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  • ross1948 14:48 on March 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Howling Hate, Islamist Bigot Wishes Corona On India! 

    I begin with my own translation of the benighted bleat to be found in detik.com’s report on the demo in Jakarta yesterday, which, as we foretold…

    Islamist Fanatics Rage At India – ‘Diskriminasi?’ Oya?’ 

    …caused real traffic problems for honest citizens trying to go about their lawful business.

    Fanatics on the left, normal Indonesians on the right. That was last Friday – no doubt the same again yesterday.

    Here’s my translation

    It’s to be hoped that the corona virus will not afflict Indonesia.

    ”It’s to be hoped that corona’s only in China, screamed the orator, who evoked screams of ‘Amin’ from the mob.”

    Nice to note the rabble numbered hundreds rather than thousands, but let’s stick with the ‘orator,’ unfortunately not named, who wasn’t done, not bloody likely!


    It’s to be hoped that the next virus outbreak will head for India…Amen, amen amen..”

    If you doubt my translation, check for yourselves!

    Mudah-mudahan wabah Corona tidak merajalela di Indonesia. Mudah-mudahan Corona hanya ada di Negara China…,” teriak orator yang disambut teriakan ‘amin’ oleh massa.

    “Mudah-mudahan wabah selanjutnya ke India. Aamiin… aamiin… aamiin…,” sambung orator.



    To hope the virus stays in China, which non-illiterates already know is not going to happen, is one thing.

    To hope Indonesia stays virus-free? Understandable, but again, too late. We had a case on the news this week

    But to wish it on India, or any other country?




    How vicious, how nasty, can it get?

    And indeed, how pig-ignorant, for an Islamist fanatic to savour the prospect of a dangerous disease spreading to a country…

    Population. With around 201 million Muslims (2018 estimate), India’s Muslim population is about the world’s second-largest and the world’s largest Muslim-minority population. India is home to 11% of the world’s Muslim population.

    ….which has  – how many…millions, 30, 40 million, no, over 200 million of his co-religionists among its citizens!

    Or is the ‘orator’ so bigoted that he imagines the virus will by-pass Muslims, only affecting Hindus, Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists?

    By the way, the corona virus has already hit India, with over 80 people dead.


    How the deceased worshipped, I have no idea.

    • JazPen 17:52 on March 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for this, Ross.
      What a moron, an Islamist wanting to see a deadly virus appear in a country with a 200 million Muslim minority.
      I admit I didnt know there were that many Muslims in India.
      Anyway, wishing diseases onto innocent people of any religion is bad but no more than I expect from that mob.
      Do more like this, please! These fanatics should be outed and shamed.
      Oh, your translation and your report are both very good.
      Well done.


    • Jim Ex Jakarta 18:15 on March 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The hate these people vomit out!
      What annoys me most is that these jerks seem to think it’s okay to talk like that in public. Their moms and pops didn’t take a stick to them often enough when they were of an impressionable age.
      Still, it’s never too late!
      Nice work, this one, Ross.
      I read there was talk of ‘sweeping’ against Indian expats. Any plan to write about that?


    • Astuti 09:50 on March 15, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Stupid and cruel, that orator.


    • Kezia 22:20 on March 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I was happy to read this but you can add to it by using the information from this

      That explains how another ‘orator’ made a threat to start burning the Indian Embassy.
      Why did the reporter not find out the name of this person?
      Why did the police not arrest him? It is incitement to criminal activity.
      Please write more about these extremists like you use to.


  • ross1948 16:40 on July 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Hypocrite Zuckenberg’s Cess-Pool, Bubbling With Hate! 

    zucker  Zuckenberg


    You may recall that the smarmy little swine Zuckerberg had a pow-wow with Mama Stasi Merkel some months ago, both of them salivating at the thought of erasing ‘hate’ from Facebook.

    Facebook’s Status – Enemy Within – Exposed Again! 



    Facebook Geekstapo Stomp Free Speech On Crimmigration – Swiss MP Silenced! 

    By ‘hate,’ of course, they actually meant eradicating anti-crimmigrant protests – and if you think I’m being unfair, just get a load of this filth which the Facebook Geekstapo are insisting is perfectly acceptable.



    Facebook has refused to remove a sickening cartoon of a police officer having his throat slit from a Black Panther page used by Dallas cop killer Micah Xavier Johnson.

    The gruesome image shows a man dressed in black slashing a uniformed officer’s throat with a knife as blood spills out of the cop’s neck. 

    So another slimy plutocrat is revealed for all to see as a lying hypocrite.

    Zuckerberg on refugee crisis: ‘Hate speech has no place on Facebook …

    Unless it’s aimed at police officers, right, Mark?

    (More …)

  • ross1948 18:07 on June 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The Jakarta Post’s Horrible Hate Headline! 

    ahok Governor Ahok

    By the way … Ahok deserves both hate and adoration

    I have to say, the Jakarta Post must be one of the most irksome newspapers in Indonesia
    My conclusion arises from the latest opinion piece, last Saturday, by its veteran big-shot Kornelius Purba…
    kornelius-purba Kornelius Purba
    ….a disturbing outburst, based on his  recent chat with an intolerant Islamist crony, whose bitter hostility to Jakarta’s popular Governor Ahok is variously attributed to his race, his religion and his ‘big mouth.’ These short-comings, it seems, mean that Ahok ‘deserves hate.’
    Taking the last excuse first, it’s fair to say that Ahok, unlike so many mealy-mouthed notables here, doesn’t mince his words.
    Fanatic Islamist Wails At Christian Governor – “He Calls People Names!” 
    How often do we read police chiefs saying they want to prevent ‘unwanted things,’ when they mean mayhem by sectarian thug gangs?
    How often do we read journalists talk about ‘certain groups’ or even ‘a certain religion,’ rather than name the likely source of likely whining or worse?
    Too often, my own conversations with local people on this topic get responses like ‘it’s the Javanese non-confrontational habit.’
    But it seems Pak Kornelius’ fanatic friend ( a fan of the extremist PKS pro-shariah party, whose erstwhile leader penned an infamous paean of adoration to jihadist mass-murderer Osama Bin Laden)…
    …doesn’t mince words about the man he loathes for being a Chinese ethnic ‘infidel’  (that means Christian, BTW – Kornelius is one of those but maybe he’s an exception to his friend’s hate-rule)
    Okay, it’s more than fair to hate some people.
    Gerry Adams, the Sinn Fein/IRA terrorist leader, should be hated by all decent people. Terror Gang Leader Adams, Complicit in Child Molesting – ‘A Man Sent by God?’   
    But for our JP king-pin’s pal, mereIy the colour of Ahok’s skin and the way he worships God are sufficient grounds.
    Of course Ahok makes mistakes, and I haven’t hesitated to say so…

    ”Outrageous” Activity in Jakarta Pools? OMG – BIKINIS!

    …so I can hardly say I ‘love’ him. But only neanderthal nitwits could possibly ‘hate’ him. 

    Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

    How can the JP’s KP seriously assert that his racist and bigoted  companion’s ‘stance is valid..?’
    Here’s a quote from the Dark Ager whom Kornelius likes to hang out with. 
    “To be honest with you, my faith forbids me from tolerating such a person…” 

    That’s the kind of crap that encourages people to support Trump’s ban-all-Muslims call – which I personally don’t, you may recall.

    It’s loyalty and principles that matter, not ethnicity or creed. For example, I detest the white and allegedly Christian Justin Turdo….



    Canada’s Enemy Within – Will Turdeau “Have To Look at The Root Causes?” 

    ….and if the ( improbable) chance ever arose, I’d see him replaced overnight with the patriot Canadian Muslim Tarek Fateh, who admirably declared, on the question of talking to Killer Khadr.

    – First of all, he must renounce jihad and the application of jihad and sharia law.”  .


    TarekTarek Fateh  

    A Muslim Voice of Reason – Khadr May Return, IF………!!!!  


    The thing is, even KP’s buddy admits Ahok offers clean government (and clean rivers!) yet he would likely continue to dislike Ahok… – just because he looks different, worships differently and says what he really thinks when he witnesses sloth, corruption or religious persecution.

    Kornelius Purba ought to be ashamed of himself. He should be condemning his pal’s vicious and venomous views.

    But then I have yet to see him publish a word of condemnation of his Jakarta Post’s parent company, Gramedia, notorious collaborators with the worst Islamist intolerants in Indonesia.


    The last time Pak Kornelius merited mention here on RRA, it was, by curious coincidence, when he threw the H word around a couple of years ago…

    Jakarta Post ‘s “Thousand Reasons to Hate Australia!” 

    …and he was gracious enough to comment and say that he actually didn’t ‘hate’ Australia, quite the contrary. He also invited me to drop in to his HQ for a chat, which didn’t happen due to no fault on his part or mine.

    However, this time he’s described in detail a real hater, so I’ll be interested to see if he comments again.

    • santi 07:52 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Ahok is a good governor.
      Why will anyone hate him except FPI who hate everything and everyone that are good.


    • Irawan 11:25 on June 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Terrible this Jakarta Post, and such a wicked thing to hate Ahok because he is Chinese and Christian. Better if Kornelius Purba is shamed of his PKS friend.


  • ross1948 17:05 on November 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    For Pity’s Sakes! Florence’s Ordeal Drags On! I’ll Skip Jogja This Xmas! 

    Well, here’s me just beginning to get my teeth into the idea of another Festive Season coming up – though some say every month for me is a season to be jolly – when I read that the remorseless persecution of that poor gal in Jogjakarta, the law student Florence Saulina Sihombing, who lost her temper after an irksome episode at a gas station queue…

    “Yogya is poor, stupid and uncivilized. Jakarta and Bandung friends, don’t stay in Yogya. Yogyakartans are b*****ds.

    I wanted to buy Pertamax 95 but was not served because I was on a motorbike. I queued in the car line and was not served. I was told to queue in the motorbike line, which was extremely long. It’s discrimination. Did they think I couldn’t pay for it? I’m so annoyed!”


     A few oh-so-sensitive uptights – who clearly have little serious work to keep themselves busy – got on her case. Despite a personal meeting with the Sultan, who graciously accepted her apology for any slight on his realm’s character, the gal is now back in court, accused of spreading hatred!

    What utter nonsense!

    All too often I read in the media here about some infantile little creep, usually religious fanatics but others as well, moaning about he’s had his ;feelings hurt.’

    • It’s simply pathetic. Adults don’t behave like spoilt brats. Well, they shouldn’t.

    Frankly, as I have said before, here, on the blog and to many other people, I’ve always liked Jogjakarta. Actually, it was one of the places I was considering as where to spend my New Year time and money. 


    NOT ANY MORE! Until Jigjakarta shows enough maturity to stop harassing Florence, and the cry-babies who began the hue and cry against her kneel down before her and apologise…

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