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  • ross1948 20:20 on September 2, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdolf Warned Off – Now Where’s Turkey’s Von Stauffenberg? 

    According to EUObs, Turkey’s generals have twice had to give Erdolf a serious talking to, about his malign determination to start a war with his neighbour ( and NATO ‘partner!’) Greece!


    • erdogan

      The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”


    The demented Islamist had conceived a plan to ‘sink a Greek ship, but in such a way so as not to kill any crew, 


    Exactly how any such act of naval aggression could be carried out without fatalities is beyond me..



    ….and evidently beyond his generals too, because they, being sane, refused!

    But the irrepressible autocrat in Ankara came back with yet another spiffing wheeze – to shoot down a Greek fighter jet in a non-lethal way…



    …..but happily those generals refused again, all the more encouraging in that Erdolf purged a lot of his sensible senior officers after the ‘coup’ a few years ago.

    I have often suggested that Western democracies should retaliate for Erdolf’s bad faith on the crimmigrant issue…

    Thanks, Erdolf? Despite Billions In Bribes, Aliens Flood In! 

    …using whatever level of force is required, a stern strategy, yes, but after the Turkish Government’s sponsorship of that alien horde’s attempt…

    Erdolf Flunkey Tells Greeks “Don’t Dare Defend Border!“ .



    ….to invade Greece just a few months ago, surely a prudent strategy.

    But these reports, if so, hold out the prospect of a much more agreeable alternative, namely…

    .Assassination Anniversary – A Disastrous German Leader? 


    …a Turkish Von Stauffenberg!



  • ross1948 10:04 on March 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Non-Self Isolation Boosts Blog Output! Please Read! 

    Since I got back from my overseas trip, my Draft Posts column has been near over-spill level.

    I have enough saved up to take me well into April, or May…

    ..and that’s not counting all those ‘Scheduled,’ which run up to the end of March. I don’t like using them all at once because readers don’t have all the time in the world ( unless they’re also ‘isolated!’ ) and good blog-barrages will therefore be left unread!

    My isolation is not self-imposed.

    Far from it!


    I had made plans to attend two fun events, but both cancelled, one from sheer funk, the other, more rationally, because so few people pledged to attend.

    But I dislike being immured.

    Yes, I like reading in my front yard, and have already devoured three books in a week…


    My fave visitor comes round twice a week…


    …and I say hi to my neighbours, but being indoors soon has me stir crazy.

    Going out to the mall is one solution, but the last mall I visited was damned near empty, so the most appealing aspect of mall-outings –



    – was distressingly absent.

    I hear it’s the same all over Jakarta.

    So back to the lap-top!


    Alas, since my cat passed away last year ( aged 20!) even my lap-top seems lonely!

    Invasion 2020 is a theme that will run and run…

    Invasion 2020- Not An Invasion, Say ‘NGO’ Liars! 

    …until Europe ( NOT the EUSSR) mobilises for a fightback.

    Thus please read as much as you can, because my blog posts will be prolific, driven by an inner flame of righteous wrath…


    …and I want my stats to reflect my stakhanovite endeavours!

    • Sal Simmons 10:19 on March 14, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I read them all, even those about things I know nothing about, because after reading them, I know something about it!
      Keep it going, Ross.


  • ross1948 16:34 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Erdolf Echoes Adolf – “My Patience Is Exhausted!” 

    In high school history class, we were told that, had Britain and France nipped it in the bud – German re-armament, the Rhineland, Annexation of Austria…


    …even as late as the Sudetenland in 1938 – had taken a stand, then the Second World War would, at least could, have been avoided.

    That terrible war, on top of the Great War, was ruinous for Europe, the Red Army installed in a belt of brave countries, an Iron Curtain from Stettin on the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, as Churchill put it….



    …a shift of power from economically exhausted countries to the land across the Atlantic – to a United States where the Adminstration was infested with Communist agents…

    Whitaker Chambers – A Hero Insufficiently Honoured 

    …and of course, thousands upon thousands of young men on both sides dead, all the promise their lives held gone forever.

    Appeasement was a disastrous failure.


    Time for an action replay?

    But this time make the right play!

    This week we had the pitiful scene in Brussels, or was it Berlin, the Euro-Elite rewarding Erdogan’s arrogance, that grovelling offer to burden the tormented people of Europe with more tormentors..

    …if only the sectarian Turk would play nice!



    Hasil gambar untuk erdolf


    But not enough for Erdolf. He’s done a walk-out!

    Talks between the European Union and President Erdogan broke down last night after officials told the Turkish leader to stop encouraging migrants… His bad-tempered exchange with Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, and Charles Michel, the president of the European Council, lasted an hour and 45 minutes.


    Now’s the day and now’s the hour!

    Even if the EUSSR in-crowd have no interest in the safety of their own fellow-citizens at the sharp end of migrant violence and rapine, surely they are not totally devoid of self-respect.

    Stuff Frontex.

    What is now required is the despatch of sufficient land, air and naval forces from Greece’s allies to the frontline, there to blockade Turkish ports, bomb their airforce bases out of action, and shoot every savage engaged in assaults on Greece’s frontiers, in Thrace or on the Aegean.

    Oh, and arm the Kurds!

    • Fiona 21:12 on March 12, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      We can’t just sit back and watch the Greeks being attacked.
      They are defending all of us, apart from any moral issue.
      I have never liked the idea of getting involved in the Middle East but Erdogan has brought his war to Europe.
      Erdogan is using the illegals as his proxies, so we should copy his strategy.
      Arming the Kurds is the best plan.


  • ross1948 21:22 on March 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – Greeks! Beware EUSSR Bearing Gifts! 

    Brits always had a gift of humorous self-deprecation, one example being the old joke about why the ‘Sun Never Sets on the British Empire….’

    ….the answer being that ‘The Good Lord wouldn’t trust them in the dark!’

    But as my Scots auntie used to say, “fun’s fun, but tae hell wi’ nonsense.’

    So when I read that the EUSSR’s Empress Ursula had hailed  Greece as a ‘shield?’



    The migration crisis is like the euro crisis because the solution is for member states to cede more power to the EU… – Ursula von Leyen


    A wry grimace was the best I could manage, because we can be absolutely sure that, even as the German boss-lady used that word, she could retract it as easily as she abandoned her commitment to preserving any distinctive European identity!

    Fourth Reich Fuhrerin Discards ‘Europe’s Way Of Life!’ 

    I firmly believe she and her comrade-commissars were, and are now, plotting to see how the violent aliens assailing Greece’s borders…

    Erdogan vows to keep migrants flowing as THOUSANDS keep trying to storm Greek border (VIDEOS)

    …will be parcelled out among thus far un-multiculted European nations, rather than be frog-marched back across the border the savages transgressed. 

    Ursula’s Wölfinsschanze? Room For A Few Fake-Refugees? 

    Damn sure she won’t be accommodating many – any – in her brand new palace!

    The swine are getting through, despite the brave Greeks’ efforts.

    And we know what that will mean…

    Frankly, it’s quite obscene, to read that ‘European Union leaders have given a show of support for Athens, describing Greece as Europe’s “shield” in deterring migrants, despite questions from the UN about breaches of international refugee law.’

    Those of us who have not forgotten the EU’s shameful record of back-stabbing the Greeks…

    Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead… 

    Good for Greece – Commandos Corral ‘Asylum’ Invaders! Oz Please Note! 

    ….find it hard to take seriously the pledges of support, albeit they’re spelt out in great detail in the report.

    Some €700m (£609m) in EU funds for Greece, including €350m available immediately to upgrade infrastructure at the border.

    We have to be particularly sceptical about the claim that Frontex is scrambling “a rapid border intervention” squad that includes one offshore vessel, six coastal patrol boats, two helicopters, one aircraft, three thermal-vision vehicles, as well as 100 border guards to reinforce 530 Greek officers at land and sea borders.

    If Frontex gives cast-iron assurances that none of these craft will be used to haul crimmigrants out of the sea and deposit them on Greek territory, I might begin to trust them.

    But already we know what some Frontex reinforcements have been up to!

    Mutinous Danish Dogs, Finnish Feminist Flap-Jaws… 

    Again, no real surprise!

    Frontex some time ago created a Consultative Forum on Fundamental Rights and established a fundamental rights officer. The forum is mandated to advise Frontex’s management board and its secretariat on how to prevent human rights violations during border control operations…

    Related image

    ‘Guard’ Used To Mean ‘Defend!’ No Longer, On The Aegean! 

    On the other hand, if we do hear any such assurance, we can rest assured it’s a lie.

    And tonight’s news makes it clear that rather than teach Evil Erdolf a lesson, the Euro-Commissars are ready to revise the dirty deal they made with the Turk.  More crimmigrants, not just the fake-‘children…’


    ..will soon be on the way, to add to the burden tax-payers in civilised countries already shoulder, and to the terror inflicted on the European peoples in their native lands.


    • Edward Lamont 22:38 on March 10, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      I expected Brussels to cave in.
      They talk a lot about Europe but don’t care about the people, only their ‘Project,’ and now that must be obvious to the electorates in every country about to be lumbered with more illegal immigrants.

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    • Mel Henderson 14:18 on March 11, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Erdogan got them begging, pleading to take in more aliens, then just stormed out.
      Ursula The Humiliated.
      As bad as Merkel!

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  • ross1948 17:14 on March 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – Mama ‘No Conscience‘ Merkel, Still Heedless Of Her Havoc! 

    And today we read that Mama Stasi Merkel wants to import MORE ‘unaccompanied child’ migrants…

    The European Union is considering taking in up to 1,500 migrant children who are currently housed in Greek camps, Germany said Monday (Mar 9).

    A humanitarian solution is being negotiated at the European level for a ‘coalition of the willing’ to take in these children,” said the government in a statement.Berlin was ready to take in an “appropriate” share, it added…after more than seven hours of talks between leaders of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s right-left coalition.

    …and I’m sure the DW news-film I just saw will not be the only misrepresentation of what that phrase really means.

    Cute little tots, who could not possibly have made their way to Greece ‘unaccompanied,’ appeared appealingly on our screens…

    …but will NOT, repeat NOT, be the main contingent of any such new importation.



    What Germany, and the rest of Europe, will face is a rabble, not of children, but of lean and hungry ( for what?) young men…

    Little kiddies imported into UK by Anber Rudd

    …as seen right now on DW (5.45pm Jakarta time) surging around a food truck on the Turkish side of the border, all male, all at least teens and twenties…



    …no more in any sense children than the brutes illegitimately introduced into the UK by that disgraceful hag Amber Rudd.



    As if Merkel doesn’t know what German ( and not just German!) women and girls have suffered at the hands of ‘unaccompanied child migrants’ already.



    …accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl in Germany, could be set free as his lawyer maintains the refugee was younger than 14 at the time of the incident and cannot be tried…

    Oh, Dear! Another Poor Little ‘Child Migrant?’ 

    Nine Young Women In Denmark

    Swedish police warn Stockholm’s maintrain station is overrun

    Junior Jihadis? Merkel Has Been Blocking Surveillance! 

    Crimmigrant Rape Gangs Get  Green Light

    Clearly it would be madness to contemplate importing any alien ‘children’ who are not really children, i.e. of pre-puberty age, and if the authorities are unwilling to carry out individual medical checks…

    …then a simple ‘age 10 or under’ rule should be applied.

    If they’re old enough to rape, they AIN’T kids!

    • Annelie Neumann 19:32 on March 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      ‘Conscience’ is a word that is better not used in the same sentence as ‘Merkel!
      She is like a demon.
      I feel so sorry for the Greek people. Their government should use every weapons to defend them.


  • ross1948 21:48 on March 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – Bosnia Shudders At Crimmigrant Advance! 

    Given the situation we reported last year, of Bosnian villagers, terrorised by imported savages…

    Solidarity With Bihac, Tormented By Ingrates! “I.O.M. Go Home!”


    .Even the BBC reports the locals ‘fear for their safety in their own town…’

    IOM Go Home!


    …demanding the expulsion of pro-crimmigrant trouble-makers, we can readily appreciate the concerns expressed by local leaders.

    Given the situation on the Turkish-Greek border when it comes to migrants, we can expect an escalation here, and we need to cooperate with each other to readily address possible problems,” Dragan Lukac, Interior Minister of the Serb-led entity Republika Srpska said on Friday after meeting Fahrudin Radoncic, the Bosnian Security minister..

    Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot accommodate new migrants because there are already between 6,000 and 7,000 on its territory…” 

    Minister Radoncic does not mince his words.







    ‘…a new wave of migrants would be a disaster….Bosnia does not need to be a parking lot for migrants. The EU needs to respond and jointly protect not only its borders but also all other countries, so that migrants do not move towards Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and are stopped in Croatia.”


    Croatia has, in fact, as we have noted…

    Immigrants? CRIMMIGRANTS! ‘They Forced The Police Back!’ 

    Another Lying ‘Migrant’ Exposed? 

    Crimmigrants Say CROATIA’S The ‘Problem?’ Give ‘Em Hell! .


    ..done a pretty fair job of stopping illegal incursions, despite subversive ‘NGO’ interference…

    ….but there does seem to be a lack of readiness to face reality, with Milorad Dodik, Serbian member of the Bosnian presidency, unwisely unwilling to deploy armed forces  – why?

    No surrounding country has made any decision to engage its armed forces!’

    Well, more fool the surrounding countries!

    Until some government gives the go-ahead to live ammo resistance to the invasion, the wannabe parasites will keep coming.

    Dodik did say that his part of Bosnia .

    ….will not accept the formation of any migrant reception centres on its territory either.

    But the arrogant sticky-beaks of I.O.M. ( the outfit named on the villagers’ protest banner in the photo above) seem more concerned about the creature comforts of illegals who shouldn’t even be in the country.

    It is hoped that the relevant authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina will take additional measures to address such contingencies and act as a matter of urgency…” – Edita Selimbegovic Public Information Officer at the IOM 

    Bosnia is not a wealthy country.

    Additional measures’ for unwelcome intruders are a bloody needless extravagance.

    Bosnians should round on this woman with a loud…


    Curiously, despite the above claim that no country bordering Bosnia is planning to use armed forces…

    (Aleksandar Vučić) Secretary Pompeo Hosts a Working Lunch With Serbian President Vucic (48586279546) (cropped).jpg

    Serbia’s Vucic


    ….President Vucic of Serbia has announced that, in the event of a threat to national security and border security, due to a migrant crisis, Serbia will seal its borders within 12 hours. //balkaninsight.com/2020/03/06/bosnia-voices-alarm-over-prospect-of-more-migrants/

    So if a vicious, violent, alien rabble, such as currently trying to gate-crash Greece, is seen approaching Serbia’s frontier, to whom will President Vucic turn, to defend his country?

    Traffic wardens?

    • Mack the Knife 00:21 on March 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Very interesting info, thanks.
      This could be the turning point if people make their governments grow backbones.
      If we all stand together we could finish off Erdogan and then get shot of the migrants by dumping them all back in Turkey.
      If the governments don’t have the guts to fight, it’ll be up to the people to resist, like I read some Greeks are.
      I don’t agree with setting fire to the migrant shelters, but giving the NGO meddlers and the media mob a taste of the fear that their pet project has brought to European streets?
      That’s another matter!


    • Henri 00:47 on March 9, 2020 Permalink | Reply

      Time to declare all-out war on Erdogan.


  • ross1948 09:11 on March 8, 2020 Permalink | Reply
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    Invasion 2020 – Report Pro-Crimmigrant ‘Charities!’ 

    Watching the stone-throwing savages vent their frustration by the banks of the Evros in Thrace…


    Just like these violent migrant hoodlums in 2015!


    ….savages enraged at being thwarted in their desire to plunge their snouts into the yummy tax-troughs of Germany and Austria and the Scandinavian lands…


    Britain’s too until Brexit is complete!


    …one can only admire the brave Greek border guards and hope their political masters will soon give them the green light to use live ammo.

    But what can we civilians far from the scene do to help?

    Well, we can read the Guardian!

    Not the sort of suggestion you expect on my pages, I know, but today that abominable newspaper revealed, as insightful citizens might have foreseen, the intervention of another ( I say ‘another’ because we know the media, mostly, will stab their own nations in the back) segment of the Western world’s Enemy Within.


    In an open letter to EU leaders and the Greek prime minister Kyriákos Mitsotákis, 85 charities, including Action Aid and Amnesty International, said they were “deeply concerned” about how authorities were handling new arrivals to Greece.



    Like these?

    Your Majesty, Please Remove Royal Patronage From Infested NSPCC 

    ..or this?


    WoW have received £400,000 from Comic Relief in the last two years, despite being an overtly far-Left protest group with a specific political agenda (pro-Palestine is high on their list) and anti-Trump and anti-Israel obsessions.
    They have recently taken things a little too far, and have been reprimanded by the Charity Commission for ‘inappropriate political activity,’ with their ‘Stop Trump’ campaigning.

    Given their intrusion into geo-politics, their upstart attempts to dictate political policies, how these are still registered ‘charities?’

    How come the Charity Commissioners are not calling these ratbag outfits to account.

    Real charities walk about town with collecting cans, go from door-to-door asking for old clothes etc.


    Not a new concern…

    UK Charity Commissioners? Slap Down This Brexit-Hating ‘Charity!’ 

    …but without exploring more detailed news of the particular ‘charities’ involved in this latest outbreak of arrogance, one can only hazard a guess at the names of others involved.

    So there you are, two steps you can take…

    Here’s the link to the CC email address – https://www.gov.uk/complain-about-charity

    …to help, indirectly and in a small way, to show solidarity with today’s version of Leonidas’ 300, the stalwarts on the frontline against barbarous invaders.

    Find out which ‘charities,’ besides awful Amnesty, put their names to that insolent epistle, then email those Charity Commissioners, demanding action!

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