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  • ross1948 00:45 on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    Xi’s Guardian Curs And ‘Conspiracy Theories?’ 

    Now the Ghastlies at the Guardian have declared themselves as what the Chinese Communist Party would undoubtedly describe as ‘running dogs…’



    …except that the Guardian curs are lolloping along the gutter to take the heat off those same Communist SOBs in Beijing who developed and spread the Chinese Virus.



    It’s been obvious for long enough that Beijing has been determined to obscure from inspection…

    Red Alert! Why Won’t W.H.O. Confront Xi’s Lies

    Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)


    …whatever went on in that Wuhan lab whence the plague emerged and killed millions, all over the world.



    That’s mere common sense, logical deduction, and it’s mildly surprising that so far under 30% of Brits accept it as obvious.

    More than a quarter of people believe Covid-19 was likely to have been a biological weapon intentionally spread by the Chinese state, according to a new UK poll highlighting the spread of conspiracy theories.

    The Guardian hack Ben Quinn offers no reason why a rational conclusion should be smeared as a ‘conspiracy theory.’

    . .

    Ben Quinn


    All he can offer his readers are ‘findings contained‘ in what he shamelessly promotes as “a major report” –


    – produced by the far-left ‘campaign group Hope Not Hate (HNH)..’

    Why their hateful propaganda gets to be treated as ‘major‘ is not explained.

    • Chrissie Miles 23:50 on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Everyone knows Communists lie whenever it suits their purposes, and we all know that Wuhan was where it started.
      Now we are to be fobbed off with more lies from the Guardian, that it’s all a conspiracy theory? That the Chinese Communist party is not guilty?
      If you believe that, you’ll beleve anything.


  • ross1948 15:00 on March 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply
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    UK Reds Rage At Democracy! 

    In 2021, we saw far-right activists marching on our streets, leafleting, and now they are preparing to stand in local elections.”


    That’a rant from the extremist gang called ‘Hope Not Hate….’

    ….and if the ‘far-right activists’ had been running amok, stabbing innocent by-standers, making plans to bomb concerts…


    (in other words, doing things that we’ve seen ‘asylum’ savages do!)

    … it would indeed be a matter of concern.

    But marching on our streets, leafleting, and…preparing to stand in local elections…? 

    That’s exactly what characterises civilised democratic behaviour!

    No wonder Reds are up in arms.

    Leftists hate the very thought of rightwingers winning support by democratic means.

    • Audrey 17:12 on March 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I have heard about this HNH and they never complain about leftwing extremism, only about the right.
      Somebody ought to expose them.
      Will you?


  • ross1948 18:40 on September 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Jackboot! Far-Left ‘Charities’ Want UK Patriot Protests ‘Stomped!’ 

    So the far-left has let the mask slip again, with a demand from some pro-crimmigrant vixen that patriotic protests against parasites get ‘stomped.’

    It’s almost refreshing that the likes of Bridget Chapman, a hard-faced apparatchik attached to something called the ‘Kent Refugee Action Network,’ are dropping their usual self-righteous gibbering about ‘tolerance…’


    See the source image


    …in response to decent Brits outraged by the government’s imposition of undesirable aliens on communities that neither asked nor deserved to have such creatures implanted in places as far apart as Folkestone and Tenby.

    In the latter, there was a protest last week, Welsh locals dismayed by the fact that Home Secretary Priti Patel has not kicked the crimmigrants out as she should.

    Possibly in anticipation of similar outbreaks of opposition in Folkestone, where a disused army barracks has been commandeered –

    ( which might have been more acceptable if it were sealed off 24/7 with armed guards to keep the aliens in……but there seems to be no such minimal security measures!)

    – we read that ‘charities have expressed concern…’

    Not, please note, about the dangers that ‘asylum-seekers’ have been known to present to innocents among the local population, as we have seen all over Europe…


    Italy’s ‘Poor Desperate Migrants’ Inflict Torture, Sexual Assault!

    Retired Couple ‘Slaughtered Like Goats!’  

    Truth Told – Threatening, Thieving…Migrant Molestation! 

    Rome – Somali Pig Sexually Assaults Woman Giving Birth! 

    …but that the barracks ‘could become a magnet for far-right protests!’

    “It’s up to the government to ensure that these people are safe and not harassed. They need to be absolutely stomping down on this completely unacceptable behaviour from the far right…”

    Who the Hell does this far-left fanatic think she is?

    It’s the British people who live near those insecure detention centres (hardly detention at all, so far as we can tell) whom the government has a duty to ensure are ‘safe, and not harassed.’  

    What the Hell kind of ‘charities’ are given to ordering the government to silence popular anger?



    Brits have the right to stage peaceful protest, against a very clear and present danger.

    Brits need to ask the Charity Commission to investigate a whole raft of extreme leftwing agitprop cabals which claim ‘charitable’ status.

    I’m not sure if that notorious loudmouth Joe Mulhall’s Hope not Hate, is also one of the ‘charities’ mentioned in the Guardian, but again, if it is, investigation by responsible authorities is overdue.

    Listen to him venting about the far-right seizing on the issue…of using the issue to pander to populism…”

    Populism again?

    Populism is the manifestation of a people denied a say by elites.

    While it is beyond doubt that Johnson and Patel DO know how most Brits feel about the lawless incursion on the Channel shore…



    …instead of reflecting those feelings by immediate deportation of fake-‘refugees’ ( all of the bums, because they are arriving from a safe, democratic country) the Johnson Government is wasting millions of pounds….



    …giving the boat-bludgers free board and lodging at a time when the UK economy is in a parlous condition.

    That’s what has mobilised populism, i.e. popular resistance, and one can only hope that the British people will mount ever larger protests until the leeches are loaded aboard planes or boats or whatever and told to GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY.

    If the French have any sense, they’ll say the same, and send them back to Italy, which, if it ever gets a patriotic government and Salvini resumes his sensible policies, will send the fakers further still…


    —back to whence they came.

    • Amanda Adams 19:25 on September 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Good for you, Ross, but the situation is even worse than what you describe.

      BBC Wales has been told all 250 asylum seekers would be men and would be free to move around the area while their claims are dealt with.


      • ross1948 19:32 on September 22, 2020 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Amanda. I just included that helpful info in my ‘Zombie’ post!


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