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  • ross1948 12:27 on July 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Guilty! Brexit IS The Major Cause of Global Warming! 

    If you believe that, you’d believe anything.




    But although we have yet to launch our ‘Imbecile of the Year’ competition, which was so much fun in 2015…

    Calais’s Crack-Pot Clare – ‘Imbecile of the Year?’ 

    Imbecile of the Year? A Not-So-Sweet Old Lady! 

    Another Nominee for ‘Imbecile of the Year!’ An Indian ‘Scholar!’ 

    Golly! A Scots Nomination for Imbecile of the Year

    Imbecile of The Year? Can Anyone Beat MSNBC’s Manic Melissa? 

    ….it looks like this year there’s already a run-away winner!

    The notion that those Turkish officers were in any way influenced by Brexit, when it’s as clear as day that they simply feared for the future of a country increasingly crushed beneath Erdogan’s Islamist jackboot…
    As Victor Meldrew would have said, ‘I don’t believe it’ –  that even a loopy leftist like Chris Bryant could seriously come out with hogwash like that.
    • pamela 14:56 on July 18, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks, Ross, very funny.


  • ross1948 14:57 on December 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Imbecile of the Year? A Not-So-Sweet Old Lady! 

    One of the local tv channels here in Jakarta had a re-run of Legion recently, quite a good horror/action film, in which one of the early scenes had a sweet old lady walk into a roadside diner.



    Within minutes, she had exposed fang-like teeth, savagely bitten another customer in the neck, then scuttled across the ceiling ( yes, the ceiling!) before being taken out by another customer, who had fortunately not been rendered helpless by Obamanoid gun-control legislation.

    I actually thought, as I watched, of various old ladies, including my late aunt from Mississauga, but today I discovered that Vanessa Redgrave is still alive.





    When I was a teenager who read Private Eye, which I see is still in business…



    ..that immensely rich red vixen was using some of her wealth to fund a demented marxist outfit, the Workers’ Revolutionary Party, known to PE readers as ‘Vanessa’s Loonies.’ 

    The thuggish WRP leader, Gerry Healy, ran the Trotskyist party she joined, after her brother Corin, as an oppressive cult, eventually to be thrown out after 26 female members accused him of sexual assault.

    Calling her political judgement into question, rather than side with the accusers, the actress denounced them as liars and has never repudiated him or the WRP which The Observer once noted “was said to be financed by the Redgraves, Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.”


    So with still time for a few more nominees to come in, I feel I should add the batty ould bat to the list of potential Imbecile of the Year winners.

    Not for her past outlandish rants, which you can peruse on the link, but for the nauseating praise she heaps on Mama Stasi Merkel. I’m grateful to Breitbart for drawing my attention to this.  

    “I give a big bravo to Angela Merkel…I applaud her…


    • Hasil gambar untuk merkel hijab
    • ————————–-

    …There is this thing in that woman that is very, very special.”   http://www.breitbart.com/london/2015/12/16/oscar-winner-revolutionary-marxist-vanessa-redgrave-says-angela-merkel-special/

    Given the Healy history, etc., what exacty is it that has Vanessa seeing Mama as a kindred spirit? 

    One In Eight Syrian ‘Refugees’ Are ISIS Rape-Gang Fans! 

    ‘Culture Of Rape’ Allegedly Taking Hold In Refugee Camps ..


    • Jack Lederson 15:32 on December 29, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I would hate to ever have met your aunt in Missisauga.
      This Englishwoman Redgrave sounds like she’s nearly as bad as Hanoi Jane Fonda. Horrible, so I’m not exactly surprised if she likes Merkel. Two of a kind, done well from where they were born and bred and now just want to kick their countries in the teeth.
      Three of a kind, Fonda is the same.
      We can add more and more to that list,
      Fat Moore, multi-milllionaire who dresses like a homeless man, and all those celebrity Castro fans you wrote about some little while ago, like Robert Redford making movies about Che Guevara.
      What is it with these people? Why do they hate the Free World and love to fawn on dictators?
      I wish I knew. If they ever even tried to explain, i would listen, but they have no excuses to offer, so I just wish they’d all catch the next Titanic sailing…


    • Laz Muirhead 10:54 on December 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Let’s not forget Morrissey.
      It’s not just American traitors. We have our own UK turncoats too, and he’s one of the worst. Ross did a good little post on him a few years ago, took me a while to find it but here’s the link. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/03/03/lord-haw-haw-morrissey-penghianat-besar-biokot-konsernya-boycott-this-traitors-concert/


  • ross1948 22:32 on December 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 'off the reservation', , , Hank Williams, Imbecile of the Year!, Indian, Kaw Liga, , , Sydney to Hobart, yacht race   

    Imbeciles! Sydney to Hobart Yacht Racism! 

    Imbecile of the Year?

    Calais’s Crack-Pot Clare – ‘Imbecile of the Year?’ 

    Another Nominee for ‘Imbecile of the Year!’ An Indian ‘Scholar!’ 

    Golly! A Scots Nomination for Imbecile of the Year! 

    Imbecile of The Year? Can Anyone Beat MSNBC’s Manic Melissa? 

    That impromptu contest I launched, during the doldrum days in the run-up to Christmas, has attracted some interest.



    But first, a picture, found on the internet’s endless wastes, of Kaw Liga.

    It’s pronounced ‘Kolijah,’ but that is less important than that it was one of my favourite Hank Williams songs – Hank Williams – Kaw-Liga – YouTube  –  which I’d always insist my Daddy turn up when it came on his truck radio during one of the many trips between Ontario towns in the last year of the reign of King George VI of Canada.



    • 00000000000

    We all loved Hank’s music, of course!

    But for me a song about an Indian was outa sight. I was fascinated by the people who had once lived on the land we farmed. Moreover, the song was entertaining, not one of the many tearful ballads recorded by the great country star, but funny, and the last line of the chorus always made me laugh.

    ‘It it any wonder, that his face is red?

    Kaw Liga, you poor old wooden head.

    He was, you see, a cigar-store Indian, an effigy, of the kind that many such shops had out front in those halcyon years.

    Are those wooden statues still around? Has the PC Red Indian lobby ousted them from their sentry duties? I suppose even cigar stores these days are a threatened species.

    But I’m amazed the song itself has not been banned, or at least censored, because we are not, of course, allowed to call them Red Indians any more – it’s ‘Native Americans’ in the USA and ‘First Nations’ or ‘Aboriginals’ in Canada…


    • canadaempirestamp
    • ………………..
    • ….held up for priority glorification because thousands of folks, like my great5 grandparents, were granted, by the Canada Company, acres galore of wilderness to clear and farm, which they put to far better use than the Indians who’d roamed there previously.

    And after that hilarious petition to ban White Christmas, signed by eager American students imbecilically convinced of its essential racism…College Students Petition To Ban RacistWhite Christmas ..surely a song about an Indian effigy ascribed a red face must be destined for the bonfire of the sanities?

    Which brings me ( yes, at last -slow day here since my visitor went home) to the subject in hand, a story from the Guardian, which leads me to think the ( alas anonymous) whiners behind the complaints concerned will be hard to beat in the imbecility stakes.

    Sydney to Hobart organisers accused of racism over Indian ‘reservation’ tweet

    Yacht race organisers delete post after complaints ‘This is what happens when you stray off the reservation’ tweet was ‘culturally insensitive…’ 

    Indian, owned and skippered by Craig Carter, competing in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. A tweet posted Sunday about the boat by race organisers was deleted after complaints it was ‘racist’ and in ‘bad taste.’   




  • ross1948 16:30 on December 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Calais’s Crack-Pot Clare – ‘Imbecile of the Year?’ 



    I have another nomination just in from England, an Oxbridge academic,but I’m saving that one for later – today I came across another possible Imbecile of the Year, a female accountant, also English, who has wandered off, leaving her family to fend for themselves.


    Solidarity with the savage swarm in Calais!

    She gonna be there for Christmas?

    Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard 

    Could be fun!

    • The Guardian last week gave her inordinate amounts of space to ramble on about how she woke up one morning and had a kind of epiphany.

    Like Paul on the Road to Damascus, she heard a call, so, after drying her eyes, and presumably having a Big British Breakfast, Crackpot Clare packed her bags.


     Crack-Pot ClareMoseley


    That was in the summer. I’m still in Calais now. I left behind my business and my husband and family.

    Now there’s a real sense of responsibility for you.  Not that Clare’s without a residual pang of conscience!

    It’s been hard for them…   http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/dec/18/refugees-calais-friends-need-help

    But, hey, they’re only your kids, so why prioritise your own flesh and blood, for pity’s sakes, above a noisome pack of illegal aliens?


    …they know it’s something I just have to do. I can’t stand by in all conscience and ignore what’s happening.

    That latter sentence strikes a chord in my festive heart. None of us should ‘ignore what’s happening’ there!

    Family escape attack byCalais migrants who launched metal pole

    Kent haulage boss tells of daily migrant attacks at Calais

    Refugee crisis: Hundreds of migrants storm Calais motorway

    Attacks by crimmigrants on police, truckers and tourists, wanton vandalism of public and private property?


    Calais swarm – anti-social thugs.


    • Yes, one has to be outraged that nobody in authority has yet approved the use of live ammunition, nor even an electrified fence, to keep the filthy brutes from marauding beyond their compound.

    And yes, it is a a scandal that the rapist swine have not been rooted out and put down.

    Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 

    But OF COURSE that’s not what poor Clare is rabbiting about.

    I can’t imagine living my normal life, going to restaurants, parties, without thinking about how people here need help.

    Yes, the French people in Calais DO need help, people who have seen their not exactly exciting but fairly stable little Calais inundated with parasites whose behaviour resembles that of wild beasts.

    These are not people who have come here by choice to take advantage of our generosity…


    When French authorities remove the savages to other parts of France… France spends £1million a year to fly migrants away from Calais… their ‘choice’ is to return as fast as they can. 


    • runhogs
    • ——-
    • They didn’t trot through the Italian or Spanish borders and ponce all the way nothwards across the vast expanse of La Republique Francaise EXCEPT  by ‘choice.’
    • They could have applied, were they anything but greedy phoney crimmigrants, for ‘asylum’ in Italy or Spain, or whichever other European lands they oozed through to reach France.
    • They could have, if they were anything but greedy phoney crimmigrants, applied for ‘asylum’ in France!
    • They haven’t.
    • They made their ‘choice’ to make their way to a part of France with frequently inclement weather, then, having deliberately made their way there, began a-whining and a-bleating till a cretin court ruled that hard-pressed French tax-payers be further burdened to warm the scum.
    • And still their ‘choice’ is not to claim ‘refugee’ status, not to seek ‘asylum’ there.

    Partly, that’s down to the fact that they’re NOT ‘refugees’ at all, as has been noted often…


    “…an Islamic charity is set to pull the plug on aid to the Calais‘Jungle’ camp after discovering most people there are economic migrants. Most men in the Calais camp ‘aren’t refugees’ – PressReader   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3153808/Immigration-minister-claims-majority-migrants-trying-cross-Mediterranean-doing-economic-reasons-instead-fleeing-lives.html




    ‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3153808/Immigration-minister-claims-majority-migrants-trying-cross-Mediterranean-doing-economic-reasons-instead-fleeing-lives.html


    But it’s largely down to the crimmigrants’ own careful research into which governments offer the deepest troughs from which lying hogs may guzzle.


  • ross1948 07:38 on December 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama, imbecile, Imbecile of the Year!, , Musliar, , ulama,   

    Another Nominee for ‘Imbecile of the Year!’ An Indian ‘Scholar!’ 



    And here’s a fine old fellow, nominated by another reader for our Imbecile of the Year award.


    A P Aboobacker


    His name’s Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker Musliar and he’s the chief of All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama.

    “Women can never equal men. They are fit only to deliver children. Women cannot withstand crisis situations,” he said. He wondered if there was even a single woman among thousands of cardiac surgeons…

    Has he ever MET any women?

    And I’d have thought he’d be more concerned with brain surgeons, since he appears to be suffering from advanced senile dementia.

    Please note, he’s a senior ulama, which means ‘scholar.’

    So do we have a winner?

    Does he outclass Manic Melissa in the imbecility stakes?

    Musliar seems to be in a class of his own, although what goes on in his class-rooms is another matter, and for that you’ll need to use the link to the Indian newspaper provided!




  • ross1948 21:35 on December 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Golly! A Scots Nomination for Imbecile of the Year! 


    After our Imbecile of the Year award scheme was launched half-jestingly, various readers have indeed submitted nominations for the title, but does the level of imbecility really rival that of MSNBC’s Melissa. Imbecile of The Year? Can Anyone Beat MSNBC’s Manic Melissa?

    The first received actually doesn’t name any particular person but merely the cretinous cacaphony coming from Scots pinkos against a couple of Glasgow shops selling “racist” golly dolls alongside popular children’s toys in the run-up to Christmas.

    What the journo calls the ‘controversial dolls’ look completely innocuous to me, but anti-racism campaigners have lashed out at the stores for selling the dolls, which are regarded as outdated stereotypes.


    Here’s an uptight lassie named Nicola Hay – ,

    “The sale of these dolls perpetuate racism as they hark back to a time when the mockery and stereotyping of black people was considered a social norm rendering black people as submissive and lesser…

    • Scrooge_mc_Duck_full_color_by_MacOneill

    One hopes she’ll demand Disney suppress Uncle Scrooge, who exemplifies the stereotyping of her fellow-countrymen ( Ooops, PERSONS) as tight-fisted ratbags!

    Nicola is quite within her rights to urge the public to refrain from buying such overtly racist items…

    But intolerance emerges when she hopes the shop selling Golly dolls would consider taking them out of the store –



    Huh? Why not just let people choose what they like for their kids to play with?

    But I don’t think Nicola, just a silly girl, really, who got fed too much nonsense at uni, perhaps, comes close to Manic Melissa. 

    Having said that, how about the ‘objective’ journo who reported the daftness?

    Gollies are increasingly viewed as portraying negative stereotypes from a time when racial segregation was considered normal.

    • hogwashmeterred
    • Increasingly? Hogwash!

    Only viewed thus by pathetic pinkos with time on their hands in search of a grievance to keep them in their no doubt stimulating jobs in the Whine Industry.

    Common sense, however, from the shop manager, who is aware the dolls were considered offensive to some.


    Big deal.


    If you’re so easily offended, deal with it, grow up and get a life.

    The gollies are just toys, and have apparently been a popular sale in the store…

    So Scots are still sensible folk!

    “They’re not offensive to me and we are happy to sell them….a lot of people buy them.”

    And that’s THEIR decision. And should be. If Wee Nicola doesn’t like gollies, nobody’s going to make her buy one.

    Nor should she interfere with those that do like them – like normal well-balanced, unindoctrinated Scots parents and kids!

  • ross1948 00:05 on December 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Darth Vader, Imbecile of the Year!, , Melissa Harris-Perry, , , Star Wars   

    Imbecile of The Year? Can Anyone Beat MSNBC’s Manic Melissa? 

    MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Calls Star Wars Racist Because Darth Vader Wore Black Suit…


    Would ya take a look at that face?
    Imagine going out on the razzle-dazzle and waking up next to that the next morning!
    Needless to say, I’m not talking about Darth Vader.
    To be quite candid, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that po-faced pinko twittess, but having read of her imbecilic comment..
    ..I checked her out, and lo, it’s NOT a one-off outburst.
    She really is a complete cretin!
    Get this!
    So howzaboutit, readers?
    Any other nominations for Imbecile of the Year?
    • Dan Harper 09:00 on December 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      She is unbelievable.


    • Nicky T 13:00 on December 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      So many to choose from, it aint easy, but how say you to Mama Stasi Merkel as a choice candidate?


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