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  • ross1948 18:22 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Har-Har-Har-Har-Har – Gored By Tusk’s Twisted Humour! 

    My usual reaction to statements by Euro-Commissars is disgust or fury, but Turncoat Tusk’s headline-grabbing weekend outburst made me laugh out loud.




    The renegade Pole of course deserves contempt for the way he has consistently taken the side of his country’s deadly enemies in Brussels, but honestly, who could forebear to chortle at the delusionary’s drivel.

    Tusk: Poland risks harming EU appeal


    The Evil Empire has about as much ‘appeal’ as cat-vomit…



    …or a couple of smelly dog-turds!


    Speaking in Brussels (24 November) after a summit with six former Soviet states, he said: “If you [EU countries] want to be as attractive as before to our neighbours, we should be aware how important it is for all of us to fulfil … fundamental values”   .https://euobserver.com/foreign/140026

    • VALUES?


    He said countries such as Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine wanted to be part of the EU and the Western bloc more broadly because it was an area in which “human rights, and rule of law, and freedom of speech, are the most important part of our set of values”.

    No, it’s that they are afraid of Russia and because there are handouts to be had.

    The rule of law?

    Poland is under siege because the Poles fondly imagine they have the right to pass laws in their democratically elected parliament – in Tusk-Talk, Polish authorities, who, he said, appeared to be serving the “Kremlin’s plan”.



    It’s Tusk who’s running scared of investigations into the plane brought down seven years ago, in which the Polish President died.


    Not the values which the peoples of those lands live by. Far from it!


    EUSSR Splurges YOUR Money for Perverts to Lobby EUSSR! 

    Still in his stand-up comedy role, he manages to take a side-swipe at America too,whining about US president Donald Trump’s populism and his verbal attacks on the press.

    So Tusk lashes wildly out at America, as well as his own country.


    Yeah, and Tom’s mouse and Jerry’s a cat.

    The man’s a bad joke.

    He and his rotten Eurocrat regime are SO without ‘appeal…’ that their vaunted ‘European Citizens Initiative’ was from the start emasculated to ensure subjects could only approach their masters with suggestions, not a hint of democratic power…


    EUSSR…Participatory Democracy? – A Travesty…Common Identity? – A Joke! 

    ….and even the submissions thus humbly presented were preemptively subject to a veto, outlawing any move –

    “contrary to EU values!

    – which is to say, that refutes cultural marxist EUSSR dogmas and replace them with the REAL European values which held sway across the Continent when the world was a morally healthier place.


    ….and that’s why their Chief Commissar has gone on record, dismissing the rights of the peoples of Europe to defy their diktats.  .



    “If we want to help our eastern partners, we must also be aware of threats from inside the EU and this is why I raised the alarm”, he said on Friday.

    The tweet saw Polish prime minister Beata Szydlo, at the time, attack Tusk for meddling in national politics.

    She said nothing on the subject in Brussels on Friday, but her handshake with Tusk on the EU Council doorstep was “cold”, diplomats said.


    The ‘Eastern Partnership’ summit, a twice-yearly event, is designed to build closer relations with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

    The EU 28 and the six former Soviet countries issued a joint declaration in which they “acknowledge[d] the European aspirations”, of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.



    • Sal Phillips 22:27 on December 2, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      You’re on very entertaining form today.
      I specially like the photo of the two dog turds.
      I enjoy reading your blog because you, unlike Dope Francis, are not in the least mealy-mouthed.
      I have never sent any comments but got the urge to compliment you this time.
      Thanks for making a cold dark afternoon a lot brighter


  • ross1948 19:49 on August 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    BBC Bias – A Lack Of Moral Equivalence! 

    Some BBC blonde named Hocking presented their news tonight, 6pm Jakarta time.  Having had a lazy enjoyable tv time today  -Indonesia’s Independence Day, so free access to all channels – I was surfing towards another good movie and stopped at the top of the hour to see what might be new.



    Same old anti-Trump burbling, BBC failing to match the hysteria of CNN but up to their rather threadbare trick of bringing a bitterly anti-Trump guest in, with no pro-Trump guest to counter the hostile voice.

    BBC At It Again, Hides Far-Left Guest’s Background! 

    This time it was some geezer named Brian Klaas, from the notoriously left-infested London School of Economic.




    He played his part eagerly, the usual junk about how one can’t possibly stoop to ‘moral equivalence,’ can’t possibly condemn both ‘Unite the Right,’ who were opposed to removing the statue of Robert E Lee…


    Gambar terkait


    …and similarly condemn the out-of-town Antifa thugs who came into Charlottesville spoiling for a fight.

    One has to wonder about these highly educated academics who fail  to see the moral obligation to condemn the red thug gang (photographed below) as they poured into the small Virginia town with their mass and clubs.


    Hasil gambar untuk antifa

    Antifa thugs march into Charlottesville


    However, we heard nothing new from Klaas, no glimmer of awareness that the evil of Antifa must not only be deplored at least as strongly as the KKK, a tiny group…  https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-united-states-declare-antifa-a-terrorist-organization


    Gambar terkait

    …unlike the red nazis, who have proliferated across America cities in recent years.http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/media-plead-ignorance-of-the-alt-left/article/2631757

    Antifa’s goals are the eradication of basic freedoms, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and, importantly, the overt use of violence to achieve those goals.

    Yes, Klaas is entitled to think and talk BBC-acceptable claptrap.



    But the BBC is NOT entitled to stage these one-sided propaganda shows.

    Their shabby excuse, trotted out previously…

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ –BBC 

    …that it’s hard to find a Trump defender, is a deliberate LIE.  Of course they could, if they lifted a finger to try.

    Curious to find a Klaas pic for this post, I wandered through the Search Engines, and discovered that the LSE man has written a book!

    It’s called “The Despot’s Accomplice: How the West is Aiding & Abetting the Decline of Democracy.”

    One has to speculate if his research touched on how Charlottesville City Council failed to give their citizens a vote on the statue.

    As one of my commenters was kind enough to inform me, a large survey found that Charlottesville folks were OVERWHELMINGLY in favour of Robert E Lee staying put.

    8,158 voters (87.3 percent) did not want the Charlottesville City Council to remove the Gen. Lee statue or change the name of its corresponding Lee Park. 490 voters (5 percent) thought the council should rename the park and remove the statue, 361 voters (3.9 percent) believed the city should keep the statue but rename the park, and 72 voters (0.8 percent) believed the council should remove the statue but keep the park name   –

    Despite the fact the councillors MUST  – or at least should – have been aware of how people felt, the arrogant gits voted 3-2 to defy the people’s will…


    democratic principles ablaze


    ..so it would hardly be unreasonable to argue that their anti-democratic irresponsibility played a major part in subsequent scenes of mayhem.

    Klaas, if he’s concerned for democracy, should have talked about THAT instead of trying to make out that Red Nazis merit less abhorrence than any other variety.

    • Alan Black 23:06 on August 17, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      They must really think the viewers are mugs if they think we don’t realise they invite their own kind as guests,
      They do NOT do this by accident. They research to make up the guest list so know what kind of opinions the guest is going to give.
      BBC has a few token opposition sometimes but mostly will carefully screen out conservative or patriotic people..


  • ross1948 23:40 on December 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Despise Democracy, Win A Prize – Nauseating Nobel Nonsense! 

    It was fairly nauseating to watch the European elite fawning on on that Colombian creep Santos…

    Hasil gambar untuk colombia nobel prize


    ….who did a dirty deal with Communist terrorists, had it rejected by his own people in a free and fair vote, then went ahead and implemented it anyway, refusing point-blank to respect the democratic decision.

    Colombian Sell-Out Santos Crawls To Reds, Betrays Democracy 

    The narco-reds of FARC were delighted, as well they should be – they were losing the war, which had reduced the FARC from a peak of 20,000 troops to 5,800. Three of the guerrillas’ top commanders were killed in targeted attacks; the others could no longer feel safe…


    Hasil gambar untuk colombia marxist farc


    ….and now they will be rewarded with seats in Congress rather than face any serious punishment for their atrocities.

    That Nobel Peace Prize award, with all its pomp and circumstance last week, cheapened the trophy even more than when it was bestown on Obama, for merely being a pinko pin-up, eight years ago.

    nobel peace prize 2009 joke barack obama international diplomacy cooperation peoples motivational posters


    But let’s face it, the subliminal reason for the ‘honour’ given to Santos was not so much for ‘peace’ but for his public contempt for basic democratic principle.


    Hasil gambar untuk juncker democracy

    The left-liberal elitists who gave Santos what he called a ‘gift from Heaven‘ – evidently confusing the un-elected clique in Oslo with God Almighty – are in ideological lock-step with the left-liberal commissars in Brussels.


    Don’t forget – just four years ago, the Nobel Peace Prize was handed not to a person but to the EUSSR itself!

    Another lucky winner was the terrorist Yasser Arafat, big buddy of the unrepentant red wretch Mogherini…



    Arafat and Mogherini


    …the ‘EU High Representative’ whose public assurance that no crimmigrant would ever be removed from Europe helped unleash the tsunami still on-going on the Med.

    Democracy is a stench in their sneering nostrils.

    So who’s next?

    How about Rutte, the Dutch weasel, wriggling like the worm he is to thwart the result of that Dutch referendum, buoyed in his quest by in-put from the establishment in-crowd.

    His government’s main advisory body on foreign affairs. The Advisory Council on International Affairs (AIV) said a rejection of the treaty could damage the Netherlands’ standing and European unity, pointing out that the referendum on April 6 was advisory and not binding.


    Well, of COURSE Rutte should diss his own people in favour of an unelected gang of insider elitists, the ‘great and good’ who always know better than we do about what’s best for us.


    •  Rutte
    • —————
    • But no.

    Rutte may well concoct a ‘compromise’ –‘Many not happy’ with Dutch limits of Ukraine pact – between the Dutch people’s democratic decision and the submission that HMV in Brussels is demanding,
    But there are many stronger contenders for the discredited trophy next time round.

    How abut that malignant minx Gill Miller…

    Gambar terkait

    Miller the Minx


    …who launched the court action to block Britain’s June 23rd declaration of independence?

    Or even more so, the robed rogues in the British courts who are being cheered on by the chorus of deplorables…




    ….after they ruled that the majority of British voters may be over-ruled by ermine-trimmed upstarts in the House of Lords.

    Should we worry?

    Hell, no!

    They’re welcome to a tawdry trophy that’s been emptied of meaning.

  • ross1948 10:16 on November 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Deutsche Welle ‘Debate?’ An Anti-Trump Chorus- But Revealing! 

    Since I was up late last night, chilling in my comfy chair, recovering from a noon-day mile-stroll around the kampungs between Hayam Wuruk and Gunung Sahari, I caught ‘Quadriga!’




    No, it’s not an infectious disease, but rather the Deutsche Welle ‘debate!’

    You may recall a previous such show –

    DW Quadriga ‘Debate’ – A Mere Anti-AfD Insult-Fest!

     – so I wasn’t at all taken aback when its subject popped up on my tv screen.

    Journalism in Crisis: Democracy in Danger?

    You’ll be able to find it via their website – http://www.dw.com/en/tv/quadriga/s-7296   –  where the very first sentence offers this confession of the media’s grotesque bias. –

    He was dismissed as a madman, a bigot, a liar.

    Guess who?!

    But while journalism may well be in crisis, it seems to me perverse to ask if  ‘democracy’s in danger‘ when the US result shows that the demos, the people, have just wrested back a measure of control over their nation’s destiny from an arrogant elite so utterly unrepresentative of their country that – here’s the next sentence – very few pundits thought Donald Trump would really win the presidency.

    But then that intro goes awry, saying that the media were too blinkered to pick up on the mood of the American people.

    No, Meine Damen und Herren, not blinkered – BIASED!

    elite arrogance-s

    The media class, in Europe just as much as in America, despises decent, patriotic working people, whom Alan Posener, senior hack with the Die Welt newspaper, live on TV…


    Gambar terkait


    …sneeringly put down as … wait for it! – 


    He dodged whether he himself held that opinion of Trump voters or whether he was acknowledging that such a ridiculous prejudice was shared by most German hacks..


    Gambar terkait.


    …but I reckon that he, like his media comrades, really does see the laid-off factory workers in Michigan and coal-miners in Virginia as a mere under-class resembling the Clampetts of Beverly Hills!

    Whereas they, the media, are ever-so-smart and entitled to correct electorates who dare think for themselves!




    And the media are gearing up against people-power!


    Clips of Trump denouncing the rotten media were shown, and Posener’s response?



    What is the future of journalism in the “post-factual” era and the age of rampant populism? 


    Hasil gambar untuk ina maria reize

    Howzabout the media swine stop HIDING FACTS! And not just in Germany! 

    Lugenpresse = Lying Press = Sweden’s Media Vermin 


    Nor was Posener’s elitism notably different from that of the other guests.

    Frau Ursula Weidenfeld, described as a ‘Business Journalist,’ bemoaned that ‘ the ‘media were not quick enough‘ to go after Trump who, Posener said, was seen by ‘most of my colleagues,’ as ‘what an awful guy.’

    • liberal-media-bias

    Posener, incidentally, admitted that the German media ‘probably’ had ‘an inherent liberal bias’ – which he himself exhibited explicitly when he said the President-Elect of the United States of America is…




    …. ‘a lunatic‘ and a ‘racist.’ 

    And let’s not forget the third leftist at the DW studio, Matthew Karnitschnig  of Politico, whose audacious rage at uncontrolled democracy was as breathtaking as the Welt-Wunderkind’s.

    Mad Matt brazenly explained that ‘the system’ was designed to “prevent someone like that.” 

    • Jackboot
    • So if that system of prevention doesn’t work, will he endorse more totalitarian measures to suppress resistance?  

    Heiko ‘Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots!   

     Germany’s Red Nazis – SPD Urge Gestapo Tactics On Opposition!

    As influential elements in the German ruling class have been repeatedly proposing…


    • sod that



    I only offer you a few choice morsels. If you are up to digesting DW’s overt abhorrence of balance, not one journo to tell the truth, that people have seen through the mainstream media’s insidious liberalism and recognised the recurrent disloyalty displayed in their verbiage – like this, one more phrase from that intro – the age of rampant populism…

    How about the age of resurgent democracy?  


    • Gambar terkait
    • ——–

    Aaah, but the result of that democratic election in America, we must obediently believe, means we see  

    Democracy in Danger?


    • Carrie Cairns 16:10 on November 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      I never knew the German media was as bad as ours. That woman who covered up the rape should be demoted to office girl. She is not fit to work in the public broadcaster when she doesn’t care about the safety of the public. On second thought, fire the floozy.


  • ross1948 15:32 on November 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , hatred of democracy, , Paul Schader, ,   

    Millionaire Wannabe Warrior Schader Urges USA Violence 

    After what we wrote about Ugly Americans yesterday…

    Ugly Americans- ‘Sniper’ Harrigan and CNN’s Sanders 

    …here we go again.

    I always thought Taxi Driver was a dud movie, but I had no idea of, nor any interest in, the dud who produced it.

    Thanks to Breitbart, I have learned that it was a weirdo named Paul Schader.

    Hasil gambar untuk paul schrader


    And that malignant millionaire seems to have been at the Kool-Aid, given how his hatred of democracy has morphed into overt incitement.

     “We should finance those who support violence resistance. We should be willing to take arms,” http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2016/11/14/writer-of-taxi-driver-raging-bull-pens-post-election-call-to-violence/


    How brave he is, so heroic in his stance that he’s now deleted that comment…


    Hasil gambar untuk nazi orator

    There’s even a slight physical resemblance!

    …and that’s just one sentence among a lot of dangerously irresponsible hogwash, reminiscent of the rhetoric of another nutter with a German name, in 1930s Germany. 

    But this is America in 2016.

    Again, I have to ask, if police in the USA no longer regard brazen incitement to murderous mayhem as an offence.


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