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  • ross1948 16:54 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Petition HM! Remove Hertfordshire Cur Cop’s Medal! 

    What kind of gutless dork tells cops to grovel to lawless scum?

    Chief Constable Charlie Hall (1)

    This kind!

    Charles Hall, Chief Constable for Hertfordshire Constabulary and he holds the Queen’s Policing Medal!

    After the slimy creep’s secret ‘operational briefing’ to his officers was exposed, viz.

    instructing them that ‘although the gesture is “optional,” those who refuse to bend the knee “may become the focus of the protesters attention.” 

    At the same time, kneeling “has a very positive and engaging effect,” and draws “a positive reaction on the protest groups.”



    Insanity mixed with cowardice,’ was how Nigel Farage put it, but that swine in Hertfordshire is obviously not insane.

    He is a putrid politically-correct pinko ratbag, unfit to slop out a cell, never mind hold any position of authority.

    Of course he must be fired, and you can find a contact form here…




    …but decent Brits back home should start a petition to Her Majesty, respectfully urging her to take back the medal…




    …of which Hall has shown himself so spectacularly unworthy,


    • JazPen 17:10 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I give up on the ‘bad apple’ theory
      British policing is rotten to the core, in Hertfordshire, Bristol and London.
      But this Charles Hall in Hertfordshire is champion rotter.


    • Amanda Adams 20:22 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Millions of people all over Britain, but most of all in Hertfordshire, will share your anger at that despicable Charles Hall.. He doesn’t deserve to keep the medal. He deserves a kick on the backside as he empties his desk and is escorted in disgrace from his office.
      Who appoints useless chumps like that to run a county’s police force?
      I ask honestly because while I support petitioning the Queen as a gesture, she has no political power.
      If county councillors are responsible, they need to be told to un-appoint Hall, quickly.


    • Petra Malley 20:55 on June 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I think county councillors once had the job but now I understand that each area has a Police Commissioner whose responsibility it is to appoint chief constables.
      I have saved you the work of looking up who it is in Hertfordshire.
      He’s a former Tory councillor and his name is David Lloyd.
      I’ll let you publicise his contact details in your inimitable way!


    • Keith Milner 11:04 on June 17, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Incredibly bad example of policing.


  • ross1948 08:06 on April 6, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    God Save The Queen! A Speech We’ll Not Forget! 

    Despite the time difference ( six hours) I stayed up to listen to HM last night…



    …and although I am even blearier than usual – never a morning person- I am glad I did so.

    More than any of the politicians I’ve heard so far, she got across the truth of our situation, inspirationally, that this is a moment, unfortunately a long moment, in the British people’s history…



    …all her peoples, across the world, that the young adults of today will find themselves talking about when they are grandpas and grandmas, much as the wartime generation, currently fading away, tend still to talk about their hour of destiny today.

    ‘Their finest hour?’

    That remains to be seen, especially after the startling and dismaying scene on the tv news today, of a mob in an Indian city pursuing two lady doctors who had come to help them.

    Demoralisation is a risk to which all peoples may fall victim.

    We can be better than that.

    If I may paraphrase The Queen’s message…



    …by using just one word in the language of another great nation which I have always held in the highest esteem…


    .Solidarnosc Poland

    Hang in there, people.

    No surrender!

  • ross1948 17:16 on December 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Lords Get Ermine, Commons Get Vermin – Two Disloyal Scots! 

    Not for the first time, the separatist SNP has let the mask slip, disloyalty to Her Majesty flaunted by new MPs as they hedged about their oaths of allegiance with self-serving verbiage…



    …which in one case the republican scumbag subsequently edited out to make sure monarchist constituents back in Scotland don’t twig to the man’s true ideology.

    Caught on camera crossing his fingers during the oath, Steve Bonnar said:

    ‘I do solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.


    But then he amended his oath to the Crown, emphasising his lack of good faith!

    ‘I take this oath to ensure that I can represent the people of Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill in Scotland.’

    Nor was Bonnar alone in his equivocation.

    That mouthy ex-‘Baby of the House,’ Mhairi Black, didn’t mince her words about her hypocrisy..

     ‘..making her affirmation to the Queen ‘for the purpose of the job’. She said: ‘My allegiance, first and foremost, is to Paisley and Renfrewshire South…


    ….but FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE JOB, I solemnly, sincerely, and truly declare and affirm, that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law.

    For the purpose of the job?’



    Not through the loyalty which all British people owe their rightful head of state, who is, let’s not forget, on the throne because a Scottish king became king of England, not the other way about!


    We expect republican double-talk from the likes of SDLP MP Claire Hanna, with her ‘respectful protest’ against pledging allegiance to the Royal Family, stating that the affirmation did not reflect her outlook.

    After making her pledge, she said: ‘My allegiance is to the people of South Belfast in order to serve them. I’ve made this affirmation…. ‘

    Blood-Beast Adams and the Sinn Fein/IRA scum refuse to take the oath at all, but if Hanna were to get her way, as outlined in her letter to the new Speaker…


    I do not believe it serves trust in Parliament for MPs to be obliged to rehearse pledges that are not true for them.

    ‘I believe a better pledge would be one to parliamentary service on behalf of our constituents, with an allegiance pledge for those who wish to make one.’ https://metro.co.uk/2019/12/19/snp-mp-crosses-fingers-pledges-allegiance-queen-1

    ….then the path would be clear for Blood-Beast’s scum to show up, chip in and spread their hate at Westminster….



    …but then there’s precious little difference between Blood-Beast’s Sinn Fein and Hanna’s SDLP…

    SDLP? Are They Really Any Different From Sinn Fein? 

    ..as we noted earlier this week.

    • Mack the Knife 19:35 on December 28, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They are the true face of the SNP.
      Does anybody think that the separatist party has any real sense of loyalty to the Crown?
      There used to be a strong pro-monarchy faction but over the last 20 years it has dwindled to near vanishing point. Sturgeon only pays lip service to the Queen as head of a Scottish state.
      Loyal Scots know that and that’s why they turned out to vote against independence in the last referendum and will not vote for independence if there is another one.


    • Jock Tamson 15:05 on December 29, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      They are a disgrace to Scotland. The SNP sre fake-monarchist and fake-nationalist.
      What kind of nationalists want to continue to be ruled from Brussels?


  • ross1948 23:54 on July 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Fire The Rip-Off Republican Rátbag! 

    It’s an almost stunningly foul deed done by the British Government, if it’s true, and it almost certainly is.

    Tax-payers’ money, to the tune of £10000, was dished out to a disloyal scumbag ‘civil servant’ at the Northern Ireland Office ‘because he was offended at having to walk past portraits of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.’


    For God’s Sake!

    The swine presumably didn’t object to HM’s picture on the cash shoved into his slimy pockets.

    What he should have got, and deserved, was a sound thrashing and a boot up his bigot backside on the way out the servants’ exit, into the gutter…


    …where Dublin’s Fifth Columnists belong.

    That the revelation is true can hardly be doubted, because the mangy mandarins at the NIO have gone into instant cover-up mode.

    We will not comment on individual personnel matters,” weaseled some mouthpiece of the mandarins.


    But Ken Maginnis, a very good Ulster MP who’s now in the House of Lords, not only exposed the scandal but named the piece of republican filth who staged the shake-down…



     “Lee Hegarty, who serves on the Parades Commission…”

    It’s appalling that anyone disloyal to Queen and Country should be working in any capacity in the civil service, which supposedly exists to administer HM Government’s policies.

    But for a department of state to reward a ratbag for flaunting his traitorous mentality, promoting him to a senior position on a body already disliked for its perceived anti-British antics…



    … instead of firing him on the spot?

    And why did May’s minister, Teresa Villiers MP, approve the payment to the dirty bigot?

    According to information unearthed by Lord Maginnis, she did so ‘on the recommendation’ of the senior civil servant at the NIO.

    Why didn’t Villiers slap the turd down? Why accept an oily diktat from that smarmy mandarin…


    , Head shot of Sir Jonathan Stephens

    …by the name of Jonathan Stephens.

    Stephens should be shamed into the daylight and publicly cross-examined before at least a parliamentary committee, if not a judge and jury, to learn WHY…

    ….he was so desperate to shower money from the public purse on treacherous vermin like Hegarty.

    • Billy King 13:38 on July 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      And then they tell us its Brexit that risks peace in Ulster?
      Its scum like Lee Hegarty, lining his pockets at our expense cos he hates the sight of his lawful sovereign.
      Thrashing is too good for him.


    • Aileen Strathmore 17:58 on July 16, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      You are on the right track but that Stephens doesn’t even deserve a hearing.
      if he recommended dipping into our money to soothe a traitor’s fevered brow, he should be drummed out of the UK Civil Service.


  • ross1948 18:27 on July 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: filthy pervert, HM Queen Elizabeth, James Makings, ,   

    Your Majesty, Please Remove Royal Patronage From Infested NSPCC 

    Our headline speaks for itself, and should be turned into a letter or email, to be sent to HM The Queen….

    Related image

    ….unless the NSPCC announces the immediate dismissal of the filthy freak James Makings.

    A petition might be a good idea too.

    James Makings, Celebrity and Talent Officer at the NSPCC, had made rubber-themed pornography at work.

    Xxxxx We are not even showing people the edited picture. Use the link below! xxxxX

    One film linked to the leading children’s charity employee was titled ‘Cub Pisses and Wanks in Rubber at Work’ – a screenshot of which you can see above. The image was originally provided to us censored with a cartoon animal but necessitated censoring further.     https://uncommongroundmedia.com/nspcc-employee-films-himself-masturbating-at-work/

    See also –


    James Makings 2

    • Diana 19:25 on July 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      What a revolting thing Makings is, and how repulsive of NSPCC even to allow him on their premises.
      Employing him in the first place? Sickening.
      Not firing him after this toilet scene was published? Unbelievable!
      A petition to HM is called for.


    • Edward Lamont 19:34 on July 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Surely they must already have dismissed the pervert?


      • Vicki 23:30 on July 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

        No, Edward, if they had fired him, we would have heard.
        I think the petition is a first-class idea.


    • Vanessa R 20:26 on July 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Is any charity seriously allowed to employ something like that?
      Has anybody reported NSPCC to the Charities Commissioners?


  • ross1948 22:04 on May 13, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    Her Majesty’s A Pretty Smart Girl – No Dinner For Rude Boy! 

    Ken Livingstone once had an unchallengeable claim to be the worst civic leader London ever had. I have told the story before, how I unexpectedly shared a lift with that man, among others, and remarked to one of those others –

     ‘I never thought I’d ever get this close to Red Ken!’


    Related image

    The infamous lefty smiled nervously!

    But I’m no Antifa thug – he went on his way unharmed!

    Boris Johnson, to be fair, was fairly awful too, especially his bigoted pro-homo antics, and his discrimination against cured queers…



    …when he refused to allow those who had successfully disencumbered themselves of  maladjusted sexual inclinations to put ads on London Transport balancing the nonsense message he’s pictured holding, above.

    Nevertheless, the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, must be top of the un-pops by now, his crass rudeness, gleefully reported by far-left CNN…


    … making the absurd claim that Trump isn’t ‘in the same class’ as the racist bum Obummer!

    Indeed, a mayor not noted for manners.

    Ladies and Gents’ No More -Sadiq Fatwa Bans Courtesy! 

    Such bad manners are compounded by straying into matters that are national not municipal, discrediting his obnoxious self but also the United Kingdom’s capital.


    Image result for good night london


    So how pleasing to read that, Khan having declared that ‘he didn’t believe President Donald Trump was worthy of a state banquet hosted by the Queen at Buckingham Palace…


    …Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Defender of the Faith, ‘has declined to invite Khan to Trump’s state dinner!’

    SNUBBED: Queen Declines To Invite London Mayor Sadiq Khan To Trump State Dinner

    All together now…

    God Save The Queen!


    • Arnold 09:10 on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      She is Queen of Canada too so I get to say that I approve of her smart trimming of her guest list!

      I hope you will give our upcoming Canadian election some attention too.
      Gotta get rid of Turdo!


    • Kiwi Pete 11:43 on May 14, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Nor should he be tucking into the Queen’s cuisine!
      He’s a blot on the London landscape.


  • ross1948 12:12 on December 27, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Queen’s Speech – No Mention of Pardons For Her Troops? 

    Two retired soldiers have become the first members of the military to be charged with murder…they are being prosecuted over the killing of Official IRA commander John McCann, who was shot dead in central Belfast in 1972…  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/dec/16/two-british-soldiers-charged-over-ira-leader-murder-1972-joe-mccann

    Such a pleasant sunny day here, with Christmas only just gone, but when I read that, it felt like a black cloud, the rage that flooded forth.

    Only 24 hours ago, I listened to Her Majesty The Queen’s annual speech…




    …but that was before I caught up with the news from Ulster. 

    Only a week after foul terrorism claimed the lives of innocents in Berlin, we have the rotten British establishment going after good British soldiers for taking out a terrorist swine engaged in treason.

    It’s not as if this McCann was mistaken for a member of the IRA murder-gang. He’s STILL openly ‘honoured’ by his own kind for his role in the terror war against the Ulster Brits’ right to self-determination.

    Mural, Shankill Parade, off Shankill Road.


    Something of an understatement, surely, when the report says that  charging the pair 42 years after McCann’s death will provoke controversy over the retrospective prosecution of members of the security forces over killings related to the Troubles.

    And listen to how the legal regime’s flunkeys describe the terrorist-   “The two defendants in the case are surviving members of the army patrol which shot Mr McCann.

    Mr. McCann?   –Do we talk about Charles Manson as MR. Manson, or the mass-murdering Al Qaeda psychopath as MR. Bin Laden?

    Hasil gambar untuk John McCann starry plough Belfast

    Photographed amid flames in Eliza Street, holding an M1 carbine rifle beside the Starry Plough – Terrorist McCann in action..


    The Official IRA leader was a republican legend even before his killing…

    So no question of innocence!

    The shooting was a public service, and a few medals, not persecution, would be appropriate recognition  for their action.


    shoot terrs


    How proud we’d all have been of The Queen, had she used her Christmas broadcast to announce that she’ll be issuing preemptive pardons, not just for these two men being victimised by a craven establishment…




    …but for ALL members of her armed services who took part in the war on republican evil in Ulster.

    Because they’re ALL at risk in this witch-hunt.

    …police officers would be reinvestigating all 302 killings carried out by British troops…at least 500 ex-servicemen, many now in their 60s and 70s, would be “viewed as suspects” during the process.

     Two British soldiers to be charged over IRA leader’s 1972 murder |

    God damn the swine who authorised this.

    They disgrace the realm.

    • Britannia sad

    They should be dismissed, with loss of all pension rights. And they should be named and shamed.


  • ross1948 09:34 on July 13, 2016 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , anti-royalist, , HM Queen Elizabeth, , , , Stephen Frears   

    France24 Orchestrates Pro-Brussels Rant by ‘Brit’ Movie Man! 

    Stephen Frears is a film producer, who made the most last night of a platform provided by France24 to insult HM The Queen as ‘odd’ and ‘eccentric.’

    Judging by his disinclination to either comb his hair or dress neatly for the interview, I’d say eccentric applies a lot more to him than any British Royal.


    His anti-royal outburst was grossly offensive, but since the unkempt Frear had made a movie about Her Majesty, it wasn’t hard to give the plummy-voiced  posh-boy a cue to get his nasty anti-monarchist jibes into what was supposed to be an interview about a new film he’s produced.

    But how did the leftist French TV network manage to get him onto the subject of Brexit?

    Fairly convoluted, but revealing.

    The blonde F24 bint led him happily down her chosen propaganda path by referring to the fact that much of his cinematic output had had European funding. So at least we know part of the motivation behind his snarling response, how Britain was so much nicer because it had been multiculted, how awful it used to be, how all those dreadful Little Englanders were the problem…

    Nauseating Europhiliac rot, yes, but anything to do with film-making?


    Except that his interviewer/prompter had already told us he’d had that greedy snout of his in ‘European’ funding troughs. 


    • Jeanne 14:09 on July 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      It is always like this with the media in France and in many other countries.
      Why do they always go to the enemy side?
      Only the Poles are doing the best to clean it up and that is another reason why the European Union is so heated against Poland, they are afraid they will lose their mouthpiece in Warsaw.


  • ross1948 23:50 on June 15, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Brit Street-Parties Or Nuremberg Rallies? 

    As patriots across the UK gear up for their local weekend Brexit street-parties…

    June 18/19 – Brexit Street-Parties – As Mandy Sings On! 

    …a nauseating pinko jerkess named Dawn Foster has emitted a geyser of verbal diarrhoea  – an attack on…yes, you guessed it, street-parties!


    Would you invite THAT to YOUR street party?


    The rant was directed at the Queen’s Birthday last weekend but clearly she’ll go even nuttier at Brexit gigs.

    It was published, almost needless to say, in that grottiest of left-lib rags, the Guardian. I missed it last week but now I’ve caught up with its spittle-flecked drivel’

    So I give you an extract or two from Desperate Dawn’s diatribe, which denounces last week’s little local celebrations of the HM’s 90th Birthday as no less than…

     ‘a front for a middle-class nationalism…’


    Subversive monarch incites dangerous nationalist partisans
    •  The cretinous cow’s piece was headed – 
    ‘The Queen’s birthday has unleashed a pernicious new patriotism’
    as if Freaky Foster, who I’ll bet is herself as middle-class as they come, somehow had any interest in some mysterious ‘old patriotism!’
    Her sort of decadents always despise and denigrate those who have and show pride in their country.
    Reading on, methinks she’s arguably got a chance of pleading insanity – somehow having a cake and a fizzy drink with your neighbours celebrates the cruelty of austerity…’
    Indeed, it gets more and more delusional, driven perhaps by some trauma the wretched creature suffered in childhood.
    Nationalism now has two faces: that of the far right, signified by a certain sort of caricature of a football supporter and England flags, and now the middle-class right, posh enough to wear chinos while raising a glass to “her maj” in front of a Union Jack.
    The two aren’t entirely separate: the former is openly racist, the latter a frequent apologist for the British empire.
    Well, in fact, the British Empire was a force for good.
    But even were it not, what fizzy drinks and cakes have to do with the issue is beyond me.
    And you, probably.
    But such is the calibre of the Guardian editor that Freaky gets acres of newsprint to spew her demented crap in all directions!
    And this despite, or is it because of, the wally’s inability to express herself in plain English, which used to be a requirement for journos.
    Get a load of this gibberish as she tries again to define street parties –  these performative pastiches of community.
    Like, what?
    But it’s her hatred of patriotism that blazes most brightly.
    When people refer to the “blitz spirit” and say we should heed lessons from how Britain used to be, they usually mean two things: when it comes to austerity, suck it up; and Britain was better when it more resembled a monoculture.’
    Well, ‘austerity?’
    Her Guardian pay-masters are fanatic pro-Brussels propagandists, and if the UK is facing ‘austerity,’ saving the billions leeched by the EuroCommissars might help.
    And it goes without saying that of course a homogeneous society coerced into becoming multicultural is going to be worse than it was when it was homogeneous.
    And it was coercion.
    Nobody ever gave Brits a referendum on whether or how their monoculture should be demolished.
    Here’s another chunk of vomit. 
    Its practitioners have a tendency to suggest people have been too harsh when criticising our colonial history. Several years ago they would have been laughed out of the building…
    That gives us some insight into the intolerance that’s the essence of Freaky Foster.
    Anyone who dissents from her cultural marxist distaste for Britain’s glorious achievements is not to be treated with respect, offered reasoned criticism, or debated, but instead mocked, jeered and hounded.  
    What a rotten little bitch she is!
    Perfect school bully material.
    And that’s a possible explanation for her animosity towards folks sitting down to relish a big day in their nation’s history.
    Perhaps street parties with trusted friends and neighbours are the only place they nowadays feel free to say what they think about the crimes committed against their country by the Enemy Within, of which this woman is such an archetypal example. .
  • ross1948 10:39 on April 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    The Queen of Canada – Many Happy Returns! 


    Happy Birthday to Canada’s Queen!

    I see there’s some nonsense going on back in the Dominion about a need to issue new banknotes featuring a woman.


    Feminist freakos seem to think it’s never happened before.

    But even those distinguished examples didn’t spend as much time in Canada as HM, or served so conscientiously, and for so long.

    And looking back on happy days, six years old, blasting away at groundhogs in my Grandma’s fields with my trusty .22, I seem to recall handling a large sum given to me by a kindly rel, a dollar bill!


    Looks like a lady to me!

    Aaahaaa! But what Justin Turdo wants is to enhance ‘diversity!’

    So who might be ‘diverse’ enough to win the prized place,which won’t be on a dollar bill- they are apparently not made any more!

    Howzabout that grotesque Porkahontas, who certainly added ‘diversity’ to the meaning of the words ‘hunger’ and ‘strike,’ when she claimed she was going on one, then fessed up to guzzling yummy broth every day.


    spence headdress

    Fatty’s Yummy Diet Reaches ‘Critical’ Stage – NOT! 



    No, because poor old Fatty isn’t nearly as ‘diverse’ as Ontario’s lesbian Premier Wynne….



    ….whose company Turdo likes to savour when he’s out campaigning!

    Now wouldn’t that look great – on a wooden nickel!

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