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So the far-left Wapo ‘journalists’ regard faking documents and multiple gate-crashing of America’s sovereign borders’ as ‘lesser violations?’

Still, the Wapo hacks are less despicable than that vile lawyer louse in Germany we wrote about a while ago.

German Leftist Lawyer – “Rapist Refugees Don’t DeserveDeportation!” 

However, please note, the plan is up for public comment, and no doubt the multiple Soros-funded agitprop gangs…



…and those among the red nazi antifa swine who can read and write, will be posting objections.


…what YOU, if you’re American, can do SPECIFICALLY on the plan is to comment favourably via the U.S. government website, where you must seek out the relevant section, as I am down with Jakarta flu and lack the energy to seek it for you!


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    It’s Make-Up-Your-Mind Time, Susan Collins! 

    One of my readers in the USA just passed onto me an appeal for funds issued by Senator Susan Collins.

    The problem is, Fellow Conservative, my left-wing radical opponents are spreading false narratives across Maine and they have the backing of Dark Money from all over the country …. That’s why it’s so critical my team is able to continue to keep my ad on the air ensuring every Mainer knows the truth.

    I quite believe what Senator Collins says.

    A lot of that ‘dark money,’were light shone upon its origins, might well be found to come from Un-American plutocrats, who are among the USA’s most dangerous enemies.


    Image result for susan collins


    But according to reports I have read in various media, Maine’s Republican Senator is one of only three GOP senators who have failed to sign on to the anti-impeachment campaign.

    GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Mitt Romney (Utah) have not yet signed onto the resolution, according to an updated list of co-sponsors shared by Graham the day after he introduced the measure. 

    A spokesperson for Collins didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment about whether or not she would back the resolution… 

    Before she asks for support, she really needs to give support.
    Collins eventually did the right thing when Liar Blasey was trying to block Justice Kavanaugh, but that was then and now is now! 
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    The petition referred to was sent to me earlier today, asking that I publicise it and I’m more than happy to do so.

    I observed some time that, if the ‘shifty old bat, long married to a certain Mr. Ford, is not content to be Christine Ford, then let’s just call her Blasey (at least she can remember her maiden name clearly!)’


    Image result for blasey ford liar


    Dodgy Doorways Into Blasey’s Blurry Brain 

    But my mention of her ‘double-barrelled name’ affectation is a mere trivial pursuit, down to my own engrained prejudice.

    What matters is that the ghastly old thing was totally discredited.

    Not that the ill-mannered bags who shrilled on her behalf did much to bolster her threadbare testimony.

    Don’t Let Foul-Mouths Rule! Kavanaugh OK!

    Kavanaugh was vindicated!

    So the Media-Democrat party is now having another go, which the intro to the petition describes very well.



    An unsubstantiated, unproven and uncorroborated allegation was revealed against Justice Kavanaugh.

    Even the liberal Washington Post first passed on publishing this story because it was FAKE NEWS.

    Now, countless Democratic leaders are calling for Kavanaugh’s impeachment. If we don’t fight back, an innocent conservative may have his career destroyed.

    Friend, we need to stand for Justice Kavanaugh as we did during the Senate confirmation.

    Will you put your name on a petition to support Brett Kavanaugh?

    Sign now to support Justice Kavanaugh!


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    Slovene Pro-Crimmigrant PM Faces Patriot Backlash! 

    • —–
    • Very unfortunate, that Slovenia has a liberal in power, but liberal or not, in this matter he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, since the Syrian’s asylum claim was rejected this summer by the Slovenian courts,

    • Why?

    • Because, like so many others, he failed to follow the rules, that they have to claim ‘asylum’ in the first EU country they reach, in his case Croatia.

      Not only is the damned liberal PM flaunting his indifference to the law…

    • ======
    • Gambar terkait
    • =====
    • ….but two arrogant leftist MPs, Jan Škoberne and Mihe Kordiš, behaved even more badly, deliberately obstructing law enforcement by taking the crimmigrant out of the legislature building to prevent the police from taking him away.

    • ============
    • ========
    • =========
    • That subversive duo should be arrested, charged, tried and if convicted, put in jail.

    • =======
    • More interesting, however, is the move by the opposition to have Cerar impeached.

    • Even more interesting is the way the Guardian tries to slur the opposition leader, the Slovenian Democratic Party’s Janez Janša, who, we are gratuitously warned, was sentenced to two years in prison on corruption charges in 2013…

    • =
    • Gambar terkait
    • =========
    • …but then they have to admit that the case against Jansa was dismissed by the constitutional court!

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    Demented Dems Resurrect Kremlin Cure For Dissent! 

    Who’s this, our non-American readers, and maybe some in the USA too, will ask?


    Hasil gambar untuk zoe lofgren


    No, it’s not somebody auditioning for a job as one of the extras in the new episode of that ever-enthralling show ‘The Walking Dead!’ (which will be back on our screens soon, October 23rd, BTW!)


    Hasil gambar untuk walking dead female zombie

    TV zombie…or millennial activist after a hard all-night vigil?


    The one at the top of our page is none other than California Democrat Congresswoman Rep. Zoe Lofgren, who’s even older than me, BTW!



    And the daft old bat’s claim to scary fame is that she’s demanding that Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s Cabinet members “secure the services of medical and psychiatric professionals” to have the president declared unfit for office.




    This is nothing new.

    All these reports below erupted back in May….

    Trump critics will use Alzheimer’s claims to demand impeachment .

    How Trump Could Get Fired | The New Yorker

    Will Trump be impeached? Does he have dementia? — Dispatches …

    Lofgren’s House resolution has now attracted quite a lot of support from her party comrades, though John RINO McCain has not yet sponsored a matching version in the Senate.

    But even back then in May, when the schemers first floated their strategy for reversing the result of the Presidential election, such sinister schemes were not new at all!

    Not even in May was there any novelty to Daft Old Bat Lofgren’s idea of using a psychiatric solution…


    Gambar terkait


    …to take down those who dissent from the ideology of an elite utterly intolerant of anything that smacked of opposition.

    Political Abuse of Psychiatry in the Soviet Union and in China …

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    Americans Against Ban? Forty% Want Trump Impeached? 

    Just watched that nauseating propaganda show which BBC calls ‘Dateline.’




    All about Trump, and not ONE pro-Trump person on the ‘discussion’ panel.

    If Brits believe the pap their local brand of Pravda pumps out, then no wonder so many numb-skulls were out on United Kingdom streets this weekend, yelping the same moronic chants we heard last week in the USA airports.


    Gambar terkait

    Layabouts in Liverpool


    ‘Hey-hey, Hoo-hoo, We’re Glad We Ain’t Got Work To Do!’  

    Bloody cretins.

    Anyhow, indignation from my Dateline experience – I keep remembering the lying compere’s claim that ‘we try to get pro-Trump guests…’



    Hasil gambar untuk gavin esler dateline

    Dateline’s Esler

    ‘We DO Try To Get Trump Supporters On Our Show’ -BBC 


    ….as if Gavin Esler can’t find Breitbart London’s phone number, or UKIP’s – has driven me once more to the laptop, and a perusal of the poll gleefully announced by CNN today.


    CNN/ORC poll: Majority oppose Trump’s travel ban

     Interviews with 1,002 adult Americans conducted by telephone by ORC International on January 31 – February 2, 2017. The margin of sampling error for results based on the total sample is plus or minus 3 percentage points. 
    Okay, all polls allow for sampling errors.
    But ‘Americans?
    How much do the CNN pollsters know – or care – about the citizenship status of the people polled?
    Hasil gambar untuk cnn bias
    Do they ask them – ‘Are you American?’
    Do they have any the means, or the time, or the inclination, to confirm such status?
    It is absolutely undeniable that many illegals and other non-Americans felt free to vote in November, largely because Obama and his so-called ‘Justice Department’ hindered voter ID checks whenever they could.
    And Democrats are exacerbating the problem still. 
    In California, for example, aliens will soon be free to take part in elections, with state legislators there heedless of the possibility.  Illegal Aliens Really Do Vote – a Lot
    After two weeks in office!?!
    Published by that ever-so-impartial organ, The Salon  Poll: 40 percent of American voters want President Trump impeached –   – this looks like a call for a coup by the elite against the President.

    Which of course takes us back to the point on which we published earlier today. 

    Trump’s “Illiberal Democracy?” Exactly What We Need! 

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    Obama IS Sending Some Home – Not Crimmigrants, But Terrorists! 

    Despite his declaration of amnesty, that Enemy Within,  Obama, is, after all, showing he’s willing to send some undesirable aliens out of America!

    But NOT the lying illegals he’s been televisually embracing over the weekend ( and what a sickening spectacle that was!)  




    No, The Manchurian is gleefully turning loose four al Qaeda fighters from Yemen, including a senior figure who facilitated travel to Afghanistan for Arab extremists..




    According to the latest report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, 107 of 620 detainees released from Guantanamo, or 17.3 percent, had been confirmed as returning to terrorism as of July 15, and another 77, or 12.4 percent, were suspected of having done so.


    devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm satanic sectarians, back on the attack


    Impeachment is surely more appropriate for putting one’s country’s servicemen and women in harm’s way than it was for tainting the Oval Office by sexploitation of young women workers.

    What’s stopping Boehner?


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