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    Petition – Fight Back Against SPLC Hate Campaign 

    I know I have been pushing petitions at you almost every other day this month so far.

    As you will, I hope, have noticed, they’re all from good people in support of good causes.

    This one comes from the…

    David Horowitz Freedom Center

     …which does sterling work in the resistance. You’ll be encouraged to sign by the fact that it is aimed at countering the evil influence of that anti-freedom outfit that calls itself SPLC.

    Please read carefully what David Horowitz has to say, then lend your support.

    The Left is trying to put the Freedom Center on a blacklist of “hate groups” and run it out of business.The leftists masterminding the blacklist get results by convincing sites like PayPal to stop taking donations for mainstream conservative organizations like the Freedom Center as a way of “stopping hate.” 

    It convinced Guidestar, the premier rating site for non-profits, to designate us a “hate group” to scare off donors. 

    And last week, a leftist site called bloodmoney.org announced a campaign to force Visa and MasterCard to stop processing funds for 100 conservative groups – including the Freedom Center

    This is serious. 

    The Left is using the “hate” libel to remove the Freedom Center and other mainstream conservative groups from the national political conversation and smother free speech in America. 

    This is a new and sinister tactic and could be successful if we don’t act now. That’s why we need your help. 

    Will you sign our STOP THE BLACKLIST Petition right away? 

    The Blacklist is a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a leftwing smear site which began its career decades ago attacking actual hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan… 

    …but over the years shifted its agenda to discrediting an array of conservative organizations and individuals who happen to disagree with its far-left agendas. 

    As one of SPLC’s own executives, Mark Potock, admitted in an unguarded moment, 

    “Our criteria for a ‘hate group’ has nothing to do with criminality or violence… It’s strictly ideological.” 

    In a saner time, the Southern Poverty Law Center would be dismissed as a nasty fringe organization. 

    But in today’s inflamed political atmosphere where fake news has replaced the real thing, the SPLC blacklist of “hateful” conservative groups has been accepted by credulous liberal media outlets like CNN and by social media sites like Facebook and Google, which have posted the SPLC’s slanders as though they came from a non-partisan authority. 

    In fact, no organization in America has spewed more hate than the SPLC itself. 

    In 2012, after reading about the Family Research Council on the SPLC website, a man named Floyd Lee Corkins walked into the FRC headquarters with an automatic pistol and would have “killed as many of them as possible” if he hadn’t been stopped by a security guard whom he badly wounded. 

    And over the summer, a man named James Hodgkin stalked a Congressional baseball practice and shot Congressman Steve Scalise and two security guards because he had read that Scalise was a racist on the SPLC Facebook page. 

    Real hate has real consequences. 

    The Freedom Center is fighting back against the Southern Poverty Law Center and the blacklist it has created. 

    Our lawyers have gotten Pay Pal and Guidestar to rescind their listing of us as a “hate group,” and are working on bloodmoney.org, Discover, CNN and Google. 

    We are in this fight not only to protect our own ability to continue raising the funds that allow us to be the left’s worst enemy, but also to make sure that the left does not stamp out conservatism in this country along with free speech itself. 

    That’s why I’m asking you to sign the STOP THE BLACKLIST Petition today.

    Because this fight must now take place in the legal arena, it will be costly. That’s why after signing the petition I ask you to make a donation to ensure that the Freedom Center is able to continue its battle against the advances of the Left.

    Hate has indeed been unleashed in America today. And it comes primarily from the left – its blacklisting organizations like the SPLC and its street-fighting thugs like the so called “Antifa.” Hate is the left’s middle name.

    Thank you for taking a stand this leftwing hate, the real hate afflicting our country, by supporting us in a time of need.

    David Horowitz
    David Horowitz    SIGN THE PETITION 

    The David Horowitz Freedom Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
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    ‘Sub-Human Spectre?’ – The Hysteria Of The UK Media Clique 


    I’m so glad I currently have access to Fox News, because it afforded me the opportunity to see and hear Steve Bannon at CPAC.

    His speech was eloquent, forceful and forthright in its attacks on the enemies America faces, but delivered in a very rational tone. Bannon’s clearly a man with humour and humanity.

    Then I turned to the Guardian, one of the worst media wallowing in the British blend of left-liberalism. And there shrilled a little hack who dragged what passes for ‘journalism’ in the UK today down to a level significantly lower than that of a snake’s belly.



    Steve Bannon lifted his mask of death at CPAC. It wasn’t a pretty sight

    pocong A ‘spectral presence?’

     …the darkness that resides inside the West Wing. The power behind Donald Trump’s throne was a spectral presence…



    This geezer Wolffe is surely in dire need of psychotherapy.

    It’s not just that he sees ghosts. He also discerns animosity where there’s plainly none. 

    Priebus went on to praise Bannon’s consistency, loyalty and friendship. Which made him sound like a well-trained pitbull.

    No. It didn’t.

    Bannon praised Priebus for his indefatigable steadiness, which made him sound like a donkey.


    No it didn’t.

    Find some You Tube footage and see for yourselves, but no reasonable person could interpret it the Weird-Wolffe Way. 




    Verbalising myopia and tainting it with bitterness merely makes Wolffe sound like an ASS.

    And not at all a nice ass…


    bum beauty


    …but a braying ass that needs something serious done about its contrariness.


    Image result for mule


    I watched the two men at the CPAC, which, BTW, The Weird-Wolffe describes as a ‘freak-show.’

    There was plainly no animosity between them.  

    Image result for steve bannon priebus


    There’s really no substance to this fool’s article, nothing but vitriol directed against Bannon, who, as the photo above shows us, does not have a dour face.

    sad-face-003‘dour face..’


    Wolffe even seeks to portray his target as…

    less a human being than a caricature…

     and that sentiment, so reminiscent of a Nazi relegating a Jew to the level of Untermensch…




    …sums up the sick, supercilious mentality, both of the scribbler and a Lugenpresse media clique so demented that they’ll actually pay such an untalented person to write such tantrum-tripe!

    • Chad Barone 12:16 on February 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I never realized the British media were just as crazed as CNN.
      This guy Werewolfe is scary.


  • ross1948 10:36 on July 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    U.S. Petition – Discipline This Crowell Hate-Creep! 

    Another admirable petition from AFA. 

    ****We apologize in advance for having to show the following images but deem it necessary to understand the issue at hand.****

    Cleveland Browns running back Isaiah Crowell posted on social media the image below (right) showing blood gushing out of a police officer’s neck at the hands an ISIS-like terrorist. The Miami Dolphins Don Jones posted a comment on social media (left) criticizing homosexual behavior during the 2014 NFL draft.

    The Cleveland Browns said in response to Crowell’s image of the beheading of a police officer, “We have spoken to Isaiah regarding his extremely disturbing and unacceptable social media decision. It was completely inappropriate and we have made him aware of our high level of disappointment.” The NFL said, “The image was inappropriate and insensitive.”

    The NFL wrongfully fined and suspended Jones and forced him to attend sensitivity training for criticizing homosexuality while Crowell only gets a slap on the wrist from the NFL.


    We ask that punishment be applied Crowell.

    Click here to sign the petition calling on the NFL to take disciplinary action against Crowell for his actions.

    Sign the Petition to the NFL NOW!


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    Lies, Damn Lies and Amnesty International! 

    Here in Jakarta, the media are largely and blatantly biased in favour of Israel’s enemies.

    TVOne – as covered here on RRA before now…

    Air Mata Kobane? No Bleeding Heart Dirge for Kurds On TVOne? 

    Hamas Pigs Gloat Over Baby’s Death! Will TVOne in Jakarta Highlight Their Sin? 

    – is one of the worst offenders… 




    But one expects that of a channel owned by one of the top men in the Golkar Party, billionaire Aburizal Bakrie.

    • aburizal-bakrie-01_1 Golkar king-pin Bakrie
    • ===================================
    • . But in other parts of the world, perceptions are less clouded by pro-Hamas prejudice.
    • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Which is why some agitprop outfits, like Amnesty International, are such busy little bees, ever-ready to smear Israel’s image with propaganda which would do Dr. Goebbels proud.


    I wasn’t aware of how low Amnesty has sunk, until this dropped into my email in-box today.

    Read, and be appalled, then ACT!


    Israel’s army is the most moral army in the world. Last summer, it put its soldiers lives in danger while taking extra precautions to save civilians in Gaza.

    But Amnesty International is demonizing Israel for the very measures it took to save civilian lives.Amnesty International has been caught telling “a complete, provable lie”— manipulating a video to make Israel’s act of compassion look like an act of murder.
    The video published by Amnesty International attacks Israel’s policy of “roof knocking” (firing a warning shot at a target to warn civilians and allow them to flee before a larger missile is fired). Amnesty clocks the time between the two missiles at 1 minute and 9 seconds.
    Amnesty’s “lie”? The source video from a Gaza-based news agency is edited. The agency admits the larger missile was fired FIVE minutes after the “roof knocking” and the IDF even called 15 minutes prior to tell civilians to clear the area.
    Amnesty is telling a “blood libel” to demonize Israel. And isn’t it outrageous that Amnesty is attacking the very actions by Israel meant to SAVE civilian lives? To Amnesty, demonizing Israel is more important than the truth or their credibility.
    Amnesty International can’t be allowed to slander Israel’s efforts to save civilian lives and sabotage her ability to defend civilians.
    • Ernawati 14:30 on July 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Bakrie should be made pay compensation to the Ahmadiyya in Bekasi who hurt by Golkar regent and mayor.
      I do not ever like to watch TVOne, always too much Golkar news, so much bias.
      Also you are truthful about the mean way they are against Israel, stupid TV, always ‘Zionis agresor’ no words about ‘Hamas teroris.’


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    Ten More Reasons For Canada To Bring Back Hanging? 

    I see ten suspected traitors have been held at Montreal Airport, allegedly aiming to enlist in the ranks of Canada’s sworn enemy, the jihadist rape-gang, ISIS.

    Police have seized the passports of all 10 young people and investigators have spoken to their families and friends. No one has yet been charged and the investigation is ongoing, the statement said.   http://edition.cnn.com/2015/05/20/americas/canada-montreal-arrests/

    We waited patienty for an update. Here it is!

    Ten young Quebec Muslims who were detained for allegedly trying to join jihadist groups in Syria received precise travel instructions, financing advice and moral support from individuals they met at a Montreal mosque….



    No charges have been laid in the case and all 10 youths were released from police custody.

    For God’s sake!

    A pack of treacherous vermin, off to join a rape-gang, which incidentally is at war with Canada, and they get a pat on the head and head off home to Mummy?

    Back when my Dad and many other Ontario lads joined up, in 1939/40, and sailed off to war, what would have been the response of normal Canadians if ten undesirables had been caught sleazing off to join the Waffen SS?



    So all a big case of mistaken identity?

    The ten were not really going anywhere?

    Or they were into archaeological field-trips?

    Or some sun-bathing on the Med?

    come on Canada

    Come on!

    The same report tells us their own families have asserted that they were carefully organised by some jihadist swine who hung about a mosque led by a rabid fanatic.  

    If anyone in Canada wants to make war on Canada, they are traitors. In the absence of capital punishment ( one hopes a temporary absence ) they should be released only to get the hell out of Canada, forever…

    …and let them join ISIS.

    With a bit of luck they’ll be shot by Kurds or Shi’ite militia – or anyone! Who cares who operates pest control?


    Which reminds me…

    . Even the CBC can produce a useful story now and then, and its report on the sectarian fiend who murdered his wife and daughters for non-compliance with a barbaric Dark Age code is an example.


    hi-shafia-dec5                                                                                 The victims of the beast


    After his first-degree murder conviction in 2012, Shafia took on a religious leadership role at the Kingston Penitentiary.


    Now it is conceivable that somebody convicted of even the most heinous crimes can genuinely repent of their sins – and there are few crimes more heinous than Mohammad Shafia’s.

    But the story makes clear there is no real repentance.

    Groves said he was surprised to find Shafia leading the religious gathering Friday given that he had shown little remorse for the 2009 killings. 

    Shafia’s three teenage daughters and his first wife in the polygamous marriage were found in a car submerged in the Kingston locks after a family road trip to Niagara Falls.


    Shafia apparently murdered his victims  because of  displeasure with his daughters betraying traditional Afghan values and got life, without parole for at least 25 years.


    Mohammad Shafia, his wife, Tooba Yahya and their son, Hamed, were convicted in 2012 of the murders of the couple's three daughters and Shafia's first wife. A national security committee was told Tuesday that Mohammad Shafia intimidated inmates into attending prayers.

    Vermin in captivity


    Along with two other primitives, namely his second wife and son, serving the same sentence, the cost to Canadian tax-payers to feed and clothe and house these vermin behind bars for a quarter of a century is clearly enormous – millions of dollars!

    Money that could be spent on decent Canadians, REAL Canadians, who need it.

    The new CBC focus arises from the fact that this swine has been intimidating unwilling convicts into participation in religious rites – forced conversion included.

    This outrageous sectarian bullying was exposed when the prison psychologist, Robert Groves, testified before the national security and defence committee hearing on security threats facing Canada..    

    “They were not [all] Muslims but believed that they dare not refuse to attend Friday prayers,” he told the hearing….Groves said he believes Shafia was “self-appointed” in his role in the prison, and said about 25 men gathered for prayers.

    This creature should never have been allowed to live.


    Unrepentant, satanically evil, he should certainly be permitted no position of responsibility in prison activities, ‘religious’ or otherwise.

    Freedom of religion, fair enough!

    But any preacher of any creed should be required to include in his sermons not just prayers for Queen and Country, but also condemnation of jihadist terrorism, and adjurations to his congregation to observe civilised Canadian standards –


    – in other words, RESPECT for freedom of religion – recognition of everyone’s right to adhere to a religion of his or her choice, including, of course, the right to convert in or out of the religion concerned. (I might add the problem is not only a Canadian one!  Intimidated Into Apostasy – Forced ‘Conversions’ in UK Jails  )

    And RESPECT for religious liberty includes NO demented drivel about punishing ‘apostates.’ 

     The story reminds me of what is reported of that diabolic old brute Abu Bakr Ba’asyir, imprisoned here in Indonesia for terrorist offences.


    He too, it seems, is allowed to hold ‘religious’ services with other convicts gathering to hear his doctrines of hate.  

    Ba’asyir has preached to most of the 326 inmates about his dream of creating an Islamic state, or caliphate.  http://www.asianewsnet.net/ann_news.php?a=http://www.asianewsnet.net/Indonesian-terrorist-convict-Abu-Bakar-

    Both he and Shafia should be locked away in solitary confinement, until they mend their ways, which will probably be the day when Hell freezes!.

    “This form of intimidation is what one finds routinely with zealot extremists.”

    But isolating the swine, while maybe a practical solution to the problem of how they poison other minds, still falls short of justice – and probably costs even more from the public purse.

    The best thing to do with cold-blooded killers and terrorists is not to put them away but to put them down.

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