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  • ross1948 00:01 on March 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    Call On Batley Grammar’s Craven Kibble To Quit! 

    Headteacher Gary Kibble said: “The school would like to thank the parents who contacted us on Monday, March 22 highlighting concerns with a resource used in an RS lesson that day.



    Furious parents protest over 'Prophet Muhammad cartoon shown in class' - London News Time

    01924 474980

    “Upon investigation, it was clear that the resource used in the lesson was completely inappropriate and had the capacity to cause great offence to members of our school community for which we would like to offer a sincere and full apology.”


    It was NOT inappropriate, Kibble, and unless you’re as bigoted as those primitive protesters, you should know so and say so.



    What a creep!

    Kibble should have thanked any parent who supported the teacher, and told any hostile ignoramuses  to educate themselves.

    He let down the teacher, the kids and the good name of his school by pandering to sectarian numbskulls.

    Somebody should start a petition to have him FIRED!



    Here’s an extract from a letter sent by the National Secularism Society, which puts the case more politely than I would.

    …Your actions have sent the opposite message to students.

    This incident is also likely to undermine teachers’ freedom to do their jobs,on any number of sensitive subjects,both within your school gates and beyond… 


    They used snail-mail…

    Batley Grammar School Carlinghow Hill, Batley West Yorkshire,WF17 Cc Batley Grammar School Local Governing Body,                                 Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE, Secretary of State for Education

    …but I have placed the school’s phone number and email address below Creepo’s pic, so it’s up to you.


    • Noreen Paterson 20:05 on March 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      If anyone starts a petition to dismiss Kibble, I am relying on you to circulate it.
      He is a disgrace.


    • June Sherburn 20:46 on March 30, 2021 Permalink | Reply

      The Headmaster should be supporting the teacher who is being harassed by Muslim thugs who seem to think they have a god given right to harass this man and scare his family.
      This attitude towards British people MUST stop.
      These Muslims do get away with far too much in our country, Yorkshire is Not a Islamic Republic, and They should be made by Law to Abide by The Rules and Law of Great Britain.
      This certainly is England and its NOT an Islamic country, and never will be.


  • ross1948 14:56 on April 1, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Still There! Oppressed Christians Swelter In Jakarta! 

    Unlike our earlier post today……this is no joke!



    I had hoped to join the oppressed Christians this Easter Weekend, but it’s hard to be sure if they will appear on Good Friday or today, Sunday…


    Gambar terkait

    Lily Wahid, one of Indonesia’s decent Muslims stands up to IslamoNazi thuggery outside the sealed Yasmin church in Bogor


    …and with a guest to attend to yesterday, I didn’t get to town.

    Turns out that I therefore missed their worship on the street opposite President Jokowi’s Palace…


    A previous occasion, but it’s a regular occurrence


    ….but they show up every two weeks, a regular rebuke to the Government’s failure to enforce the Supreme Court ruling that the GKI Yasmin congregation have been illegally denied access to their house of worship in Bogor, West Java.

    So I’ll go to show solidarity with Yasmin and Cp.  on another day. This morning I trekked across Jakarta to the roughly 100-year-old Anglican church in Menteng…


    All Saints, Jakarta -for a description, see

    Christmas Day in Jakarta – A Non-Political Post for a Change! 


    – …because, unlike many local congregations, who worship at daybreak, the Anglicans had a 11.15am start! Just got back after a rainy homeward journey!

    Friday’s service must have been tough going in that baking weather…


    Every other week, every month, for five or more years


    …but not as gruelling as the hideous sectarian brutality they have suffered on other holy days…

    X-Rated Xmas – Foul-Mouths Bully Christians, As ‘Moderate’Mayor Denies They Exist!’ 

    …as has the other congregation that also gathers with the Yasmin folk downtown.

    Christ’s Ascension Day – Islamist Savages Pelt Congregation With Sewage, Urine and Rocks 

    Head-Scarfed Harpies Hurl Dung and Urine at Christians 

    It’s been five years or more since they were on the receiving end of evil Islamists’ interpretation of Indonesia’s constitutional principle of religious liberty. And that was nothing new.

    Here’s a picture of a lady pastor in Bekasi, from years ago, viciously assaulted by a cowardly brute.


    Islamonazi FPI Rejoice, as Anti-Church Knife Thug Exits Jail 


    Just check out Yasmin in my search box. It’s a sad, bad story, and it continues…

  • ross1948 12:50 on August 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Ma’af, Nia Danata! Jakarta Needs More Than New Censor Rules 

    Interesting to read in the ever-astonishing Jakarta Post, whose parent company Gramedia perpetrated the most glaring example of sectarian censorship not that long ago, a Nazi-style book-burning to placate Islamist bigots, that somebody’s claiming…


    Indonesian movie industry still not entirely free from censorship:

    Since the Jakarta Post has never condemned Gramedia’s infamous grovel to jihadist fanatics, it’s not surprising that this complaint comes not from JP editors but from a lady named Nia Dinata.


    Gambar terkait


    She’s a real wee cutie, as you can see, but she’s also a film director, who says, quite rightly, that the Indonesian movie industry is still in shackles as judgmental groups are reluctant to accept the freedom of expression by artists which are often out of the box.

    But Nia is surely guilty of understatement!

    It’s not only ‘out of the box‘ movies that get hammered, and the hammers are not only wielded by sectarian nutjobs (which I imagine is what she means by judgmental groups)

    It wasn’t just silly little censor cuts imposed on the film ‘Noah!’

    I usually enjoy Russel Crowe films but found ‘Noah’ stupid and boring to watch. Yet why on earth was the entire movie outlawed throughout Indonesia?


    Russel Crowe dalam Noah (Foto: Ist)

    Noah’ Banned – Who’s Next? State Censors or Sectarian Enforcers? 


    Because it upset violent bigot gangs and the non-violent bigot cliques, much the same sorts as the book burned by Gramedia also did!

    And we’ve had to report other examples of the most extreme elements in Indonesia doing their dirty worst to tell Indonesian people what they may or may not watch.

    ‘Cinta Tapi Beda!’ – First Blood to IslamoNazis! 



    Cinta Tapi Beda was about love between a guy and gal of different religions, and had the foul fanatics frothing, as they often do here.



    Clearly a film for young people, teens especially, coming up to the age when they think of marriage!

    So Nia’s suggestion this week, that  instead of censoring, “Age classification must be clear. Every line of industry, be it movie theaters or TV, must be required to include age classification,” does not make that much sense.

    There are other films we’ve looked at, such as this –Soekarno’ Film – IslamoNazis Threaten Cinema Raids!  – and I’m too busy today to wax indignant about the clouded cleavage crisis on our tv screens, or the general tv censorship issue, covered in previous posts like this…


    tight jeans 21

    Dimana Bokong2nya? – Where Are Our Buttocks? 

    … but while vigilante hoodlums should be truncheoned by stern law enforcement officers out of their pretensions to any role in censorship…

    Gambar terkait


    …even official censorship here needs a lot more reforming than Nia suggests, to drag it into the 20th, never mind the 21st Century!

    Never mind, her heart’s in the right place.

    • JazPen 14:26 on August 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I cant dispute anything said above and that includes your praise of Nia as a cutie.
      I am always glad when you write about Indonesia and even more when you attack the Gramedia book-burners.
      I am sending you a few links you might want to use for other local stories.
      Have a nice weekend


    • Kezia 15:04 on August 19, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      This is what I like from your blog, Ross, that you respect Indonesian people and say they do not need to be told like little kids what television and films they can go to enjoy.
      Our government listens to many bad voices for censoring. Better they censor the bad advice they listen to from MUI and FPI and let us choose like adult people.


  • ross1948 00:01 on November 16, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Despite Islamist Intimidation , Ahok Campaigns On! 

    Well done, Governor Ahok!

    Despite fanatic ‘scholars’ and menacing mobs, he’s going ahead as per usual, mingling with the decent people of Jakarta – and that’s the majority, believe me!

    I was out among them today, normal, friendly folks, who are nothing like the undesirable brutes who have been giving Ahok a hard time.

    • [
    • congratulationssuperjob
    • [.

    Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama says he will continue to carry out blusukan (impromptu visits) during his campaign although several groups have prevented him from campaigning in certain areas due to his alleged blasphemy.  http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2016/11/14/ahok-to-continue-blusukan-despite-protests.html

    This blasphemy stuff is getting to be a bore. There’s no serious substance to the charge, and why should it matter?

    God doesn’t need lawless layabouts like those in the news ( see below) to defend Him.




    week ago there was a pig-ignorant rabble amok-run during one of his walk-abouts in Rawa Belong, in West Jakarta.

    Ahok was rushed to safety by security personnel after several people protested his visit and accused him of committing blasphemy. The incident left one of his aides hospitalized.

     Last weekend, in Kedoya, West Jakarta, there was another protest by a pack of primitives.

    These hate-freaks are nothing new.

    Jakarta Jew-Haters Boo Chinese Christian Candidate 

    Obviously, the police should get stuck into the swine if they turn violent. I can’t see any reason for reluctance on their part, since the same kind of thugs injured several of their fellow-officers in the Islamist riot last month in downtown Jakarta.  

    Breaking News – Jakarta Cops Tear-Gas Islamist Louts! 

    As is so often the case with outbreaks of sectarian hoodlumism here in Indonesia, there are grounds for believing the swine causing trouble are imported louts.

    Ahok himself told the local media that “we’re aware that people who have expelled us and put up banners rejecting [our presence] are actually not residents of areas where they have staged protests.

    We saw similar intrusions in Sukorejo, in Central Java, a year or two ago, when a gang of IslamoNazi thugs descended on the town and caused mayhem. After an innocent woman was killed by one of the brutes’ vehicles, the townsfolk took after them.


    fpi skulk in mosque
    Skulking sectarians

    The gutless sectarians ran for it, and cowered in a mosque till after dark, when they scuttled out of town under a police escort.

    One hopes Jakartans will soon start to show the same civic pride.


  • ross1948 21:10 on October 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Terror Fan Un-Deported – Danes Show No More Sense Than Norway! 

    What a pitiful, pathetic response!
    Better to string the sectarian swine up, or at least kick the cur out of Denmark, preferably to some country that  would have him put down. Sounds like they’re no more into handling terror fans than their neighbours in Norway!
    It’s almost laughable to read that the Copenhagen City Court also sentenced the man to conditional deportation, which means he will be kicked out of Denmark if he commits any new crimes. 
    Hasil gambar untuk inadequate
    Pathetic Plus-Plus! 
    Can’t blame the prosecutors, who wanted five months behind bars, then actual deportation.
    The man posted a link to a story on the Paris attack accompanied by a smiley face and comments in Arabic that said God deserved the honour for the killings
    What can such a fiendish freak know of God?  
    Seems to me that, apart from being a bestial barbarian, this Iraqi is guilty of ‘Islamophobia.’
    Not that there should ever be an offence of that nature on any country’s statute book – people should be free to offend any creed – but decent Muslims should be out there demanding he suffer for bringing Islam into disrepute.
    The weak-kneed judiciary deserves all the more public condemnation when we learn that he had been sentenced last year for threatening to decapitate the chairman of the Danish Syrian Association.

    Aha! A wannabe beheader!

    We have more than enough of such pig-ignoramuses in too many previously civilised Western countries already.
    They need to be expelled en masse.
    The vile savage is appealing his sentence.
    I don’t know enough about Danish law to be sure if the appeal court can raise as well as lower sentences, but I hope so.
    And I hope this brute does get ordered out of Denmark, and preferably sooner than it took Norway to expel the equally evil Krekar.
  • ross1948 21:34 on December 2, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bravo – Bavaria Backs Bag-Head Ban!, 

    Given how Mama Stasi Merkel has imposed nearly a million unwanted aliens, at least a lot of whom are likely to be devoid of both gratitude and loyalty, upon the increasingly alarmed German people, Ilse could also have added the other powerful argument for a burqa ban. –



  • ross1948 00:02 on March 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Bali Discriminates? No Complaints, Except – Still – About Besaki! 

    So the Balinese have plans to charge foreign visitors more when visiting provincial tourist locations?

    What’s to object to?

    It’s already done at Borobudur.

    borobudur-main-entrance Borobudur

    And it is, paradoxically, fair.

    If Bali wants to make money, it has to price its heritage sites in such a way as to pay for their upkeep. If they charge, say, ten bucks, for everyone, then how can a poor local family afford to see their own country’s cultural heritage? But ten bucks to a Japanese or Aussie tourist is a not unreasonable price to pay.

    If the charge for all is fifty cents, which poor Indonesians can afford, it’ll take a lot of foreign visitors to cover proper administration and maintenance of the sites.

    Bali people deserve applause for aesthetic appreciation.

    In Java, we’ve seen Islamist ignoramuses doing all they can to destroy their own rich history. See – Blasting Borobudur? ISIS, Enemies of Civilisation!  and  https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/09/18/ignorant-islamist-bigots-attack-indonesias-heritage-java-statues-wrecked/ 


    patung-bima-purwakarta FUI savages amok in Java


    Sadly, some of the foreigners who visit Bali are as ignorant, though not as moronic, as the FUI malignants.

    Sadly, some tourists never go to see any historical or architectural marvels. They go to bars and discos. (I like both, marvels and nightlife!)

    The bad side of the Bali news is not the price differential, but, as the head of the revenue section of the Provincial Government, I Made Santha, said “this will (only) be applied at tourist objects owned by the province.”  http://www.balidiscovery.com/messages/message.asp?Id=11617


     Bajra Sandhi


    The report mentions a couple of those, namely the Monument of the People’s Struggle (Bajra Sandhi) and Taman Budaya, both located in downtown Denpasar.

    But I fear that list does NOT include the Great Temple of Besaki.




    It is a fine sight to see, but almost every visitor I’ve ever met who’s gone there has been appalled by the scavengers who control it, scurvy layabouts who seek to extort tourists of any and every nationality.

    The whole area is immersed in a rip-off mentality, all the more offensive since it is a place of worship.

    The Governor should clamp down!


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