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  • ross1948 10:00 on November 6, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Another Foul-Mouthed Professor! 

    More than once I’ve lamented the decline in elocutory standards evinced by ‘professors,’ such as…

    The Walking Brain-Dead?- Sex-Obsessed Melissa ‘Muscle!

    …and the gross sow below…

    Were YOUR Professors Racist Foul-Mouths? 


     ‘”f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”


    …compared to the distinguished, even austere, personages at my alma mater when I pursued my degree in politics and modern history –

    – and my post-grad in Soviet Studies!

    And today, we have another, whose awe of royalty did not prevent this bizarre outburst.


    After being invited on the the stage by Harry, Professor Green told the crowd: ‘I promised Sarah I wouldn’t get too p***ed, and I promised I wouldn’t swear, but there was no f***ing chance of that because I’m so starstruck’


    To be ‘star-struck’ might elevate most normal people’s conduct, though why anyone would consider a multi-millionaire pinko princeling to be a ‘star’ is itself an interesting matter.

    But on inspection, this ‘Professor Green’ could not have been expected to behave like a gentleman.

    . …

    "It was worth it! Because we worked really hard. I think we all had a little cry", Source: Prof Catherine Green, Source description: Head of Clinical BioManufacturing Facility, Oxford, Image: Prof Catherine Green



    Nothing worse than an educated woman who talks like a fish-wife!

  • ross1948 09:00 on October 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Harry & Meghan Vow To ‘Change The World?’ 

    So the Sussex Cuckoos are chirruping again?




    Harry and Meghan vow to ‘change the world’


    But the peculiar pair have done so already!

    NutMegh has, almost single-handedly, managed to reduce a real problem, ‘mental health,’ to a catch-phrase cacophonised by dumb-cluck snow-flakes across the globe.

    ‘Mental Health?’ Pity BLM Osaka EVER Spoke To Media! 

    Nor should we forget how that pathetic babble-bout on the Awful Whinger Show…….

    Who Wants To Watch A Fat Rich Lefty Gush At Cuckoos?

    ..did so much to redefine every normal family’s speculation about which side of the family a new baby might most resemble…


    Ooops.. wrong ‘babe’ photo!


    …into an expression of what the BBC’s Night-Hag, Victoria Derbyshire…


    BBC, VD, ‘Ignorant Things!’ UK Pravda’s Ageism Exposed!

    …characterised as a question likely to be asked by ‘ignorant’ old folks!



    But while one might feel like condemning the self-righteous buffoons, take a moment to ponder how horrid their home life must be.



    Those of us with experience of daily conversations across the breakfast table may recall common marital-bliss repetitions like-

    Can you pick up the dry-cleaning on your way home?’


    Don’t forget it’s your turn to do the dishes tonight!

    But imagine how mind-numbing it must be in the Cuckoo Cage!

    My husband has been saying for years:

    ‘Gosh, don’t you wish there was a place where if your values were aligned like this, you could put your money to that same sort of thing?’,’


    ‘Yes, love, and have you seen my car keys?’


    PS remember this?

    One audience member said: “As soon as Meghan and Harry appeared on screen the audience started booing and then everyone joined in, it was really loud and funny.



    • Expat Irene 11:04 on October 13, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      These posers are best ignored.


  • ross1948 12:30 on October 3, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Cuckoos To Share Turkey With Dogg! 

    EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry invited to Snoop Dogg’s house for Thanksgiving dinner

    Prince Harry is a fan of the American hip hop star and the feeling is apparently mutual..


    • Cuckoo-title.jpg

    Unsurprising, and if you are surprised, you must not have read our very old blog-post, in which, apropos NZ’s Arden 

    I wasn’t going to waste time on Ardern’s mealy-mouthing, but then saw that a Mr. Dogg, from the USA, had decided to stick his nose in.


    And I added..

    So if an American ‘rapper’ may intrude, telling Kiwis how to vote, why not a humble blogger?

    NZ’s Pinko Princess, Cowering From Cannabis Candour?

    Same point I made about those pretentious, pushy leftists last week!

    Mental Health Meg, Global Citizen? 

    • Cuckoo-title.jpg

  • ross1948 08:40 on October 1, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Mental Health Meg, Global Citizen? 

    I did wonder how Hopeless Harry and Mental Health Meghan travelled all the way to an American concert that was part of the so-called ‘Global Citizens’ event.


    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one, as The Sun reports the ducal cuckoos ‘have been branded “completely hypocritical” after reportedly taking 21 private jets in two years while preaching about climate change.. ‘



    HOW many planes did they use?

    But let’s ignore their attention-seeking and reflect on our frequent questioning of ‘charities’ promoting partisan political agendas.

    If you flick through GC’s various effluent, you’ll find Trumpophobic bleating, like here


    Trumpophobia | SO, ... WHEN DID YOU FIRST START TO EXPERIENCE; THE DEBILITATING EFFECTS OF TRUMPOPHOBIA? | image tagged in funny,memes,funny memes,trump | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
    . . .

    ‘BBC World News’ gave one of the GC luminaries, an Australian named Michael Sheldrick, a global platform to endorse Back-Stabber Biden’s ‘climate bill’ – which is currently going through Congress.


    Michael Sheldrick

    Sheldrick openly and loudly took the chance to meddle in American domestic politics.

    He called on US citizens to lobby their legislators to support Biden’s scheme.

    Hey, Sheldick, you are entitled to take your political agenda to your own country’s legislature if you wish…

    …but if you meddle elsewhere, in the USA or the UK or anywhere, then Americans, Brits or whomsoever you preach at, are entitled to tell you to take your sermons and shove ’em…




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