrian Refugees!’ UK Police Cover-Up Exposed? 

    British Bobbies? Not in West Midlands – Fire The Filth! 

    If these rotten rozzers are not cleaned out and decent cops given the job of restoring integrity to the constabulary, there’s not a single honest Brit will trust those ‘Good Old British Boobies…’ oops, Bobbies!

    Not that there aren’t worse countries in terms of politicised police! 

    Fuhrer Merkel To German Cops -Don’t Detain Savages! 


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    TransJakarta Busway – Dangerous After Dark? Jarang! 

    Since I have criticised the TransJakarta Busway from time to time, with no notable result – they still too often move in convoys of three or four, and then have a long gap in services…


    Hasil gambar untuk fat piglet Fat piglet


    …and conductors still do not make fat piglet brats give up their seats to adults –  the report in the Jakarta Post this week obliges me, in fairness, to spring slowly to the busway’s defence.

    It’s about what sounds like a ‘racially motivated’ incident, when ‘an ethnic Chinese man was racially taunted and assaulted on a Transjakarta bus.’


    The alleged victim posted his story on Facebook, about what happened on a Transjakarta mid-evening bus between  Semanggi and Senayan bus stops.

    A group of men in batik shirts boarded the bus and started to racially abuse him, calling him “Ahok”, the widely used nickname of the city’s first ethnic Chinese governor.


    ahok Ahok


    “I remember them saying to me: ‘choose between slanted eyes or closed eyes’ and ‘you are Ahok, right?,” The victim, Andrew, wisely did not take on the gang, three or four in number, but tried to brush them off. Then they  hit him and tried to drag him off the bus. Fortunately, some other passengers pulled him back into the bus.

    The latter are good examples, representative of the decent majority of Indonesians, and the thugs are not typical of Jakartans at all.

    There are sectarian louts in town…- 

    Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

     …and they all hate Ahok, who, despite the fact that he makes occasional misjudgements, is a pretty good governor.

    But there aren’t that many sectarian hoodlums.



    Sectarian thugs in action – these were in Makassar, but they have comrades in the capital


    My best guess is that the hooligans were either drunk or part of that squalid jihadist minority. 

    I often go home by bus if I have been to one of my frequent parties. I have never experienced nor seen such bad behaviour and so I hope this one-off incident will not deter others from using public transport. I reckon crimes like this occur jarang – rarely. 

    At Rp.3500, compared to what a taxi home would cost ( between 50 and 100 thousand rupiah!) it’s a great deal, for all its small faults.

    Strangely, neither the bus management nor the police admitted to having received a report from Andrew. He should do so, fast, if he hasn’t already.

    If the assault was recorded, there’s a chance the villains can be apprehended, and so they should be!

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    Breaking – English Cops To Nab Shariah Preachers? 

    So wolf-whistling is a hate crime…

    Wolf whistling can now be reported as a hate crime

    BBC News20 Jul 2016

    OR NOT?


    Let’s look at The Guardian!

    One police force (Nottinghamshire) has expanded its definition of hate crime to include misogyny and harassment of women.

    Wolf-whistling is no crime – but it is part of our misogynist culture

    Hate Crime to include misogyny?

    If this were true, then it would mean that anyone advocating shariah law  would, ipso facto, be guilty of a ‘hate crime.’


    Shariah is an iniquitous code that imposes mean-spirited and absurd misogynistic discrimination on women.

    Not only the misogynistic ‘aurat’ stuff, whereby every woman is coerced into shrouding her God-given crowning glory, the lovely hair on her head, not to mention her knees, mid-riff, thighs and even those soft smooth shoulders on which her hair ideally cascades…



    ‘Fathers and Husbands, their aurat (private parts) are your responsibility!’


    …..a nonsense that would degrade all girls until they resemble the famous Michelin Man advert…




    …but also the grossly discriminatory inheritance laws, which denies daughters equal inheritance rights.

    Utterly misogynistic.

    And let’s not even discuss the grotesque concept of polygamy…




    ….how can anyone seriously maintain that men can have multiple spouses while women may one have one?

    As misogynistic as it gets!

    Alas, I fear the PC Plods in Notts County lack the guts to go after shariah hate crimes.


    Of course the very idea of ‘hate crime’ is an affront to justice.

    If you kill or injure somebody, whether in a fit of temper and/or jealousy, or during a bar-room brawl, or, most horrendous of all, surely, because he or she converts to another religion – ooops, that’s shariah law again…




    …then you are guilty of murder.

    There’s neither fairness nor logic in making the penalty heavier if your crime was motivated by ‘hate.’

    However, if the ruling PC ideology imposes such a nonsense as ‘hate crime’ on our legislation, then the Guardian scribbler whose link I’ve appended above, makes a fair point.


    If the gigantic PC catch-all net includes ‘disability, gender identity, race, ethnicity or nationality, religion, faith or belief and sexual orientation. Is it really so shocking for sex to be included in that list?


    And that’s what Nottinghamshire Police have done.

    But here’s another curious extract from her article, a statement from Notts Police, which declares that a ‘hate crime’ is not a crime at all.


    Madhouse England, yeah? Here’s the full quote – 

    A hate crime is simply any incident, which may or may not be deemed as a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person, as being motivated by prejudice or hatred.”

    In other words, whether it’s a crime depends if the complainant or his or her pals or some agitprop pinko whiner have a big enough chip on their shoulders.

    A charter for uptights.

    The authoress ( that’ll wind her up nicely – I’m sure ‘authoress’ is as non-PC as ‘actress’ these days) is named Laura Bates, BTW.

    Laura Bates

    Laura doesn’t like being whistled at!


    Laura in fact began her article with the words wolf-whistling has been reclassified as a crime! But then she explains how that sentence, that ‘crime,’ wolf-whistling is not even mentioned in the police report.

    She blames the Guardian’s media rivals for trivialising abuse of women by introducing the non-existent ‘wolf-whistling’ crime. Again, fair comment.

    But then she exposes her own loopy libber mentality, by adding that wolf-whistles are the thin end of this wedge…

    Nice legs! They're taking the p*ss...maybe they're not. Maybe they mean it...


    I don’t walk around Jakarta whistling at girls – a friendly smile seems a more decorous approach, and is often reciprocated.  

    And on my rare trips to the Wicked West I regret to admit that nobody has wolf-whistled me.

     Were it to happen, assuming the whistler wasn’t a poofter, I’d not be upset at all. It’s a compliment, albeit an unsophisticated one.

    So why should it be cause  for complaint?

  • ross1948 21:54 on August 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Brice Williams, , hate-crimes, , Virginia shootings   

    Hate-Fuelled Homo Murders Two Journos – Media Blames Guns! 

    You can usually spot a poofter, though not so readily a lesbian – I recently chatted to a very pretty gal at a party for half an hour or more, then was suitably chagrined when she fessed up to be exactly that – a LESBIAN!

    I was, as always, polite in my discomfiture, explaining that my look of shock was due to her not smoking a pipe, nor wearing appropriate lesbian gear, viz. hob-nailed boots and a tweed suit.

    She countered that such attire in Jakarta’s tropical weather would be most uncomfortable – fair point!

    • wine-women-and-song

    All good party repartee.


    However, let’s turn serious.

    That vile killer in Virginia, Williams, was rather obviously a maladjust, with that look about him, not quite the full shilling. As it turned out, his aberrant character was a major factor in his heinous crime.

    Yet whom do the media hacks seek to blame? Guns, gun-owners, and conservative Americans who support their constitutional right to bear arms.

    The boss of the tv station which employed the victims, and previously the perp, described the latter as somebody …looking out for people to say things that he could take offense to.”

    Of course it wasn’t just his queerness – he held a racial grudge too, much like a pig-ignorant racist named Deray (where do they get these names?) McKesson, who actually jumped the gun, thinking the shooter was white, and tweeted, “Whiteness will explain away nearly anything.”)


    Well, Williams wasn’t white. Nor was he normal.

    That brings me to a comment sent into our blog last week.

    Just a few days ago I criticised how the Jakarta Globe and other media that purport to be impartial will nevertheless provide a hugely prominent platform for one side of a debate…

    Jakarta Globe Provides Platform for Europhilia…Only? 

      …but then make a mockery of balance by relegating challenges to that point of view to some silly little comments column.
    I don’t pretend to be in any way impartial – no fun having a blog if you don’t bang the drum for the cause.
    But on this occasion I will take a comment submitted and make it the theme of this post, mainly because the commenter’s character reflects much of what’s wrong with the world, that eagerness to find things that he could take offence to.
    The comment came in after we published a fairly routine post on the UN’s disgraceful role in the crimmigrant crisis…Crepeau’s Crimmigrant Crap – “They’ve No Right, But They’ll Come Anyway!”   …but although  he/she – we’ll call him ‘he’ (vaguely)  – is clearly pro-crimmigrant, his really, really red-hot wrath is focused on our attacks on ‘gay’ intolerance. Maybe the same klutz commenter who urged me to ‘just die’ because he found my opinions upsetting?
    Their miserable record of intimidation does make you wonder why they ever stole that nice word ‘gay’ to describe their bizarre carnal cravings.
    But the witch-hunting habit, prevalent among some, though admittedly not all, queers, is arguably more abhorrent – these below are just American examples. and a handful of those, at that.

    Gaystapo Hate Rules USA – An Honest Doctor Faces Final Inquisition! 

    Hate Crimes – Vicious ‘Gay Rights’ Vixen Must Face Charges! 

    Crucified by ACLU Gaystapo, Christian Gran Faces Easter Hell! 

    Round One to U.S. Gaystapo – Oregon Fight Goes On! 



    Pink velvet knickers presumably in a terrible twist, flaunting the give-away nonsense term LGBTI ( the collective noun for perversity-addicts seems to grow an extra letter every few years!) he kicks off with this-

    .Meanwhile, your ideological fellow travelers are committing acts of intimidation against immigrants and the staff of democratically elected members of the government alike. While you continue to vilify LGBTI activists with the ludicrous tag of ‘gaystapo’..ironic given gays suffered disproportionately under the Nazis…

    Shame.on.you,‘ as the pseudonymous ranter rather appropriately calls himself, evidently only reads whatever feeds his own warped proclivities.

    Maybe a glance through that excellent book The Pink Swastika…




    … would clear up some of the mental muddle. In fact the Nazi movement was infested with queers. But let’s hear him out (of the closet?)


    …there is no condemnation on your part of these neo-Fascists in Germany, whose violent acts border on terrorism. Just as with the case of anti-immigrant terrorist Anders Brevik, you are selective in your reporting on these issues and chose to ignore arguments that show many of your ilk are in fact no differet from Nazis and fascists….




    Actually, I had to look back four years through RRA to find what I’d said about Brievik, and can’t see much wrong with it. Readers interested enough may find it here. 

    The most extravagantly retarded aspect of the comment comes toward the end, when he does a poor imitation of ‘Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells’ by accusing me of cowardice – more than a bit rich coming from a freak too ashamed of what it probably calls its ‘sexual orientation’ to protest under its real name!



    Then it seeks to wrap itself in a cloak of democracy. 

    I don’t expect you to publish this due to your cowardly and selective comments policy, I do want you to know that you do not speak for me, my fellow Europeans or most of the expat community in the region. Shame on you, sir

    Sorry, old fruit, I’d already sussed out I don’t speak for you before you told me so.




    I don’t know how many fellow-Europeans I speak for, since the Brussels-lackey governments refuse to hold referenda on crimmigration…

    • referndmlet peole vote

    … and as for ‘most of the expat community‘ in Indonesia – or ‘the region,’ whatever that means – I have never claimed to speak for them.

    I speak to conservatives, politically, and to anyone who finds the blog interesting or entertaining, which evidently does not include you, Shame.on.you.

    When you do read RRA, you obviously just get into a mincing little tizzy, so best not bother.

    Oh, and until you discard your cowardly and selective comment ID policy, don’t waste your time sending in comments again.

    . .



    • Hilary 14:47 on August 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I like this, Ross. The party story is great, can just picture the scene.
      Not much to disagree with in your description of the gaystapo witch-hunting, they are horrible people, trying to stamp out free speech for anyone who holds to traditional American/Western values. That ‘Shame’ commenter is so inolerant, he makes your skin crawl..
      I did go back and read the Brievik post and you made a lot more sense on that than most people I’ve read.
      I will be reading this blog every day from now on..


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