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  • ross1948 07:34 on May 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Canadian Hostages And Justin Turdo’s Admiration! 

    Beijing’s linking of its detention of two Canadians in China to the arrest of a Chinese executive in Vancouver shows it does not understand the meaning of an independent judiciary, Justin Trudeau said on Thursday..




    What sharp insights Pretty Boy is developing! 


    For pity’s sakes, Turdo, of course they understand. Communists diligently study those they seek to overthrow.

    They study the judicial system, the parliamentary system, the political parties…



    …for exactly the same reasons I studied communism when I was at university.

    The same reasons doctors study disease!

    The Beijing Bullies have been Communists all their lives, just like your Dear Old Dad’s best buddy…



    …and are doing what they are doing simply because it suits their purposes – no misunderstandings at all!

    BTW.. didn’t Pierre Turdo not only have a thing for Castro but also for Red China?

    Like Father, like Son?

    …in 2013, for example, Trudeau was asked at a fundraising event what nation he admired the most.

    He didn’t even hesitate.


    If you read Turdo Junior’s response to that question, you’ll see that Pretty-Boy knows full well the nature of the rotten ruling class in Red China, and, as you’d expect, ‘admires’ it!



    • Viv Schlotzen 07:42 on May 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      The Turd is exactly as bad as his father, soft on communism, soft on terrorism.
      He is also hard as hell on Christian and conservative Canadians


    • Marty N 15:00 on May 24, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      My dad hated just hearing the name of Turdo’s dad.
      I feel the same about Turdo.


  • ross1948 00:07 on April 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Solidarity With Tsipras? Pass That Long Spoon, Please! 

    Yes, I know it’s distasteful to have to applaud a notorious Red, but now and then…


    …needs must!


    Greece’s Red Tsipras is entirely correct to denounce Erdolf’s outrageous demand that the Turkish officers quite rightly granted asylum – A Fair Trial In Erdolf Land? Har-Har-Har! – be handed back for a typical Turk kangaroo court to impose the Islamist dictator’s vengeance on them.



    The autocrat in Ankara is currently holding two hapless Greeks who strayed across the border in Thrace on trumped up charges

    Tsipras has accused Turkey of keeping the pair as “hostages” to try to exchange them for eight Turkish servicemen who sought refuge in Greece…


    Erdogan has also stepped up aggressive activity in the Aegean, not just marauding onto tiny islands mentioned in the above article, but even, according to other media, setting his sights on the indisputably Greek island of Rhodes.


    Gambar terkait

    At the end of 2016, Ankara announced it would reconsider the Lausanne Treaty of 1923, in which Turkey explicitly renounced all claims on the Dodecanese Islands. Thessaloniki: Dream destination for Turkey’s domestic critics   Deutsche Welle5 Sep 2017


    And let’s be frank – it ain’t just Erdolf – the main ‘democratic’ opposition party’s only quarrel with his regime on this matter is that he’s not being tough enough!  Turkey Targeting Greece – Again

    Time for Western countries to shape up.

    NATO should expel Turkey.

    As for the dirty deal on crimmigrants concocted by Mama Stasi and Juncker, Brussels should be told to get real.

    Let’s use NATO alliance warships to turn back illegal incursions, and, as a first step to removing the Enemy Within Europe…



    …let’s declare that for every ‘migrant’ allowed to cross from Turkey, ten Turkish passport holders resident in European countries will be deported back to where they belong.

    Turk Biker-Gang – In Germany? The Gastarbeiter Legacy! 

    Gambar terkait

    Denzil Yucel’s hate speech!  Use Google Translate for yourself!

    Don’t Share Merkel’s Joy Over Dirty Deniz Yücel! 

    There’s more than one specimen I can think of who ought to be among the first ratbags repatriated.

    PS – please note – we need to see if Tsipras stands firm. Who knows, with a marxist?

  • ross1948 14:35 on September 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Turkey’s ISIS Deal – Truth Will Out! And If One Air-Strike Pilot Is Downed? 

    Just been watching Oz news, RAAF readying to go off to the Middle East.  

    Then caught this story in the Jakarta Post.

    Devlet Bahceli, leader of Turkey’s opposition nationalist party, warned that any promises made by the Turkish government to the militants would eventually come out.

    The sudden release of those Turkish hostages is certainly good news for them and their loved ones, but nobody in their right mind is going to swallow any story that does not include a quid pro quo.

    devil destroyed ISIS

    ISIS is run by satanic savages to whom the concept of compassion is utterly alien.

    President Erdogan has never made any secret of his own Islamist extremism…

    “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”                   Erdoganfrom WT, March 3rd. 2010

    …but it is VERY telling that he won’t come clean on what ISIS is getting in return for the release.


    There have been too many reports of Turkish authorities collaboratiing with the rape-murder gang which Western countries are now squaring up to fight.

    Turkey declined to sign a communiqué last Thursday that committed a number of regional states to take “appropriate” new measures to counter ISIS, frustrating American officials.  ISIS Draws a Steady Stream of Recruits From Turkey – NYTimes.com 

    And of course Turkey’s refusal to commit any of its well-equipped and trained armed forces has been in the news everywhere.

    Was that the guarantee that ISIS got?


    • Cameron and Erdogan (1)
    • ====================

    Or was some tastier offer made?

    It is frankly scary that this regime sits at NATO’s top table…


    Trojan_horse_Çanakkale  …scarier still that Cameron wants it as a member of his beloved EUSSR! 


    “Praise God, the 101-day circle of oppression and torment has ended,” he said. “However, what kind of bargaining was made with ISIL, what was promised in return for our citizens’ freedom remains a mystery. What went on behind the scenes during the negotiations certainly won’t remain a secret.”  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2014/09/21/turkish-hostages-freed-questions-linger.html

    Let’s hope the truth comes out sooner rather than later.

    Because civilised countries are launching air-strikes against the barbarians and if one single solitary pilot is captured, his folks back home will be asking how come Turkey can get captives freed when one of our lads ( or lasses) languishes in the hands of horror. 

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