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  • ross1948 14:19 on February 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Where Were Sunday’s ‘British’ Thousands When Jordan’s Pilot Burned? 

    One of the few positive things to arise from the horror of last week’s Middle East news was the opportunity it gave some of us to hammer home the point that the young man so monstrously murdered by ISIS, Muath, was, like many of my friends here, a Muslim.

    He became a hero to millions.

    His martyrdom by satanic jihadists should have been a salutory lesson for some Facebook commenters who consistently use abusive words ( ‘muzzie’ being the most polite) to describe Muslims, that many, very many, Muslims share my detestation of the primitive nonsense, the sexism and intolerance we hear from too many of their clerics.

    But then, just when we were thinking that message might have got across to those that need it…

    Muslims in london-gath-008


    Thousands of British Muslims protested against cartoons of Mohammed in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo…

    The crowd marched to Downing Street holding signs reading “Charlie and the abuse factory”, “We love Prophet Muhammad more than our lives”, and “To insult is not freedom”.

    Speakers addressed the protest and held communal prayers, before representatives delivered a petition signed by over 100,000 British Muslims to Cameron’s office.


    So one Sunday morning’s jolly outing, showing open abhorrence of the freedoms Britain has long championed, showing how little they have adapted to the country that took them or their parents in, has probably undone whatever hopes might have emerged from the horror.

    And how many Britons today must be asking, as I am, where were those thousands when the video of that innocent Muslim man burnt alive was spread across the internet by the ISIS rape-gang?


    Where were they, in their self-righteous, censorious thousands?

    No thousands out on the streets condemning jihadist rape, murder, terror?

    No 100,000 signatures demanding the UK respond in the right and proper manner, as Jordanians have done, execution of terrorists already captured, extra effort put into military action against the vermin?

    ‘Revenge for Muath’: Jordan Unleashes 56 Airstrikes …

    Do those thousands on Downing Street yesterday, those hundred thousand whose names are on that petition, really lack any understanding of the Western democracy whose freedom of expression they themselves practiced yesterday?

    Do they really want to live in a country with mediaeval blasphemy laws?

    Then they are perfectly free to get the hell out of the UK and find a cosy corner in some region of the world where such nonsense prevails. 

    • Laurence Heal 14:55 on February 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      We are weak are we not


    • Marion James 01:43 on February 10, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      On this, I agree with you 100%. These people do not belong in Britain.
      They don’t belong in the modern world.


  • ross1948 19:03 on November 28, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Pinko – ‘INTERROGATE the UKIP Speakers!’ – An East Anglian Lubianka? 

    I have from time to time suggested that the dirty little louts who engage in vicious brawls on Jakarta streets, ostensibly as rival champions of their respective high schools…

    Ayo, Ahok! Tawuran Jakarta? Kick the Louts OUT! 

     …ought to be expelled and the vacated places given to deserving kids from the city’s poor community, who can’t enjoy the so-called ‘free’ education because their parents haven’t the money to buy books or uniforms.

    Today, I read that so-called ‘students’ at a UK ‘institution of higher education,’ to wit the University of East Anglia, are trying to prevent a UKIP speaker from taking part in a debate – because some of the bigoted little morons enrolled there disagree with UKIP policies. 



    It’s the Student Union that has stopped a speaker meeting going ahead tonight on their Norwich campus because UKIP had been invited. The event was organised by the Political Debating Society but a student launched a campaign to prevent UKIP from participating.
    The University said its Students’ Union had launched an “internal investigation” into whether rules had been breached by the society when they invited UKIP.   http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-London/2014/11/27/University-of-East-Anglia-Ban-UKIP-From-Speaking-On-Campus

    These undergraduate cretins issued a statement which has to be seen to be believed
    “The review will consider the potential for any decision to limit freedom of speech as per the university’s code of practice in pursuance of the 1986 Education Act; the potential for the event going ahead to cause the union to be in breach of its equal opportunities policy….



    ….the potential for the event going ahead to cause the union to fail in its wider legal duties; the potential for the event going ahead to cause reputational risk to the Union; the potential for the speaker’s presence on campus to cause fear or alarm to members of the student body; and the potential for the speakers presence on campus to give rise to breach of peace.”

    Bloody hell!

    Fear or alarm? Breach of the peace? Reputational risk?

    The fools have already harmed UAE’s reputation by their censorship bid.

    What kind of ‘student’ fears to hear ideas?



    That’s what uni is all about!

    And any breach of the peace centred on UKIP has arisen only from the nutzi UAF and similar red boot-boys (and girls) 



    Snake Cameron – Red Nazi UAF’s Founding Fan? 


    Douglas Carswell, MP, just recently elected for UKIP, is a graduate of this place and his comment sums it up: “It is sad that in 2014 there should still be people who want to ban ideas and prevent free speech. It is patronising to suggest students need protecting from UKIP, a genuinely reformist party offering us real political reform.”



    “As a former UEA student, I am looking forward to speaking at an event at the university in the New Year. I hope anyone fed up with our failed political system might come along and discuss how we can change things.”

    The bigoted little bint who started the trouble is named Timea Suli. I tried to find a photo and this appears to be she.


     No comment on Suli’s pic- I’m too much a gent!


    However, if we want to illustrate the mind-set that is suggested by involvement in this marxist censorship exercise, better perhaps to use a photo of the general category of person you’d expect to get up to this kind of nonsense.




    UEA’s Sule says  – “Our message is simple: please take your intimidating politics elsewhere. We do not believe that UEA is the appropriate venue for UKIP’s message…”

    Since when does a spoilt brat get to decide which party has the right to address students who want to hear its message?

    And this pinko creep uses language which betrays her totalitarian instincts.  She maganimously decrees that ‘she would be willing‘ to let UKIP use Norwich Town Centre so that students can “interrogate the party’s spokespersons. \


    Interrogate? That’s what secret police do. The KGB, NKVD, OGPU – East Germany’s Stasi, Communist Hungary’s AVO.

    In a free country, Timea – and admittedly the UK may not be the object of your allegiance,  but nevertheless your ignorance is still inexcusable – political opponents QUESTION or ARGUE or DEBATE. They DO NOT INTERROGATE! 

    Why waste university places on people like her? 

  • ross1948 10:04 on November 7, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    ‘Protect and Serve’ in Pakistan? Bigot Cop Murders Jailed ‘Blasphemer!’ 

    …Tufail Haider, 55, was taken into custody late on Wednesday in the city of Gujrat after a group of people allegedly overheard him making the remarks, beat him up and handed over to police.


    So they heard him planning a robbery? Some ghastly crime he had committed? Hardly. He had been talking disrespectfully about ‘Companions of the Prophet!’  




    Good grief!

    I have to read and hear things on the media, or around the town, which offend me, many a time and oft.  So does everyone, whether it’s a personal, political or religious issue. 

    Being grown-ups, we do not BEAT UP those responsible. We might argue the point, or just ignore it and get on with the daily routines of life.


    • freak-out-and-throw-a-tantrum-2
    • Not these nutters. Like spoilt brats anywhere, they threw a violent tantrum

    Beat him up?

    Okay,  we know that there are many ignorant savages in Pakistan. One’s first response might be to ask if the intolerant hoodlums who assaulted this fellow were locked up and charged with the criminal offences of which they were clearly guilty.




    But remember, we’re talking about Pakistan, where vile primitives have only this week burned alive a young Christian couple, allegedly for religious reasons. 

    Christians Martyred by Pakistan Mob – Arrest The Savages and Behead Them! 

    “Officer Faraz Naveed brought him to the police station and sent him to lock-up. Haider did not stop using nasty words about Sahaba (the companions) despite warnings from various officials,” said police officer Khurram Shehzad.
    “At around 5.00 a.m., Naveed could not control his emotions. He went into his cell, brought an axe, entered the lock up and hit Haider’s throat several times.” 


    If there is any residual justice in that sorry state, Naveed should be put to death.

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