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  • ross1948 18:31 on November 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Big Red Apple – Trump-Haters in NYC Cover For Crimmigrants 

    While deranged American leftists fulminate against the outcome of this month’s election, indulging in and/or exhorting others to bloody mayhem…….others, not deranged but deliberately out to thwart the winner’s wise plan to deport millions of undesirables, are sedulously at work to subvert Donald Trump’s mandate.


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    • Decent people in New York City must feel deeply ashamed of their Mayor De Blasio this week, after his flunkeys floated plans to cover for illegal immigrants by erasing data held on the Big Apple’s ID card system.

    …city officials are instead fielding questions about whether the cards could put those same people at greater risk of being deported.

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    Any crimmigrant can get one, it seems!

    The city has vowed to protect cardholders’ personal records and might even delete them using a kind of self-destruct provision that allows for the information to be destroyed at the end of the year..

    Getting rid of these cards would actually be a good thing, as their purpose was largely to give aid and comfort for illegals.


    • illegals-45735984408
    • ————
    • …the program was aimed at those without other forms of ID, including homeless people and, especially, the estimated 500,000 immigrants living illegally in the city. The ID would help them do such everyday things as cash a check or attend a parent-teacher conference at a public school…
    • Wary of Trump immigration threat, NY may erase ID card data
    • gobackyouarenotwelcome
    • Elected authorities should of course be doing everything in their power to make such lawless aliens unwelcome, NOT play nice with queue-jumping ratbags.

    Wary of Trump immigration threat, NY may erase ID card data

    Given his own bizarre ID history…

    He was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr. in 1961. When he graduated from New York University in 1983 (where he was heavily involved in leftist causes), he changed his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm. In 2002, he changed his name again, settling on Bill de Blasio.  A de Blasio by any other name

    …it’s something we should perhaps expect of him.

    He has a loathesome communist-sympathising record –Anti-Catholic de Blasio, NY Mayoral Hopeful, Has Sordid Past  – not least his bare-faced sympathy not only for crimmigrants but criminals of other sorts that led the assembled ranks of the city’s police, almost to a man…

    • Gambar terkait

    Cops Turn Their Backs on de Blasio

    …literally to turn their backs on him after one outragesous episode.

    His only saving grace in my view is his wife, who, infamously once a lesbian, is now, to all intents and purposes, a happily married woman with children produced by herself and her husband doing what comes naturally, a living refutation of  the nonsense that homosexuality is an incurable maladjustment.



    From NYC – Proof Positive, ‘Gays’ Can Be Cured! 


    Is NYC also guilty of donning the treason role of ‘sanctuary city?’

    • sanctuary-2-22
    • I hope, if so, that once the new broom starts sweeping clean by the end of January, NYC – and of course every other municipality from sea to sea that operates that  Enemy Within policy, will be sanctioned and hopefully bankrupted by ‘the Feds.’  


    • Wallis Vanwerfen 19:33 on November 17, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      We like what you write.
      And we’re gonna pass it round to our groups.
      You have now got a lot of fans here the USA, so keep writing and fighting the good fight..


  • ross1948 09:55 on June 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Top ‘Scholar’ Warns of Red Peril – If ID Cards Omit Your Creed! 


    There are probably few bloggers more anti-communist than I am. And I do focus on the comsymp elements here in Indonesia, notably in the English-language media.  

    Jakarta Post – Never Miss a Chance to Re-Hab Reds! 

    Jakarta Globe Promotes PKI Sympathiser’s Propaganda! 

    But I don’t reckon there’s any clear and present danger, not the way there was in 1965, when the totalitarian hypocrites of the PKI, Communist Party of Indonesia, staged their attempted kudeta.,


    • pkiposter
    • —————-

    That happily failed, but sparked a nationwide blood-bath, many victims of which were poor uneducated workers and peasants gulled into PKI fronts by unscrupulous marxist propaganda.


    But I had to laugh out loud when I read the outburst from Amidhan, Chairman of the state-sponsored Islamist ‘scholars’ outfit, the MUI.

    • ——————————-
    • Amidhan-MUI-2011 Amidhan


    He was addressing a meeting in Bekasi (one of the most fanatic-dominated areas in the country ) and warned his audience that there was a new-style communist threat to the country.

    And what signs had he discerned to support his fears?

    “It is no exaggeration to say we should be wary of this talk of the elimination of the religion column in the ID card…”


    Yeah, he actually said that! He’s alarmed that non-religious people, atheists, would also be allowed…”.

    Allowed…like, uh, somebody who happens to be atheist or agnostic should not be allowed to have an ID card (which here is essential for many purposes)  or does he recognise that everyone has the right to an ID card but expects that non-religious people should have to lie and pretend they are religious?

    In fact, we’ve covered the ID card issue before…



    • freedom-of-religion
    • ———————————–
    • …and while atheists might have problems, there’s a lot more of a problem with the shameful discrimination against Indonesian religions, the old creeds of the archipelago, not the imported ones like Islam, Buddhism or Christianity.
    • There was a terrible fuss back in the 1970s when Javanese kepercayaan, traditional mysticism, almost got the status of religion and could have been listed on citizens’ ID cards –  sectarian crackers were scared their flock might desert in droves!
    • —–. 
    • Sad to say, given previous MUI rants – Indonesia’s Arrogant Islamists – “Non-Denominational Belief Is Not a Religion!”    – it does seem as if the so-called ‘scholars’ believe the ‘godless’ have no right to enjoy any rights of citizenship.
    • —————
    • Iniquitous, of course, as bizarre as the notion that because some folks are not ‘religious,’ they must be Reds.
    • There was much more to Amdihan’s harangue, naturally, but it is even less persuasive than this ID card tripe.
    • If you feel like reading it, use Google Translate on this link to the Islamist site – http://www.hidayatullah.com/berita/nasional/read/2015/06/03/70996/kebangkitan-komunis-gaya-baru-dan-aliran-sesat-dinilai-bukan-lelucon.html  – which is about the only one that seems to have covered it.


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    Irate Islamist Fuhrer Demands Blank ID Cards! 

    Good old Rimanews.com again, a source of interesting reports, tells us that the Fuhrer of the IslamoNazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) is beside himself at the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo.

    If I had the remotest interest in Der Fuhrer’s well-being, I’d be concerned for him, so often is he in a state if rage and fury – such stress is bad for any man.

    But Muhammad Rizieq Shihab (aka Habib Rizieq, who stepped down last year but seems to have bobbed up again!) has a new bee in his Arabesque white bonnet this week – ID cards!

    This is hardly a new controversy. It’s been covered before, right here on RRA, notably when we recorded another IslamoNazi’s outrage.

    One of their most unpleasant intolerants, Munarman, hit a logical nadir when he said it was “stupid, linking the religion column in the ID card with the practice of one’s religion.  

    He was reacting to the neat point scored by Jakarta Govenor Ahok, who’d noted that corrupt officials who had their religion listed on ID cards merely brought their religion into disrepute.  http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/jakarta/basuki-rejects-faith-status-on-ids/

    But there’s another aspect, that of the sectarian bigotry entrenched in local government administration against religious minorities.  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/11/29/indonesias-religious-liberty-forced-to-id-as-islam-to-get-a-job/


    • freedom-of-religion
    • ———————————————–

    Do I hear readers chorus ‘NUTS!’




    We did get some more sense on the subject from Ahok, who pointed out that even ‘Malaysia Truly Arabia’ doesn’t force sectarianism on its citizens via their ID cards – so why should Indonesia?. 


    There’s no need for any mention of creed on the KTP (that’s the Indonesian term for these identity cards people need to do just about anything.)

    So if the story is accurate, all credit to Tjohjo – amid a sea of disappointments, it’s good to note that at least one ministry is prepared to use common sense even at the risk of angering jihadist jerks.

    But actually it sounds like it may or may not be really on the cards!

    Much ado about nothing?

    We’ll see. 

    But what little notion of rational debate ever tinged FPI thinking has clearly drifted altogether away, given the fanatic fuhrer’s concluding blast at Tjohjo’s reform.

    “If the reason for removing the religion column in the ID card is the” Potential for Discrimination,” then simply make ID cards without Gender, Date of Birth, Address…even without a name…            So create a blank ID card!”


    He is planning to look to the DPR (Parliament) to subvert Tjahjo’s great leap forward.

    The sad thing is, he may not be disappointed!. 

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