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  • ross1948 19:28 on August 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Tone-Deaf BBC Still Plugs Sharia Scarfing 

    It seemed peculiar from the moment it started, that BBC promo for head-scarfing…

    Halima Aden and Tommy Hilfiger: ‘It’s not just about diverse catwalks’
    Hijab Model Halima Aden Returns to the Fashion World (instagram.com/halima)….

    bbc fashion hijab from www.bbc.com

    Halima Aden, the world’s first hijab-wearing supermodel, meets US fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger in a BBC 100 Women exclusive… 

    …a rather pretty young fashion model rabbiting to a fancy-pants old fart about how refreshing it was to wear a shariah scarf in her work.

    Up to her.

    Western women wear head-scarfs on windy days.

    But we have in the past noted the Big Lie, that the scarf is a symbol of modesty ..…


    Image result for jakarta modest fashion week 2018


    … arrogant fashion shows claiming to be ‘Fesyen Modest.’

    That arrogant claim constitutes a grotesque slur on every girl who models perfectly decent clothes, as if showing one’s hair or knees or shoulders is somehow immodest, as if women who go to work or do the shopping or attend a party dressed modestly, wearing clothes like these…


    • Amazing Business Casual For Women For Women Business Casual Attire
    • ===
    • …clothes which are self-evidently modest in every way, no bare bums, no nipples on display, just perfectly normal attire, as if they are not modest!

    • Modest Fashion?

    • Fesyen Modest?

    What balderdash!

    But for BBC to persist with this sad little promo, which they did again yesterday, and again this morning…



    …while the people in Kabul are cowering at the take-over by evil savages flaunting their vicious sectarian ideology….

    …revelling in their pig-ignorant hostility to women…

    …surely UK Pravda could cut the scarfy stuff, at least while normal Afghan women are at risk of being flogged or being pelted with rocks…



    …for not submitting to a mediaeval mind-set.

    Male bullying of women into shariah subjugation is a global problem.

    We have shown you this offensive picture before…

    … which I once more translate from Indonesian to English.

    Fathers and husbands! Their private parts are your responsibility.’

    ‘Private Parts’ – knees, shoulders, mid-riffs?

    Gimme a break!

    But when those Afghan women arrive in the UK, or the USA, or Australia, they should promptly be assured that, among the freedoms they may at once enjoy…



    …is that there is NO obligation to continue conforming to the codes or customs they have left behind.

    • Chrissie Miles 23:01 on August 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      Why would the BBC want to make this promo and keep advertising it over and over?
      Women who comply with sharia are ignoring those who are coerced by sharia.
      It’s like those Swedish political women that you wrote about, slapping on scarfs to please the ayatollahs.
      No better than collaboration.


  • ross1948 10:42 on January 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Needs Hijabs! Well Said, Indonesia’s Former First Lady! 

    Indonesia’s Former First Lady, the widow of Gus Dur, who was forced out of office years ago, for reasons which are still debated but certainly included his commitment to religious liberty.


    He often spoke out, as when he took issue with fanatical Ramadan fasters who couldn’t handle the challenge to their spiritual discipline posed by the sight of non-fasters enjoying a simple meal.


    • gus dur fasting

    ‘If we fasting Muslims want respect, let us also respect those who aren’t fasting.’ 

    Such a contrast to savage bigots…

    ….like these FPI brutes in Makassar, attacking innocent vendors for providing meals for non-fasters!


    ….has been agreeably maintaining her late husband’s tradition of talking sense.

    A VERY Good Muslim Lady Breakfasts in Java! 

    Sinta Nuriyah during the International Conference on Feminism, 2016-09-23 02.jpg

    Sinta Nuriyah Wahid

    Islamist ‘Scholars’ say ‘Bigot Mayor Knows Best!’ Ex-First Lady Speaks Out For Liberty

    Indeed, she has never stopped doing do.

    And she was at it again last week!

    Do all Muslims have to wear the hijab? Not really. If we interpret the verse in the Koran correctly,” said Sinta.

    We have in the past, and no doubt will again in the future, made it known that only the most narrow-minded sexist sectarians here want to impose scarfing and other mediaeval garb on Indonesia’s lovely  womenfolk

    ‘Fathers and husbands, their private parts are YOUR responsibility’

    Both at home and abroad, people who know what’s what have said there’s no obligation involved

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 


    • JazPen 21:56 on January 19, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      A nice little reminder of more hopeful days.
      This old lady repreaents the best of Indonesia.


    • Yeni 13:37 on January 20, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Hijab okay in windy days but no religous reason to wear it.


  • ross1948 22:14 on September 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Rip-Off! NYPD Bows To Shariah! 

    Of course it’s quite disgraceful, the ripoff perpetrated on NYPD ‘by three Muslim women who were forced to take off their hijabs for mug shots,’ so the Daily News tells us.

    The three acquisitive bints got $60,000 each in response to arrogant shrilling about how New York’s Finest made them remove their sectarian headscaves.
    You may read the whole report here – http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/women-forced-hijabs-mugs-settle-city-article-1.3845434 – but listen to the gloating lawyer who extorted the cash from the cops.glorification!


    “We did our best to establish good precedent,” said Aboushi, noting several religions have headwear requirements.

    “On the one hand, it gives officers guidance, and on the other hand, it protects the exercise of religious freedom,” Aboushi said.


    Freedom of religion?


    What’s that got to do with scarfing?
    Shariah and women’s rights are mutually exclusive concepts.


    Big Apple please note!

    There is NO obligation on the part of Muslim women to cover their hair!

    We have, here on this blog, explained that simple truth often enough over the years. 

    ‘An Archaic Tribal Rag’ – Wise UK Muslim Imam Says ‘Ban the Burqa!’ 

    It’s on the BBC! Bag-Head Bans Do Not Infringe Religious Liberty! 

    Fiery Islamists – ‘Head-Scarves NOT a Big Issue!’ 

    I don’t know how many times we need to make the point. In Jakarta, I see and talk to and enjoy the company of Muslim women every day who do not cover their lovely black glossy hair.
    Those who do?
    A lot are no doubt peer-pressured, or coerced by jihadi-sympathising employers.

    Or, as we have shown you before…

    ‘Fathers and husbands, their aurat is your responsibility!’
    …by bigoted fathers or husbands.

    Others like it as a fashion, perhaps, and others again revel in flaunting their personal Islamist allegiance.
    But it IS an individual choice.

    NOT a religious duty.


    Those newly-rich bints in the Big Apple don’t deserve a red cent from the city’s tax-payers.

    • Minnie Davidson 23:23 on September 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      And again you make your point effectively.
      These greedy females think they’re above the law.
      They deserve jail-time, not big bucks.


    • Gary Kingsley 14:08 on September 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Good stuff, Ross, it is crazy giving them cash instead of a spell behind bars.
      Great picture that, too, the three shariah worms gnawing at the Big Apple.
      Keep up the good work.


  • ross1948 19:16 on January 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Beard Bollocks in UK – But Tajiks Confront Alien Influence! 

    In 2015, the United State Supreme Court produced some of the most inane rulings ever, the worst of course being its indefensible endorsement of queer ‘marriage.’


    • judges rogue
    • —————-
    • But one that’s sometimes been overlooked, as an example of judicial dimwittery, occurred almost exactly a year ago, when the court exemplified what many Americans see as its role as Nine Men Against America.
    • It decreed that Muslim criminals had a ‘right’ to sport beards.

    High Court Says Muslim Inmate Can Keep Beard – WSJ

     Let’s ignore the individual who won his case – a self-described Islamic fundamentalist who the state said threatened to wage jihad against law-enforcement officials.
    devil destroyed
    He was convicted of threatening President George W Bush’s daughters a decade ago, and is serving a life term for stabbing his girlfriend., – except to say it would make much better sense to string him up than prattle about his rights.

    So on to the latest news from the UK.

    _bishop beard6368513_56368512

    Vicars should grow BEARDS to reach out to Muslims in their areas, says Bishop of London 


    This turbulent priest says his beard helps his rapport with Bangladeshis in his diocese – they’ve been there for years but apparently many are still recalcitrantly refusing to smarten up and adapt to British ways. He’s certainly not helping them assimilate with his pathetic appeasement.

    But what needs to be made clear is this – 

    It’s complete BOLLOCKS to say that growing and maintaining a beard is any part of a Muslim man’s religious duty.


    • 420px-Presiden_Sukarno Sukarno, Founder and first President of Indonesia
    •  SBY-Clinton-040912-w Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President till a year ago
    • ———————
    • I could post photos of every Indonesian President since independence – all Muslims and all (except Megawati) men – you’d see not one beard.

    Even fanatic Muslims, like the ghastly Suryadharma Ali, and Anis Matta, till recently leader of the PKS Islamist party and big fan of Osama Bin Laden…


    Ali1 Ali

    anis-matta Anis


    …are beardless.

    Not all fanatics have visible chins, of course, but it goes to show it’s a matter of choice, identical to Muslim women’s choice when it comes to head-scarves.




    A ban on beards is no denial of religious liberty, any more than a burka ban, or even a head-scarf ban.

    I’m motivated to pen a few words on the subject not just because of the Babbling Bishop, but due to the news from Tajikistan, where my stats indicate I have one or two readers. The BBC tells us that numerous men have been forcibly shaven.

    If a guy grows a beard because he thinks it will enhance his cool, I’d not bother him. Dislike of a fashion is not a great reason to call for a ban.




    Though the fashion nowadays among some men, of appearing unshaven every day – apparently called ‘designer stubble’ – is so slovenly that a ban is a tempting call to make.

    And it’s proper to admit that when I was considerably younger than I am today, my chin was adorned with quite a good beard, emulating the singer in one of my fave Sixties pop bands, Manfred Mann.

    No moustache, just the beard, very distinctive and SO cool (or so  I thought then!)



    But in today’s Tajikistan, the move against beards is seen as part of a broader government campaign against the adoption of Islamic cultural practices in Tajik society, and to preserve secular traditions. 


    The Beeb reports that almost 100% of Tajiks are Muslim. Yet the government is waging war on beards?


    Because it is alarmed at the emergence of the evil jihadist ideology.

    It does seem to be true that, as opposed to simply fanatical believers, the scum who join terrorist outfits and commit atrocities DO wear beards, except when they need to disguise themselves from the security forces.

    They may do so for ‘religious’ reasons, although satanic beasts like those below are hardly ‘religious’ in any meaningful sense, but…


    a, fundamentalist Muslim cleric Sheikh Abu Hamza, head of religious and political affairs for the Supporters of Sharia,bali_Patek_DW_1346481z


    …they do succeed in making themselves look evil.

    However, a beard is not, in and of itself, proof of wickedness.

    So is the Tajik campaign justified?

    I’m not convinced that force-shaving is either fair or wise. Like I said, some lads think they’re cooler by not shaving. Others have weak chins they wish to hide.

    But a campaign of persuasion is easily defensible. If the government points out that monsters like Imam Samoedra…


     Bali Bomb Pig with a paltry excuse for a beard


    …the infamous Bali Bom Pig, are hardly role-models for any decent human being, you’d hope your average Tajik would nod in agreement.

    And if there are some who flaunt their facial hair as a gesture of solidarity with evil, then surely it makes them all the easier to spot!

    Nice to see, BTW, that a campaign to persuade Tajik women to skip the scarf of subjugation  – they’ve apparently convinced 1,773 women to stop wearing hijabs this past year – and to eschew black in favour of the nation’s traditional bright colours, is under way. 


    • Noreen Paterson 23:02 on July 30, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I decided to have a search through your blog posts to see if you had written anything about Tajikistan, after the horrible attack on foreign cyclists in the news today.
      All I could find was this from two years ago. You haven’t written anything at all today. On holiday?
      The government there seems to have been doing its best to stamp out backward thinking among Tajiks but in the news I read that a lot of the terrorists in the Middle East came from that country.
      They may have gone home because this new incident looks like a jihadist attack on innocent holiday-makers.
      I hope the culprits are caught and executed.
      More chance of justice being done to terrorists there than in Britain.


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