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    Seriously, Folks! Something Readable In The Guardian! 


    Something worth reading ( not to refute it but on its merits) in the Guardian!

    It’s a true life tale of some brave West German school-girls thirty years ago, who helped a young East German guy escape the nightmare of life in the Communist tyranny.


    Read and enjoy, but I hope you, like I did, notice a couple of jarring details – and I don’t mean the reporter’s peculiar description of the Soviet puppet state as ‘socialist.’

    It was COMMUNIST!

    But it is more disturbing to read that the young heroines were given a hard time, in their West German school, by pro-communist teachers.

    Who on earth allowed Enemy Within red sympathisers to get and hold positions of authority, able to influence if not indoctrinate youngsters?



    Marxists are suitable for street-cleaning or dish-washing, but not for any pedagogical positions.

    We have often looked at their abuse of such academic employment in contemporary America and other Western countries.

    Were YOUR Professors Racist Foul-Mouths? 

    Indiana’s Stasi Prof – Silencing

    German Patriot Party Is Spot On – Target Traitor Teachers! 

    Still, a good read, and nice to read about decent young folks in the evil DDR who, unlike Mama Stasi Merkel, did not sell their souls to the red gestapo.

    Mama Stasi – Am I Unfair To Merkel?

    Hasil gambar untuk stasi erika

    Did Kim Philby Advise Merkel On Treason Skills? 

    How the Stasi operated comes across loud and clear in the ripping yarn, and it tells us much about Merkel’s flawed character that she saw nothing wrong in collaborating with the vicious secret police.


    • Trudi Goodman 08:54 on May 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      It’s not exactly my usual breakfast time but brunchtime also works. I like to read something with my coffee and toast and fried eggs and more coffee.
      That story of rescue and the unfair backlash the rescuers received from pro-communist teachers was very interesting. You are right to ask why those reds were employed in schools in West Germany. I hope they did not become school principals with more power to bully.
      Overall, happy ending for most. Not everybody would be as brave as the girls and they deserve recognition.
      How good to know that the rescued boy made good in his new life of freedom,


    • Alanna Law 12:03 on May 12, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Read it!
      Very worth reading.
      If it’s true that communist sympathising teachers were already inflitrating German schools thirty years ago, this is a useful contribution to modern history.
      It at least partially explains why so many young Germans today, when schools are crawling with far left teaching staff, emerge totally addled.


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    C’mon, Over-18 Kids! Help Screw The EU! 

    A few months ago, we appealed to readers everywhere to help us skew the EUSSR’s ridiculous and extravagant propaganda/indoctrination stunt, which they named –



    All Of You, Everywhere, Can Help Wreck This EurocRat ‘Survey!’ 


    I know for a fact that quite a few non-kids followed my example and completed the silly questionnaire, thus rendering any conclusions the Europhiliacs might draw from its results totally meaningless.

    NOW we read that they have decided to extend the deadline.


    The survey is open to children of all ages. While targeted at children and young people living in the European Union, responses from children outside the EU are also welcome. The survey will be available in at least 19 languages. It takes an average of 7 minutes to complete. No personal data is gathered.

    The survey has been developed by children’s rights experts, and tested with focus groups of children themselves. The questions are written in child-friendly language in order to especially encourage responses from under 18-year-olds.

    Schools and other bodies working with children and young people are encouraged to use the guidelines to stimulate in-depth discussions on the questions. (Guidelines coming soon.)

    DEADLINE EXTENDED! Complete the survey in your preferred language.
    Survey remains open after 21 September 2018.

    In November 2017, European Parliament President Antonio Tajani committed to host an event in the plenary of the European Parliament to take stock of the work of the European Parliament on children’s rights on an annual basis.

    Following this commitment, on 20 November 2018, the President will host the first ever plenary session attended by a delegation of children and young people. The results of the Europe Kids Want survey will form the basis for discussions at this high-level event.

    A ‘delegation?

    Selected by and from whom?

    Captain Euro and the EU’s Totalitarian Propaganda War on Kids 

    Graduates of the Captain Euro Re-Education College?


    So let’s all redouble our efforts at skewing it, and screwing the EUSSR.

    If you didn’t help wield the wrecking ball to this poisonous project, I guarantee you’ll find it educational.

    The start, when you tell them if you’re a boy or a girl or a thing, is indicative of the sick mind-set that composed the questions.

    But the give-away comes when us ‘children’ are asked what we want the EU to do for us – all sorts of choices are available, crap about ‘climate change,’ and ‘peace’ but no button to push for the one thing most of us would like to see…..





    I did it those months ago, filled in the Euroid form, and just did it again, so if you have a slack arvo or evening this week, do it a hundred times!

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    • Ernie Hutzmann 21:15 on September 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I was surprised to read the survey is about Europe but is open to non-Europeans anywhere in the world.
      All those ‘unaccompanied minors’ with their flashy mobile phones will have joined in, so I feel free to do the same, even though I’m an American in late middle age.
      You did well to unearth this expensive nonsense and let us know.
      The least we can do is help ruin its outcome by flooding it with entries they wont like.


    • Diana 21:42 on September 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I wll give myself a target of a dozen submissions today and the same again tomorrow.
      I shall also ask my friends who share my low opinion of ‘Europe’ to do the same.


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    Another Petition – Bust The College ‘Sanctuary’ Racket! 

    An excellent cause – liberating campuses from cultural marxist control – deserves support.


    This petition, from the very smart David Horowitz, a good man who grew out of the enemy ideology which characterises so many American colleges even today (in fact it’s worse today than ever!) is one step towards that desirable objective.

    Please pass it on to other patriots and this remind President Trump of yet another batch of sewage he needs to shift in his campaign to drain the swamp.

    • illegals-45735984408
    • …nearly 30 campuses have already declared themselves “sanctuaries,” with dozens more considering adopting this status in response to Donald Trump’s efforts to deport criminals who have entered the country illegally.

    It’s not just students, whose immaturity might be adduced as an excuse for their pig-ignorant conduct.

    …nearly 30 campuses have already declared themselves “sanctuaries,” with dozens more considering adopting this status in response to Donald Trump’s efforts to deport criminals who have entered the country illegally…

    Gambar terkait

    ….university officials, like Janet Napolitano (President of the University of California system) are KOWTOWING to these students, BREAKING THE LAW and putting our children IN DANGER….

    follow this link right now to sign the END SANCTUARY CAMPUSES PETITION?

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    Top Islamic ‘Scholar’ To Kids – Admire Invaders Who Occupied Palestine! 

    We can’t seem to get away from Amidhan this month, but I guess that’s because he doesn’t often give his gob a rest.


    • Amidhan-MUI-2011MUI-Indonesia


    Now he’s urging youngsters to watch a serialised tv drama about Al-Ayyubid Shalahudin  – whom we dreadful Western folk know well from our history lessons as Saladin.  


    Amidhan wants the kids to sit enthralled as Saladin strides forth and rides his stallion majestically across their tv screens.


    ..He said that the leadership of Salahuddin in the past had shown the world how powerful Islamic forces were at that time. One of the main factors was that Muslims were united and not split despite having different backgrounds. The series demonstrated how Muslims should unite to put aside differences. At that time, he said –

    Muslims were able to come together and dominate the world.


    World domination, the dream Amidhan wants to inculcate into young minds.

    Yes, it’s my translation, but I’m attaching the original Republika.com report at the bottom of my page so sceptics can see for themselves that I’ve not distorted Amidhan’s nostalgic paean to an era of Islamic imperialism.


    I’ve never seen that Islamic warlord Saladin portrayed ( in ‘infidel’ Western films, BTW) as anything other than a decent gent, but it remains true that his cause was far from just.


    jerusalem Jerusalem in days of old

    Jerusalem, and Palestine as a whole, were for centuries part of the Roman, later Byzantine, Empire, and its people were overwhelmingly Jews and Christians – and pagans, worshipping Jupiter etc.

    They did not suddenly convert to Islam. The Muslim conquest of the area was an act of brazen sectarian imperialism.

    That’s why I tend to find criticism of Israel as some sort of colonialist occupation state so ludicrous. The post-war Jewish settlers merely took away from the Arabs what the Arabs had taken from the people who’d lived there for ages under Rome and Constantinople. 

    It is tempting to review the UK report on the English moron who wanted to ban England’s St. George’s flag   – Radstock Rocks – Total Victory for England’s Flag!  – because it resembled Crusader banners. A subservient mentality, exactly the opposite to Amidhan’s triumphalism.

    By rights, looking at the facts of history, the Crusaders were a liberation army. They succeeded in pushing out the Saracens for a while from the lands those Saracens had seized by force of arms, but then they lost to Saladin’s determination and strategic skills.  

    In modern times, Saladin’s heirs have similarly lost out to the Israelis – again and again.

    Europe and Islam Islamc conquests


    So serious students of history should be aware that there was no question of Islamic incursions into Palestine, nor, later, Europe, being exercises in peaceful persuasion. Their armed aggression is a matter of record, and only heroic resistance by valiants in Iberia and on the Danube saved all our countries from such jihadist expansionism.


    Had Saladin, and those who came after him, indeed, as Amidhan fondly puts it ‘dominated the world,‘ London might well be full of drabs in burkas, its citizens ordered to comply with shariah law.


    Another nogo area in Londonistan




    Dia mengatakan, kepemimpinan Salahuddin pada masa lalu telah menunjukkan kepada dunia betapa dahsyatnya kekuatan Islam saat itu. Salah satu faktor utamanya adalah umat Muslim bisa bersatu dan tidak tercerai berai kendati memiliki latar belakang berbeda-beda. Lewat serial itu ditunjukkan bagaimana seharusnya umat Islam bersatu dengan mengesampingkan perbedaan-perbedaan.
    Pada saat itu, kata dia, umat Islam dapat bersatu dan menguasai dunia. MUI: Salahuddin Al-ayyubi Bisa Satukan Umat Islam …

    • JazPen 09:49 on June 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Good morning, Ross, I have been too busy to comment a lot but youre off to a good start today.

      I agree with you completely. We used to have lots of films about Richard the Lionheart V Saladin and I don’t know how accurate they were but Saladin was always a noble opponent, no propaganda style to them about how all western countries should now unite and get Christian domination of the world.

      The more of Amidhan’s speeches I read, the more I think he needs to take a break, lie down in a cool shady room and relax with a long drink.


    • Erina 11:47 on June 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Amazing Amidhan, he is not can be happy to see the children just enjoy the Shalahuddin action series, except it must make it all about global caliphate.
      President Joko Widodo talks about Pluralism, MUI about Domination.
      So who will Indonesia follow?


    • syari 11:37 on July 1, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      His MUI friend Al Khaththath talks also about old wars, still angry that Philipines is Catholic not Muslim. Religion of Peace.


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    South Australia ‘Powerless’ To Curb Sectarian Sexism? Just Shut the Dump Down! 

    At the Islamic College of South Australia, parents and pupils alike are demanding the school board be sacked.

    These protestors are obviously the kind of decent Muslims that Australia should be able to regard as honourable, loyal citizens.


    • ==========
    • Protest outside an Islamic School in South Australia
    • =============
    • And that’s more than can be said for the rabid ratbags running the place, if reports are true that they’ve scrapped the singing of the national anthem, banned the playing of the piano on the grounds it is evil and stopped boys and girls sharing corridors….

    That’s a grisly blend of treason, moronism and sexism, and another report (from ABC, no less!) telling us that members of the opposite sex who speak to each other are sternly chastised … –  http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-05-07/islamic-schools-in-midst-of-leadership-crisis/6453482 – …makes it very clear that the primitives in control of this cess-pit ‘school’ are enemies of everything that normal Australians take for granted.

    And one of the bigot bullies in charge is threatening reprisals against pupils who joined the protests. “We were disturbed that some parents actively encouraged their children to participate in the protest,” the statement said in relation to previous action. Those engaging in this will face disciplinary action.”  https://au.news.yahoo.com/sa/a/27955106/sa-govt-cant-act-on-islamic-school/





    What’s most outrageous is that this isn’t the only such ‘school’ to be causing concern, that Australian tax-payers cough up 40 million per annum to fund them, and that, despite this indefensible largesse to overtly sectarian indoctrination centres, the South Australian State Government says it’s got no powers to intervene.

    Intervention is hardly enough- they should be shut down and all students given places at decent schools where boys and girls mix freely, where music is played a lot of the time, and where it’s made plain that loyalty to Queen and Country is the ONLY allegiance that will be tolerated. 

    • Bob 13:56 on May 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Withdraw All funding to these schools, if they want it Their way – Let THEM Pay For it ! – Do NOT Put any more of My Tax money into these Useless Schools !


    • Malcolm 07:44 on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Agree with Bob.
      If they think they are too good for our schools, let them pay their own way – OUT!


    • uncle oz 09:05 on May 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      What a mess!
      Why is our money wasted like this and why don’y they f— off to their own country if they do not want their kids to grow up Australian?
      Makes me so angry.
      Thanks Ross. Keep up the good work!


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    UK Youth — As Progammed As Pablov’s Dogs? Think Again, EUSSR! 

    • brainwasheussr
    • “Younger Britons clearly favour a continuing UK relationship with the European Union”

    In other words, older people, not old, just older, are capable of changing their minds…logically, therefore, younger people can too. And indoctrination becomes fragile when confronted daily with realities.


    Several generations of Russians were subjected to total immersion in Communist lies, but emerged hungry for freedom. Red China and North Korea too have spent decades, millions, on brain-washing their young.

    But still those marxist regimes abhor the very idea of giving those people a chance to vote. People aren’t robots. Their masters know they would vote for freedom, despite the poison they’ve been fed.

    And Brussels – despite its most shameless endeavours…


    Filmed at an Education Show in Birmingham – a trade fair for teachers – it interviews Judith Schilling, who is manning the Commission stand wearing a blue shirt bearing the EU’s star. She says: “We are here to offer to the teachers the resources produced by the European Commission’s office in London but also the ones we are being given by the directorates general in Brussels and Luxembourg.

    “Because everybody has now picked up the idea that we will never succeed in convincing people about the value of being a member of the European Union if we do not start early enough with the young people, before they form prejudices and are misinformed by other sources.”

    Tory MEP Emma McClarkin said: “This looks like a licence to force-feed pupils a very one-sided, starry-eyed version of what the EU is and does for its people. We fear it will be a carte blanche to push the federalist agenda that is so close to the hearts of the Eurocrats.”

    …, has only had limited success. Looks like 40% proved resistant to the Euro-toxin!

    …59 percent of British Millennials favour the UK remaining in the EU, while 49 percent of those ages 50 and above want to leave.

    But here’s the piece de resistance-

    British Millennials buy into the idealistic goals that led to the creation of the European Economic Community in 1957.


    I address that ‘Get Real’ not to the gullible who believe such guff, but to the writer of the article,Bruce Stokes, Global Economic Attitudes at the Pew Research Centre.

    How he could even assert such asinine nonsense!  The EEC was not created for ‘idealistic goals’ but as a deliberate  deception conning people and politicians galore into the foundation of a Fourth Reich, a EuroFederast dream dating back at least to the Nazi Spaak, and the Vichy collaborator Schumann. 





    Spaak, Schumann, their record is known, their notoriety engraved on the pages of European history, despite all the Brussels bums’ attempts to air-brush their shameful conduct out of the annals.

    Spaak declared in 1937 that ‘the hour of Belgian national socialism has come.’” (John Laughland, The Tainted Source)
    Schumann  of course actually voted dictatorial powers to the collaborationist Vichy regime, served in its government and was charged with collaboration at the end of the war, escaping punishment only due to De Gaulle’s intervention.

    We’ve linked to this video before, and don’t hesitate to offer it again.




    His statement is almost as bizarre as the claim that Churchill wanted Britain in a U.S.E! 


    But get real to the younger voters too, of whom only 48 percent see the EU as inefficient and just 47 percent think it is intrusive. 

    They must be near-sighted.

    Happily, the youth vote comprises only 26% of the electorate, and they don’t tend to vote as readily as their elders. And they’ll get more thoughtful as they age!

    But no point in ignoring them. 

    There’s a lot of evil been done in the schools and colleges.

    Goebbels Would Applaud! – EUSSR Uses Brit Taxes to Indoctrinate Brit Kids! 

    Needs undone!


    • Edward Spalton 22:42 on February 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      For about 8 years I have been speaking in sixth form debates against the European Movement, as part of the CIVITAS programme . CIVITAS provides balanced information on the EU and the debates come after the pupils have had a chance to study it. For six years it seemed easy. Not only did I win debates but by landslide majorities. Two years ago things changed. I lost a debate to,a Lib Dem MEP who really did not have to work very hard. Instead of looking at the issues, he told them that the EU was like a family, not perfect but they would feel very lonely without it. He said the usual things about opportunities for study etc. It was like a bed time story and he ended with ” one day one of you could be president of Europe” he really did! And it worked.

      It is a legal requirement under sections 406 and 407 of the Education Act 1996 that schools should not engage in political propaganda. If anyone has hard information that this is actually occurring, please contact me through the website of the Campaign for an Independent Britain


      Colleagues and I know of much EU-produced propaganda for schools but evidence of its actually being used in schools is harder to come by. We have recently completed a study on the national curriculum for history and hope to publish shortly. Although it does not overtly include pro EU propaganda, it makes worrying reading because of its PC Multiculti basis and the abandonment of teaching our national story in sequence.

      I hope we may hear from people who are able to take a constructive part in this, rather than just getting indignant


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    My Poor Sick Ontario! Brain-Washing in Belleville! 

    Many’s the time  I start a post on some Canadian topic with a fond reminiscence of my boyhood on the farm, or in the market-town nearby Grandma’s 150 acres.  

    K29-1416321 - © - Don Johnston

    Enjoying childhood in a rural or small-town area of North America in the 1950s is probably about the nearest thing to Heaven that any human being currently alive has experienced.

    But with almost equal regularity, one of my Canadian readers will advise me  -as if I didn’t know –  that the Ontario I knew and loved is not the Ontario that’s there today.

    • Ontario-flag-contour
    • Well, here we go again. 


    A poster campaign by an Ontario public school board advises its 15,000-or-so students that it is not appropriate for them to use words such as mother and father, husband and wife, or even Mr. and Mrs.   LifeSiteNews.comhttps://www.lifesitenews.com/news/ontario-school-board-aims-to-eliminate-non-inclusive-terms-like-husband

    The apparatchiks behind this freako anti-family campaign are not some deranged cultists but the Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board, which lurks in Belleville.

    That’s part of the Province I have never been to, way up north from where we Ulster-Scots settled, way past Toronto, past Oshawa, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

    I can only give thanks that I don’t have kids there today – though I suspect it’s not the only Ontarian district swamped by decadence. Not only my school-days, but those of my off-spring, are past.

    So this school board’s indoctrination of children into gross bad manners –   call adults by their first names rather than say “Mrs. Smith” – risks no affront to my own kin

    • But that’s the least of the Belleville brain-washers’ unpleasantries. Mother and father, husband and wife are to be banished from the youngsters’ vocabulary!.

    …students should say “parents/guardians,” “partner or spouse” 

    • political-correctness_submission
    • You can imagine the small progammed robots sat in class on Monday morning.

    ‘What did you do at the weekend, Johnny?’

    ‘I played baseball with my male guardian.’

    ‘And you, Mary?’

    ‘My female parent took me shopping.’


    Pinko readers will be in a frenzy by now, spotting my reactionary gender-diktat concept of free-time activity for, respectively, boys and girls.


    No such sexist role assignment nowadays. Baseball for boys? Shopping for girls?  Mais non!

    ‘We revised cultural marxism, Comrade Person Agatha.


    Okay, that’s me trying to have a laugh, but the reality is actually worse

    gender inclusive language” “sexual orientation and sexual identity inclusive language!”

    quotes therefrom – “inclusive language uses terms that include a range of possibilities in relationships and families,” and “language that depicts all relationships as heterosexual denies the complexity of human relationships.”  Check out their series of posters!

    Oh, man, this is rich in possibilities for satire.

    OOOPS! I’ve done it again.

    The poster on gender tells students to avoid all use of the word “man” in conjunction with other descriptors…even if the person referred to is a man!

    Yes, it is a joke, but it’s a sick joke, and those responsible should not be employed in education of youngsters.

    I’m sure there are vacancies in LGBT lap-dancing clubs that they could adapt to, no matter if they’re male or female, because both those words are apparently pick n mix – the report goes on to define “gender identity” thus an “internal sense or feeling of being male or female” that may be at odds with a person’s actual sex as determined by their chromosomes.

    One hopes parents, and every decent citizen, in Hastings County and Prince Edward County will make good use of the 2015 Public Survey …

    referndmlet peole vote

    …audaciously, their Director of Education Mandy Savery-Whiteway has said. “As the local public school board, we want to hear from community members, students, employees and families as we review our goals and priorities for the coming years.”

    But be quick – it’s only open for a few more days. Deadline February 8, 2015!

    If you miss it, here are normal (if that word is still appropriate in those counties) contact details

    Hastings & Prince Edward District School Board

    Director of Education Mandy Savery-Whiteway
    Phone: 613 966-1170
    Fax: 613 962-1048
    Email: directors.office@hpedsb.on.ca

    • Arnold 06:02 on February 5, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      There’s a lot of Canadian people still around who can remember when Canada was the wonderful, decent place you’re talking about Ross.
      We had moms and dads and called them that and we called our teachers Mr. Gretz or Miss Ralstom, two of mine I remember well, Miss Ralstom wasn’t ashamed of being a spinster, either. None of the stupid MS stuff for her..
      We might call a young uncle by his first name but we were taught to respect our elders.
      What these Bellevile (that’s not a typing error) asses are doing is a scandal. But I honestly think that normal kids brought up in normal homes will see through this brain-washing.
      Teens, maybe more than any of us, are aware of the differences between boys and girls! Nobody’s political correct program will make them believe it’s any different from what their chromosomes make it.
      Any more than birds can become bees.


  • ross1948 21:03 on January 31, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Red Teacher Smears UKIP? More Than One Lesson Here! 


    Brain-washing material exposed at Bridge Learning Campus, Bristol


    This story of attempted brain-washing at tax-payers’ expense is well enough known already, but though UKIP has quite properly lodged protests, one significant aspect has been missed by those complaining – so far as I can see.


    It may well be that the ‘teacher’ concerned is just a pig-ignoramus, unaware of UKIP’s many non-white members who have stood for parliament and are active at various levels of the party.

    If so, an apology is hardly enough – plainly the ‘teacher’ is unfit to be teaching politics or civics or modern studies or whatever it was called. What’s needed is removal of the moron to some subject like woodwork, where he or she can make wicker-men..



    in the shape of Nigel Farage, no doubt!  

    Mark Davies, chief executive of the school, said: “It was a mistake for UKIP to have been listed along with the other groups, and I have apologised to the party for its inclusion. The reference has been removed from the slide and the teacher concerned has apologised and we have taken steps to ensure it will not reappear in future.” : http://www.bathchronicle.co.uk/Regional-news-Apology-teacher-listed-UKIP-racist/story-25948580-detail/story.html




    One doesn’t accidentally insert ‘UKIP’ into a slide!

    Much more likely the ‘teacher’ ( declared by the head to have several years’ experience) is one of those pinko ratbags who infest education in the UK there days.

    He or she should be fired.


    kazah featherstone ‘Head Teacher’ Featherstone


    Or if not, as is probable, given Head Teacher Kaziah Featherstone’s feeble response (see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2932868/School-forced-apologise-hundreds-pupils-shown-slide-listed-Ukip-alongside-BNP-National-racist-group.html ) the good-for-nothing should be publicly identified.

    That way, concerned parents can warn their kids to beware of attempted brain-washing exercises and check on what ‘lessons’ are being foisted on them by cultural marxist undesirables.


    But that’s not the point I want to raise.

    If ‘teachers’ are now taking it upon themselves to advise pupils which ‘extremist’ movements to be wary of, then where are the slides illustrating the hate-mongers of the Left? The Communist Party (all three versions) the Socialist Workers’ Party, the Workers’ Revolutionary Party, Unite Against Fascism…


    …some of those are probably now defunct, or have acquired new names since I lived and worked in Britain.

    But the marxist maggots are still around, propagating their insidious doctrines of class-hatred.

    I’ll bet there isn’t one such admonitory slide in any school.

    Largely because so many ‘teachers’ are members or fellow-travellers in one or other of those subversive organisations.

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    Another UK Gaystapo Victim, Courtesy of Tory Grayling! 

    Another gaystapo victim in the UK, this time a JUDGE, no less, or at least the UK equivalent, who dares to put the welfare of kids before the decadent ideology espoused by the ruling elite.
    Richard Page is a JP ( Justice of the Peace)
    In Britain, these people handle minor, but many, cases of petty crime as well as other matters. And he’s been sentenced to ‘re-education’ (yes, just like the reds in Vietnam did to their defeated opponents after 1975!)
    When a pair of queers were trying to adopt a defenceless child, he had the temerity to dispute a ‘social’-worker’s recommendation.
    Page raised some questions in private with the other judges, including that I thought that because a baby comes from a man and a woman it made me think the child would be better off with a father and a mother than with single-sex parents. “
    Image Page
    Page was of course expressing his views as a Christian but it’s also common sense…no?
    “The other judges didn’t agree at all.” 
    Not only did they not agree, they ratted him out. He was then condemned by the country’s highest legal authorities, suspended, and subjected to a day-long re-education session! 
    And believe it or not, a senior Conservative Cabinet Minister, with a ludicrous reputation in some quarters as a ‘rightwinger,’ was up to his neck in this shameful witch-hunt.
    After the pinko creeps informed on him for holding Christian beliefs, a review committee sought to have him fired from his JP position.
    . “They said I had to open my mind. But I think when you order someone to open their mind, then you are the one with a closed mind.”
     Grayling-Justice Grayling
    However, instead of dismissal, the Lord Chancellor, Tory ‘right-winger’ Chris Grayling (with agreement from Chief Justice John Thomas) ‘reprimanded‘ the dissenter. 
    That’s when the day of ‘re-education,’ for his ‘serious misconduct‘ was imposed.
    Page takes a jaundiced view of the totalitarian experience –  “it was quite interesting,” he said. “Rather like what you used to hear about Communist countries, all about equity and diversity.”
    But he’s ready to fight back against the degradation of decent values of which Grayling is guilty. He talks of fighting it all the way to the European Court.
    I admire his honourable and courageous stand. But I fear he’ll get little support from any court in the EUSSR.
    Britannia sad
    Until decadents like Grayling and that Lord Chief Justice and those simpering little pinko regime rat-finks are turfed out in disgrace by an angry populace, Britannia will weep and weep for the greatness which once she symbolised.
    • Connie 14:22 on January 30, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      So many of these ‘conservatives’ pose as real conservatives then we find out, in this case thanks to you, that they are thick as thieves with the enemies of every conservative value.
      Grayling is just another bad actor in Cameron’s puppet show.


  • ross1948 23:14 on January 23, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , African bishops, , Hitler Youth, indoctrination, neocolonialism, ,   

    Media Shun Pope’s Gaystapo Warning! 

    After he seemed to condone intolerance earlier this month, with his simplistic comparison of being rude to someone’s mum and challenging sectarian ideology, it’s nice to have a word of praise for the Pope. 


    • pope-
    • Interestingly, his latest and very laudable words have been censored by the pro-queer media (and that means just about ALL the media – how many newspapers even put inverted commas around ‘gay’)
    • —-
    • liberal-media-bias

    Funny how so many journo jerks trumpeted his words on the  ‘Islamophobia’ issue, but now seek to shun his warning on the gaystapo menace.

    However LSN nevers lets us down.

    Pope Francis lamented the Western practice of imposing a homosexual agenda on other nations through foreign aid, which he called a form of “ideological colonization” and compared to the Nazi propaganda machine.

    • gaystapo
    • He gave a shocking example of degenerate Western donors who tied school construction loans to indoctrination of the school-kids with  “gender theory” cr@p!
    • neocolonialism
    • “This is ideological colonization. They enter with an idea that has nothing to do with the people; but with groups of people yes, but not with the people. It colonizes the people…’

    Great stuff, Pope – but how many of his flock will hear of it, with the biased media self-censorship?

    And there’s little likelihood of that media in-crowd know of THIS comparison he made. which makes MUCH more sense than the silly ‘mummy-punch’ one.

    • gayhitler
    • This ideological colonization “is not new, the dictators of the last century did the same,” Francis said. “They came with their own doctrine. Think of the BalilLa (The Fascist Youth under Mussolini), think of the Hitler youth.”

    Mind you, Francis himself chose to be somewhat circumlocutory.

    He did not make specific reference to pervert marriage but eliptically referred to his African bishops’ concerns.

    Those African Catholics, like African Christians in general, usually have a much better grasp of decent values than their Anglo-Saxon counterparts -the bishops in this instance made clear the problem, during a recent synod.

    the final document, or Relatio Synodi, which said it is “totally unacceptable” that “some pastors of the Church suffer pressure from international bodies who make financial aid to poor countries conditional upon the acceptance of ‘marriage’ between persons of the same sex.”

    No room for doubt – no wonder the tame media are avoiding this news like the plague.

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