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  • ross1948 22:52 on March 19, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Ingrate Afghans Play Erdogan Extortion Card! 

    How many brave men and women in NATO armed forces have lost their lives in Afghanistan?



    Offhand, I don’t know, but I’m rapidly reaching the conclusion that even one was one too many, given the disgraceful ingratitude currently on display in Kabul.

    Today, German and Afghan officials are negotiating an agreement that could see thousands of Afghans return to the country on either chartered or commercial flights from across Europe over the next few months.

    So far so good?



    Germany wants to begin sending Afghans back immediately, officials here say. The Afghan government has insisted Germany provide Afghanistan with more economic aid to absorb the influx.

    AHA! Influx?

    Migrants entering Europe are an influx.

    Migrants going home is…what, an outflux?

    It certainly should not be turned into an excuse for extortion.

     Naturally, the Washington Post focuses on one Afghan man who claims to have genuine cause to fear the satanic Taliban. But even he appears to admit that he only preferred Germany to America because it was a softer touch.

    Naturally, the Washington Post ignores the vile scum we’ve reported on in numerous posts in recent months.

    Afghan Pig Rapes Pensioner – Police Cover-Up ‘Sensitive’ Crime! 

    Poor Little ‘Asylum Kids?’ Savage Brats At War in Austria! 

    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm

    Wrist-Slap for Rape-Refugee? Judge Needs Dismissal, NOT ‘Protection!’ 

    ‘Asylum?’ Alien Sex-Predators Held After Resisting Arrest! 

    And that’s only those mentioned in our little blog!

    Small wonder that even the pro-crimmigrant German government reckons half the Afghans they’ve got there are going to have their ‘asylum’ claims rejected. In other words, they are phoney ‘refugees,’ as many of us have warned would be the case.

    But what’s going on behind the scenes?

    Consider this blatant assertion of the greed and arrogance characterising the Afghan regime…

    “They want to expel by force the Afghan refugees whose cases have been rejected,” said Islamuddin Jurat, spokesman for Afghanistan’s Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation.


    Who the HELL does this Jurat jerk think he is?

    The Afghan government won’t accept this!?!?

    Afghanistan won’t take back Afghans?

    A beggar regime, whose throats would be cut by Taliban daggers tomorrow if the West pulled the plug, has the audacity to tell those who have paid a fortune in blood and treasure to put them in power, and keep them there, now tells its benefactors what theyll condescend to accept?

    Jurat and his clique should be slapped down hard and fast. But instead, it looks likely to be rewarded with typical Merkel appeasement. 

    …the details of the negotiations between Germany and Afghanistan have not yet been made public.

    Heck!  Merkel made sure the Turks are to get SIX BILLION for controlling their own borders – what’s the going rate for Afghan DaneGeld?


    • Jan 10:20 on March 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply

      The Afghanis must be the worst. I’m sending you the link to another story, an Afghan child-molestor. I know there are so many but this one is disgusting. I hope you will use it and keep getting the truth out about these animals.
      You do a great job and we must all fight back against what Merkel and her allies are doing.
      I pray for more real leaders like Victor Orban. Hungary is blessed to have him..


  • ross1948 23:35 on February 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    O Canada! Ingrate ‘Refugees’ Cause ‘Tough Conversations!’ 

    If only!

    I haven’t written much about Canada recently – the horror of another member of the Turdo Dynasty enthroned in Ottawa has deterred me from close scrutiny of what’s going on there.


    • devil_by_lucasgraciano-d5agjlm



    • But tonight I read that all too many of Canada’s influx of ‘refugees’ – aka ingrate immigrants – are refusing housing, even though they may be given more than one choice of home.
    • Incredible!

    A variety of excuses are offered. .

    ‘They’d like to stick together’

    So they come to Canada and don’t want to be housed among Canadians?

    Well, if they insist on living cheek-by-jowl with Syrians, there’s a country called Syria.

    Or if not Syria, plenty of Arabic -speaking countries, with pots of money and lots of space, like Saudi, where they could go.



    Or is it true that the Saudis don’t want them?

    ...Syrian migrants are only allowed in with either a work permit or a tourist visa, and those are only given after a very thorough vetting process. Some lucky migrants have been granted extended stays in Saudi Arabia…but very few of them will receive the kind of residency and benefits they’ll find in Western Europe. 
    Why Isn’t Saudi Arabia Taking In Any Refugees?

    Another common whine is apparently that there’s no mosque near enough to suit them!


    When my great3-grandfather arrived from Ulster in the 1830s, there were NO churches in the Ontario woods.

    He and this fellow-pioneers had to get together and build one for themselves.



    Which reminds me, they also had to build their own houses, having chopped down enough trees to clear a space suitable for building on.

    So pardon me if I fail to empathise with Carl Nicholson, of the Catholic Centre for Immigrants, when he bemoans these refugees’ ingratitude  – he won’t use that word, of course – saying their demands have led to some tough conversations.        Some refugees turning down housing options in Ottawa, centre says

    Somebody should have had tough conversations with them before they came all the way to Canada, to explain that beggars can’t be choosers!

    Anyone who gets allowed into the Dominion should be grateful for that privilege and if they can’t be content with what’s on offer, they should bloody well hang in there, back in the ‘refugee’ camp.

    Let some other folks take their place in the queue they’ve managed to jump due to their alleged, and plainly bogus, ‘desperation.’.

  • ross1948 23:21 on January 26, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Ingrate Arrogant Asylum Pig! 

    Who do these scum think they are?



  • ross1948 10:02 on December 24, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Somalia's Intolerant Ingrates – Not A Penny More In Foreign Aid! 

    Attention all you UK, US and probably Aussie and Canadian tax-payers!

    .Somalia To Receive $2.4 Billion In Aid From Global Donors


    Christmas or New Year’s celebrations “could damage the faith of the Muslim community,” Mohamed Khayrow, director general of Somalia’s Ministry of Religious Affairs, said at a news conference, according to Somali news media. “All security forces are advised to halt or dissolve any gatherings. There should be no activity at all.’’   https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2015/12/23/somalia-banned-christmas-and-new-years-even-though-it-celebrates-neither-heres-why/



    “We [Islamic scholars] are warning against the celebration of such events, which are not relevant to the principles of our religion,” said Sheik Nur Barud Gurhan, deputy chairman of the Supreme Religious Council of Somalia.

    Not relevant to HIS religion! What about other people’s?

    These arrogant bigots are lousy hosts, devoid of gratitude to those who are there to help them.

     Although there are almost no native Christians in Somalia, the country hosts more than 22,000 peacekeepers as part of an African Union mission, and many of them are Christian..

    Last year, savages murdered peace-keepers during Christmas celebrations in Somalia.

    …gunmen belonging to the Somali terrorist group al-Shabab attacked a Christmas party at an African Union military base in Mogadishu, killing at least three peacekeepers and a civilian. One of the dead was retired American Delta Force member Brett Fredricks, who was in Mogadishu to train a unit of Ugandan troops.

    This year that ignorant oaf Khayrow would do better to show up at celebrations, denounce sectarian hatred of religous liberty and declare that his country supports the right of anyone, citizen or honoured guest, to worship as they please.

    Somalia To Receive $2.4 Billion In Aid From Global Donors



    In the absence of any commitment on the part of Somalia to adopt civilised values, the West should stop all further largesse reaching the greedily out-stretched hands of this ungrateful beggar-nation. 

    • Tom USA 15:15 on December 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Diversity for thee but not for me.
      I have long pondered something like a religious reciprocity principle that denies tolerance to religions that don’t offer it.
      Almost impossible to implement, though


  • ross1948 12:09 on December 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    International Migrants’ Day? Time To Turn The Tide! 


    Good news sometimes comes in the weirdest form!


    Croatia Yeah, right!


    • The sheer arrogance of the so-called ‘refugees’ who have inundated European countries in search of welfare benefits (and that’s the ‘nice’ ones – the others are bent on rape and murder, like their ISIS comrades) just goes on and on!
    • ============================
    • —————–
    • But hope springs eternal!

    Refugees: ‘Austria isn’t what we expected’
    An increasing number of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo are returning to their countries, saying that they had expected better care and a shorter asylum process in Austria.





    ‘The Notion That All Immigrants Feel Gratitude? Something of a Myth!’ 


    What damnable ingrates!

    If they don’t appreciate the largesse lavished on them, and imagine they have the right to jump the queue, of course they should go home… 

    Or anywhere that’s daft enough to up the ante and put them up in posh hotels…

    Amblehurst Hotel

    Officials acting for the Home Office sent the migrants to book in at the suburban 50 bedroom Amblehurst Hotel while their claims to stay in the UK are dealt with.


    They’ll be on their way to Merry England, where Cur Cameron seems quite happy to do just that!

    Guilty Conscience? Home Office Hiding Crimmigrant Costs! 

    Hasil gambar untuk international migrants daysod that



    • Kenneth Coles 13:02 on December 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Bloody brilliant! It riles me that they would even have a special day for that lot.
      I remember Vietnamese refugees, and the East Europeans before them, all or mostly happy to become Australian.
      Now we get these stinkers who point-blank refuse to leave their filthy FGM and child marriage customs behind when they move to countries where they’re expected to live like human beings and not animals.
      And now they betray us and join ISIS?
      You are right, put them down or put them out.


  • ross1948 19:35 on November 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Plague-Dog Parasites? The Pole Told The Truth! 

    Hey-ho, another Monday evening, just scoffed a plateful of pork and potatoes, gotta get ready to watch this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.


    • walkingdrick Rick knows how to handle malign migrants
    • ——————————
    • Remember the shrilling about ‘fear and xenophobia’ that gushed out of the pinko media when Poland’s Kaczyinskyi warned his people fellow-citizens that Brussels was putting Poles at risk of “diseases” brought by Syrian refugees under an EU relocation programme?    https://euobserver.com/political/130840


    •  Kaczynski

    The UK left-lib hacks echoed EU Observer’s shrilling, as if the Pole’s perfectly sensible observation, that “migrants carry very dangerous diseases, was some kind of ‘hate-speech.   Fear and xenophobia poison Polish polls

    You’d have thought the Guardian was on the verge of a heart-attack!


    • Rabid-Dog-for-OS Sadly, real migrant curs aren’t caged!


    Well, now we know, and the curs are a lot worse than Mr. K said.

    It’s not just medical conditions, physical illnesses, but the warped, rapacious mentality evinced by these so-called ‘refugees.’ 

    The ungrateful parasites’ behaviour is downright sickening.

    If you missed it, here’s the story, from a Germany fast awakening to Mama Stasi Merkel’s malevolent design- -.  Doctor claims refugees have pushed German hospitals to breaking point | Daily Express

    My point being, never trust the left-lib media!

    The West is under attack – those media swine are enemy agents.

    • Larry O 04:37 on November 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Of course that Polish man was telling the truth. Britain has suffered a heavy cost because of these kinds of people, for years, health service has to cope with babies born damaged because of first-cousin mating, loads of over-sexed pigs claiming benefits for polygamic wives.
      Any country lets them in will pay a heavy price.


  • ross1948 21:20 on October 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    If You Still Think They’re ‘Refugees,’ Just Watch This Video! 

    One swine’s demanding money for cigarettes! 

    Another complains they’re feeding him spaghetti!

    Yet another pig-ignoramus says his free rations are fit for a dog…or a woman!

    Europe is ‘cold!’ And the internet is ‘slow!’

    And the rotten lying media keep telling us these ‘poor’ people are ‘refugees from war and persecution?’

    They are ungrateful, arrogant, undesirable aliens.

    Let the SOBs speak for themselves!

    Then start agitating.

    Share this info with everyone you know!

    Make your politicians KICK THE B–TARDS OUT!


  • ross1948 18:44 on September 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    The New Lucky Country? Finland – Ingrate Aliens Don’t Like it! 

    “You can tell the world I hate Finland. It’s too cold, there’s no tea, no restaurants, no bars, nobody on the streets, only cars!”

    Aaah, yes…must be one of what the BBC and Euronews call ‘desperate refugees fleeing misery for a better life‘ in countries they’ve no right to enter.

    Yup, sure enough, the words came from a sleazy young swine named Mohammed. One does wish those Hungarian border forces might have used live ammunition instead of water-cannon, doesn’t one?

    The quote is from a report headlined… 


    Finnish-flag The Lucky Country?


    …’Finland’s no good’: Disappointed migrants turn back.’

    But while this is obviously good news for the Finns, the reasons set out so tiresomely by Moaning Mohammed are a load of lies, as one expects from these crimmigrants, of course.

     Finland is quite cold, but no more so than Sweden, which is infested with alien garbage. . Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get Green Light in Sweden  

    Contrary to crimmigrant claims that it’s too cold and boring, my visit there, some years ago, admittedly, comprised a huge amount of merriment, singing, bounding from sauna cabins into the Baltic Sea ( I was mostly in Turku, the second largest city, but everyone spilt out to the coast at weekends, where they congregate in their cabins, roast pork sausages, keep bottles chilled in the icy waters nearby) plus fishing, boating, running a marathon…

    Finland is FUN….


    Sauna cabin by the Baltic – nearly all Finns spend their weekends by the sea

    …and NEVER boring!

    There were plenty of bars and restos, there were people on the streets (maybe fewer nowadays, for fear of being mugged by illegals) and tea was available, though I preferred their excellent vodka and even better beer.


    • ingrate
    • ————————-
    • Mohammed is just am obnoxious little pig, and deserves a boot on his ingrate ass to speed him on his way to imbecilic Sweden, which will, as usual, no doubt be delighted to top up its enormous minority of savages.

    But as we read on, we see further encouraging news!


    The Finns I met back then were great, friendly, hospitable, patriotic, probably among the growing number today who have made the Finns Party, which takes a sensible view on such matters, being populist ( generally meaning responsive to democratic aspirations) the second-biggest political party.

    So there’s a clue how to avoid pest-infestation.


    • RAT-facebook
    • Make pests unwelcome. 



  • ross1948 22:58 on September 17, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Croatia’s Come-Uppance – Cops Crumble Before Amok Ingrates! 

    Contempt is the only emotion one can feel for Croatia tonight.

    Just got home to see the Croat cops crumble like cream- crackers, in the face of an amok-run by filthy savages who respect neither the laws of the European nations they clearly despise, nor the laws of hospitality acknowledged by most people anywhere.


    • Savages-poster
    • ———————
    • It was last night the craven Croatian Government subverted Hungary’s brave stand for sovereignty, by inviting the bludger rabble to by-pass Magyar resistance, much like that slimy Greek traitor who led the Persians to a detour which betrayed the 300 Spartan heroes.


    Outnumbered, yes, but why didn’t the Croats open fire?


    • Yet now the clowns in Zagreb get what from the alien ingrates?
    • keep-calm-and-shove-it-up-your-ass
    • ==========
    • Two fingers, as they sweep past the wretched Croat cops, breaking through police lines, according to euronews this very minute, treating Croatian law enforcement with the contempt they deserve, if they obey their leftist local establishment instead of doing their duty.


    • shoot terrs
    • ———————-

    ‘Square up?’ Bend over, more like!

    They failed.

    • Grant 09:10 on September 18, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Croatia got what it asked for, a ‘surge,’ of violent people with nothing to commend them as immigrants but a lot to convince on-lookers that they are criminals who will never make good citizens. You ask the right questions.
      What kind of country’s border security lets itself be over-run without using every weapon it can lay its hands on.
      Great blogging, mate, keep it up. We need ten thousand like you.


  • ross1948 07:33 on September 14, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Evil Racist Danes Exposed! ‘“They’re Thinking More About Protecting Their Own!” 

    Danish anti-migrant ads get hostile reception in Lebanon


    The ads first appeared in the Assafir, Annahar, and Daily Star newspapers on Monday (7 September).

    • danish antimigrant ad


    • As you can see, it’s a clear, practical, factual advert, which simply advises all concerned that the gradually awakening Danes have “decided to tighten regulations concerning refugees.”
    • It points out that there’s now a 5-year wait for permanent residence, which is altogether too generous in my view, but okay.
    • It also announces the wise step of making the welfare trough shallower for wannabe snouts up to 50 percent less welfare than before…
    • .
    • a22ee-snoutsintrough
    • .
    • and that the many so-called ‘asylum’ seekers caught out as bogus will be deported faster than previously.
    • The ads were also published on Danish government websites in 10 languages, circulated on social media, and put on the walls of asylum centres in Denmark.

    I don’t know why any country needs an ‘Integration Minister.’

    It’s surely up to anyone who migrates permanently to another country to integrate themselves diligently into that country and dump alien ways in the nearest trash can when they pack their bags…




    …but the Danes have such a minister, named Inger Stoejberg, and she seems quite smart.

    She noted the figure ( for the ads) is the same as the cost, for one year, of hosting a refugee. Given the expectation that some people will decide not to go to Denmark after reading the ads, she described them as “good business”.

    But now we get to the media bias bit, inevitably.

    …whatever financial benefit the ads may bring, they come at a cost to Denmark’s reputation.

    Mona, a 40-year old Lebanese woman, told EUobserver: “They [the Danes] are thinking more about the situation in the next 10 years, from the point of view of protecting their own citizens….

    Well, God damn those Dirty Danes. ISIS will be after them tout suite, just as bad as the ‘Filthy French!’

    Solidarite Avec Les Filthy French! 

    How DARE they think more about their own countrymen and women than their ‘humanitarian‘ duty, rather than doing a Mama Merkel and inviting every waster in that wants a welfare wallow!




    Possibly because that’s the Danish Government’s responsibility, to look after Danes?

     Another arrogant Arab – Imad, 42 – displayed presumptuous disdain for the sovereignty of Denmark – and every civilised nation- when he loftily observed “They cannot stop the refugees...”

    • warning-illegal-alien-invasion

    Oh yes they can, you toe-rag!

    It’s THEIR country, not yours. The insolent swine added that “this is meant to intimidate them psychologically.”

    No, it’s a statement of fact!

    Ingrates like you, Imad, and arrogants like you, Mona, are not welcome. You think you have a God-given right to storm into anywhere your greed takes you.

    Unfortunately, the ads probably won’t suffice to deter bludgers. That’s why we need to keep up our protests against allowing undesirable aliens, like those two, and all the other economic migrants, into Europe.


    referndmlet peole vote


     If political elites betray us, people power is the answer – referendum, or revolution.

    And just in case anyone thinks these upstarts want to ‘migrate’ because they like Western countries, here’s another nasty little brute, 

    Hussein, 23  EU governments are letting in refugees because they feel guilty for their own “policies in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, etc.”   https://euobserver.com/foreign/130139

    No, Hussein, Brussels is letting your lot in because Brussels cares nothing for European nations.

    If national identities are subverted by the implantation of countless ‘enemies within,’ like you, Hussein, all the easier for the cultural marxist agenda to be advanced, supranational rule over a stricken continent.

    Oh, and there are plenty of enemies within already. The usual suspects have been busily launching a Facebook jihad against their own country, entitled –



    “We welcome you to Denmark!”  

    Around 25,000 jerks already on board.


    Next-door neighbour Norway hanged Vidkun Quisling for that sort of thing. 




    • Irene 14:36 on September 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      That Moaning Mona really lays it all out for everyone to see, the way she expects the government in Copenhagen to put her so-called ‘refugees’ above the welfare of the Danish people.

      Where do these Arabs get the idea that everyone owes them, when they contribute nothing except oil. The Arabs have money to burn and can build enough condominiums on all that empty Saudi land to house every single one of the ‘refugees’ in luxury.

      When will the bleeding hearts get it? Jusy as you have been saying, once the ‘refugee’ is in a safe country, rich or poor, he has no right to keep travelling on country-shopping sprees.
      We don’t want them, it’s simple as that.


    • Lina 22:41 on October 3, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The only think I have to say is that if every country cared for their people as Denmark does for Danes and if all the people cared for their country as Danes do for Denmark then MAYBE nobody would have to move anywhere. Vacation or work could be a reason for going to another country but not because you felt betrayed by the people who are supposed to take care of you. I am a migrant to Denmark and I respect the Danes for this mindset. No one should feel ashamed for being proud to be Dane/American/Chinese/German/Greek/Polish/African or whatever nor feeling or be pointed as a racist if he does.

      But in return if you move somewhere, you have to respect that as long as you are being let to live there you are a guest, and as you would not put your feet on your friend’s coffee table do not try to do it to the country that gave you a home, a job, or even the opportunity to start a new life. Accept this hospitality with respect and gratitude and do your best to show them that you truly deserve this opportunity, show them that you mean well and be aware of the culture before you start to criticize them for what they do or how they act around you because this may well be normal in their everyday lives.


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