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  • ross1948 15:39 on December 2, 2021 Permalink | Reply
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    More Proof! Enemy Within = Pro-Crimmigrant Unions! 

    Meanwhile, further evidence of the Enemy Within, which we mentioned earlier this week!


    Sack ‘Em If They Turn Traitor! 

    This time it’s an insolent flunkey from the Immigration Services Union (ISU), ‘which represents borders staff.. ‘

    ISU professional officer Lucy Moreton said Border Force staff were “committed to complying with the law, including the priority properly accorded to life at sea”.


    This uppity ‘civil servant’ added that the rules on “pushing back” migrant boats were “rightly” very strict and, as a result, it was “highly unlikely that any attempt to turn a boat back will ever be made. . “

    But hold on!

    This is the self-same ranter who told a bare-faced lie not so long ago, when, on the issue of finger-printing undesirable aliens…



    She made the preposterous claim that, when a previous Tory Government had obliged such aliens to be fingerprinted, in 2012, the requirement ‘was abandoned after just a few weeks because of a “public backlash…”

    Fingerprint Fake-‘Refugees’ – And Toy-Boys Too

    There was NO public backlash

    Apart from agitprop outfits, far-left,left and pinko creep liberal politicians…



    …and their running-dogs in the media, then as now…



    …the British public has no time for illegal alien spongers.

    About time this pro-crimmigrant cow was put out to pasture!



    If any ‘rule’ does obstruct the defence of the realm, minions like her should have brought it to the Home Secretary’s attention, to get it erased or amended.

    All ‘border staff’ personnel should be immediately brought in for vetting, a loyalty test…

    …to ensure they harbour no subversive notions, such as Comrade Moreton’s hostility towards pushing back boat-loads of bludgers….

    Image result for fake refugees paris bomb daily mail

    … or worse than bludgers!


    … and if any show signs of seeking to thwart push-backs?


    PS  – Do not expect Priti Patel to do the right thing, on this or anything else.

    She has long been fully aware of what sort of sympathies are held by her Home Office minions.

    When that old bat blurted out the Big Lie…

    Priti’s Girl Exalts Crimmigrants : ‘Just Like You And Me!’ 

    . Patel did not distance herself from the offensive insinuation that gate-crashing wannabe parasites are ‘just like honest British working folk.


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    Hungary Defends Europe, Despite EU Back-Stab! 

    The European Court of Justice last month ruled Hungary had breached EU asylum laws. Budapest was told to stop pushing asylum seekers back into Serbia – yet nearly 2,500 people have been forced across the border since that judgement.

    Read on »

    Hell, read on if you wish, and you will find nothing in the Europhiliac EUObserver that makes sense to patriots.



    Those robed swine in the ECJ served their Brussels Commissar comrades well when they issued that diktat in December.



    The lick-spittle Remainers in the UK seriously want to drag Britain back under the jurisdiction of institutions dedicated to a ‘European Project….’

    …..that aims to flood Europe with parasitic primitives, many of whom harbour nothing but hatred for the lands they swarm into and leech off?


    Never mind ‘push-backs!’

    Start mass deportations!

    Three Cheers For Hungary!


  • ross1948 16:00 on November 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Illegal Pushbacks?’ Big Deal, If It Keeps Illegal Aliens OUT! 

    ‘Illegal Pushbacks?’



    Since when has self-defence been against the law?

    It was this very year that we saw primitive, savage, fake-‘refugee’ mobs assail Greece’s frontier…



    ….aided and abetted by the sectarian regime in Ankara.

    Invasion 2020- Not An Invasion, Say ‘NGO’ Liars

    No doubt, there were pro-crimmigrant ‘NGO’ weasels squealing back then about how those perpetrating the barbarous incursions should be given kid-glove treatment.

    Invasion 2020 – DW’s Soros-Funded ‘Expert’ Forbids Fightback! 

    But there was vast popular support all over the Western world for the valiant Greeks on their border, pushing back one wave after another of unwanted intruders…


    …attempting to gate-crash Greece, rampaging across fields and creeks and ditches on that land frontier that separates Evil Erdolf’s Turkey from European civilisation.

    Of course the defenders were entirely within their rights to push back the violent rabble.

    So what’s the difference now?

    New evidence of Greek state-sanctioned illegal pushbacks of migrants has emerged in documents obtained by EUobserver.

    Oh, EUObserver?

    Really? What a surprise!

    An utterly impartial media source….

    ….as we noticed during those battles on dry land mentioned above!

    So those leftist scribblers ‘obtained’ this sensitive information from where?

    A redacted chain email from the EU’s border agency, Frontex, made available following a freedom of information request, clearly shows that the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) received orders to push migrants back into Turkish territorial waters…

    Well, God bless the Hellenic Coastguard….


    …..who are accused of …

    (‘accused?’ – since when are good patriots ‘accused of,’ rather than ‘lauded for’)

    …..protecting their homeland from alien marauders! 


    God Damn EUObserver’s grubby hacks, whose contribution to the defence of their countries is to go sticky-beaking –   back-stabbing, to be precise – in a typical media manoeuvre to undermine the conscientious coastguards in the Aegean Sea. 



    • Ned A 21:16 on November 21, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Too true.
      Nobody wants then, not the Greeks, not the Italians, not us.


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