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    Good News from Sweden – For a Change!! 

       September winds down, but maybe things are looking up in Sweden, with a trio of news items that suggest that Scandinavian country is slowly beginning to grasp the folly of an open-door crimmigrant policy .  

    First, though not in chronological order, we have this, from The Local.

    Swedish police could be allowed to raid workplaces to track down people who have had their asylum request rejected. How Sweden wants to return rejected asylum seekers

    • congratulationssuperjob
    • Yes, good, but not before time!

    Sane people in every country engulfed by the alien tsunami surely expect their police to have, from the get-go, every right to raid workplaces, and houses, and shops, and public libraries, for pity’s sakes, if there’s any reason to suspect phoney ‘refugees’ might  be lurking therein.

    Incredibly, almost 20,000 people are currently believed to be staying in the Nordic country despite having had their residency applications rejected, reports the TT news agency.

    More than 12,000 are wanted by police, reports public broadcaster SVT.

    And ludicrously, Sweden, which pours millions into ‘overseas aid’ every year, is facing obstruction in the effort to expel undesirables because their home countries do not want to accept them.


    Any such uppity Third World regime should be denied all access to foreign funds for any purpose until they shape up and take back their wasters.


    • prisoners
    • —————–
    • Common sense, of course, should have dictated long since that each and every so-called ‘asylum’ seeker be kept under lock and key until any determination was made as to the legitimacy of their claims.
    • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Our second reason to be cheerful is that a Dark Ager named Fardous El-Sakka has been put in her place for engaging in offensive sectarian misconduct.

    Hasil gambar untuk shake up or ship out


    She chose not to shake hands with her male colleagues for religious reasons, and was told in no uncertain terms that she had a simple choice, shape up or ship out.

    As the head teacher explained,

    “I would like to clarify that the school did not sack Fardous. She chose to leave after I explained what the school’s core values are. I would also like to carefully point out that the issue was not her religious beliefs, but rather it is about choosing to treat men and women differently by shaking the hands of women but not men.”  https://www.thelocal.se/20160922/handshaking-row-causes-swedish-teacher-to-leave-school

    • Image result for handshaking

    This is how NORMAL women behave!


    • El-Sakka’s kind of ignoramus has no place in any civilised European nation.
    • Indeed, here in 90% Muslim Indonesia, only a tiny minority of benighted bints display such obnoxious Araboid attitudes.

    We’ve seen this sort of nonsense before, in Germany…Another Brat Exposes Mama Stasi’s Folly!  and in Switzerland…Swiss School Panders To Sectarian Brats! 

    It’s about time these recalcitrants were told that it’s their duty to adapt to civilised ways. It’s not the duty of real Swedes, or Germans, or Swiss to kow-tow to bizarre and backward behaviour. After all, if primitives can’t or won’t adapt, then there are plenty of primitive countries they can move to.

    Our final upbeat piece of news refers not to the authorities getting real but to the fact that, in some cases of crime, actual criminals have a neater grasp  of justice than the courts.

    We know that Swedish courts have long been rotten with liberalism…Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden

    But at least this headline, below, shows that decent Swedes, even decent inmates in Sweden’s prisons, can sometimes even things up, to ensure that the vilest beasts behind bars actually get a taste of what they deserve.   


    Ikea killer brutally beaten in Swedish prison


    The Eritrean scumbag, Abraham Ukbagabir by name, knifed a middle-aged Swedish lady and her son. The swine explained his murderous savagery by telling a court that the attacks had been intended to revenge Sweden, after the country’s migration agency turned down his asylum application…
    The bestial brute should of course have been put down…
    ….but Sweden’s stuck in the EUSSR and under the heel of the ECHR, so even if the Government in Stockholm had the guts, supranational sticky-beaks in Brussels and Strasbourg would slap them down.
    So let’s hope those honourable convicts show perseverance in their commitment to justice. 
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    Savages Use North Sea To Invade UK! But Has Murder Shocked Swedes Into ‘Asylum’ Sanity! 

    I’m always happy to be proven wrong if the clinching argument offers hopes of something good on the horizon.

    Hence my delight to read that the patriot party in Sweden now commands more voter support than either of its tweedle-dum/tweedle-dee rivals.  https://foreignpolicy.com/2015/08/20/shock-poll-rates-swedens-anti-immigrant-right-wing-party-as-countrys-largest/




    After learning that ‘migrant’ savages are now using that country as a base for incursions against the UK…

    Sweden’s largest port is becoming a gateway for migrants who are hoping to reach the UK as stowaways…http://www.thelocal.se/20150820/migrants-trying-to-reach-uk-from-gothenburg/

    …I offer this report as being of special interest to British readers, who, like me and many others, had long since reached the conclusion that Sweden had been too multiculted to step back from the brink of national suicide – but who knows?

    The degenerate establishment seemed to have gotten away with giving free rein for imported savages to rape Swedish teens… Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden… but the latest murderous outrage, at an Ikea store near Stockholm, with two Eritrean ‘asylum’ parasites now in custody, may turn out to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Polls are never to be taken as gospel, but the Sweden Democrats have surged.

    Yet already the Enemy Within is concocting excuses for alien amok-runs – Swedish media have speculated that the two suspects could have suffered from mental illness or psychological trauma stemming from their experiences in the war-torn country.http://qz.com/477312/the-swedish-ikea-stabbing-suspects-are-asylum-seekers-from-eritrea/



    Hogwash – if they’re found guilty, they should be put down like rabid dogs!


    Would the ‘Swedish media‘ drivel also be adduced to explain how sectarian ‘asylum’ swine murdered fellow-migrants on the voyage across the Med? Or the anti-social violence we’ve noted from Calais to Berlin Ingrate ‘Asylum’ Savages Riot in Germany – Kick ‘Em Out!  to Sicily Robbery and Kidnap Now? 

    Would this be the same ‘Swedish’ media that has shamelessly betrayed its duty of fair reportage?

    establishment parties and the media have carried out a systematic campaign to marginalize the right-wing populist party as racist and xenophobic.

    But these disloyal hacks’ hate-fest now appears to have been counter-productive…

    • LIBERAL-MEDIA-e1315327567357-300x211

    the Sweden Democrats have made restricting immigration their core issue and are now reaping the benefits as 46 percent of participants in the YouGov poll rated immigration as the most important political question.

    Sweden used to be a lovely, sparsely-populated, truly Scandinavian land. It’s become infested with undesirables, a self-inflicted cancer.

    One can only pray for its eleventh-hour deliverance.

    • Alan Cairns 02:38 on August 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That’s fantastic, if the Swedes who sank so low can still make a comeback,
      UKIP is still holding up well and this ‘tsunami’ as you call it might make all the difference in Cameron’s referendum.

      He thinks he can con the public with his renegotiation? If Juncker and his colleagues go ahead with their mandatory re-settlement, I predict the riots we saw in Germany at the weekend will spread across the Continent.
      The whole ‘European Project’ will end in tears or chaos, or terrible violent upheaval.
      And who’s going to vote for that?


    • D C Amess 08:58 on August 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Not that illegals are any more acceptable coming in via the North Sea but it’s handier than the Mediterranean if your idea of towing them all to Rockall ever catches on.
      I love all your comments on the crisis we’re in, a voice of reason. Why are the politicians so deaf, blind and DUMB!


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