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  • ross1948 11:10 on June 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    CNN And Amanpour – An Inability To Offer Objectivity? 

    Just outa bed, and CNN is blaring out today’s diet of leftist hysteria, its deranged mix of how Russian subversion in Estonia ( which undoubtedly happened) and Russian ‘meddlng’ in the US election…


    Hasil gambar untuk dishonest Democrats


    …which, if it was Russia, surely was benevolent, revealing as it did the dirty tricks of the Democrat Party,

    All this before brunch, and after I went to bed late last night, having been rivetted to CNN’s far-left Amnapour…



    ..focusing on a Pew poll which indicates a slump in esteem for the USA.

    CNN is a stranger to truth, of course, as the latest Project Veritas revelation –

    American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t”

    – has confirmed.

    But apart from the blatant BS which you can read all about in that link above, their disinclination to give both sides a hearing when they’re disparaging their own country’s government is another weapon of choice.

    Of course Amanpour is not American –

    Her father, Mahmoud Amanpour, is a Muslim from Iran; her mother, Patricia Hill, is a Christian from England

      – so its not her government she’s running down, but even so…

    Her choice of guests last night was SO indicative of her relentless failure to grasp the principles of journalism.

    First she had a some former Democrat Mayor of Nogales, Marco Lopez, slagging off the Supreme Court-approved travel ban, how it can’t be workable, yabbayabba…



    Lopez must be one of Amanpour’s fave Democrats, it seems, because that photo shows him on one of her previous propaganda shows, at the start of the year.

    Then the ghastly woman brought on a ‘New Yorker’  magazine bint named Robin Wright.


    Hasil gambar untuk robin wright new yorker


    That grumpy granny was equally negative about the President. “This America First policy has alienated countries…the West is increasingly looking to Angela Merkel as its conscience…”


    Yeah, right!


    I only hung on just in case Amanpour MIGHT, just might, allow a pro-Trump voice to be heard.

    NO WAY!


    Surely CNN, even CNN, must want to make a pretence of hearing both sides?

    Not last night. And today?

    Heck, I’m going shopping – not a potato in the house!

    • Mort 20:39 on June 28, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      On the money, as they say!
      The Clintons are in it for the money for sure but not CNN.
      They do it not for money but for their anti-American agenda.
      That Project Veritas has hurt them badly, and you should publish more on what’s been exposed.


  • ross1948 09:13 on November 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Self-Righteous Slobs, Sanctuary Myths, Undesirable Aliens 

    Hundreds of churches in the US have said they are willing to provide sanctuary for undocumented migrants threatened with deportation…                    Hundreds of churches offer sanctuary to undocumented migrants

    What century do these dog-collared dolts think they’re living in? Or even which millenium? The Guardian gives an historical clue to their archaic mind-set.

    The concept of sanctuary can be traced back to the Book of Numbers in the Hebrew Bible.

    We’ve all seen movies with mediaeval fugitives ‘seeking sanctuary’ from pursuit by Sheriffs of Nottingham etc.  But of course those days are long gone!

    • illegalimmigrationimage
    • The law makes no exceptions for malignant law-breakers who pollute consecrated premises by their noisome trespass. ‘Sanctuary’ as a legal concept has long since passed into the realm of mythology. 
    • Disturbingly, however, the report provides a disturbing insight into the mush-noggin mentality evident at the relevant government agencies, ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement and CBP Border Protection.

    “Enforcement actions at or focused on sensitive locations such as schools, places of worship, and hospitals should generally be avoided,” say guidelines.



    How stupid can they get?

    If the Guardian can get hold of those cop-out guidelines, so can all the soppy sob-sisters of both sexes anxious to aid and abet crimmigrants!

    So too can the crimmigrants! 

    Announcing appeasement of evil-doers emboldens their evil!

    If American schools and churches and hospitals have fallen under the control of Un-American elements, if such places have become unhidden hide-outs for illegals, then the bad elements should be ousted and the bad bludgers arrested.

    Of course Obama would never lift a finger to get that done.

    ‘She Doesn’t Look Like MY Daughters’ – The Silence of the Swine Obama! 

    But in sharp contrast, the President-Elect’s already made clear his intention to deal with the scum-ruled ‘sanctuary cities.’  Democrats vote to defend sanctuary cities, block mandatory jail time for repeat illegals – 


    • Illegal-aliens-i-want-you-out-of-my-country

    Trump has said he will block federal funding to such cities.


    He should be equally upfront about dog-collared appeasement monkeys and the churches they put to sinful use.

    Listen to this holier-than-thou jerk, Peter Pedemonti of the New Sanctuary Movement….



    Pedemonti looks exactly as you’d expect!


    …Peter Pedemonti of the New Sanctuary Movement.

    The self-righteous prat whines that he just can’t “wrap my head around” the fact that 81% of white Christian evangelicals backed Trump in the election.

    “I don’t understand how a Christian can vote for a person whose policies so blatantly contradict the Bible’s teaching to love your neighbour.

    What a merchant banker! That’s cockney rhyming slang, BTW. Does this klutz think his pro-crimmigrant prejudice affords him the ‘right’ to flout laws enacted democratically by his fellow-citizens?



    He and all those ‘reverend’ rat-bags backing his NSM have presumably forgotten those words about rendering unto Caesar…. 

  • ross1948 23:52 on April 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Millions To Swarm Europe? ‘Don’t Fight Back,’ Says Mad Moon! 

    I imagine most of us feel sorry for the poor Nepalese victims of the earthquake, just as we were horrified by the tsunamis in Japan and here in Indonesia.
    So many innocent people’ lives were lost in those awful disasters they had no part in causing.
    But the illegals in the sea between Africa and Europe, aboard vessels seeking to force their way onto shores they had no right to approach? Primitive sectarians murdering each other on board, before they even get within reach of defenceless Italians? 
    Gimme a break! 
    “There is no military solution to the human tragedy playing out in the Mediterranean,” Ban said. 
    The arrogant Korean clown had been asked about a proposal by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to “capture and destroy” the boats that traffickers use…
    So even when Renzi takes a tepid step in the right direction, he gets slapped down by an upstart who shows his ignorance by his weasel words
    “It is crucial that we take a holistic approach that looks at the root causes, at security and the human rights of migrants and refugees, and have legal and regulated immigration networks.”
    The ROOT CAUSE?   The EUSSR has hindered the prompt deportation of these crimmigrants, thus luring many more to chance their luck. And Brussels is up to its neck in a grand design to submerge Europe in a multicultural swamp!

    SECURITY? That’s the right of sovereign nations to defend their borders against alien hordes drawn to other peoples’ welfare benefits like bugs to a honey-pot. 

     HUMAN RIGHTS?? European governments’ first and foremost duty is to defend the rights of their own citizens, and that includes the right NOT to have their taxes plundered by parasites.


    • illegals-45735984408
    • LEGAL AND REGULATED  IMMIGRATION NETWORKS? Each and every country has immigration rules. Decent people wishing to gain entry to a country respect those rules and regulations. They neither lie, nor gate-crash. To allow any such undesirables to gain residence is a callous affront to fair play, to all the honest applicants who fill in the forms and wait their turn.
    Even the EUSSR has such rules, aka the Dublin Agreement, which means the voyagers on bludger-boats must be kept within the borders of the first land they reach.
    But Moon seems to think their snouts should be directed into the tax-troughs of other countries too. And the uppity wasters on those boats are NOT seeking ‘asylum,’ at all. If they were, that first land would suffice. Instead, the same report tells us that  –
    Many do not intend to stay in Italy!’
    And why might that be?
    Italy’s nice, Italians are nice, Italian weather is nicer than the UK’s or Sweden’s or Germany’s.
    But the three countries mentioned above are bountiful with benefits for alien wasters.
    Who the hell do these swine think they are?
    Nobody gives a sh@t what they intend, or want, or are scheming to get.
    out with them
    They have no right to be in Europe at all.
    And it’s time to make that clear. If even lefty Renzi in Rome has begun to grasp that truth, there’s hope.
    But then up pops that UN twit to tell that there’s No military solution to boat migrant crisis .
    Oh yeah?
    Tell that to the Australians, whose tough tactics have quashed the crimmigrant cargo crisis – though, to be fair, Oz does need more deportations.
    Mad Moon’s gotta get the message!
    Or more candidly, get stuffed. 
    But whilst chasing the link to the story I’d seen earlier, I came across a telling sight. Or sites.
    This international ignoramus is guilty of endlessly dissing effective action – just about EVERYWHERE!
    1. What next?
    2. If North Korea attacks his homeland, will the pusillanimous peacenik get on the blower to Seoul with orders to ‘lay down your arms?’
    3. Sadly, the answer is probably yes.
    4. More sadly still, Brussels’ shilly-shallying over the urgent need for military action, according to the EurocRats themselves, will never advance from verbal gymnastics to deeds without UN permission.
    5. God save Europe!
    • Ian 10:11 on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The UN is a Goddam enemy to all of us in the West.


  • ross1948 16:01 on February 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    D.C. Vampire De-Fanged? End of America Postponed, For Now! 

    Great news today – I chanced unexpectedly, while out on a walkabout, upon some former students, and was treated to lunch!



    But better still!

    For WND reports that The Manchurian’s grand design to subvert America has hit a road-block, in the form of a Federal Court ruling.

    At least one judge in the United States, perhaps significantly in Texas, has read the country’s constitution!


    • obama-vampire-275x300
    • —————————–

    Obama is a notorious liar and a cultural marxist.


    Neither breed is known for giving in gracefully when caught out.




    A massive mobilisation of counter-revolutionary forces is required.

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