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  • ross1948 06:10 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    So Twitter Censors You, But Not Islamist Holocaust Deniers? 

    We know very well with whom Dirty Dorsey’s collaborating….

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – as awful in his personal appearance as his threat to freedom of expression

    ….and we know his freaky geekstapo have been censoring patriots in many different countries, not because the patriot tweets are in any way offensive but because they were likely to undermine Dorsey’s preferred candidates…

    Censor-Virus Spreads – Dirty Dorsey’s Now A MEDICAL Expert?!


    Twitter Hypocrisy – Their Censors Green-Light Pro-Violence Hag!

    ….and causes!

    Sometimes the Twitniks shrink from outright suppression of what targetted patriots say, instead attaching a label smearing the message as ‘disputed’ – disputed, again, of course, by Dorsey’s comrades on the left!

    But how about something that MOST people, outside certain territories in the Middle East, would not think too long before ‘disputing?’



    Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed Twitter on Friday for flagging one of her tweets warning about the risks of ballot harvesting…



    …. while leaving alone a tweet from Iran’s leader casting doubt on the Holocaust. “Wow. When Iran’s Ayatollah says the Holocaust didn’t happen, Twitter doesn’t say ‘this claim is disputed…

    Nikki Haley Rips Twitter For Flagging Her While Leaving Iranian Leader’s Holocaust Denial Untouched

    Is Twitter going easy on Holocaust Denial because the Red China despot Xi and the primitive old savages…

    Is China Iran’s last resort for survival?  Tehran sees a proposed strategic partnership with Beijing as its savior…


    ….who run the benighted Islamist dictatorship in Iran, are getting cosy?

    Just asking!

    If Dirty Dorsey explains himself, I’ll be happy to discuss his excuses.

    • Mel Henderson 10:56 on November 16, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I would like to see if Antifa will now make aggressive attacks on Twitter for siding with the Holocaust deniers in Tehran.
      I don’t think that will happen, unfortunately, because Antifa are not really interested in attacking Nazi sympathizers like the ayatollahs.
      They are more interested in stopping free speechand freedom of assembly of patriotic conservatives.

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  • ross1948 15:21 on January 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Time To Honour Holodomor Victims! Think Again, AfD! 

    So that slimy authoritarian Heiko Maas, formerly Mama Stasi’s Interior Minister….


    HEIL MERKEL!   – Heiko Maas

    Himmler’ Maas Calls On Secret Police to Undermine Patriots! 

    ….and now currently Germany’s Foreign Minister, ‘opposes a petition to recognize the Holodomor, the Soviet manmade famine that killed roughly 4 million Ukrainians in 1932-1933, as genocide…?’

    We’ve written about the Holodomor more than once.      

    Holodomor – “one of the great crimes of history!” 


    ‘Bitter Harvest – Red Evil Exposed- And A Lugenpresse Reminder! 

    ..but now we’re talking about what a CDU MP named Arnold Vaatz told a Ukrainian newspaper this month, and how Maas’s flunkeys have adduced a specious argument to support his put-down of petitioners who want the Communist atrocity formally condemned by the Bundestag.

    The Foreign Ministry wants the petition to be rejected on the grounds that the concept of genocide was not defined until 1951.”

    As Vaatz pointed out, supporters of National Socialism could demand the revaluation of Adolf Hitler’s genocide in the 1940s on the same grounds.

    While I don’t often applaud many of Mama Stasi Merkel’s legislators -they’re not all bad, but some are the scum of the earth…

    Merkel’s Manikin Manfred – ‘Ignore What Voters Think!’ 

     …I hope Vaaatz wins majority support, and likewise, while I often applaud the AfD patriot party’s legislators…

    Another Bundestag In-Crowd Witch-Hunt! 

    …I’m disappointed to read Vaatz’s motion is not expected to gain their support, allegedly because the AFD opposes anti-Russian sanctions.

    Frankly, that’s illogical.

    Being pro-Russian, if you have ever studied what Stalin, and not just Stalin but the entire Communist apparatus from the 1917 Soviet coup until the USSR was brought down thirty plus years ago..


    ….then you know that anyone truly pro-Russian has to loathe the evil marxist ideology and all its works.

    I  hope AfD thinks again on this, because Germany should join the 15 countries, including Australia, Canada, Estonia, Hungary, Mexico, Poland and the Vatican…


    ..and the USA which have formally recognised that, as the petition puts it, the Holodomor was “not an ‘ordinary famine’ caused by crop failures, weather disasters or such. It was a crime – an artificial, organized famine that had cost tens of millions of Ukrainian lives and starved a nation of farmers.

    This inhumane and monstrous act was ordered by Josef Stalin, who wanted to break the resistance of the rural Ukrainian population against forced collectivization and aimed at destroying the cultural and religious life of Ukraine…”

    With all the attention this past week on the controversies swirling around the Holocaust, it is only right and proper to note that it was a dreadful episode but hardly unique.

    There were other outrageous crimes committed in modern European history, and we should accord the Ukrainian victims similar honour and commemoration.


    • Will Roxborn 15:44 on January 30, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Yes, it’s about time the marxist mass-murder of Ukrainians by starvation was given the same attention as other mass-murders.


  • ross1948 21:33 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply
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    A Rude Old Bat Uses Holocaust Memorial To Score Party Political Points! 

    From the rotten media’s headlines, you’d think the AfD patriot party had disrespected a Holocaust memorial service held in Bavaria last week.

    AfD MPs walk out on Holocaust survivor’s speech – Irish Times

    Far-right AfD lawmakers walk out of Holocaust commemoration in Bavaria  – Deutsche Welle

    AfD lawmakers walk out on Holocaust survivor’s speech in Bavaria – Channel NewsAsia

    Far from it!

    A far more accurate headline would have been –

    Insulted by a guest, AfD make dignified exit!

    Because here’s what actually happened.

    Like all the members of Bavaria’s state parliament the AfD turned up courteously and took their places for the memorial- only to face a politically-motivated diatribe from a woman who was a GUEST on THEIR work-place premises.

    ONLY THEN did they do what was reported –

     MPs from Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD)  party staged a walk out from the Bavarian parliament during a service to remember Holocaust victims, after it was accused of playing down the crimes of Nazis…


    Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Jewish Community Munich, gives a speech during a ceremony to inaugurate a memorial site at the former Muehldorfer Hart concentration camp, on April 27, 2018. (AFP Photo/dpa/Matthias Balk)

    Charlotte Knobloch,


    After Charlotte Knobloch…told the chamber that the AfD based its policies on “hate and marginalisation,” more than a dozen state politicians made a point of walking out.

    So were they expected to sit there and let this old bat spew her leftist vitriol all over them?

    Why would anyone put up with her bad manners?

    The patriot party could have staged a tit-for-tat exchange of insults but they didn’t.


    Image result for good manners

    They showed sensible self-restraint and left peacefully.

    A lesson in courtesy undoubtedly lost on Knobloch!


    • Jerry Jerman 23:05 on January 26, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you for putting the record straight.


  • ross1948 13:37 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    New European ‘Human-Right’ – To Masturbate At Nazis’ Victims! 

    And isn’t it grand to know that the robed scum on the European Court of Human Rights are not only adamant in their determination to save the skins of terrorists, mass murderers and scum who rape children…


    Brussels V India! Euro-Commissars Eager To Save Child-Rapists? 

    ….but that their omniscience has also emboldened them to assume the role of drama critics too.

    They have awarded some creeps a tidy sum in damages against Malta because, a few years ago, the government in Valetta took action to ban a ‘play,’

    “Human Rights?”

    Since when is it somebody’s “human right” to affront every possible standard of public decency by putting on a play which is accurately described as glorifying sexual perversion.”

    Unlike the un-elected Strasbourg elitists, who were unanimous in their approval…


    Nuts – is there ANY kind of decadent drivel that sovereign nations may proscribe, in the robed rogues’ view?

    …it’s fascinating to read that the stench on stage was so overpowering that even a significant number of Scots trendies were disgusted enough to walk out, when it was on at the Edinburgh Festival


    ECHR’s ‘freedom of expression?’


    The Guardian is quite informative about the sicko’s “work of literature,” explaining how the Maltese censors justified the ban in 2008, viz. –

    … the play was blasphemous, showed contempt for the victims of the Holocaust, portrayed dangerous sexual perversions and referred to the sexual assault of children.

    More than enough reasons for a ban, in any healthy country, you’d think.

    Blasphemy is no big deal -God Almighty doesn’t need us to protect Him – but the other aspects mentioned?


    Here’s an extract from another Guardian report to enlighten you on the ‘intellect’ of the “playwright,” a freaky Scot named Anthony Neilson…


    Hasil gambar untuk anthony neilson

    Neilson, one very loathsome sicko


    …and EXACTLY why the Maltese in healthier times outlawed his ‘play,’ which describes a man masturbating over pictures of women being herded into a gas chamber in Auschwitz.

    A character fantasises about re-enacting the Moors murders, filming her partner sexually abusing the victims’ mothers and putting the footage on the web.

    She mutilates and stitches up her vagina to the strains of “We will stitch it” from the soundtrack to the children’s TV programme Bagpuss….

     protest walkouts by some of the audience at the Edinburgh festival in 2002.

    There’s more as well, but read it for yourselves via that link – I don’t want my blog further tainted by descriptions of the Scots sicko’s stuff.


    Article 10 of that bad joke, the European Convention on Human Rights, guarantees ‘freedom of expression,’ even for sleazy creeps, evidently.

    The saddest part of the report has to be the braying of Malta’s current “ justice and culture minister,” Owen Bonnici, who, rather than take a stand for decency, completely sold out, –

    “I welcome ECHR decision ….”


    Gambar terkait


    ..” once in government we radically reformed existing laws to increase artistic freedom, despite criticism from the opposition.” 

    Artistic freedom?

    …masturbating over pictures of women being herded into a gas chamber in Auschwitz. A character fantasises about re-enacting the Moors murders, filming her partner sexually abusing the victims’ mothers and putting the footage on the web…?



    He’s a Socialist, of course!

    But even if he thinks degenerate filth is an ‘artistic freedom’ worth fighting for, he should have told the robed rats to get stuffed.



    What Maltese get to see on stage is their business, in accordance with their laws, and no bloody alien ‘court’ should be sticking its arrogant nose in.

    PS before you ask if I have seen the play, NO, I haven’t.

    I have absolutely no inclination to see it.


    Hasil gambar untuk dog-shit


    ….any more than I’d feel a need to step on a dog-turd to see what it felt like.

    • Paul Packham 13:56 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is sick beyond anythinhg I have ever heard of.
      That man Neilson defies description and the ‘theater company’ that promotes his ‘play’ is as bad, but those judges on that court should all be impeached or fired or whatever the European way happens to be, of getting rid of them.
      Whatever kind of college did they get their law degrees from? Mail-order degree-mills?
      Whoever gave them a law degree should rescind it.
      Europe is on the high road to hell if this verdict is allowed to stand.


    • Mort 15:03 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This is a desperately ill individual who needs to be monitored by mental health professionals but as to what ails these judges, God only knows.
      Who appointed such unfit lawyers to such powerful positions? In the United States it is a transparent political process, the President names his choices and the Senate has to vote on them. Do law-makers in each country have the opportunity to review and decide if these judges are fit and proper people to make such direly sweeping rulings?
      I have never heard of any such process in the UK or other countries so I am left to assume signatory governments keep parliamentarians away from their choice of nominees.
      Therefore it is to them that Europeans have to turn their attention. In view of what you have written about Mrs. May, anything she does to undermine the moral compass of society should not surprise us.
      Are there no MPs in the House of Commons trying to democratize the system?


    • Pamela 18:17 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I distinctly experienced physical nausea on reading what this man included in his play, if we can call it a play.
      What did the distinguished jurists on the European Court of Human Rights feel while they were poring over its literary gems?
      Not nausea, certainly.
      Were they impressed with his talent for describing self-abuse? Were they inspired by his use of Auschwitz prisoners as props for his fantasies?
      We can only surmise but whatever our suppositions, they can only lead us towards one conclusion, that they should not be in any position to decide on any issues of right and wrong.
      You did well to give us the explicit details. Without them, we could never have imagined how vile Neilson and his fans in Strasbourg are.


    • Sher Steele 21:19 on May 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I can’t fathom why anyone would even think about composing a play like that and I can’t fathom why anyone would pay to see it and I can’t fathom why anyone who sat through part of it wouldn’t walk out, like those Scottish people did. Why only some of that audience? Why not all of them?
      There is no excuse for anyone who condones it by sitting through it without walking out or shouting down the actors or storming the stage.
      Most of all there is no excuse for those judges who brought freedom of speech as a principle into disrepute by confusing it with the ravings of a man with a mind like a blocked toilet.


  • ross1948 23:05 on June 1, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Brexit Will Ignite Holocausts? Hysterical ‘Remain’ Hogwash! 

    I have always enjoyed political fiction, and I’ve mentioned before my liking for the ‘what if” variety, one of the first I ever read as a teenager being Sir Charles Petrie’s ‘If, A Jacobite Fantasy.’ 

    That offered an intriguing guess about how things might have turned out had Bonnie Prince Charlie pressed on to London in 1745. If: A Jacobite Fantasy

    It whetted my appetite.

    Constantine-Fitzgibbon_When-the-kissing-had-to-stop (1)


    There was ‘When The Kissing Had to Stop,’ by Constantine Fitzgibbon, a nightmare yarn on the fate of Britain had CND prevailed and the Communists taken power.

    • ‘SSGB’ by Ken Deighton, and the famous Philip K Dick’s ‘The Man in the High Castle,‘ both wondering how we’d be if my parents’ generation had lost World War Two.


    And I have meandered through many others over the years, Sinclair Lewis’ ‘It Can’t Happen Here’ being one of the best.


    But today, thanks to EUObserver, I’ve discovered another writer, whose gift for wild imagining goes far beyond any of those already mentioned.

     Moshe the Hysteria-Monger


    • His name’s Moshe Kantor, and he’s a top man in the European Jewish Congress.

    Here’s a little taster to tantalise you. 

    Nationalists will inevitably be followed by extremists and radicals of all kinds. Europe will find itself back in the 1930s, if not in the Middle Ages. Do we remember what happened after the 1930s – World War II and Holocaust?


    Scary stuff, huh?

    A terrifying regression of our civilisation, into a mediaeval world of pogroms, apocalyptic scenes of genocide, images of concentration camps flashing before our eyes – surely the book will soon be made into a movie.


    june 23

    It’s not a book.

    This lurid vision comes from Kantor’s crazed anti-Brexit article, some of the most hysterical hogwash I’ve yet encountered in my voluminous reading in the run-up to the UK referendum on June 23rd.

    Mr. Kantor is worried, and not without reason.

    Jews are being attacked more often; fearing for their lives, Jews are leaving Europe in larger numbers.

    But that’s down to a very large number of unpleasant and uncivilised people having been admitted to Europe over the years, many settling in the French banlieues or in Brussels’ Molinbeek. These savages have failed – because they didn’t try! – to become part of the Western societies they chose to settle in.

    banlieue1 Paris banlieue burning

    Instead, though few of those hail from the Middle East, most of them being of North African origin  they are motivated by imbecilic sectarian solidarity with the PLO, with Hamas and with ISIS.

    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm
    • That’s not just my view – even crimmigrant-sympathetic media like The Local have acknowledged this.

    ...the bloodshed in the Middle East unleashed a wave of unrest, particularly in the Paris region which saw a surge in anti-Semitic acts and threats...Rising anti-Semitism forces Jews out of Paris suburbs

    Jihadist savages are the source of the attacks, and the fact they have not been subdued, detained, expelled and their menace thus removed is why Jews are leaving.

    How come those needful steps have not been taken? And how come their numbers have swollen, not just in France and Belgium but all across the Continent?

    Here’s the answer – EUSSR!

    A million aliens who do not share European culture or values have poured in, thanks to the Brussels clique, specifically…

    merkel danger

    Merkel’s devastating invitation, Mogherini’s wicked incitement, and Liar Juncker’s hectoring abuse, cheer-leading Timmerman’s intimidation of those nations bold enough to resist…

    Good Dutch News, Bad Dutch Man – Time To Exert People Power!

    …an arrogant elite, causing the problem, exacerbating it, then endeavouring to bully everyone else into sharing its hellish consequences.

    It’s the European Union’s malevolent political in-crowd that deserves condemnation, by Jews, and Germans, and everyone else. It’s the European Convention, its ‘rights’ rubbish and the rogue courts that apply its strictures.

    ‘Europe’ in its formal EUSSR guise is the deadly enemy of Europe as an historic entity with a common cultural heritage.

    Yet Kantor’s crazed scribbling holds up Brexit as the threat.

    There is no doubt that if the EU gets weaker or collapses under the weight of social, economic and financial troubles, anti-Semitism, one of the most detestable manifestations of xenophobia and extremism, will escalate to the level of regular pogroms, if not to the level of Nazi persecutions.

    Oi vey, Moshe, get real!

    He’s an educated man,who must be aware that the EU is the brain-child of the Belgian Nazi Spaak and the Vichy collaborator Schuman.  

    Spaak, a sleazy Belgian Nazi


    Like Adolf Hitler, Jean Monnet held the common people in contempt…



    “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”
    Jean Monnet, Founder of the European Movement.



    .. deeming them as mere sheep to be kept in the dark while their superiors forge ahead with his Fourth Reich.

    Kantor must know, too, that the ‘nationalists’ he loathes are the very parties who show solidarity with Israel. Austria’s FPO is just one example of that.  

    But whatever, his nasty rant, trying to smear Brexiteers by suggesting their endeavours will lead to another Holocaust, is beneath contempt.

    PS, The offensive article was first published in February, but has only now popped up on EUObserver’s website. Not sure why, but nevertheless, Kantor should apologise for slurring good patriots.

    • Joe Webster 01:58 on June 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      With your liking of “What if” political fiction, you would probably enjoy “A Very British Coup” by Chris Mullin, on what might happened if a really left-wing Labour Government had been elected in the late ’70’s.


      • ross1948 00:11 on June 3, 2016 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks, Joe.
        I did read that, and there was another around that time, The Churchill Commando, which I recommend.


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